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Whentai Best Images Lesbian and Futa
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# Who is Michael, Katin and Sylvia My name is Michael and my age is in beginning of twenties. I am doing sports which makes me muscular. Also I am the lucky boyfriend of the 3 years older Katin. My girlfriend is brunette and have shoulder long hair. She is not fat just a bit chubby, carrying a big ass and has silicon tits with her.

Her football sized tits are almost the same size her ass is. All in all a hot package. The mother of my girlfriend Katin is named Sylvia. She is a well trained and slim MILF. Sylvia is 18 years older than Katin, but still a hot MILF. Luckily, one day Katin's mother Sylvia has inherited a big farm. Not sure what to do with this farm, Sylvia is asking her daughter Katin and me if we want to help her to get this place back to business.

This place includes mostly a farm, but there is a small restaurant in front. Goal is to earn some money for living as well as that Katin wants to be closer to her mom Sylvia again. In fact Katin and I join Sylvia at the farm. We start working and very soon living on this farm. There is enough space in the farmhouse. Katin and I sharing one bedroom and Sylvia is living two rooms away in her own room.

# Who is Andy?


Of course Sylvia, Katin and I are figured out very soon, it is may to much work for only three people to do. Therefore I am asking my childhood friend Andy if he wants to help us. He is a about the same age as I am. Just in one day he gets hired on the farm. First he just to help out, later he also start to live with us on the farm. He gets his own bedroom direct beside the room of Sylvia. # Description of Farm & Restaurant Living The farm is outside city, countryside.

The restaurant hast two floors. The usual day is filled with farming, in the evening we open the restaurant. Katin and Sylvia are serving food and drinks in the restaurant. Andy is cooking in the kitchen and I are mostly behind the bar mixing drinks.

The week has 7 days and it is exhausting. There are only random travelers, who are stopping by. To far away is the farm from civilization. In order to attract more guests, the waitresses mother Sylvia and her daughter Katin are dressed very sexy.

--- # The Story: Chapter 1 And there come the problems. Sexy Katin and Sylvia are dressed every night just too hot and we spending 7 days a week working and living together. Other people are not really around the farm.

As I said, the farm is a lonely place out there. Therefore it is inevitable, that we start fucking hookups with each other.

Therefore things are going well, till the time I start an affair with the double age mother Sylvia. It happen by accident, Sylvia turned me on over the time somehow. # The Story: Chapter 2 It getting even worse. About the same time Andy starts an affair with Katin.

Probably because of the same issue I have. In fact, nobody knows exactly what was really going on at the farm. We are at a point of no return. Everybody knows where to find sexual satisfaction of wants. Nobody has the full picture.

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This is working out for a while, but it changes soon. One day it turns out, that almost everybody is sleeping with each other. After a lot of tears and talk Katin and I do separate from each other. We worked and lived to laugh and come closer to each other, but now we have each one our own bedroom and sleeping alone. Anyhow, it was the smartest decision in order to proceed with farming and restaurant, as it is working already and because now this is our life. It was just a question of time, the sexual affairs find eachother somehow again.

Sylvia and Andy have an affair as well as Katin and me have an affair. What did we expect, we are being so far away from civilization and sharing all day together. The reasons why the things escalated not changed. # The Story: Chapter 3 Thinking back I wasn't sure if I do the next action because I was so jealous to Andy or just because I started to hate Katin.

Anyway, things are going even crazier. We end up in a kind of 4 some relationship including mother Sylvia, her daughter Katin as well as Andy and me. Of course the couple combinations enjoyed themselves in separate places. In this couple combination where everybody is fucking everybody, I thought I wouldn't have to be jealous because we share each other to each other. At this point of time I have no real clue what Andy is doing with the girls.

Because he may have sex affairs with even both girls, who knows. I don't want to know either. Still, I hate Katin somehow, as soon I see her. In order to satisfy my hate feelings, I was punishing her during sex. First I dominated her only during sex.

Later I real racked her. However, it looks like she is even turned on by that. My idea to hurt Katin's feelings through phyiscal punishment failed. In result, I just do her a favor punishing and abusing her.

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When I came to this conclusion, I was out of further ideas for a long time. # The Story: Chapter 4 My next idea how to satisfy my hate feelings, was to punish her mother Sylvia.

I thought, she is Katin's mother and therefore responsible that Katin is who she is. I tied to Sylvia more and more and one day I started to punish her mother Sylvia as well. I doesn't want to fuck her, I just want to punish her. I started with some slapping on her ass and later I slap her into her face when she passed me.

