Sex xxx story small age 10

Sex xxx story small age 10
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Sally stood up as the intercom announced the school buses departing in five minutes. "Where are you going?" asked Mr. Craig, her history teacher. He was always nice to her. Specially after the incident that happened between the both of them a few weeks ago. "I'm going home. I need a bus pass, can I have one?" she pulled her purple backpack over her shoulder and walked up to Mr.

Craig's desk, handing him her test papers. There was only one other girl in the classroom, Maricela. He looked up at her. "Of course," he said, writing her a pass. Mr. Craig smiled up at her, taking a second to look at her and then back at Maricela, who was putting her phone down by now. "Hey, Mr. Craig, do you think that maybe you can give me a ride?" said Maricela, smiling and showing her dimples like the cute girl she was. Her thin, slim frame sat straight. Sally suddenly felt self-conscious about her own body.

Mr. Craig tensed a bit at the question. "I'm sorry, Maricela. You'll have to catch the bus." He gave the pass he was writing me to her. She looked a bit sad yet did not wait a second to smile. "It's okay, thanks," she looked at Sally, giving her the stink eye.

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"Good bye, fatty," Maricela pushed past Sally in a rough manner and made her way out of the class. Maricela was one of those stuck up girls who always made fun of people who presented danger to her. She was a real bitch. "At least I'm not an anorexic bitch," spat Sally, turning around to face Maricela, who had stopped.

There was tension between the both of them. It had been that way since they were kids. "Maricela, go catch your bus. Sally, down girl, down," Mr.

Craig grabbed Sally from the waist and took her away from Maricela's view. She left soon afterwards, shutting the door closed pretty loudly. Mr. Craig let go of Sally's waist and went back to his desk, to gather his things, just as the buses started to leave.

Sally saw them trail away and sighed. "30 minute walk, here I come," she looked at Mr. Craig with serious eyes and then turned to leave. But Mr. Craig caught hold of her arm, his hands cold, and turned her back around. "You're kinda hurting me," she says, squirming the slightest bit.


"I'll take you," he says, smiling. "I don't mind." Sally looked at him skeptically. A smile played on the corner of her lips as he stood a few inches away. Her wavy hair bounced as she moved closer to him. "Thank you." Mr. Craig could but smile as he stepped back to gather his stuff.

His messenger's bag, a leather blue, hung around his shoulder as he made his way around his desk. Sally wasn't sure what to expect.

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A few minutes later, they come out of the school. Sally trails behind Mr. Craig as they go back to where the buses stop to drop off the kids. "Are you sure this isn't a bother?" asks Sally, now stopping. Mr. Craig stops, "Yes. Why? If you feel insecure." But then Sally noticed the slim frame sitting on the benches and decided to just go with it. Everyone knew how attached Maricela was to Mr.

Craig. Though she was an airhead, she took his advance history class just to be with him. It was funny how desperate she was to get laid by someone older than her.

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It's Craig, though, so she probably already did. "Never mind," she urged him on. The rest of the walk into the parking garage was silent, neither of them speaking a word. How could they? They've never been so alone before and it scared them in a way that wasn't very professional. Except neither of them knew it, otherwise it would have been addressed by now.

They got to the second level of the parking garage, near a light blue car. It looked like it was shining like a jewel under the sun. It also looked more like a race car with the decorative object on top of the trunk. He pressed a button on his key chain. Sally watched as he opened the door kindly for her. It made her smile with a pleasant feeling inside her stomach.

"My lady," he said, joking. Sally went in. The door shut closed quickly. The inside was a pure dark color and really clean. Mr. Craig got into the driver's seat and started the engine. Sally's eyes wandered down the tip of his thick, tall fingers. Though Mr. Craig was around Sally's height—5'4 or 5'6—he was a fair man. His stubble, brown like the rest of his head, covered his whole jaw and went around his mouth.

Before she knew it, he was covering his icy gray eyes with aviator glasses, something she had not quite expected. It changed his whole appearance completely. He became even more attractive before her eyes. "Craig?" "Yeah?" "Do you. Have a girlfriend?" she gulped, looking besides her to Mr.

