Public humiliation sex movie scene scene

Public humiliation sex movie scene scene
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The Imperfect Storm, Chapter 4 (The Sister Bitches turned out to all be bi-sexual because, you know, that happens in the real world. A lot. Trust me.

Anyway Trent has bagged them all, and now is looking for a new job.) I got home from a long day on Monday night. Got my interviews set up with my brother-in-law, Richard, this Wednesday starting at lunchtime and going to 5 pm. Going to have to call in sick at my job, can't think of anything else.

Whitney and I haven't talked much since Sunday; Her sisters left late and we fell asleep shortly afterwards. This morning was rushed as we overslept. Hopefully we can talk tonight. Yesterday was so crazy with her sisters. It was a full-blown orgy! That's what made it such a rough day at work. I just couldn't stop thinking about everything I did, they did, we did.

I fucked Whitney in front of her sisters. Then I fucked her sisters. They also went at it with each other. Both sisters texted/sexted me pics early today of themselves.

Apparently, Missy (who lives with her mom) spent the night at Stacy's. They sent me pics of them kissing, holding each other's boobs, both of them licking Missy's tits. Jesus Christ. How am I supposed to work? I jacked off in the bathroom but it didn't help much. I sent Whitney some texts but I didn't hear back. That's not unusual with her job at the hospital, but still. I thought she could find two spare minutes all day, ya know?

She wanted to me to be in charge, to dominate her sexually. I did that. It was awesome. But still, it's pretty weird to have your boyfriend fuck your sisters, so I'm a little concerned with how she's handling the whole thing.

Hey, it was my first multi-partner thing, too. I'm a little weirded out, also. Okay, not that much. I finally get home and I see Whit's car in the parking lot.

She doesn't usually beat me home. I stepped into the apartment, and it's mostly dark. Again, unusual. "Whit? you home?" Well. the apartment isn't that big, so I wandered back to our bedroom, and saw dim lights on in the bathroom.

I tapped on the door. "You in there, baby?" "Come in, dahling" she answered with a funny voice. I opened the door to find her in the middle of a giant bubble bath in the tub. It's like in the movies, just her head is sticking out at the foot of the tub. Candles surrounded me as I entered, they flickered as I move past them. "Pour me some more wine, baby?" She held out her glass for me. Oh boy, the bottle is almost empty, and I know it was full last night!

She's hitting it pretty hard. I took the glass, but then glided in for a smooch. I kissed her tenderly on her full lips. She responded, and we open mouth kissed for several moments.

Mmmmm her lips felt good. Her left arm snaked around my neck, suds and water dripping down my back. We kiss longer.

eventually we break, our foreheads touching. We're so close that she's all blurry to me. "Hey," I whispered. "Hey yourself" she whispered back. "Missed you today," I said, and I kissed her more. I can taste the wine on her lips. On her tongue. I pulled back and find the bottle, finishing it off into her glass.

"May I?" Whitney nodded her head yes. I drank some chardonnay. Not too bad. Smooth. Buttery. I prefer beer or vodka, but wine is nice, too. I handed her the glass. "So." I began. "How was your day." Whitney laughed at me. "Well. I took the afternoon off." "Really." And. couldn't find time to answer a text from me? Uh oh, this probably means something. "Yep! I was. I had to do some thinking. About everything.

About us." Gulp. There it is. I reached for the glass and chugged a little, handed it back to her. You know how your brain can think a thousand things in the space of a second, right? So I was thinking: Well, she's here. My stuff isn't on the grass. She's naked in the tub. Unless there's a midget in there that I can't see, maybe we are okay. Don't panic just yet. "Us," I repeated. "And what do you think about 'Us'?" "I was. very confused.

all of a sudden I didn't know what 'Us' was. I mean, yesterday was mind-blowing. But it was also. so far out of what I'm used to. you know. it's probably illegal in Georgia and Texas." I smiled but kept my mouth shut. My father always told me, never pass up an opportunity to keep your damn mouth shut. "So I was kind of lost. Where was I? Where are we? WHO are we? That kind of shit. So I put the camera on the TV, the one with yesterday's movie. And I watched it until it was over.

And I noticed something. Even when you were fucking one of my sisters, you were watching out for me. You were putting a pillow under my head, or moving something out of my way, or stimulating me if you thought I wasn't getting enough attention, or just looking at me most of the time.

