Call Girl Gets Mouth Punishment

Call Girl Gets Mouth Punishment
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Wednesday afternoon I went to Nivagi's house after I got out of derby practice. I took a shower, and when Nivagi got home I was still in just my boxers. I went out to meet her and kiss her hello, and she wooed at my half-dressed state.

I went back into her bedroom and put on belly dance music while I got dressed. Nivagi joined me in her room and started dancing provocatively to the melody. I sat on the edge of Nivagi's bed to watch her, and she danced over to straddle my right leg and kiss me. I kissed her back while she swayed and wriggled, and before long she was grinding her body along my thigh. She moved her hips in erotic belly-dance rhythms and started very much turning me on.

I ran my hands over her undulating body, and Nivagi began to strip as she half-danced, half humped my leg. Realizing I got dressed too soon, I helped her strip off her clothing and then stripped off mine as well. Once nude, Nivagi lay out on the bed, looking appetizing and sexy. I climbed on top of her, kissing her as my hard cock pressed insistently against her warm body. I covered her completely, gazing down at her cute face while we cuddled and kissed.

Moving downward, I sucked each of her lovely nipples and then shifted my attention to her pale belly. This made her tickly, and she giggled as I spread kisses over her torso and hips. I centered myself between Nivagi's lovely legs and admired her attractive blonde pussy before diving in to go down on her.

Nivagi moaned and squirmed on the bed as I ate her, and I took my time, enjoying her pleasure and taste as I made her cum over and over. Nivagi had a plastic sheet on her bed, so I felt free to make her cum all we wanted. I buried my tongue in her pretty pussy, lapping up her cum before sliding back up to her sensitive clit.

Eating Nivagi and making her cum was very enjoyable for me, and I was grinning ear to ear as I moved back up the bed to kiss her. Nivagi pointed out that my chin was covered in her cum, and she licked it off as she kissed me. We lay together and kissed and then Nivagi straddled my waist, my hard cock pressed insistently against her amazing ass. Nivagi grinded her hot pussy against my pelvis, making me harder and hornier by the second. When neither of us could take any more, Nivagi reached over and grabbed a condom from her nightstand, handing it to me and immediately resuming wriggling her hot crotch over mine.

I reached around her waist while she kissed me, slipping the rubber onto my stiff prick while trying not to be too distracted by her writhing body. Once I was properly protected, Nivagi leaned forward to kiss me and then slid herself down tightly around my cock. As soon as Nivagi had me inside her, she rose up and started bouncing energetically along my shaft.

She looked incredibly beautiful, and I was glad I could admire every wonderful detail as she rode me. I reached up to cup and caress her perfect breasts, and she leaned forward long enough to kiss me. I held her hips as she slid up and down, angling to grind her clit against my pelvis.

I drove up into her from below, loving the feel and sight of my gorgeous girlfriend on top of me. Nivagi rode me for a nice long while, seeming full of boundless energy.

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When I started to approach orgasm she slowed, asking me shyly if I could fuck her first from behind. "Of course!" I told her. I gripped the base of the condom so she could dismount and get onto her hands and knees. I got behind her, but she hadn't quite stopped moving she was still grinding her hips, raising and lowering her tantalizing pussy in an insanely sexy presentation.

Unable to resist, I grabbed my camera phone and snapped a few pictures before guiding my hard cock back inside Nivagi. I took a few more pictures as I fucked her and then set my phone aside so I could grab Nivagi's hips and fuck her even harder. This angle allowed me to get deeper inside her, and I slammed forward, pressing into her as she pushed back to take every inch. I found a comfortable angle to maintain a hard, steady rhythm. Nivagi lowered herself to her shoulders, raising her ass higher in the air.

This allowed her to reach back and masturbate as I fucked her, which turned me on even more. She started cumming around me, her cunt gripping me tightly as I surged forward inside her, stuffing her full with every thrust. At last the feel of her cumming around me was too much to resist, and I joined her in orgasmic ecstacy.

I came hard in Nivagi's little pussy. Nivagi continued to cum around me, so I pushed her forward onto her stomach, my erection still hard and throbbing inside her. She closed her legs, making her cunt even tighter, and I moved over her, jamming myself all the way against her cervix.

I plowed into her faster and faster, holding her close as she wailed in abandon.

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I pounded her until she reached a satisfyingly loud crescendo, and then hugged her while we both recovered. I snuggled and kissed Nivagi, eventually detaching so I could ditch the condom and clean up. We listened to the belly dance music, and Nivagi got up to show me some dance practice moves that could help me train for derby as well.