Craig, who was looking down to something on her legs. She shrugged it off. Her teacher tensed at that question. Suddenly, he was blushing with extreme embarrassment. "No, not at the moment," a vein on his neck jumped slightly and marked itself on his fair skin. "Sorry, is that a touchy subject?" without thinking much about it, Sally grasped his strong thigh unexpectedly, feeling the need to do so.

She came upon an unexpected bump. It quickly harden under her lingering touch.She was blushing with too much embarrassment to even look at him. "I'm so sorry," whispered Sally, gasping at the action.

Her teacher chuckled, "this is NOT supposed to happen." He smirked, parking at the shoulder of the road on an empty street. All these little laughs—they were not coming from the heart. The tone of them were sarcastic, insincere. He was laughing at his hard situation, an unwanted incident. Yet he stills remember the tender touch of Sally's hands. Once again he looked down, saw the tent in his pants and sighed.

Sally watched it with wonder. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Sally frowned. "It's okay, it'll go down," he turned on Sally's neighborhood, stopping on the first house on the corner. Sally looked up at Mr. Craig again. "Come in," unlocking the door, Sally grabbed her teacher's hand. "I want to show you something," her eyes went wide, puppy-like, pleading.

By that time, his erection had calm down. Her eyes, though, were having a strange effect on him. He felt compelled to do her.her bidding.

"Please," she tugged on his hand. He rolled his eyes playfully but took his belt off and came out of the car. As soon as they entered the house, the first thing Mr. Craig noticed was the cleanliness of it all. "Clean freak, much?" he teased, following close behind. "No, when it comes to it, I like to get down and dirty," she said it without giving it a thought.

But it gave Craig something to think about. His imagination strayed for a bit before blindly following her up to her room. "I have an album here," she made her way up to the far left corner of her room, where her dresser was. She produced a black book from her dresser and held it. "It's mostly made of the people whom I favor," she turned only to find him right behind her, popping her personal bubble.

Sally gasped and dropped her book, which fell to the pages he was smiling in. "Mr. Craig, I need you—" "I know," he whispered and quickly grasped her shoulders.


In a flash, his dry lips were pressing up against hers. His hands were holding her face in place, not letting go. He pulled away, licking her lips and smiling. He seemed happy about this. Sally was shocked yet she couldn't deny the fact that she liked it. "That's definitely not what I meant," her chest was heaving slightly, as though out of breath. Mr. Craig looked at her, all serious.

"I thought this is what you wanted," he blurted, befuddled by Sally's reaction. "I would have looked for another way to approach you in THAT way. I just wanted to show you this album," she pointed to the floor and crouched down to retrieve it. She thought of the many things that were wrong with this scenario but her mind only thought of a naughty one. Her eyes locked on his zipper and she shivered suddenly, feeling rather strange. Her brain was telling her of the million things that could go wrong if anyone ever found out about this.

But then again, she wasn't paying attention to her brain, was she? "Can I ask you something?" Sally stands, grabbing her teacher's arm.

He only nodded when he looked at her. There was something about his eyes that screamed lust and curiosity but she ignored it. "Do I really appeal to your senses?" her mind was buzzing by now. What was going to happen next? Will he leave? Will she kiss him? Will he answer? Will they make. will they make love.? By the way Mr. Craig looked at her, she could tell the answer already.

It was sitting right there, in front of her. "You're a smart girl. Sensitive, independent," he dropped the album to caress her cheek. There was that sensuous touch of his again, stealing her of her breath.

"Sexy. Curves on all the right places," he came closer until he faced her, "legs to die for," his hand wandered down to her legs, making her gasp.

"Beautiful set of twins," he pinched her nipple with his free hand. Immediately she gasped, not expecting at all the sudden move. It did turn her on, her hazy smile said so. "Firm and tender I'm guessing?" his hot breath was now on her face. "And your ass, god your ass," his hands reached back to squeeze the round meat behind her.

