Muffled doxy gets one as well as the other free holes filled by large cock

Muffled doxy gets one as well as the other free holes filled by large cock
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It was Friday night. None of us had dates or anywhere special to be and so it was my turn 'at the centre of the ring' as we called it. I downed the last of my drink and walked into the living room.


Cushions were stripped from the sofa and the floor was cleared. The TV was switched off and the only sound in the room was of excited breathing and flies being impatiently unzipped. I was already shirtless and I sashayed out of my jeans, bending over to untangle them from around my feet. I didn't need to see the guys pause in their undressing to ogle my ass; you can tell when lascivious eyes are on you and I fucking loved it.

Just briefs (white always) between them and my hungry little butt. I've been called a tease, but a tease doesn't deliver the goods like I do. I stood up straight and they were on me in a flash; Todd and Brian behind me, stripped to the waist with their flies hanging open, Lee facing me wearing only his trackie bottoms (around his ankles), all with urgent hard-ons, their hands running over every inch of my skin, my arms, my chest, my back, my shoulders, my aching bulge, the cheeks of my ass.

Exploring and caressing me. Wanting to devour me. As usual Mark watched from the side-lines, tugging his cock to full hardness, not bashful, just letting the other boys (who'd all known me longer than Mark) go first, ever the gentleman. To my right Todd crouched down, yanking my underwear from me and delivering a sharp slap to my ass. The sound reverberated round the spacious room like a starter's pistol.

The party had truly begun. The five of us had been enjoying this arrangement for over a year. There was no 'eureka' moment when one of us had come up with the idea, no house meeting to make it official, it just sort of happened and it suited us.

Various commitments, awkward work hours, etc.

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meant we all rarely had the kind of social life we'd have wanted, much less the sex life. And so on those miserable occasions when all of us were restlessly horny and nobody had managed to find anything exciting to do with their hard-earned downtime (most egregiously on a Friday night or the weekend), one of us would take responsibility for getting the others off. by stroking, sucking and taking it up the ass until everybody had cum at least twice and we were all feeling a whole lot more relaxed.

Internet porn will only satisfy a man for so long, after all. This time it was my turn to be the apartment slut for the night. Hard luck, huh! Lee, naked save for the pants around his ankles, pulled me close and pressed his lips into mine greedily. Lee was shorter than average, slender and tanned, with short black hair and a pencil-line beard.

He looked like the guys you see in every boy band, who people refer to as 'the rat-faced one', which isn't to say he wasn't handsome. Lee liked cars, sports and beer but not to excess, and spent at least 2 hours every day in the gym. Of all of the guys, he was the one most likely to tweak your nipple or smack your ass in the shower, so we were all a little taken aback to discover that he was such a passionate kisser.

Lee kissed deeply and forcefully, always as if making love, always with one or both hands on your face or the back of your neck, or with his arms wrapped around your body. It would have been easy to make fun of the incongruity, this smoking, laddish type with his one earring being such a sensitive lover, but we all knew better and we all loved his wheaty breath and hot tongue exploring our mouths. Lee's erection bobbed in front of him brushing against my thigh until unseen hands (Mark's I guessed) took hold of us both and pressed our crowns together.

As Lee and I kissed, so did our cocks. Everyone was naked now; discarded clothes lay all around us. Four rigid cocks surrounded me like points on a compass. As my tongue dancing with Lee's, my hands were guided to waiting cocks either side of me. I laced my fingers around their shafts, jacking them both in slow rhythm. At my left, Brian nuzzled my neck, kissing his way delicately up to my ear. Brian was always the sweetest of us. He had hold of my cock and was enjoying sword fighting with Mark, who was stood cock-to-ass with Lee and using Lee's for the same.

Like me, Lee was uncut, although his cock was longer and thinner than mine. Suddenly breaking off the kiss, Lee grasped Brian and Mark's hands on our respective cocks, placing them again in the 'kissing' position, then rolled his foreskin over his cockhead, stretching it to envelope mine.

I bit my lower lip. Docking had always been an Achilles' heel of mine. I could be- had been- made to cum from this sensation alone, so it would take some slow breathing and concentration on my part or the fun would be over awfully quickly. I then felt thick fingers holding my buttocks apart, tracing the crevice between them and brushing my anus with their tips, probing me, applying the tiniest pressure now and then as if their owner was finding it very hard to resist penetrating me.

