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"Georgia and Her Girls" (Mother discovers daughters like sex), F, f, f, incest) Georgia had just returned home from work on Friday afternoon, having decided to leave early so she could spend some time with her daughters instead of working late as she usually did on Friday.

Taking off her jacket as she walked up to the door, she paused only to set down her brief case while she fished in her purse for her keys, wondering why they always seemed to be in the bottom of her bag, in the hardest to reach corner.

Finally grasping the keys and finding the right key Georgia turned it in the lock and pushed the door open, she picked up her briefcase and stepped inside, closing the door behind her and enjoying the rush of cool air.

Georgia put her briefcase down next to the coffee table and picked up the remote for the television, throwing her jacket on the couch as she sat down in the recliner, unbuttoning the top two buttons of her blouse. "I wonder if there is anything good on," Georgia said to herself turning on the TV. She rarely had time to watch TV.

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She was too busy with work and taking care of her girls ever since their father had died. Georgia rocked back in the recliner, putting her tired feet up as she flipped through the channels.

She started wondering where her daughter Vicky and her younger sister Patty were, since they were usually home by now. Then she heard an odd sound coming from upstairs where the girls' room was located. It sounded like one of her girls was either in pain or enjoying some pleasure such as Georgia felt whenever she masturbated. Her eyebrows narrowed at the sound. She cocked her ear and listened for a few seconds, but hearing nothing more, Georgia continued flipping through the channels.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh" came the voice again from upstairs as Georgia turned her head and looked up at the stair case.

She lowered the volume on the TV and listened again as she heard little giggles and moans coming from upstairs. "What's going on?" Georgia whispered to herself as she sat up putting her feet back on the floor. "Vicky!" Georgia whispered to herself realizing that the moans were coming from the room of her fourteen year-old daughter.

"AHhhhhhhhh" came a moan from upstairs again. Georgia decided that Vicky must have brought a boy home and was having sex up in her room. Georgia had suspected that Vicky might be getting more interested in sex, judging by the way she wore her clothes and had started wearing makeup. But when Georgia had questioned her teenaged daughter she always denied that she was trying to attract sexual interest. This was the first proof she had that her daughter really was actively sexual, and she wanted to hear Vicky try to lie to her when she was caught in the act.

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Georgia kicked off her shoes to conceal her approach as she planned on going up to Vicky's room to catch her actually engaged in sexual intercourse with some young boy from her school. She rose from the recliner and crept up the stairs trying to be as quiet as she could, listening as the moans got more intense.


She stole over to Vicky's bedroom door and put her ear to the door, listening as she heard more giggles inside. "Oh baby, yes, you're so tight" Georgia heard a voice say that was obviously Vicky's. "OH!" Georgia heard the girl moaning as the sounds of her daughter being fucked by this strange boy, who ever he was, was actually making Georgia's own pussy wet.

"Lucky Girl!" Georgia whispered to herself smiling as the girl let out another moan, as she pictured Vicky being fucked by a young, hard cocked boy. Georgia shook her head and remembered why she was up there, thinking that Vicky was too young to be having sex, and what would happen to her life if that boy got her daughter pregnant.

"OW! not so hard, Vicky!" came a voice that sounded very familiar. "OW! not so fast!" came the familiar voice again. Georgia turned the doorknob, opening the door just a crack, and peered inside, but all she could see was Vicky's butt cheeks sticking up in the air from a kneeling position.

Georgia's first thought was, "How beautiful!" but she quickly corrected herself and proceeded to push the door open a little more to get a better look, and got the shock of her life as she saw that it wasn't a boy Vicky was having sex with, but her eleven year-old sister Patty! "Patty!" Georgia whispered with a look of disbelief on her face as she pulled the door shut quietly.

Georgia's pussy seemed to take on a life of it's own as the brief glimpse of her two young daughters having sex together awakened desires in her that she had long since suppressed.

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She leaned back against the door as her mind tried to process what she saw, while her pussy let her know that it wanted some attention as well. Georgia took a deep breath and then exhaled as she took the door knob in her hand, turned it, and walked into Vicky's room.

Vicky and Patty were so lost in each other that it took them a few moments to realized that their mother was standing there watching them while Vicky was obviously giving cunnilingus to her younger sister's pussy.