And I thought, my God, this guy really loves me. I mean, in the middle of getting his cock sucked by someone normally forbidden, he's still concerned with my welfare." I should probably talk now, huh? "I do love you, Whit. Very much." "I know. You were probably concerned that maybe you pushed me too far.

I mean, having sex with my sisters. I can't believe that happened. you did push me too far." Uh oh, again. "But, somehow, I feel closer now to you than ever before, Trent." I bent down again and kissed her some more. "Us," I whispered. "Can be whatever we want. We can write our own rules. If it's just you and me, that's awesome and I'm with you. If you never want your sister's over again, I'm with you--" "Whoa! Hold on their, sport! I didn't say I'm dumping my sisters! You didn't let me finish.

I was going to say, you pushed me too far for me to comprehend. But. I watched the movie again. and we were having some fucking good fun. I was having some good fun. I. loved every minute of it.

I wouldn't change it for the world. My comprehension caught up. I'm okay with it. I masturbated twice to it. But, some rules would be good, I think." "Rules, as in.?" "Well, I don't want you fucking my sisters without me here." "Done. What else." "Um. that's about it.


Just keep me first in your mind." "Ok, then. Rule 1: No fucking your sisters without you. Rule 2: Re-read rule 1. Got it." "Good, don't forget it!" I kissed her again, lovingly. I broke the kiss to whisper to her.

"So you're saying. that having your naked sisters touch you is ok." "Yes." Mmmm. neck kisses. "And maybe, just maybe, you might want to suck Stacy's tits again." "Yessssss" Ear nibbles. "And Little Missy, you liked her tongue in your twat, didn't you." "oh fuck yes." Tonguing her neck. "You know, some of my cum was in you when she did that.

when she stuck her tongue in your cunt." "Jesus yes!" More kisses. At this point I still hadn't even touched her. "Where's your hands Whit?" "I'm touching myself while you talk to me, baby." I stood up and kicked off my shoes, yanked off my socks, and dropped my pants in a hurry. My aching cock was straining against my boxers, a wet spot already forming on them. I pulled my shirt over my head. I stood there. "Well?" asked Whitney.

"Well, what?" "Well show me that dick!" "Who's in charge here?" "Oh, sorry. You are." "Right. You surrendered, remember?" I was referring to what she told me a couple days ago. "Yes I did. Okay. Mr. Trent. Please. May I please suck on your cock.

I really want to." "I don't know. last time it seems you were rather careless with my sperm. I can't have that anymore." "Careless?" she asked. "Yes, careless. There were some drops on the rug, on the couch, on Stacy's bra." "I'm sorry. it. it won't happen again. I promise." "You promise what." "I promise not to waste any of your sperm." ".Ever." "Yes, ever." I dropped my skivvies, finally freeing the beast.

Ah! Fresh air! I stood next to the tub. "Do what you gotta do, hon." Whitney got on her knees in the tub, much of the bubbles dropping off her body. She looked awesome, tits jutting out but I could only see one nipple, the other hidden by suds. She shook her right hand to get the suds off, then pressed my cock against my belly.

She then stuck her face as deep between my legs as she could, and extended her stiff tongue between my balls. She found my main vein, and rose slowly, all the while pushing up, up, up. When she was about an inch from the top, seminal fluid began oozing out back onto her tongue. She got to the top and, releasing her hand, put her entire mouth over half my cock.

She sucked and licked, getting all the pre-cum. She pulled off and smiled up at me. "No waste." She continued to look me in the eye as she sucked and stroked me, God it felt so good, her hot lips firmly pressed around my shaft, and she tongued my sweet spot just below the tip like an expert.

While still holding my glance, she took my dick in her hands and spanked her own cheeks with it, first several times on one side, then the other. She dropped down and sucked a ball into her mouth, and the other guy, too.

Exquisite. She stopped staring at me and got to work, establishing a rhythm with her hand/mouth combo. Going as deep as she could on my cock, then almost all the way out. Slowly, slowly, and slightly faster. Little faster, god yes. I could feel the tingles already. She pulled off to talk to me, but kept stroking me with her hand. "I want to tie Missy up, and Stacy and I will do nasty stuff to her. Will you help us?" "Fuck yes!" I said.

