Lady boy jerks off her large stick

Lady boy jerks off her large stick
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A chilly, spring breeze swept into the room, making Lady Desire's body shiver in bed. She had slept in the nude and was now regretting that decision. Her hand slips down her long, thin leg to halt on top of her pussy (of course such expressions were not used in the seventeenth century, I will narrate my story with these kinds of words for the sole purpose of arousing my reader).

She was so horny… But of course she couldn't bring herself to masturbate since she was the king's daughter. Delicately, almost lovingly, she twirls her pubic hair with her fingers, even the slightest touch to her pussy made her tingle all over. She couldn't believe how much she wanted to fuck herself! As if nothing mattered anymore except fulfilling her desires. She got up and looked around the room, as if somebody could possibly be hiding in her room at that time.

Reassured she got back in bed, shuddering with anticipation. Gently she began licking and sucking her finger erotically, slowly her movement's increasing in vigor, only stopping when she was sure her finger was drenched in spit. As she pulled it out of her mouth, saliva dripped over her big breasts. She tried her best not to cry out with pleasure as she inserted her index in her virgin, dick-hungry pussy.

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She couldn't help her thigh pushing against her hand, the contractions growing more violent by the second. "Umm… Umm… Uhh… Uhh… OOOhh… OOOhh…" She couldn't stop herself from moaning out loud. She wriggled her finger inside of her, and then slowly inserted her middle finger in her pussy too. She squirmed with delight, fondling and licking her sweat-drenched boobs with her other hand, her tongue tasting her hot naked splendor.

But her hand with which she was fucking her pussy with was no longer saliva covered; now her love juices covered it as well.

Now she was crying out loud! Luckily only the servants were present today since the King and Queen, her parents had gone out for the day. She was so close to having an orgasm! Oh how bad she wanted a man's dick to break her cherry! She was so horny she even considered calling one of the servants to fuck her! A princess with a servant!

Then, just as she was about to have the best orgasm of her life, someone knocked at the door. "Damn it!" She muttered to herself, then did the sign of the cross and muttered her excuses to God for having sworn out loud. Quickly she put on a robe, and wiped her bed clean. She answered: "What is it?" then adding angrily "I hope you have a good excuse for bothering me so early in the day!" The voice that replied was not as Lady Desire had imagined it would be, instead of a raspy old voice of a loyal servant, came out a strong, young masculine voice saying: "May I come in my Lady, we heard some noises downstairs and wanted to check if everything was…" He was cut short in mid-sentence for Lady Desire opened the door immediately for him and ordered: "Servant, I want to take my bath, help me out of those clothes." The servant, a tall, slim muscular man with broad shoulders and sexy, dazzling blue eyes entered, obeying immediately and taking of the Lady's robe, revealing her big boobs and cute little pussy, topped with long, curly blonde hair.

As she turned and headed towards the royal bath, the Anthony (the servant)'s dick went rigid as he had a hard-on, hard-on. The sunlight seemed to hit the Lady's ass making her look like a beauty out of a painting.

Oh how he wanted to fuck her.


She got into the bath and he slowly poured water all over her and then began to cleanse her body with soap, taking more time to rub her boobs and pussy than anyone would normally do. He saw that her clitoris was sore and realized she must have been masturbating.

"Excuse Me," he whispered erotically to her as he pretended to make the soap fall in order to touch and caress her pussy. "Noo…" She moaned reluctantly pulling herself out of his reach.


"It's not right," she continued, then got out of the bath, wrapping a towel over her body. Anthony followed approached her from behind, so close to her that she could feel his warm breath on his neck and his long, hard tail press against her towel-covered ass.

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She exhaled throwing back her head on his shoulder. He enfolded her waist, squeezing her boobs that filled his hands. He started kissing her neck as she let go of the towel so that nothing separated her nudity from his lustful hands. Binging down his arms, Anthony turned Lady Desire, so that she faced him and her boobs squashed against his chest. In that fashion they walked back towards the bed as the servant unbuttoned his shirt. Pushing her against the double bed, Anthony sensually took of his pants revealing his long 8 inches tall dick.

Lady Desire got into bed and covered her body; afterward she lifted her finger gesturing for him to come.

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Instead of going in next to her, Anthony went to the front of the bed, calmly slipping under the covers. "Oh no, that's not right" murmured the princess even though she made no effort to push him back.

Anthony pulled out his tongue, his nose barely an inch away from her pussy.


He could smell the beautiful scent of her virginity. With the tip of his tongue, he drew circles around her clitoris, his licking intensifying in crescendo. Lady Desire couldn't help herself anymore, she wet all over the servant's face. Throwing of the covers, she grabbed his head and rammed it against her, shouting at the top of her voice: "No!

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No! Stop! Yeah!! Umm… umm… I love you! I love you!" She licked her boobs frantically fondling them viciously. "NOOOOO! Don't stop!!" Anthony pulled his face away from her. "Turn around" He said, caressing her leg. She turned, and got on all fours, her butt facing Anthony, she shook it like a dog would. "Make love to me servant! Make love to me like no other can!

Ah!! Stick it in me!!

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Stick it in!!" But Anthony wanted to torment her a little bit longer. He got up on the bed and playfully and slid his cock between her two ass cheeks. "Noo!! Please I can't wait anymore!" "Let's see if princesses really are more delicate then us normal folk." At first Anthony barely pricked her pussy, just to make her want more, but then, putting his hands on her back he stabbed with his dick, making Lady Desire howl with bliss.

Again and again, back and forth he went until he couldn't no more and he lay down on the bed next to Lady Desire. "No… Well I guess it's my turn." Blood dripped down her pussy for it was the first time she had made love to a man, and now that she knew what it was like she just wanted to fuck everyday for the rest of her life. Her hands felt cold as she grabbed Anthony's dick, slowly masturbating him. "You want a taste?" asked Anthony looking at his dick.

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"Oh no, I couldn't, I'm a princess, if my father knew he'd kill us both." "Well I don't care for your father, now shut up and suck it." Lady Desire smiled mischievously, licking her upper lip and bent low, first barely kissing the top of his throbbing dick, slowly licking the top, going lower, and finally with one big effort, putting almost the whole dick in her mouth her spit drenching Anthony tail.

With one grunt, the servant's dick pulsed as he squirted his juices right inside of her mouth. "Mmm…" She whimpered tasting the sperm. "Ohh yes…" Anthony said, closing his eyes. "Lady, I don't think I can go on…" "You think so?" she got up on top of him, then slowly sat down on his dick and bent low so that his dick remained in her pussy but she was able to kiss him. Her tongue entering his mouth, she went up and down on his 8-inch monster.

Anthony grabbed her ass cheeks, his nails digging in her soft pink skin. Up and down, up and down she went as he pulled at hr ass, all the time kissing her hard on the mouth, their tongues massaging each other. Her juices leaked down her pussy on too his stomach and into his belly button.

"I'm Cumming! I'm Cumming!" Anthony cried out. "Squirt them into me!" They kissed, then Anthony began licking her boobs, he couldn't anymore, he couldn't! Their movements accelerated immensely, their cries of joy bursting together as they held each other tightly. Then… as Lady Desire had an orgasm and contracted her pussy, Anthony spurted everything out into her. They just had the time to hear someone coming in from down the stairs bellow: "Where is my daughter?"