"Mommy, it's not what it looks like" Vicky said with a look of terror on her face as she pulled her head out from between Patty's legs, grabbing at the sheets and trying to cover herself. Patty put her legs down and sat up on the bed putting her hand over her crotch covering her little mound of Venus. "It looks like you are having sex with your little sister," Georgia stated as she gazed at her girls, who both wore a look of terror on their faces as their mother walked closer to the bed.

Patty looked at her mother, staring up into her eyes. which were as blue as hers and her sister's. Then she turned and looked at Vicky, expecting her to have an explanation for their mother. Having no explanation for her mother, Vicky did the only thing she could do, given her situation: she started crying. "Please don't beat us!" Patty wailed as she started crying too. They both cowered away from their mother, terrified at what she was going to do to them as she moved closer to the bed.

"Come here, both of you," Georgia said as she sat down on the bed. The girls both started crying harder as they feared the worst. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you," Georgia said as they both scooted over to her, sitting on either side of her, covering their pussies with their hands as they cried.

"Please don't beat us mommy, please!" Patty pleaded looking up at her mother as tears streamed down her face. "When have I ever hit either of you?" Georgia asked softly as she put her arms around them, pulling them closer to her.

"Never," Patty replied, for it was true that their mother had never hit or even raised her voice to her daughters. "I love you girls. I'd never hurt you," Georgia said, looking down at Patty, who was wiping away her tears. "You won't?" Patty said, wiping her nose as she looked up at her mother hopefully. "Never" Georgia said smiling at her.

"Mom, whatever punishment you decide on, you should take it out on me. Please leave Patty out of it," Vicky said, standing up in front her mother and covering her crotch as she tried to control her breathing. "Who says I'm going to punish you?" Georgia said, taking her arm off of Patty's shoulder and pulling Vicky closer to her. "You love your sister, don't you?" Georgia said softly as Vicky burst into tears, unable to contain her emotions anymore. Vicky nodded her head yes as her mother pulled her up onto her lap and held her as the teenager cried on her mother's shoulder.

"Please don't be angry mommy," Vicky sobbed as her tears soaked into her mother's blouse. "It's okay baby, I'm not angry," Georgia said, gently stroking Vicky's blond hair. "You're not?" Vicky asked, looking up into her mother's eyes as tears stained her face.

"No baby. I can never be angry with you girls," Georgia said, smiling as she dried Vicky's tears and looked over at Patty, who was still sniffing. "You girls are my entire world. Everything I do is for you, to make you girls happy," Georgia said, looking into Vicky's eyes as the girl started sobbing again.

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"Don't cry Vicky! You'll ruin those pretty eyes," Georgia said. She had always liked staring into Vicky's eyes. Vicky put her head in her mother's neck sniffing as she got the faint scent of her mother's perfume. Her mother hugged her like she had not done in a long time. Georgia gently stroked Vicky's stomach and then she slid her hand up and down on Vicky's thigh gently. Vicky stopped crying and closed her eyes, enjoying her mother's fingers as they gently brushed along her soft flesh, which had always had a soothing effect on her.

Patty leaned against her mother as she felt her lean over and kiss her on her head, gently stroking her shoulders, making her smile a little. Georgia's touching of her daughter's young body quickly changed from affectionate to sexual as she began kissing Vicky's head. Her hand went down to Vicky's crotch as she ran her fingers through the downy blond hairs that had begun to grow Vicky's on previously hairless crotch.

Vicky lifted her head and looked into her mother's eyes as Georgia smiled at her. Georgia's fingers were now stroking the soft mound of Vicky's pussy as she moved her head closer and kissed Vicky tenderly on her lips. Vicky thrilled at her mother's affectionate and loving gesture, and she squirmed on her Georgia's lap as she kissed her mother back on her lips in a way that was not the kind of kiss that mother and daughter usually share. Vicky was feeling her sexual senses stirring to the touch of her mother's delicate stroking of her pussy and the warm kiss they were sharing.

Patty sat up from leaning on her mother when she heard a little moan from Vicky, and beamed as she saw her mother stroking her sister's pussy. Vicky looked at Patty and grinned as they realized they had nothing to fear from their mother, who wanted only to love them.

Patty gazed up at her mother as Georgia removed her hand from Vicky's pussy and started stroking hers, making her pussy tingle at her mother's gentle touch. Georgia smiled at her daughter as her hand stroked Patty's pussy and as she continued kissing Vicky's perfect little lips. Patty moved around behind her mother then and hugged her from behind drawing Georgia's lips away from Vicky, finding the new kind of kissing very exciting.

