Anale Einfügung Spielzeug Butt Plug Faust Arschloch Flasche Fick

Anale Einfügung Spielzeug Butt Plug Faust Arschloch Flasche Fick
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IT watches always Part 1 By AllFurredUp So, there I was falling at hundreds of feet a minute, my hands sweating my eyes watering and my mouth wide open wanting to scream for my life but nothing coming out of it.

I was about to hit the concrete wall that is the Atlantic Ocean and probably die. But we need to start at the beginning of my Story. My name is not important but for ethical reasons let's just call me Lyle, I'm a single average guy that lives in the city alone, no friends, family, siblings, or job.

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You see my parents were ridiculously rich, to the point where my Grandchildren will never need to work. I mostly sit at home playing video games so my life is boring, also I choose to keep my wealth hidden because people would harass me if they knew. That's my life in a nut shell now on to how I'm about to become a pancake on an ocean.

It began at the beginning of my earliest memories I'd lay awake at night in the orphanage in my room with 3 other individuals in the same situation well almost, parentless little bastards like myself. I was only 5 when I first seen her, a tall, beautiful, Blue being. She was almost hominid in shape, she stood on 2 legs and was hairless, there was markings on her in different shades of blue I couldn't see where they went under her exclusive 1-piece skin tight black suit, which stretched from just above her shoulders to just below where men's boxer shorts finish, the being had Medium sized breasts and a sizable behind from I could tell.

She would stand in the corner of the room in the darkest patch and she would just stare at me with her large black eyes, no one else, and I would stare back with mesmerisation at her beauty well that's what I thought she was. This continued until I was about 20 and living on my own I got tired of her watching me it would give me an immense erection, the older I got the more attracted to her I became, I didn't know if she had a spell over me or if I was just sick.

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Anyway, it was during a cold fall night that I couldn't take it anymore, she always watched me and it made me so hard. I bought a night stand light and sat it on my night stand I even went as far as to point it in the exact spot where she always watched me from.

I went to my bed eagerly awaiting her arousing stare, and like clockwork when I wasn't looking at the corner of my room she appeared there.


I wanted to say something but I just couldn't make a sound, I looked at my lamp, reached over and turned on the light. The room was well lit, the being who had watched me for 15 years was even more beautiful in the light, I could see her markings well enough now to picture what was under her black suit, but she continued to stand and stare at me.

I sat up and said, "You know, it's very rude to stare." I almost dreaded her reply, then I remembered I don't even know if she spoke English.

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A very quiet, cute, and soft voice gave the reply "I can't help it, I've watched you grow into an exceptional man." I was almost instantly paralyzed by her voice, I kept my cool, "So it speaks." The blue being walked up to the edge of my bed and glared at me, "That's no way to talk to a lady is it Lyle" I trembled "H-h-h-h" I gulped and took a large breath "How do you know my name?" She giggled and then knelt, I was eye to eye with her, "I know everything there is to know about you Lyle," she paused then continued "Every person you've met, every time you've showered, every time you've got drunk." I interrupted her "Ok I get the point but why are you here?

I don't suppose I'm some prince from an undisclosed planet" The being didn't acknowledge my snide remark but replied with " On the contrary, I was banished to this planet a long time ago by the general of my planets armies for insubordination, he wanted to murder Billions of innocent lives and I defended those lives, so he sent me to live with the most destructive beings that are known in our galaxy" I felt sorry for her "he left me with nothing but a year's supply of dried food pills and the clothes I have on now" I felt really sorry for her now, what had she been doing all this time?

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"How long has it been since you washed?" the being gave me a short stare "3 years ago" she said. "I'm sorry about my attitude could I have your name?" the being stood up and walked over to my window with her sweet ass wiggling all the way there a "My name is Droxyl".

I finally knew the thing that had stalked me but I would never ask her why she did what she did, poking s pissed off bear is never a smart idea. "Droxyl that's a name you don't hear often" I spoke softly "How would you like to use my shower, I'm not saying you smell or anything, I could wash your uhm, clothe and you could rest in the guest bedroom for tonight" she turned from the window and gave me the most sincere look I've ever seen in my life "I would like that Lyle very much, all I can do is thank you for your kindness" I nodded "It's no trouble I live alone so the place is always quiet might be nice to have someone else in here for a change" Droxyl cautiously approached me again " Can you stand up a minute Lyle" I did as I was told it was at that moment I realised how hard my dick was, I frantically hid it in my waist line of my boxers, She didn't seem to notice though "I take it you know where everything is?" she nodded "Yes may I use the shower utility now?" I quickly answered with "Well of course don't ask me please leave your clothe outside the bathroom and ill wash it" I didn't know if she would agree to having no clothes on in my home alone, with me.