She sucked me for another minute or so. "Film us? Will you film us as we torment my slutty sister?" "Mmmm hmmmmmmm." I was having trouble as the imagery and the pressure on my cock mounted. She sucked harder and faster. Faster. "Mostly," she said, gasping for air. "Mostly I want to slap her tits. Would you like that?" I grabbed Whitney's head with both hands and shoved my cock in her mouth. I fucked her face. Hard. Furious. I hit something, the back of her throat. She gagged and fell back for a moment, but only for a moment.

She grabbed my cock and got back on, shoving it in as deep as she could take it. I was about 5 seconds away when she pulled off and talked more about Missy. "Maybe we'll piss on her tits? Would you like that Trent? Oh shit! Mmmmmgorgphphg" I started cumming right when she said "piss on her tits". Jesus it felt so good.

The first spurt caught Whitney on her forehead and eyes, but she quickly covered my throbbing, pulsating cock with her mouth and the remaining squirts jetted down her throat. Whit continued to stroke and suck my cock, until all of it was drained. God, what a girl. She got out of the tub and went to the bathroom mirror, dripping all over. "I've got to get those stray cums!" she exclaimed. She wiped her face, and licked off my sticky stuff from her fingers. "That's my good girl! No waste!" I held my arms out wide.

She giggled and fell into my arms, getting me all wet, but who gives a shit about that! We kissed for several moments. "So Trent, are you up for round 2?" "Oh babe.

not just yet, you drained me dry! I might need some dinner first." "Ok then big boy. But, can I cum first? I've been waiting for you. all. day. long." Whit went back to the tub and pulled the drain plug. She then turned on the faucet, and directed the flow to the adjustable shower head, with the pulsating water jets. Whitney rinsed the bubbles off her body, the steam rising from her chest and legs.

Her nipples extended fully under the pressure as she arched her back. Slowly, she slid back down into the tub, and brought the shower head right to her her bare mound. She stiffened the moment it hit her pussy, then relaxed again as the jets did their magic. "Oh God, Trent!" Her left hand roamed freely, up and down her thigh, up to her breasts where she squeezed her right one hard, so hard.

She grimaced as she began trembling, her orgasm approaching. It wasn't one of those slow, stealthy ones. This one came on like a fucking freight train, with its horn blaring! Whitney screamed as she twisted in the tub, dropping the shower head, then slumping down into the hot water. My cock had risen to the occasion, of course, but I was hungry!

"Hey beautiful!" "Hmmmm, yesss baby?" Whitney was so gorgeous, lying there in a post-orgasmic haze. "I'm going to make some dinner for us, ok? Come out when you're ready." I sauteed some chicken and warmed up some frozen stir-fry vegetables.

Chopped up some garlic, added a little paprika, pour in some Kikkoman's.

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yeah baby! Not too bad. I was just getting the drinks poured when Whitney emerged in her soft robe. "What did I do to ever deserve this?" she asked.

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"I guess it's just 'tit for tat', or something like that?" Sorry, I'm not always funny. She giggled, but she's polite like that. We talked over dinner about the job interview coming up. I was taking the day off, going to my sister Kylie's house to get ready, then interviews all afternoon.

We talked about maybe having to move if I worked way over across town. Whit could still keep her hospital job, we could find somewhere in the middle to live. It could be good! The thing about hospital jobs, they aren't usually just 9-5. Whit had the evening shift coming up tomorrow, I wouldn't see her until I got back from the interviews.

"You've got your suit cleaned?" "Picking it up tomorrow." "Shoes shined?" "Like a mirror!" "Good shirt?" "Also at the cleaners, babe. I'm all ready, I promise. And I won't chew gum." "What about your dick? You'll need that sucked before you go, right? To calm you down?" I laughed. "I'll jack off in the morning, don't worry!" Or. my sister and I might do something.

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Correction. Will do something. "Well, Trent, you sound like it's all sewn up. I guess the only thing left to do is fuck me! For luck, ya know." We talked some more, gotta let the food move along a little bit.

"Baby?" Whitney asked. "Would you mind if we put the movie on again?" - - - Whitney's hot pussy beckoned me forward. It's hot, inviting center promised wonderful delights. I breathed in her musk, and some of that scented bubble bath.

nice. Whitney lay on the bed, her head resting on her hands, tits on the bed, and her ass sticking up high. She watched the TV intently, my/our sex video running for the second time already. My tongue settled deep inside her, tasting her, probing her, teasing her. "Look, Trent, look! Right here, this is my favorite part. yes. you pushing your cum. into my mouth. oh Jesus yes." I could barely see over her ass, but I felt her clench down on me, forcing my tongue out of her cunt.