He approached her ear, slowly, carefully. "No wonder Alex keeps bragging about you," his hands went inside her pants. Mr. Craig's lips brushed against her neck, sending a chill of pure excitement through her. Sally's body was writhing from adrenaline. She had never been in this situation before. It made her body feel exhilarated, hot, fragile. What she was thinking, she did not know. All she knew was that she wanted to explore as much as possible this forbidden path.

"Do I have to tell you how turned on I am right now?" whispered Sally, holding his shirt from the hips.

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Craig smirked, quickly and harshly undoing her white pants. She shivered. Her hands clumsily began to undo his leather belt, excited to get started. Their lips crushed against each other with hunger, not letting go once until they were on her bed. Clothe flew in the air as soon as it was loose on their bodies. Sally came atop of Craig, already feeling his hard on.

She rubbed er crotch against it, already tasting the sweet feeling of his cock rammed deep inside of her. "I can't wait," she whispered, pulling down his underwear to reveal his raging hard on.

While it wasn't as big as those men in porn movies, she was pleased to find it was at least of a size that could please her. He wasn't shy about it. On the contrary, there was confidence in his face, something she enjoyed in a man. Her slender fingers gripped his swollen member. She smiled with arousal. Her nipples tingled just like the rest of her body. She felt like if her nipples were touched, she'd orgasm immediately. Before they could do anything, Craig sat up to take her shirt off.

In the process, though, he ended up ripping it from impatience. His lips brushed against her neck in a hungry manner while her hands gripped his cock.

All she could think of was the excruciating feelings inside of her, wondering how it would feel, wondering how much he'll last. Sally placed herself on top of his right leg, on her knees, while his left one bent at the knee.

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His cock was just a mere distance from her pussy. Craig bit her nipple, held his cock, and pressed it against her tight hole. Sally's face went up in a frown instantly.

The very tip of his cock was pressing against her, forcing itself into her deflowered pussy. She gasped at the sudden pressure as he entered her wet, tight hole. It evoked thousands of different feelings. Her nails dug deep into his skin, scratching. Sally threw her head back in pleasure as she lowered herself down on him. He pushed up with his knee, pressing directly on her g-spot.

She gasped, having never known such a glorious spot before. "Ah, yes," she exhaled quietly, clashing down against his moving hips over and over. Their bodies made wet, hot sounds as their bodies moved against one another. Her breast bounced slightly at the movements. "Yeah," she moaned again, keeping her back bent as she rocked her hips forward. "Fuck me," she gasped, her cheeks flushing that pleasant pink of hers.

"Oh, si! Mas!" Sally begged for more of this glorious feeling. She felt the sudden pleasure-filled ache in her stomach and immediately kept going faster, wanting to reach her destination.

"That turns me on so much," he whispered, suddenly pushing her off. She now laid on her back, her legs bent, the sole of her feet touching her butt cheeks.

He had a perfect view of all of her like this, something he definitely liked. Her tanned skin was glowing and her pussy—god, her pussy was wet and hot, ready for his cock to take her countless times. He pulled her towards him and rammed his cock into her, making her gasp.

Mr. Craig's hips rocked against hers, entering and threatening to leave her pussy multiple times. Sally gasped with every second as her orgasm grew and grew. "Please, more! Si! Ay!" her natural tongue was beginning to slip as his cock delivered pleasures that she did not know.

Her orgasm reached its peak while she hung on to his firm, round butt. Her breath came out heavily and so did her moans. Every sense of hers was at her highest. Craig felt her inner walls tighten around his cock as he kept penetrating her. His eyes rolled back and all they both could think of was the glorious feeling going through the both of them. Sally's body arched in a very sexy manner that made Craig go faster and harder, not stopping once for a break until she kept moaning and moaning, asking him if that was all he had got.

He grew hungry for more as did she. The position they were both in was no longer adequate for their lust. He pulled out quickly. Sally needed not to be told what to do. She was already turning, placing her tight ass up in the air like the naughty little girl she was. Her legs spread out nice and wide for him while her back arched. The aggressive side of her teacher came out as he pulled her hair, stood on one knee as he placed his feet next to her leg, and once again penetrated her.