The exercises did look useful, although I was rather distracted by the image of her demonstrating them in the nude, which I stated was the best possible way for her to do so.

Nivagi started to get cold, so she put on a robe and we went into the kitchen to get some pineapple for us to snack on. We ate and then moved into Ke's room, where there were actual sheets on the bed (Nivagi's were all in the dryer).

Nivagi favorably compared the undulations of my tongue while I ate her to belly dance, and we talked about giving public cunnilingus demonstrations. Nivagi and I lay on Ke's bed and tried to watch "V" on and Hulu, but the video was too choppy on both sites. We decided to watch "Dexter" in DVD instead, but when I moved to get up to retrieve it, I got distracted by Nivagi's sexy ass under her thin robe.

I caressed her round bottom and slid my hand between her legs, massaging her still-wet pussy. Lying along her body with my head towards her feet, I pressed my face between her thighs to lick her soft cunt.


Nivagi moaned as I ate her from behind. She spread her legs to give me better access, and I got up to move into a better position, kneeling on the floor by the end of the bed. Nivagi angled her hips to offer her pussy to me to eat, and it was such an erotic sight I was tempted to get my camera again. Instead I buried my nose in her pussy and did my very best to completely polish her clit with my tongue, holding her pelvis and pulling her to me as I devoured her.

Nivagi bucked and squirmed while I ate her, and I could feel her building to further orgasms. I pressed my face into her cunt and licked her clit rapidly, rubbing the rest of her pussy with my nose and chin.

Nivagi stopped and pulled away long enough to turn over, and then I resumed immediately, lapping up her yummy juices before sliding two of my fingers inside her palm up. Fingering her as I licked her clit, I loved the sound of her crying out as she came loudly.

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Nivagi reached several peaks, and approached the limit of what she could take. She grabbed my head and tried to push me away, but I persisted, continuing to eat and lick her until she came one more time.


I removed my fingers and slid my tongue into her, licking her out as she wailed and came yet again. She felt, sounded, and tasted wonderful, and I kept going until she really did need me to stop and give her a break from direct stimulation. I moved back up next to Nivagi, "Dexter" forgotten as we hungrily kissed each other. My cock was hard against her body as we desperately made out, bodies grinding together.

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Nivagi reached between us and stroked my hard dick while she kissed me. My erection was a little tender from the hard fucking earlier, and so I told Nivagi I could use a kiss to make it better. Eagerly taking the hint, Nivagi moved swiftly down my body, taking my penis happily into her mouth. Nivagi licked and sucked my prick while her hand steadily jacked the base of my shaft. Her lips and mouth felt incredible.

After a few minutes she moved to the side and got up on her elbows and knees. This allowed me to reach her pussy from where I was laying. I began rubbing her clit, causing her to moan around my cock. I slipped two fingers inside her and could feel her squeezing around me as her body instantly responded.

Nivagi kept sucking my cock while I rubbed her clit and fingered her. Her moans around my dick while she sucked me got me even harder. Her pussy grew so hot and wet around my fingers that I had to taste her again. I pulled her hips around towards me and Nivagi got the hint, straddling my head and lowering her moist pussy to my face. She immediately returned her mouth to my erection, going down on me with even greater furvor while I joyfully returned the favor.

I admit I got a bit competitive as I licked Nivagi's pussy and sucked her clit, reveling when I distracted her from what she was doing and she had to pause in her efforts to please me. I could feel her cum again and again, her juices gushing into my mouth while I swallowed ravenously. Her lips felt fantastic around my cock, and the longer we ate each other the larger I swelled in her mouth. When Nivagi could truly cum no more it was my turn.

She turned around and grabbed a condom, which we got onto my stiff dick with lightning speed. In another moment she'd mounted me, bouncing high and riding me hard. With so much stimulation and foreplay I didn't stand a chance I could only hold out a few minutes before Nivagi had me gasping and thrashing in orgasm.

My erection swelled inside her, and I clunched her hips as I hit my peak. I came hard, and after such a powerful climax I was too sensitive to go on.

We stopped to clean up, and I wowed at how good Nivagi had made me feel, even if I was a tad bashful about hitting crescendo so fast the final time. Nivagi told me not to worry she had cum lots while she was on top of me, and had fun bouncing up and down along my penis. Exhausted and happy, Nivagi and I snuggled up together, and finally watched an episode of "Dexter" before drifting off to sleep.

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