I'd know Todd's touch anywhere. Taller than any of us, Todd was built solid and blessed with huge, strong hands. Most people, on seeing the veins stand out on those fat fingers of his found their eyes wandering to his package. Those who ventured to see his cock for themselves were never disappointed. He wore his hair long, usually in a ponytail, and often sported several days' worth of beard growth which he made look more dashing than any of us could. Predictably, he'd enjoyed much success with men and women.

In fact of all of us, he and Mark were the only ones with any experience of sex with women. I used to think this must be why both of them had a fondness for teasing my asshole like a clit, but I was hardly going to complain either way.

It was moments like this I truly savoured; our five naked bodies in close proximity, the combined body heat rising between us, the comingling aromas of perspiration, liquor, cigarette smoke, body wash and expensive colognes and athletic sprays filling my nostrils, the silence of the room broken by groaning and explosions of breath.

As soon as my little reverie had begun, it was over. I always know instinctively when it's time to take things to the next level, and as exquisite as fucking cocks with Lee was, I had much more to do tonight. Gently disengaging myself from Lee, I dropped to the floor. Sitting on the balls of my feet, I gazed with puppy dog eyes up at the four rampant cocks: Baby's-arm thick and gorgeously veined (Todd's); pink and curved as though designed with the male g-spot in mind (Brian's); long and tan, with its delicious skin pulled taut (Lee's); and crowned with a perfect, plum-shaped bulb and irresistible little slit (Mark's).

I wasn't given a second to lick my lips before Todd, being Todd, was shoving that beast of a cock between them. I sucked in long strokes, inch after meaty inch passing my lips and weighing down my tongue. I'd long since learned the art of deepthroat, but still always felt as if Todd wouldn't be satisfied until his manhood was firmly between my tonsils.

"Fuuuuuck yeah."He said in that growly voice of his. He grabbed my hair and thrust his hips back and forth, building speed, fucking my mouth like pussy. His body was so overwhelming, I struggled to jack Brian and Mark either side of him, but I wasn't letting their cocks out of my grasp for one second.

Lee stood stroking his own cock at the spectacle, precum already drooling down his fingers. It's true that every inch feels twice as much inside; drawing it from my mouth, Todd's penis felt about two feet long and at least half way down my throat.

I was salivating so much you'd have thought I didn't even have teeth. Trails of it ran from Todd's crown to mouth. I took a breath, swapped my right hand from Mark's cock to Todd's and went to work on Brian's, as Lee stepped up for me to stroke him with my left hand. Brian stood with his hands behind his back, looking down at me nursing on him with an expression of grave concentration.

The impressive curvature of Brian's manhood meant I couldn't come straight at it. I raised myself slightly and tilted my head so my chin almost touched my chest, closing my lips around the almost pointed tip of his cock and gliding down most of its length in one movement.

"Uuuuhhhhhhh." Brian moaned. Brian was something of a dark horse. Neat and tidy in all things, with a sensible haircut, glasses and fairly conservative dress sense, he was academically gifted and already making a good living for himself. He owned a large, two-bedroom apartment in the same building as us (we were only renting our place), but it was a sparsely furnished workspace more than anything, not a place you felt like hanging out in.

He was a naturally private person, but most people considered him aloof. Most of them never realised he had a kind heart or a wicked sense of humour, or that he was the most voracious and shameless cum junkie you were ever likely to meet. Brian was the cat that got the cream, and he'd get it from anywhere, any time he could.

Show Brian a gloryhole and he would literally stay there all day waiting for a cock he could drain. He'd eaten the cum out of condoms as well as asses, he'd licked the still-warm spunk from the jockey shorts of his college roommate.

He could talk expertly and at length about the richness, saltiness, viscosity and volume of cum and how they related to age and diet and so on. He could also list the health benefits of fresh semen applied, for instance, as a moisturiser. But naturally his preferred application was as a gooey snack, any hour of the day or night. My fists still jerking Lee and Mark like pistons, I sucked away on Brian, trying as best I could not to bend his shaft in a way that might be uncomfortable.

These were my friends and it was my job, my duty to see that they were all thoroughly pleasured and satisfied. I knew Brian wasn't that used to having his cock in someone else's mouth, but his little moans and sudden, sharp intakes of breath told me he was enjoying my attentions.

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Wanking himself as another man might grapple with a fully inflated fire hose, Todd watched my whorish devotion to cock with a shit-eating grin. He slapped Brian on the back and said something coarse that I didn't quite catch, but nobody took any notice. It was Lee's turn with my mouth now. Firmly but not roughly, he put his hand on my head and guided me to his waiting prick, which I obligingly sank my mouth down upon.

Lee had very little body hair, but the little outcroppings like the ring around the base of his cock were really sexy. I went nice and slow blowing Lee, knowing he was already so worked up.

