Cumshot on my sleeping sisters huge nipples

Cumshot on my sleeping sisters huge nipples
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My relationship with Stephanie was probably the weirdest combination you would probably ever see, especially between two grade elevens. We had been dating for almost a year, and we were deeply in love with each other. Our relationship was not sexual, but defiantly sexy and erotic. Then she stayed over at my house for a night. Note- Whether you believe it or not, this is defiantly a true story. This all happened around a couple years ago, in early 2007, and me and Stephanie are still together.

(In fact she told me to write this, as we both love stories from this site) And we have many more to tell, if you can get through my primitive writing and you enjoy it, we would be delighted to write more.

Also you should know that neither of us are that skilled in English literature; however we both like to read. If you don't find pleasure in this story, though we certainly hope you do, we hope at least you can see first hand that if you tell your partner everything, and are completely honest, holding nothing back, the relationship ends out all the better.

When I first met Stephanie, I was immediately attracted to her. The first time I noticed her, she had bent over to pick up a book she dropped, revealing a little too much of her breasts, showing the faint outline of the top of her nipples. It turned out she was in my Biology class, and I started to talk to her, and eventually ask her out.

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I know it seems shallow that I asked her out because I had glimpsed part of the first teenaged breast I had ever seen before, but from what I can remember, that was the exact reason. There was also the fact that her long blonde hair that fell in the front of her body down either shoulder, her blue eyes that penetrated into mine, and her curvy body, that even though it wasn't the first person you would pick as being "hot", she defiantly grew on you.

She was about 5"2, slightly below average for her age, and nice, round breasts, a little too big (not in the negative way) for her size, and she weighed around 120 pounds. About two months into our relationship we had a talk about us being completely honest with each other.

She said that if either of us had in our mind that we needed to break up, or try something new, or even expressing our feelings, we should say it immediately instead of having it hover in our consciences.

So, having it take about half a year to get used to, we then told each other everything, from who I thought was cute in our grade, who she thought was, to how we both said we were virgins, and that neither of us had got to second base until each other. She also made it clear that she was not going to have sex anytime soon. To be completely honest, it didn't bother me too much because I had fallen in love with her, the love, in my opinion, was real love with trust and honesty and open heartedness, not the simple "teenaged" love that you just had to have please each other, and show off to all of their friends.

Now I defiantly am not saying it was easy to have this relationship, but over time it brought us even more close together.

As our relationship progressed, it became not uncommon to find that when we were alone, clothing seemed to have little use. As the "trust thing" (as I called it) progressed, Steph talked to me about how if I was comfortable, if she could take her shirt off. As we had several make-out episodes already that day, I didn't care&hellip.

In fact I supported the idea completely. Later on, we did make out, and it happened to be that her bra and pants did slip off, as did my shirt and pants. From that day on, when we were alone together, the only clothing we did wear was my boxers, and her panties.

*** Back to the present, we were lying on my bed; pillows propped against the wall, and were watching a movie on my computer. All that she was wearing was some cute, black, underwear that had "Naughty" in pink letters on the back of it. Her top, bra and skirt were on the floor of my room, as with my shirt and jeans.

She was cuddled in against me and my arm was wrapped around her shoulders. As we were both completely honest with each other, nakedness didn't bother us and her breasts were completely visible to me. We were watching one of the American Pie movies, but not really paying attention, just talking about random stuff that happened at school that day. After a while, we fell silent, having nothing better to say, but enjoying embracing one another.

As the credits started rolling, she got up and turned the computer screen off and turned the volume knob counter-clockwise until the sound was off.

She looked at a row of CD's stacked on my dresser, selected Bon Jovi's Crossroads; put it into my stereo system, and the opening keyboard notes of "Livin' on a Prayer" came on.

Getting a little frisky, she gave her chest a little shake, showing off her boobs. "Wanna dance?" she asked Already knowing my answer, she picked my hands up and started grinding me and jumping around like she was crazy.