Do you think it worked out? Somehow, yes she liked it. Well, working and living together put everything in a kind of constraint. In fact, she has no real choice. I guess Sylvia likes the domination as well as Katin does, which made sense, because Sylvia is the mother of Katin. I thought about evolution thing.

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The punishing of both girls Katin and Sylvia is working and it should satisfy my hate feelings against Katin. It is working for a while. # The Story: Chapter 5 Before I get frustrated again, I am thinking further, how to even increase my domination of Katin and Sylvia.

For this, I develop my own Directive called "All About Cock". In this directive, Katin and Sylvia are only there tp serve cocks and getting regulated, punished and raped. Every time they are not doing techniques right or miss a rule as per Directive, they get immeditately punished by me.

My Directive gives some of the things we do already right a name. Furthermore the abusing increases more and is the punishment get executed more structured than before. My own Directive "All About Cock" turns out to be the bible for me of upcoming sexual sessions. It looks just logical to me now, to put Katin and her mother Sylvia into a dominated sexual affair with me together.

As I said, there is already a lot of domination going on with Katin and Sylvia, so I thought if I play it right Katin and Sylvia would not be able to withstand my crazy idea. In fact I turn Sylvia and Katin into real incest bitches. Over the time the disgracing treatment of Katin and Sylvia regarding to my Directive increases.

Katin and Sylvia understand the directive and are following it more and more. Because of this development I feel like it fully runs out of control.

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There is the fact, that mother and daughter are just serving my cock as well as receive punishment. It also happen even when guests are around.

When Sylvia and I start punishing her daughter Katin together, I guess that's is the point I really get rid of my hate feelings against Katin. Also I get same time the satisfaction I was looking for long time ago. However, looking at this development the right question is, where is the border now?

# The Story: Chapter 6 It get worse. Of course Andy recognizes whats going on and wants to join. How far this sexual affairs can go? I can tell you. It turns out Katin and Sylvia have no real borders and it was already out of my control. The initial sexual session is a foursome dinner session, including Katin, Sylvia, Andy and me. This session is a introducing dinner.


Sylvia and Katin get forced to swallow whole pieces of food and cocks get served into drink glasses. Also vomiting food again is included. In the end we have a sexual foursome fuck sessions, where mother and daughter surprise each other as well as disgusting food and drink sessions take place.

The ultimate highlight: Mother Sylvia and daughter Katin take the control over and show Andy and me how good they are able to handle my Directive already. # The Story: Chapter 7 In summer vacation, Katin's both minor aged nieces Melissa and Matilda spend time on farm.

We do some outdoor activities on the farm to entertain the little girls. This activities are mostly sexual based activities including that Andy and me being cowboys and Melissa and Matilda being cowgirls using Katin and Sylvia as horses. Horse rides take place on and around the farm combined with sexual assaults to Katin and Sylvia.

The expression "cock rides" gets an new name. Also, Katin's body is perfect suitable to be a pig on this real farm. Therefore fattening of the pig Katin by Melissa and Matilda get done as well as some sexual use of the pig as cowboys Andy and me do.

--- # Following chapter 5 of the story I tell This following chapter is taking place in restaurant and is about where my Directive takes place and where I couple the mother Sylvia and daughter Katin in sexual sessions together.

This includes the applying of my Directive called "All About Cock" at Katin and Sylvia. In the first sexual session, I tell Katin about my Directive and introduce some rules to her.

The first rules I introduce are done for Foreplay with Katin, includes only slapping at Katin's body and includes only pleasure for my cock. Same session, Katin's mother Sylvia joins to help me to fuck her daughter Katin.

I explain to mother and daughter how a pussy fuck need to be done as per my directive and force them to do it this way. Therefore Sylvia witnesses how her daughter Katin get pussy raped by me. In the second sexual session, mother Sylvia gets introduced to my Directive by showing her the rules regarding slapping and spitting. In fact Sylvia and I are punishing her daugther Katin as a part of my foreplay.

Furthermore, Sylvia gets shown the rules by her own daughter Katin, how to do the foreplay for my cock. Just after and in the same sexual session, Sylvia get explained the rules how to deep throat by me. Then Sylvia get showed how to do swallow my cock deep down her throat by her own daughter Katin. The third sexual session is combining all adventures done before together in one.

My promise to Katin and Sylvia: We extend my Directive even more.

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The punishment at Foreplay reaches the level called "show me the hell", deep throat fuck is reaching the level "throat zombie" and the pussy fuck is called "pussy fill up" and the filling not only provided by my cock only.