I made sure he loved every second of this, but I wasn't gonna let him pop yet, even if he thought he wanted to. I'd take him fully into my mouth 'til my nose was touching that little patch of hair, then pull almost all of the way back. Aaallllllll the way in then aaalllllll the way back. I was sure to work my tongue around his bulb, teasing his little cleft and enjoying the taste of the same precum that my own cockhead was still coated with from our earlier embrace.

I could smell the musk from between his thighs and it was making me throb. I consider myself as skilled with my hands as I am with my lips and tongue. Even if I'm blindfolded, gagged and have one arm tied behind my back, I can still get a man off, what's more I'll know exactly who that man is from the contours of his cock, the bumps, the veins, the texture of his skin.

Mark's cock was the best of both worlds, not too long and not too thick, with veins in all the right places and the most beautiful head you've ever seen. Todd's pride and joy was the cock of a porn star, but Mark's was a work of art. I hadn't paid it, or him, much attention just yet, but I wasn't neglecting him. I was saving the best for last. Mark, as I said, had been with women as well as men, both romantically and sexually. Actually a lot people suspected he was just a closeted straight guy (hey, it happens).

His last major relationship (a girl, they were engaged) had turned sour and it was while he was bouncing around cruising sites on the rebound that we had first met him. Without a place of his own, he had wound up crashing on our sofa 'for a while'. 18 months later, he was still there. Mark was no slob though, he did his fair share of the work, paid towards rent and housekeeping without fail and was pretty much the model roommate.

He was a courteous and charming guy, self-confident without being obnoxious in exactly the way Todd wasn't, and could easily best more macho guys on the playing field or, as I discovered, the bedroom. The five of us were close friends, and as you'll have gathered by now we'd all fucked at one time or another. But whilst I might have had fun with the guys and sucked their cocks, Mark was the only one who'd actually charmed his way into my bed.That's a story for another time, but suffice to say it settled the issue as far as I was concerned.

I gripped Lee's cock tightly in my hand and reluctantly turned my face from him. It was Mark's turn now and after giving three jaw-aching blowjobs, I was ready to make love with my mouth.

Starting at Mark's heavy, luxuriant balls, I massaged them with my tongue, sucking each one gently before turning my attentions to the underside of his shaft and kissing along its length. Coming to the head I placed a final, tiny kiss upon it and let it part my pursed lips, taking him, quivering, inside. From then on I drank deeply of Mark as if drawing life from his magnificent organ of pleasure.

I sucked and stroked. I fondled and pumped. My cheek bulged and my tongue danced. I gripped the back of his thighs and he merely stroked my hair.

He gave and I received the essence of his manly being.


I didn't know or care what the other boys were doing. After I don't know how long, I was lifted by the hips so I stood bent double, still clamped to Mark's cock. Without further preamble a bell-shaped intruder pressed between my ass globes and the brief, familiar sting shot through me. Penetration. A cock in my ass, solid and insistent. My taut ring of muscle opening up to welcome it. I paused in my sucking to gasp as Lee firmly anchored himself in me.

I lifted my right leg and Lee hooked his arm around it. Not until he was buried to the very hilt in my hole would we both be satisfied. His balls at last touched mine and I resumed gobbling Mark with new vigour.

Lee jackhammered my ass, panting and almost growling at the exertion. Every thrust nudged my prostate, so every second felt as if I was about to cum. I hadn't touched my cock in the last 20 minutes; I was iron-hard and in exquisite agony being spit-roasted like a common whore. Todd had sat Brian on the sofa and was now squatting uncharacteristically with Brian's cock in his mouth. Seeing a huge, butch guy sucking cock like a pro is an amazing sight, and Todd seemed entirely content to pleasure Brian as he watched Lee and Mark fuck me from both ends.

Just as Lee seemed ready to explode, his exhaled loudly and slowed right down, working his pelvis at more leisurely speed and then finally pulling out of me. The sucking withdrawal, the sudden aching void inside me is the pretty much the only part of fucking I don't love. I guessed Lee needed a time-out to catch his breath, which at least meant Mark would be fucking me next. I knew from experience that Mark loved to fuck face-to-face (I'd spent that night with him on my back), so wasn't at all surprised when he took me by the hand and laid me down on the rug.

With a pile of clothes cushioning my head, I raised my legs up high, offering my pussy to him. My legs against his chest, his hands planted either side of me to support him, Mark stared into my eyes and let me guide him opening. Our breathing synchronised and our fingers interlocked. I was his. My ass hole expanded further as Mark's crown popped inside. He held it there just for a brief moment. Slooooowly he leaned back, so he was almost in the sitting position, and then, as I knew he would, he took my cock in his hand and stroked in time to the beating of his hips against my ass.