One of the things that we talked about is that we both loved to dance, but we both hated rap, hip-hop and heavy metal. Our favorite era was the 80's; both of us wishing that we lived in that time. So we started to dance, doing a little air guitar and running around my room. (As I said before, we were a very weird couple, but the open nature of our honesty brought us closer together, giving us a much stronger bond.) As the fourth song (Always) came on, one of our favorites, we embraced one another and started to dance a little more slowly, sort of like a junior prom night, minus the fact that we had no clothes.

We started to kiss, the heat going up, and I felt myself getting larger. I don't know if she noticed, but when she pulled away at the end of the song, she giggled a little, and pushed my hard-on back into my boxers and did up the button for me.

I was a little embarrassed, and her hand on my erection made me go a little crazy, kissing her in a frenzy that we both enjoyed. With my back facing the bed, she put her weight on me, and we both fell back on the bed. She started to kiss my ear, my nose, and worked her way down to my neck, and then back to my mouth, trying to explore everywhere as quickly as possible, and our tongues getting in the way of each one, as we were both frantically snogging each other.

I then did half a roll, ending up on top of her, imitating her by kissing her ear, nose, neck, but instead of going back up to her mouth, I started kissing and licking her breasts, putting my head between them, licking in between, then moving to her left breast and started kissing, licking and slightly biting it.

I then put her boob in my mouth, trying to get around the circumference, but not being able so I came back a little, repeating that motion several times, pausing in between to flicking my tongue around on her nipple. Meanwhile, my other hand was massaging her other boob, my hand cupped around the outside of it, and massaging the nipple with my thumb.

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She started to moan lightly, encouraging me to continue what I was doing. As it got louder, I moved up and kissed her mouth and asked if I could go down on her. Nodding her head, I moved down giving her breasts a little suck, teasing her slightly.

I kissed around her underwear, and stepped off the bed, going on my knees with my head in between her legs. I kissed her in her soft spot, before taking her underwear off, and then reached on either side of her waste and pulled slowly down.

I ducked my head out of the way and her panties fell to the ground. I looked at her, seeing her completely naked for the first time in my life. She just looked so innocent, as I looked and saw her lying on the bed, her breasts two perfect mounds, lying there, slightly reddened, and her eyes closed, biting her lip a little with a look of complete bliss expressed on her face.

I looked down between her legs, seeing the mound of blonde pubic hair, not knowing exactly what to do. So I just put my full mouth on her vagina, searched for an opening, and entered. Feeling exactly like the guy from American Pie said, warm apple pie. I started exploring and moving my tongue around and then, my door opened and my mom walked in.

"Josh, dear, I got you a-" and stop mid sentence as my mouth was buried inside Stephanie, and looked from her naked body to my mom.

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Turning very red, my mom turned around, and shut my door. I looked at Steph for the first time and saw her arms wrapped around her chest and a look of terror in her eyes. "Your mom just saw me&hellip. And you&hellip. Um&hellip." She flustered. Forgetting her bra, she pulled her shirt on and sat there for a few seconds collecting herself. "I think I should leave, Josh." Stephanie whispered guiltily. "I think I upset your mom." "No, it's okay, my mom thinks were actually having sex&hellip.

She even bought me condoms… remember I told you a couple months ago&hellip." She nervously laughed, and stood up, and I took a look at her cute bum for the first time. I remember it being so damn sexy.

When she stood up straight, there lines creased into her skin where her thigh met her cheek, which almost put me over the edge, just looking at that. She bent over, put on her panties, sat on my lap, gave me a good, long, lusty kiss and said she'd be back tonight and winked at me, pulling on her pants on just before leaving, her bra left on my floor. Too embarrassed to leave my room, I stayed there all night, texting, watching "House" and doing homework.