"Hey! Let me back in!" "Sorry!" She relaxed, and I resumed my work. "You're really good at this, you know?" "Mmmmmmfffffmm.

eating you out?" I went back in, lovingly. "No. I mean Yes! Of course! But, I also meant making this video. It's really good. Really good. oh that's fucking good too honey. yes. right there. oh fuck yes. fuck yes. jesus you're eating my cunt on TV too! Oh my god." I could actually feel her juices flowing. Hot cunt juices dripping down my chin. I wiped some off with my fingers and then ran them over her hot little butthole, preparing her for later.

"Oh Trent!

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I'm gonna cum soon. you going to fuck my ass? huh? Fuck your baby's ass? I want it.

I want it real bad. you have to fuck me. oh jesus I'm going to cum first but then fuck me in the ass? Please. oh god. please." I kept up my assault on her sex and clit with my mouth while I worked a second finger into her ass. Whitney collapsed sideways as she came, her legs trembling. I pulled he ass cheeks apart and wiped my face on her ass, smearing her cunt juice all over it.

I took my right hand and stroked my cock a couple times, getting it lubed up. Spit on it a couple times, for good measure.

While her pussy still quivered, I entered her ass. "Oh FUCKKKK! Jesus YES!" I pulled it out and dropped some more spit on my cock and rocked it back in.

She accepted the intruder with style, spreading her legs for me. Her hair fell across her face, she couldn't see the TV anymore, but she didn't really care.

I pounded her ass. I'm finding that I really like fucking her ass. It's verboten, you know? you're not supposed to be there. Good girls won't let you.

Even bad girls won't let you. But porn stars will. And fuck sluts will. And I've found my fuck slut, and she likes it in the ass. How cool is that! I pressed harder, sinking my shaft to the hilt. She stiffened for a moment, then met me stroke for stroke. Oooooh her ass is so tight. feels soooo good on my shaft. on the main vein. the best part is the grunting from Whitney.

It's good to know that what you're doing has an effect on the other person, you feel me? And Whitney was affected, I done tell you what! She collapsed her legs, her pussy landing on some pillows. As I fucked her, she ground her cunt into the pillows. "Trent! (grunt). do you. (grunt) like my. ass? (grunt)" I slapped a cheek, hard: WHACK!

"You fucking know it, baby!" "You're. (grunt). making me cum. (grunt). jeeeeeesus fuck me. fuck me. oh fucking god fuck me!!!!" Whitney buried her head in the covers and screamed bloody murder as her orgasm wracked her body.

I slapped her ass some more, just to give her something else to think about. Each pulse, each throb, each tremble, I could feel right on my cock. I could try and hold out longer, but what the fuck, why? I want to enjoy this one!

I pulled out my cock and admired her gaping hole for a moment, then flipped her over onto her back. I quickly crawled on top of her stomach so my cock laid between her tits. Both of us grabbed her ample tits and squeezed my cock tight. There was plenty of lube still from her cunt/ass juices and a thin layer of sweat on her body.

I shoved my cock forward, Whit held her mouth open so the tip went inside. I love that. then I furiously fucked her tits and squeezed her nipples. Her soft tit flesh was made stiff enough by both of us pushing against them, i was getting great friction. "Christ Whit it's HERE! SHI-I-I-I-I-TTTT!" Long ropes fired into her mouth, I pulled back and put some on her tits, too. Ahhh. this the fucking life.

Whitney eagerly wiped up my cum from her tits, lasciviously licking it off. She pulled on her tit and stuck her tongue as far as it would go, she could just lick her nipple. Nice. - - - Wednesday morning rolled around, I was just hanging up my suit in the back seat window when Whit drove home from the night shift. "Hey baby, you leaving already? I thought we could. do something first. it's your big day and all." "Oh Whitney, you're so sweet and dirty and fucking gorgeous!

But, I want to get to Kylie's first. She used to work there, you know. That's how she met Richard. So she was going to give me all the scoop on the people and help prepare me for the interviews and stuff." I hope that sounded good enough to Whitney. I really just wanted to fuck my sister. A lot. Whitney made me follow the One Rule, and that was not to fuck her sisters without her. But there was no mention of not fucking MY sister. okay it's a technicality that may or may not hold up in court, but I'm sticking with it.