Mark fucked so gently at first. It never felt as if he was just using me to get himself off- which my whole purpose here and I certainly didn't begrudge. He made sure I was taking as much pleasure as I was giving. I knew I wasn't just a hole to him, I was a lover. And frankly, he manipulated my body so expertly, inside and out; it was easy to feel like I was taking advantage of him. We all loved sex with Mark, or more accurately, we all loved getting fucked by Mark.

Some weeks earlier it had been Lee's turn to bottom, but Todd had insisted he was taking Lee's turn for him, declaring he was in the mood to be 'the bitch' for a while. Todd had gone the week before and had ridden Mark's cock like a bucking bronco. It was obvious he was hooked. We all saw through him and Lee had stood firm.

When we came into the living room to get things started, we were greeted by the sight of Todd, naked save for his trainers and white athletic socks (we all find this look extremely hot, it's one of the few things we agree on), bent over the sofa with his muscular ass in the air.

Lube glistened between those big slabs. Todd looked defiantly from over his shoulder. "Well Mark?" Mark, his shorts tented, looked from Todd to us to Todd's rosebud and then just muttered "Ah, fuck it". His cock was out and up Todd's ass within seconds.

Lee, being Lee, wasn't gonna take that lying down, and so without missing a beat he stripped naked and bent over next to Todd on the sofa. If Todd insisted on bottoming tonight, so be it, but he was still getting his ass pounded. Mark, banging away, couldn't quite believe what was happening- or couldn't believe his luck- and agreed through gritted teeth that OK, he'd fuck them both.

That's when I joined them on the sofa on the other side of Todd and Mark, naked, my ass lubed, saying I too wanted some attention from Mark that night. Before Mark had a chance to catch his breath and process this Brian, figuring he'd get into the spirit of the evening, also came over and stuck his pale ass in the air for Mark to enjoy.

In a show of determination and stamina that would have drawn applause from a Greek god, Mark fucked each and every one of our asses that night, pumping and grinding one of us for 30-seconds to a minute at a time before pulling out and moving along to the next hole. He worked his way up and down the line at least three times, red-faced and sweating but determined to give the people what they want and enjoy this banquet of man quim.

Beneath him, a silent contest raged between the four of us to see who could work their sphincter muscles enough to ultimately claim Mark's load. In the end it was all academic; disgorging himself from Lee and pointing his lube-and-ass-juice-smeared cock at Todd for a final push; Mark let out a primal, agonised groan and jetted rope after rope of spermy sauce all over Todd's ass and back, only for it to be gobbled up by Brian.

It was a great night all round, and Lee and Todd settled things with grudge fuck the next day, 69-ing and then riding a double-headed dildo borrowed from yours truly.

It was Todd's vast cock that filled my mouth next, face-fucking me good and proper. Romantically-inclined though he was, Mark clearly found the sight of this exciting and fucked faster, his sack slapping against my butt as he did.

Things were getting frenzied now. If there was any ceremony to these nights of ours it was over. Todd thundered away; my face flushed crimson, my eyes bulged, I gargled and drooled like a rabid dog, but still he fucked my mouth brutishly.

He even held my nose, the bastard. He knew I could take it, he'd said more than once that I was he favourite cocksucker, which just made him test my limits even more. "Ulllllllgggghhhhhhhh.!" I choked, my tongue held down by cockmeat. Mark shuddered and withdrew from me, quickly clambering to his feet and wanking out his thick and silky cum all over my chest and stomach.

Perhaps as a mercy, Mark beckoned Brian over to take his turn at my fuckhole. Todd harrumphed but took the hint, pulling his monster from my ravaged throat and letting me finally sit up. Gasping for breath and with eyes streaming, I wasn't gonna let the guys down by pussying out and making them wait. Cum-glazed, I shuffled on my knees over to the sofa where Lee was sat, legs wide apart.

I put my head in his lap and spread my cheeks for Brian. I was the bitch, and bitch meant doggy-style. I sucked on Lee's balls as Brian slid into my cunt. He favoured a 'hands-free' fucking technique, his arms wide, rocking back and forth on the front balls of his feet, watching mesmerised as his banana cock disappeared between my plump, hairy cheeks to be swallowed up.

Lee moaned and kept pushing my head down, past his balls to his dark little starfish. So predictable.