As it was Friday, I wanted to go out and do something, but I remembered Steph's promise, looked at the bra that was still on the floor, and stayed put. As I lay in bed, thinking about my gorgeous girlfriend, I fell asleep, only too find myself waking up to my door opening and Stephanie sneaking inside. She walked over, and sat beside me on my bed. "Now, I am going to be completely honest with you.

That was the best feeling of my life, and I defiantly don't know why I waited so long. I'm not ready for sex, but I am defiantly ready for other things." And without waiting for my response, she sat on top of my groin, and pulled her shirt off.

She then leaned in and kissed my on the lips. She moved around a little so that her legs were tucked under mine on either side, bent low so her chest was on my face, and then moved back so that she could kiss me. Taking a quick break, she said "I saw your parent's peace out of here before I came in, so we can be as loud as we want." In response, I grabbed her and started kissing her frantically and I grabbed the back of her bra straps and ripped them off, revealing her nice C-cup breasts.

I started kissing her all over her face and necks, holding onto her bum with my hands, and eventually pulling her pants down, revealing a thong I hadn't seen her wear before. I ignored it and pulled it down to her thighs, and let it fall down to her ankles. She then pushed me to the bed, put on the Bon Jovi CD again and got on top of me, whispering very with lots of hot air gushing into my ear, "This is going to be the best time of your life." And bit my ear gently.


She then got on her knees, and positioned herself overtop of my head and lowered her moist vagina on my mouth. I was completely taken aback, never seen her that horny or take control this much before. "Let's continue from last night" she said, adding a little more pressure onto my mouth, while my tongue frantically tried to keep up with her. From my position all I could see were if I looked down, I saw pubic hair and part of her vagina, and if I looked up, I saw a pair of breasts, which were blocking part of the view of my girlfriends face.

But from what I could make out of it was that she was looking at the ceiling, with obvious lust sketched on her face. I started to explore her insides, flicking my tongue in and out of her, and moving it all around everywhere, not being experienced at all. But it seemed to work, as I listened to her soft moans.

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I then decided to make use of my hands, and started massaging her bum as she worked her body around my face. She then suddenly stopped, turned around so all I could see was her ass, and pulled my pants and boxers down in one go. I quickly responded with taking my shirt off, she quickly lifting her bum off my face to allow me to do so. She lowered her mouth onto my manhood and started bobbing her head. She coated it with saliva, lubricating it and continued the same action. She took quick breaks to catch her breath and lick up and down my shaft.

Meanwhile, I continued flicking my tongue in and out of her, and trying to find a "hot spot". After only two minutes I felt like I was almost done, but then she stopped, and for some reason, (I wondered if I was doing that bad of a job) she got off of me, off the bed, and put herself in between my legs, bent down, pressed my shaft against my stomach and started to lick my balls.

She put them in her mouth, making a little face as though she had a sour candy, but then continued, rolling my balls around in her mouth, and flicking her tongue on them.

I was in a state of utter bliss, watching as the girl I was so in love with, sucking my testicles. After a while, she stopped, and looked at me in the eyes. "I want to try something, but if it hurts me too much, I am going to stop" Steph said, still looking at my eyes.

"Okay" was all I could reply with. She stood up, and then sat down on my legs, her legs spread open, so that the base of my penis was touching vagina. She took a deep breath in, and then, lifted herself up a little, moved herself slightly closer, and lowered herself onto my penis, the tip entering her anus.

She shuddered slightly, but slowly kept going, lowering herself down, while I felt a deep sensation of very warm, almost burning walls surrounding me, tightly stuck to my foreskin. Still in pain, she lowered herself all the way down, so that all sides of me were compressed with walls of heat and a gentle throb. Steph took a few seconds to collect herself, and then started slowly moving her body up and down, but I could tell she was not enjoying it. "Steph, I know you're not enjoying this nearly as much as I am.