My phone rang just as I was pulling out of the parking lot. I was busy looking around and stuff so I just answered without looking. With a slight cough, of course. I had called in sick to work. "(cough). This is Trent. (ahem)." "Cut the bullshit. Where the fuck have you been?" Stacy. Whitney's older sister. Why is she mad at me? "Uh, hi sweetie! Going to work and stuff, you know, doing my usual shit--" "And you can't find the fucking time to call me? At all? You fuck me and don't even talk to me afterwards?

What kind of fucker are you?" Oh shit, I knew it was too good to be true. I've heard that group sex is great in fantasy but not usually in reality.

Somebody always feels hurt. Aww shit. Things were going so well. "But, Stacy! It's the work week and--" "Don't give me that shit! You just fuck me and leave me.

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And don't even ask me how Missy's doing, she's crying herself to sleep every night! She doesn't even want to hear your name!" Well this is going downhill fast. "Stacy, it was just a couple days ago and the weekend is coming up and I thought we could all--" "You thought? You THOUGHT? You think I ever want to see your dirty stupid cock again.

oh Jesus. oh christ that's good" "What. what the fuck are you talking about now?" ". ahhhh." "Stacy? What the fuck? Are you alright?" "Oh shut up Trent. yes baby. yes. Hey Trent!" "Yes?" "Scared ya, huh!" "Ah you bitch! Yeah you scared me! You're. not mad. but what are you doing?" "Missy's eating me out. She's a total fucking lesbian and won't leave me alone." "You poor thing!" "I know it's awful HOLY SHIT ON FUCKING TOAST MELISSA!" I smirked as the sounds of a woman cumming filled the car through the blue-tooth.

A woman in the next car looked over at me at the stoplight. She could hear it. She pulled forward more because I guess it was too distasteful for her. After several more "Holy Shits" and screams and laughs, Stacy could speak again.

"Well! That was nice! (hand over the phone, talking to Missy)Yes go take a shower, you're a mess. (Back to me). I swear Trent, we've turned her into a sex machine. I'm actually worried, I think she would fuck a Subaru if it asked her nicely.

I'm trying to keep her entertained. "So, really, why didn't you call?" "I dunno Stace, I guess I was a little embarrassed, maybe. And I'm not sure what comes next. But I gotta say, I really, REALLY, loved our fucking and sucking and everything." "I did too, baby. A lot. It bothers me how much I liked it.

How's Whitney doing?" "She seems fine, I guess. You guys haven't talked?" "No. kind of like you, I'm not sure how to handle it. But, Trent. I want to do it again. With them, with just you, whatever. I want your fucking cock some more." "You're giving me a stiffy right now, Stacy!" "Good!

And.?" "And I want more of you, too. Much more. Whitney and I haven't talked about it too much, just that she's okay with it. I want us to do something this weekend. Work around her schedule and yours. Oh, she made me PROMISE not to fuck either of you without her present." "That selfish bitch!" "Well I am her boyfriend." "Well I guess I can understand that. You know what I want?" "A good ass-fuck? Tit-fuck? Gang-rape?" "Yes of course. All three.

But you know what else? I want you to make a movie, like you did for Whit. But one of just me. And maybe another one of me and the girls and stuff, but I want one of just me getting fucked by.

you." "Well that sounds very good to me." "That one you did for Whit was awesomely edited. But. it wasn't photographed all that well. I'm thinking, with your promise to Whit, that she and Missy could do the filming.

Then we could get better angles, better shots, more variety. Is that crazy?" "No! That's fucking perfect! I was thinking the same thing! If we had somebody doing the filming, in addition to some of the point-of-view shots, it would be much better!" "But, Trent. This can't go anywhere. It's just for us." "Oh shit yeah! I don't want anyone seeing this except us!" Well, and my sister. We talked more about how she wanted a script.

She wanted to be punish-fucked, like she did something wrong to me and I was paying her back. But she was doing it on purpose, so that I would punish her. She wanted to start off all perfect-looking, then devolve into a mess. We finally disconnected as I arrived at my sister Kylie's house. My cock was still raging, in fact I had a wet spot from all the pre-cum generated by Stacy's descriptions.