Since both of the girls were naked and Georgia was still fully dressed, she decided it was time to show her girls what to look forward to when they grew up. "Would you like to see what Mommy looks like?" said Georgia as she pushed Vicky off her lap onto the bed and stood up turning around to face her daughters.

Vicky and Patty smiled as their mother finished unbuttoning her blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and dropped it on the floor. Georgia looked at her two beautiful daughters as they lay back on the bed propping them selves up on their elbows, watching her as she undid her bra, exposing her small, but nicely shaped breasts. She stepped close to the bed and drew her daughters toward her, letting them bury their faces in the motherly mounds at which they had both suckled only a few short years ago.

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She encouraged them to explore her motherly breasts and to tweak her nipples, finally pushing their head onto her breasts so they could suck on the hardening nipples, which gave her a mini orgasm in and of itself. She had never had two people sucking on her breasts at the same time, let alone two females, let alone her own young daughters!

"What have I been missing?" she asked herself as the girls feasted on her soft and tender flesh. Georgia pushed them away after a while, as they gazed lovingly at their mother's wet and shiny breasts, swelling up to cones and then nipples in their perfection. Each girl dreamed of the day when her breasts would be as nice as their mother's were. Then Patty and Vicky gasped as their mother pulled down her skirt to reveal her panty clad figure, the wetness of her pussy already showing through the gusset of her panties.

"Wow! mommy has a lot of hair down there!" Patty said, sitting up to get a better view. "Can I touch you there?" Patty asked looking up at her mother with a little smile. "Go ahead" Georgia said, grinning as Patty reached up and stroked her little hand against her mother's panty covered pubic hair.

"It's really thick and bushy!" Patty said smiling up at her mother. "Touch it, Vicky!" Patty said to her sister. Vicky sat up and placed her hand against her mother's panty-clad pussy and started stroking it with her young fingers, rubbing her thumb into the crack that became visible due to the pussy juice that oozed from her mother's cunt. Georgia moaned as Vicky pulled her hand away from her pussy and licked the pussy juice off her thumb, immediately responding to the delicious taste.

"Can I pull your panties down?" Vicky asked, looking up at her mother. "Sure," Georgia replied as her heart started pounding, to think that her fourteen year-old daughter wanted to see her bare pussy.

Georgia let the girls each take hold of the elastic at the top of her panties and pull them down, uncovering her light brown bush, then pooling at her feet, where she kicked them off and up on the bed with a quick motion of her right foot.

Vicky moved up on the bed and getting on her hands and knees as her mother moved closer to the bed, Georgia gasped as Vicky buried her face in the forest of her mother's pubic fur, inhaling the womanly scent and beaming up at her mother with a beatific grin.

Patty smiled at her mother as she lay back on the bed stroking her little cunny with her fingers as she watched the actions of her sister, exploring the glorious place from which they had both emerged only a few years ago.

Having learned cunnilingus from her practice with her sister, Vicky's tongue quickly snaked out and began licking at the hot, wet slit that lay hidden beneath the fur forest into which she had plunged her face.


"Oh!" Georgia moaned as he felt Vicky's mouth encircle the head of her clitoris. Vicky sucked on her mother's cunt for a while swallowing much of the pussy juice and giving her mother a glorious orgasm before she pulled off and smiled up at her, her face smeared with lady juice.

Vicky moved onto the bed, lying on her back as her mother spread her legs and lowered her head to her daughter's crotch and started licking her finely fuzzed pussy. "Oh mommy that feels so good!" Vicky moaned as her mother licked and sucked on her pubescent labia.

Soon Vicky was shaking and groaning under her mother's talented licking and sucking, and her body writhed and then collapsed under the lingual onslaught of Georgia's tongue and mouth. Patty moved closer to Vicky and they started kissing each other as Georgia began stroking Patty's little cunny while she licked at Vicky's pussy.

Patty sucked in her stomach when she felt her mother's tongue licking her little labia after she had finished giving Vicky a nice cum.

Patty didn't know about orgasms yet, but she thoroughly enjoyed her mother's tickling her little cunny with her tongue and mouth.

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She knew this would not be the last such session, and looked forward to learning how to have the same wonderful feeling her big sister had just enjoyed on the mouth of their loving mother. (This is pure (or impure) fantasy, not reality)