He had no mercy this time. No matter how gentle he wanted to be, his feelings impeded him from doing so. They both were groaning and moaningwith ecstasy. Sally bit her lip, very aware of the hard rod penetrating her, stretching her walls in an aggressive way that she loved.

A way that turned her on with infinite pleasure. "Harder, please! Fuck me!" She pursed her lips by biting down hard on her lower lip, drawing blood. The bed shook with their intense love making and their bodies glowed with sweat. Craig felt his penis being milked/being swallowed tightly by Sally's pussy. None of them was paying attention to their surrounding but only themselves, worrying only of their feelings.

He gripped her ass cheek with passion and smacked it, feeling his cock tingle with a feeling he had not experienced with anyone else. All of a sudden, his cock was exploding, rapidly growing harder and then softer as his seed entered her pussy in a way that meant pleasure. He reached down to squeeze her breast hard, pinching her nipple. This made her open her mouth in a small O, frowning at the ache with pleasure.

"I can feel you," she whispered, panting and sweating like never before. He gave his cock a couple of strokes, making sure his sperm was fully out, before smacking her ass hard once again and laying down on her bed, by the headboard.

She had a hazy smile on her face, something she never had gotten before. She was still in deep arousal. Never before has a guy left her wishing for more. Then again, Mr.

Craig wasn't just a guy. He was her teacher and a man of 34. 5'6", stocky build. She gulped and crawled slowly, in a sexual way, towards him.

She smiled and got on top of him, sitting up and placing his hands on her breast. "I feel like giving you a blowjob," she whispered in a naughty tone. She bit her lower lip, feeling him stir under her still wet crotch—which was dripping with his sperm. "I feel like fucking you silly, too," she giggled in a ditzy way. Slowly, one of her hands, gripping one of his, made its way down to her crotch. She liked the warm feel of his thick, long fingers. Unexpectedly, he groped her breast and hooked his hand on her cunt, sliding his middle finger on her small, engorged clit.

Her eyes rolled back at the sudden hot feeling inside of her. She closed her eyes and moaned, his fingers shifting on her clit, rubbing the poor, small nub with a vengeance. She opened her mouth. Sally's facial expression only screamed one thing and one thing only: pure pleasure. He held on to her breast, still rubbing her clit fast until she was writhing, wiggling, squirming on top of him. Say what you want, Sally's body was getting acquainted with true ecstasy.

Before she knew it, her pussy clamped up, a silent yet grave shrill came out of her mouth, and she was coming. This made him stir even more.

"I'll take you up on that offer," he said in a hungry tone, sitting up to lick her breast. Her body was still in nirvana when he asked her this. She felt his beard and smiled in a silly way, nodding as she went down on him. The very first thing she did was take his cock into her mouth, swallowing it whole as she knew well to do. "You know what this means, right?" asked Craig, staring up at the ceiling with a faraway look. "This stays between us," she whispered, kissing his chest, which was covered with hair.

But hair in a very manly, attractive manner. "Never to be repeated again?" she did not want it to end, though. The disappointment may not have been apparent in her voice but it was definitely there. How can something so wild, animalistic, never-before-experienced, end so fast? Craig groped her ass as she cuddled close to him, "hell no," he cursed.

"I like you very much. This wasn't a one time thing," he breathed, grabbing her chin and making her look at him. "I meant that next time, is at my place.

I want to show you just how much I really like you," he kissed her lips tenderly as opposed to just plainly kissing her. It showed her that he really did care. She smiled, showing white teeth. "I better leave before your parents get home." "They're gone for the weekend," she whispers, kissing his neck. He holds her around the arms with one hand while his other hand holds the slender leg on his torso.

"Business trip like always," she giggles, making him smile. "Hmm, then I should have my way with you as much as I want," his fingers glide down her curves, her firm bumps, before going to his cock.

She looked at him as she straddled his hips.

"Or better yet, let me be the cowgirl," she smirked, her naughty side coming out again. She didn't even bother to tell him she wasn't on birth control. Why would she? There's always Morning After-Pills.

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