Kylie came out to the car, she was wearing typical suburban housewife stuff; T-shirt and a light blue sweatsuit. We hugged in the driveway for several moments. maybe a little too long for the neighbors. But I come over all the time, anyone would know I'm just her brother. She helped me inside with my pressed suit and shoes and other shit.

"So, bro, I gotta ask. What's with the boner and the wetspot? You already jacking off?" She smiled warmly at me. Despite her loose fitting clothing, she couldn't hide her fantastic shape, and enormous tits.

"Ha, no. Was just talking to Stacy--" "Phone sex? I'm jealous!" "No no no. Just talking about how she wants a film of her, like the one I did of Whitney.

But she got pretty specific with what she wanted." "Alright. Well let's look at your stuff. Suit is good. shoes good. did you even fucking iron this shirt? And your tie sucks. And you've got brown socks with a black suit?

Jesus are you a moron?" "Hey babe!" I said, defensively. "I haven't worn a suit since Dad died. I don't. know all this shit." We went to her bedroom where she set up the ironing board, then we went through some of her husband's attire. My hard-on had completely vanished at this point. I was picturing something else happening, not getting chewed out for being a fashion idiot. We were just in full older-sister / dumb-brother mode.

"Ok. THIS tie. It projects a powerful image." "It does?" "And these socks. See, they're black. But with different shades of black, too. Black on black. It's classy." "Whatever. Hey! Where's my little niece today?" She had just turned One the other day. "I put her in day-care. Today is too important for me to have to be worrying about her." We talked about some of the people in the I.T.

department as she ironed my shirt. Finally, she finished. It did look good. I don't know what those dry-cleaning people did but it sucked when they finished it. "Ok, put everything on. Let's see how you look." "Now? The interview isn't for almost three hours." "Yes now, don't want any snags, threads, so come on, strip." Kind of self-consciously, I stripped down to my boxers. I grabbed the suit pants. "Oh no you don't.

you aren't putting those wet-weenie boxers on your suit. You want a white cum-stain on your black suit? Where's your other underwear?" "I. don't have any. Shit." "Well, take those off and you can wear some of Dick's." I took off my boxers; kind of had a semi going, knowing that she could see everything.

She came back with boxer-briefs. "More support. Can't have that thing flopping around. Now let's see it all." I suited up, tied my new tie. Kylie turned me around several times, snipped off a snag here and there. "Well little brother, you look like two million bucks. But as you said, you've got more than two hours to go. Let's not ruin this suit in the meantime. Off with it. carefully." I got everything back on the hangers. "Come on, shorts too.

We can't have any drippings." I reached for my original boxers, the ones with the pre-cum stains. "No. You're not wearing anything until it's time to go. You can't get it messed up." Fucking bossy older sister. It sucks how I just fall into this old routine.

"Kylie. thanks for helping me out. Really. But I thought that. well. you know we talked on the phone on Sunday about. us." "Yeah never mind about that. I was just horny. Forget about it." She walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs. What the fuck. I tit-fucked her the other day and she ate up my cum. Then we both said we wanted to fuck each other. And now this. Bullshit. I looked at my watch. 9:30. I'm not sitting naked around here all fucking morning.

"Kylie!" I hollered as I charged downstairs. I'm getting some of her whether she wants it or not. I looked in the study, the great room, then I found her in the kitchen staring out the window into her backyard.

"Kylie?" Turning towards me, she brought a hand up and wiped her eyes. "Hey honey," I said softly. "What is it?" I went to hug her, she fell into my arms and melted.

"Just. hold me for a minute, please?" "Sure sure. easy girl." Now, the fact that I was still completely naked, and I had her giant boobs squishing into me wasn't lost on me. My cock began rising.


It stiffened, barely touching her leg. Then it grew harder and longer, until it reached maximum capacity. My cock was now in full contact with her stomach. "Is that how you comfort a girl?" she asked sweetly. "Sorry." She laughed through her tears and adjusted herself so that my cock could now stand straight up.