She agreed to leave her black suit outside the bathroom door which got me excited more than I was. I could feel my dick pulsing as she walked her sexy blue ass out my bedroom door, god id never been more attracted to anything in my life than I was with her. I peeked my head out of my bedroom door and looked across to the bathroom as promised there was her clothe thingy, I confidently walked over to the bathroom door to pick it up, the shower suddenly turned on, I pretty much shit myself and froze, I quickly pick up her clothe and ran straight to the kitchen.

I creeped back to my bedroom being as quiet as humanly possible, a sat awake with my light off for a period I'm uncertain of. I heard the shower water stop and I wanted to shout to see if she was ok I guessed she may want to be left alone for now, I just lay awake with my thoughts.

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My Bedroom door suddenly opened the light was blinding, in the door way stood Droxyl with a smile on her face, she was clean, she was wearing my bathrobe.

"Your clothe is in my washing machine should be dry by tomorrow morning" she looked at me and said "Thank you" I just smiled at her and said "It really is no issue, Anyway I'm about to go to sleep so I'll see you in the morning" her eyes hit the floor and replied to me with "Actually I tried to get to sleep myself and I couldn't, do you think I could sleep n here with you tonight?" I trembled for a moment and my dick got hard again "If that's what you really want" she turned on my bedroom light "I actually like to sleep naked, could you cuddle me Lyle?" Without hesitation, I said "Again if that's what you really want" she looked happier now "You don't mind looking the other way for a moment would you?" I said, "say no more" I turned my back to her and she turned the light off.

I was joined in bed by something unbelievably smooth, of course it was Droxyl but her skin was like running a bar of soap between your hands.


She moved around a lot and finally stayed with myself spooning her my dick was throbbing, she had my right hand placed on her breast I felt honoured. "Lyle?" I jumped awake it was still dark outside and I was in the same position as earlier only my hand was a little more comfortable. "W-What?", she giggled and turned to face me and I moved my hand on to her ass hoping she wouldn't notice. "I just want to thank you again for giving me a place to wash and sleep tonight" I thought to myself for a moment, remembering how much she watched me "It's not a problem really I'm always alone in here so I'm glad to have company for a change" Droxyls face got closer I saw her close her eyes, the next thing I know her lips are pressed against mine, she pulled back as if she was embarrassed, I pulled her in by her ass as close as she could possibly get, Droxyl wrapped her arms around me and I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest, I kiss her this time, it becomes more rhythmic every time I kiss her, one of her hands slides down my chest and grabs my all ready hard dick.

I remove all my clothing and continue to kiss her, Droxyl has her hand wrapped around my dick stroking it up and down.

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I steer from her lips down to her neck, I continue down further to her breasts, I take her left nipple into my mouth and swirl my tongue around her dark blue areola, she lets out a moan as I vigorously suck and flick her nipple with my tongue, I make another move, my hand runs down from her neck all the way down to her already wet pussy, she flinches out of delight as I play with her everywhere, she's really enjoying it.

Droxyl kisses me all the way down to my cock, licks up my shaft to the head of my throbbing dick, she takes me into her mouth, I'm in pure haven. Droxyls tongue moves slowly and rhythmically as she sucks up and down my dick, I revel in how good my cock feels, she gets faster every so often and I get closer to cumming in her sweet little mouth. Shes starts to suck it so hard and fast that I just let go and cum straight in her mouth she gets wide eyed for a moment then her eyelids sink back again in pleasure, she sucked the last of my love from my dick then proceeded to swallow it all, I was thoroughly impressed.

It was my turn my dark was still very hard, I found her I found her aching, wet pussy again and got on top of her. She grabbed my dick and guided it into her wet cunt, I pushed hard into her at first she was so tight, We both let out equally load moans, as her pussy loosened up my hips pulsed in and out of her, I had wanted this for a long time. Droxyl switches positions she's doing a cow girl its really turning me on, as I fuck her she stays still over me, I get to admire how beautiful she is again.

We were fucking faster now with each pump of my waist making a loud smacking sound against her legs, ass and pussy. Her breasts were all over the place I caught her right one in my mouth for just a second. I could feel myself reaching climax.

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We were both about to cum I could tell. Droxyl let out really high-pitched moans as she hit her climax only seconds before me, my cum exploded out the end of my cock. Droxyl collapsed on to me I could feel her hard nipples against my chest again. "That was amazing" she said breathlessly. "Best sex I've ever had" I wheeze. I get to think about this blue girl in my life for a moment. Was she a blessing or a curse I was unsure of that little did I know I would find out her true purpose her on our blue marble later.

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We then both passed out from exhaustion. Hi Everyone thanks for reading, this won't be the only installment of IT watches always come back on the 30th of August 2017 for Part 2