Espiando tetona en el tren

Espiando tetona en el tren
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"That will be 10.99" said the cashier at the 24 hour store as she handed me my new journal. "Thank you and have a nice night." I responded.

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I waited at the bus stop, hopped on the bus, and headed home trying not to freak out about what had happened earlier that night. The bus dropped me off and I walked up the concrete steps to my family's house, turned my key, and walked inside. I got up to me and my sisters room and there my sister was, sound asleep and cuter than ever. I know that's a weird thing to say about my sister but you'll see why I said it soon. I put on my dim desk lamp, got out my new journal and a pen, and then began to write.

"3/11/16- Dear Diary, today I fell in love with my sister." Let me explain.

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I am Chloe and I'm 5'8" with long brown hair and brown eyes. I have C cups and I am pretty slim and have an athletic build. I play volleyball at school and I only have one sibling who is my younger sister Sophie, who is two years younger than me. "I have always thought about her as my best friend and of course my sister, nothing more even though I'm bisexual. We stay in the same room, we share a bathroom, and change in front of one another and it never changed me… until tonight.

Our parents were out of town for a couple days so when Sophie went out with her boyfriend, Dylan, I went on a date with my girlfriend Allison. We had dinner and then I drove her home.

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I got home late and thought Sophie would be home but she wasn't. I went up to our room and waited and waited and waited and still no Sophie. I was about to text her until I heard the front door open. I heard footsteps up the stairs and when the door to our bedroom opened I ran to my crying sister because I knew what had happened.

"Dylan broke my heart tonight!" she said sobbing in my arms. It was a 9 month relationship so I understood why she was so sad and broken up about it. "What happened?" I asked as I sat us down on my bed.

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"Well, we had dinner and then watched a movie and everything was going very well. Then I gave him my virginity." That's when it happened. I got a little turned on thinking about my little sister having sex. I don't know why since I was the one who taught her how to masturbate. Well, sort of. She caught me but I never told her because I was kind of thinking about her but I know she saw me.

I saw her in the shower trying to do what I was doing so I know she knows how but that's a story for a later time. When I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, something awakened inside of me and I felt attracted to her, my own little sister.

Then, the feelings faded… or did they I thought. "After that, he dumped me, told me to leave and then I had to take a taxi home in the middle of the night." She went back to sobbing in my arms. I felt so bad for her to have to go through all of that. "That dick! I'll beat him up for you sis don't worry.

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He'll be sorry he dumped you after I'm done with him." I said. "No it's ok. You're lucky sis. I bet a girl would never break my heart. I wish I was like you." "You sure? Girls have broken my heart too but boys are the worst. They have sex with you and then dump you." "You're right sis! I'm done with boys for now." She said. "Yeah me too!" I said to her as we both giggled. The feelings came back stronger as she hugged me again.

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Feeling her warm body pressing against me and her tits pressing against mine was driving me insane. How could I possibly have feelings for my own younger sister? This has never come up before. Why now after all this time? "Can I sleep with you tonight sis? I want to feel held and loved." We have done it before when we were younger but she seemed pretty scared and shaken up so I said ok. "Oh thank you so much sis. You're the best sister anyone could ask for. Goodnight!

Love you!" "Love you too sis.

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Goodnight." I hope she meant it the same way I did when I said it back to her. She wanted to spoon and be held which made it the hardest night of my entire life. I couldn't sleep knowing I was in love with my sister.

When she fell asleep, I got up to get this journal to write down all my feelings so they don't build up inside of me and then just explode. I can't believe I am in love with my younger sister." -Chloe After that, I would have to write in my journal all day just to mask the feelings.

Sophie would always ask me what I was writing and I just told her my thoughts about life and stuff. I didn't tell her much more because she could never find out what I was really writing about.

But it kept getting worse as time progressed. I would always try to peek a look while she was changing. She had an amazing body. He had B cups, long blonde hair and was slightly shorter than me.


She has a build like mine but didn't play any sports, which I think is stupid considering she would be great at volleyball or running for school like I did. I would also put on little shows while I got dressed and would always undress in front of her on purpose whenever I got the chance. I think at first she didn't notice or care but when she started to notice I backed off a bit.

I didn't want her to know what it was an easy way to mask my feelings and drop hints. Once, I almost broke up with Allison for my sister, but that would be just wrong and super harsh. Lucky for me, I didn't have to break up with Allison because she did it for me the next day. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy I could be with my sister and sad I couldn't be with my sister. Conflicting emotions really suck!

After being single for only two days, I already wanted to tell Sophie. Feeling it was time, I wrote in my journal. "3/28/16- Dear Diary, I am finally going to profess my love to my sister Sophie tomorrow. I can't take it anymore. I've tried everything I can to mask my feelings but nothing is working. I think it's time she knows the truth. I hope she feels the same way about me too. I need to tell her before she finds out herself." -Chloe I put my journal on top of my dresser and forgot to take it to school so Sophie could never find it and read it.

I went to school but it was way to hard to focus because of knowing what I was going to do. I tried to get out of volleyball practice so I would have time to prepare but we had a game next week so I had to stay.

As soon as practice was over I raced home. I ran up the steps and when I opened the door, I ran up stairs to our room and when I opened the door, I almost cried.

Sophie had my journal in her hands and was reading it. "Sophie! Please put that down so I…" I was stopped by my sister walking over and putting her finger on my lips. "Calm down sis. You want my answer?" At first I was confused. "Answer about what?" I asked.

"My feelings." She responded. "More than anything. Please tell…" I was stopped by my sister kissing me and my heart filled with love.

Her sweet and soft lips were literally pouring out love into my heart. I received her kiss and I was so happy I think I started to cry tears of pure joy.


She broke the kiss. "My answer is yes!" Then we continued to kiss for hours. "I love you Sophie." "I love you too Chloe." For the first time in forever, I know she meant it the same way I did. End of Part 1 Thanks for reading.

Please leave a rating and comment below no matter what you think positive or negative. Let me know if you want a part 2.

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