Then she squeezed me harder, pressing my cock fully against her body. "He's going to leave me, you know. Richard. 'Dick'. he's going on this trip with, with 'her'." "Oh honey, I'm so sorry!" Not really. I've always been kind of on-the-fence with him. He seems okay on the surface, but there's something underneath I never trusted. Because, as you can see, I'm a beacon of trust. Right. Anyway, moving along. "I think I've known for a long time.

just never wanted to admit it. But he's had this Director-chick working for him for two years now. He goes on a lot of business trips. With her. I thought, I thought the baby would make him come around. Trent we haven't had sex since I got pregnant. That's 9 months, plus now she's a year old!" She sobbed into my chest. "And. (sob). this morning he says.(sob).

that he'll probably look for. (sob). an apartment when he comes back." "It's okay Kylie. It's okay. you don't need him. We don't need him. We'll figure this out. you're going to be fine. I. I love you Kylie, if that helps." "It does, Trent.

It does. I love you too! Thank you so much." She turned her head up to me and sniffed. We broke our embrace so she could get some kleenexes and tidy up a bit. We went and sat on the little couch in her kitchen. "So," she began. "About this raging cock of yours.

can I. will you please." "Fuck you?" I said in mock anger, teasing her. "Fuck my sister? Fuck my sister in her cunt? Why, that's outrageous!" I reached for her and kissed her hard for a moment. "Preposterous! Fuck my sister, I'm sure!" "So shut up and do it already! Fucker!" I pressed her down on the couch kissing her hard. 21 months without sex.

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I'm pretty sure she doesn't want nice, sweet love-making. She wants some old-fashioned down and dirty right now. "Get this. fucking thing off." we struggled with the sweat jacket and T-shirt. We were reluctant to stop kissing. Finally I sat her up so I could yank off her fucking T-shirt. Her glorious tits fell free, shaking a little side to side.

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Jesus fuck me, I thought. The other day when I saw them, they were still encased in a nursing bra. Now, they were totally free range. Fuck me, they went almost to her lap as she sat there.

She noticed that I stopped, and was just staring at her tits. "Trent? Are. say something! Are they. too big and gross?" A couple blue veins ran here and there. Her breast tissue started at her chest, then flowed out into giant globes. Somewhat pendulous, but tits this big have to have some hang to them. Her nipples capped each breast, with a full 3 inches of areola. They peaked into rigid nips standing straight out.

Something glistened at each tip. They were the most beautiful things I had ever seen. "Oh . oh my god," I stammered. "They're so fantastic, I don't know where to start." Kylie stood up and shucked off her yoga pants, showing me her freshly shaved pussy.

She leaned into me and grabbed the back of my head, shoving my face into her tits. The heat coming off them was incredible. I grabbed them and searched for her nipples. Milk flowed into my hands when I found them. "Oh christ. touch me for god's sake!" I found a nipple with my mouth and sucked greedily, more delicious tit milk gushing out.

I swallowed hard, trying to keep up with the flow. I snaked my left hand down between her legs. Her pussy was dripping. "Oh jesus Trent!" Kylie pressed me back down onto the sofa, but I didn't lose tit contact and kept sucking for all I was worth. She straddled me and grabbed my cock, holding it up into the air. Slowly, she positioned her pussy over my cock.

I arched and strained, trying to get inside her. She lowered herself. more. her hot pussy lips touching my cock. Kylie greased up my shaft, sliding herself all the way down on the top side of my cock. I could feel her pussy lips kissing my main vein as they lubed me up.

She twisted a little so I could change tits. Milk explosion in my mouth. I let go of her tits with my hands and grabbed her ass roughly. Enough of this sliding on my cock shit. I want to fuck my sister. As she slid her pussy up to the tip of my cock, I grabbed her thighs and set her down on my cock, hard! I impaled Kylie! "OHHH AUUUggh!. Trent. TRENT!" Kylie collapsed down on top of me, her knees at my sides. I had to wriggle around or I would be suffocated by her tits.

Our lips found each other. Her titflesh pressed on both our faces, we kissed gently at first, then with more fervor. It was fucking wonderful. I pressed my pelvis up, then dropped down quickly.

Her body stayed up for a fraction of a second, my cock slipping almost all the way out of her. Then her cunt crashed down on top of me, going in even further than before.

She grinded into me, grinding her clit into my pelvis. The emotional intensity was. off the fucking hook. I was stunned by how lost I was. my mind was drifting away, yet I was completely aware of everything. Aware of the fact that I was fucking my sister, aware that her left nipple was leaking milk onto my shoulder. Aware that her cunt walls were so fucking tight. Aware that I couldn't take much more of this. I raised her up an down a few more times. "Kylie. baby." "Trent.

I'm gonna--" "Me too. now. fucking right.