Get off me, and I want to try something that might help." She slowly pulled herself off, and wiped off me with a tissue from the anal sex and at down on my bed, a little red in the face. I walked over to my drawer where I kept the condoms my mom gave me, and pulled out a tub of Vaseline. I grabbed her arm, and pulled her up gently, and told her to bend over. She replied by doing what I asked.

I then separated her cheeks slightly, took a finger full of Vaseline and put it inside her anus, wiping it all around, and by the way she was reacting, I could tell she was having a much better time. I then put some Vaseline on myself, and then inched inside her slowly. She gasped loudly as I started to move in and out of her slowly riding her back.

The feeling I felt at the moment was indescribable. Not only was I giving my girlfriend anal, something almost all high school girls refuse to do, but I was inside the most beautiful, girl that I was unconditionally in love with. I started moving a little faster, but then again, I could tell she still wasn't enjoying it as much as me. I decided that there would be other times when she started to actually like it, so I slowly pulled out of her, careful not to spill anything. "Look, Steph, I know you're not enjoying this.

We can try something else, if you want. "We could try having sex" she whispered, barely audible, so that I wasn't sure if I actually heard what she was saying. "Uhhh&hellip. What?" I asked, looking at her in the eyes.

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"Well, you're just so gently with me, and it can't be worse than what we just did." Stephanie said, with growing confidence in herself. "Okay" I said, and reached into the drawer for a condom.

"No condom, you can pull out before you're done." Because both of us were still virgins, I decided that the chance of getting an STD was slim to none, so I closed the drawer and turned around.

As I turned around, her arms were already wrapped around me and her tongue had already found my mouth. She pushed me onto the bed, and then crawled on me, and I watched as her breasts hung low so I couldn't see anything.


She then pressed her breasts against my chest and started kissing me, her on top of me. "Whenever you're ready" I whispered to her, and she kept kissing, and after about thirty seconds, lowered herself onto me. I could feel my penis pushing against her hymen, and she just pushed through, gasping in pain. She almost immediately started having sex with me as her hips slowly grinded mine.

Starting to pick up the pace, she started moaning, as the pain died away, replaced with pleasure. She then pulled me under, making me go on top.

I started off slowly, but then increased my pace as she started moaning louder and louder until they were almost shrill screams. I remembered reading somewhere that woman usually didn't get an orgasm on the first time, but this time, it looked like it. "Oh my God, go faster, damn it" she yelled at me. I started to go as quickly as my inexperienced body would allow me to, and started screwing her so hard and fast; that I knew that time inside her was short.

I remembered reading that if I plunged deeper inside her, it would feel good for her, and give me time to recover, so that was exactly what I did. I pressed my manhood in as far as it would go and started making short, quick thrusts deep inside her. It looked like she was going to have a seizure as she was moaning in intense pleasure.

After about thirty seconds, I recovered and started going at her like I was before. I watched as her boobs were flying every which way as I went on her as quick as I could.

"I'm gunna cum" she said through her teeth.

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I felt her insides start to tighten around me, and I knew that I, too, was going to orgasm. "Me too" I said. "Let me know&hellip. Just&hellip. Before& pull&hellip.

Out" She said through my uneven pace. I felt her floodgates go as she screamed and moaned at the top of her lungs. "Now" I said to her and pulled out. She then quickly moved down, as fast as she could and put me inside her mouth, started to give me a blowjob, but after only two bobs of her head, I came in her mouth, with such a force that she pulled her mouth off of me with surprise as I continued to cum all over her body and breasts, flooding her with semen.

The majority of my load squirted on her breasts, and too my astonishing surprise, she lifted her breast up and licked it, as my first load shot right down her throat. She licked it a little, and then told me to try, and that even though it was salty, it was warm and inviting. I sucked on her nipple for a few seconds, and immediately pulled away and spat out the taste. "Not for me" I laughed a little.


As the night drew to a close, we fell asleep in each others arms her breasts tightly against my chest, as we fell asleep under the blankets, cuddled closely and tightly together, still madly in love.