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Most guys love being rimmed, but Lee had a major weakness for a tongue lapping his pucker. I knew if anything would push him over the edge that would be it, so tried to get my mouth back on his cock. No dice. He moved his butt the edge of the seat and held my head down, his other hand a blur on his cock. By this point I was pretty close myself. Brian may have looked skinny and unassuming but he could churn your prostate into butter, which is exactly what he was doing to mine.

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Grabbing my hips to steady himself, he rammed hard and with amazing precision at my sweet spot. I suppose it was impossible for Brian's dick to know exactly where it was inside of me- nobodies' cock is that sensitive- it sure as hell felt that way. I tensed, white-knuckled and moaning at the assault on my pleasure button. I decided to go for broke.

I stabbed my tongue at Lee's asshole, worming inside. He was scooting so far forward and spreading his legs so wide for me, his feet lifted off the floor. He whined and whimpered and scrunched his face up.

I felt my cock jump and rolled my tongue in the pulsating ring. Brian bucked. Lee wailed. I started to spurt. My ass clenched.

I felt something warm splash my hair and face. Brian drove his cock into me one last time. I gushed cum. I was flooded with cum. I was splattered with cum. The three of us climaxed in rapturous concert. My insides gratefully accepted their coating of hot, fresh seed, straight from the source.

I lifted my face from Lee's ass now slick from my nasty French kiss. Cum oozed down over my eye as Lee blew the last of his load, smearing his cummy cockhead across my cheek. A puddle of my own spunk stained the carpet beneath me. Brian pulled out from my sloppy hole. I knew he'd have liked to eaten his own newly-deposited sperm from my pussy, but Todd was already pushing him aside. Todd believed that the best lubricant for an ass fuck was cum- another one of those rare things we all agreed upon- and there was no way he was going to miss out on sloppy seconds.

If Todd hadn't pressed my head into the carpet from behind with one of his gorilla hands I'd have jumped at the sensation of his veiny salami being driven into me. It was like being mounted by a small horse. My anal ring was stretched almost beyond endurance and even with their coating of cum, my guts felt full to capacity.

Todd was not a gentle fucker, but he never even considering going easy on me, even after the three poundings I'd already taken that night. He needed to dominate, for this to be his conquest and for me to be totally at his mercy. "Awwww yeah.Take it, fucker! Aw, you little bitch." Having just cum myself, I was as relaxed as possible and determined not to tense up. It would have been easy to let Todd overwhelm me, but I wouldn't let him. I shifted my knees further apart and rocked my ass back and forward, meeting his thrusts.

He wanted to give me a good hard fucking and I was gonna take it, by God. I was exhausted and aching, but the relentless assault touched the animal side of me, the pure, undiluted lust for males and their male essence, the part of me that lived to be penetrated, to satisfy cock after cock and absorb their potency.

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Todd was hung like a stallion and fucked like one; no finesse, just untamed physical power. I would not cry out. I gritted my teeth and welcomed his intensifying thrusts. The other guys, sated for now, sat around in a semi-circle, riveted as much by my performance as Todd's. This was sex as violent dance. Man sex. Todd dug his nails into my buttocks and roared.

He roared so loud dust seemed to fall from the ceiling. A week's worth of work tension and sexual frustration erupted into my bowels, sperm flooding out of Todd's balls as though a dam had burst. His knees gave beneath him and he collapsed on top of me. We lay there, still locked together for a long moment. We breathed great heaving breaths. The room seemed to spin. All my senses were on fire. When Todd at last removed himself from me, I felt I must be gaping open, my normally tight pleasure-giving asshole red and swollen like a true pussy.

I managed to roll onto my back and just lay there, eyes half closed. The others were clearing up, wiping themselves down, getting drinks. I was glazed with saliva and sweat. I had great gobs of semen on me and in me. I just let my mind drift, luxuriating in the orgiastic afterglow. Time passed, I'm not sure how long.

Then I felt soft lips on my face.


I knew it would be Brian, wanting to enjoy the taste of all five of us on my tongue. I let him kiss me, expecting him to work his way down to Mark's cooling jizz on my chest.

Instead another pair of lips found mine. It was Lee, of course. He kissed me as if I was the love of his life. Then as soon as Lee was finished, another mouth took his place. Mark. I guessed this was their way of thanking me, as if any thanks were needed. Dizzy from all of this, I stayed where I was on the living room floor, my tongue protruding slightly from between my lips.

The next thing it tasted was the warm, wrinkled texture of an anus.

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I breathed deeply as Todd lowered his big ass onto my face. Like I said, the deal was everyone got to cum at least twice. Time for round two!