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(cunt dropped on my dick again). NOW!!!!! AAAAAAAUUUGGHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. MY cock seemed to expand to twice its size and erupted inside her. Tons of cum poured into her. Simultaneously, her pussy clenched me so tight as my sister came.

She hit this spot. I guess her clit was hitting me just right. she just kept cumming. She'd pause for a moment, then wiggle and cum. then pause. then wiggle and cum. My cock was doing the same thing. Each time she came again, she'd squeeze down and hit my magic spot, right under the head, and send little orgasm shivers down my shaft and up my spine. No more sperm was cumming out, but I kept cumming. I don't know how long that lasted. Might've been 30 seconds, might've been two hours.

After that eternity of blissful cumming, Kylie kind of straightened out her legs, but kept my cock inside her, and we could rest comfortably. My cock was slowly losing strength. shrinking a bit but not all that much, not all that fast. it was absolutely swimming in something. We both kind of drifted back to Earth, smiling at each other, kissing, laughing. This is how it's supposed to be. Kylie rose up off of me, but stayed there as stuff oozed and poured out of her cunt, onto my cock and balls.

She bent down and started running her tongue through it all. "So. little brother. after your interviews." "Huh?" I was getting lost again. "You going to go back home?" She slurped up some cum and swallowed it down.

"Um. yeah? It's. where I live." "Well maybe," she started. "Maybe you could come back here. Just for a drink or something." I chuckled. "A drink? of what. milk?" She laughed and rose up on one arm.


She grabbed a huge tit with the other hand and squeezed its nipple. Multiple streams shot out across my chest.She moved around so I could suck her milking tits some more.

After I had my fill, I peaked at the kitchen clock. 10:30! Gotta go! - - - I showered and got a final blow job from Kylie. Needless to say, I was pretty fucking relaxed when I went for my interviews. First, lunch with Richard, he's the Vice President of the group. He also brought along his, as he called her, 'right hand', Taylor Worthington. She was, truly, one of the best-looking women I've ever seen. Maybe a bit severe looking, like a runway model, but I totally got the attraction.

And there was definitely something going on with these two. A lot going on. the looks, the smiles, the understanding. But what the fuck, she seemed to like me. Turns out they are like most higher ups in corporate America; they didn't have the slightest fucking clue what's going on beneath them.

They had a major data security breach, and I could tell they didn't know how to fucking fix it. I did. The other interviews went well, too.

They all seemed impressed with me. I told them that we could definitely fix the leaks and make their firewalls stronger than ever. I told them all that, without actually telling them how, or what software to buy. I was wrung out at the end of the day, but Richard called me and told me to meet him at the airport, in the Sky Lounge. As I got my first Grey Goose gimlet (on his expense account) Richard and Taylor proposed a toast.

"To our new Manager of Internet Security!" Stunned, I raised my glass and clinked with them. "Seriously? I mean. I guess they liked me. but we didn't even talk about salary yet." "Trent! Don't worry about it.

We looked you up. We're offering you 50% more than you're making now. Annual bonus opportunity, it was 30% this last year. Signing bonus of 15k, plus quarterly stock units of 5% of your salary.

Sound ok?" I tried running the numbers through my head. I wasn't sure of the exact amount, but it was a lot more than I was fucking making now. But still. "Yeah, not bad. But I've gotta move into the city now, get a new place, you know. Plus they were going to make me a director at my old job in a couple years." "Ok," said Richard. "Senior Manager. Another 10k salary." He looked at Taylor.

She nodded. "And double the signing bonus." I sat back, like I was thinking it over. Inside, I was trying not to do a backflip. "Company car?" Richard almost choked on his drink. "Nice try, cowboy. I don't even have a company car! But you'll get a full expense account, nobody even glances at the first five grand or so. Whaddya say?" I thought of working for 'The Dick'.

Working with the enemy. Working with this woman, Taylor, the gorgeous ice queen who apparently melts for Dick. "I'm in!" We drank two more rounds before they had to get on their plane.

They waved goodbye, tripping over each other. Probably can't wait to join the mile-high club. I texted Whitney the good news. She was excited as all shit. But I also had to tell her I was fucking drunk. She said I should stay at my sister's house. Yes, I should. = = = = = = = Continued in Chapter 5! As always, i appreciate your comments and upvotes. Surprisingly, the downvotes bum me out!