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Gwen Pace Epic Anal Fuck
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The two girls lay panting in exhaustion by the creek. For the past 2 and a half hours they had been stuffed by the cock of every male pony from the Yen herd. Their cunts were so full that it was unbelievable! They slowly stood and made their way over to the lounge chair and curled again together for a nap. They would try or adults later but right now they really needed some rest. When they awoke 2 hours later the horses were gone much to their chagrin but they decided to take a dip in the creek to get cleaned up.

Greta giggled as she dunked Tami who was washing her hair. When she resurfaced she glared playfully at Greta and splashed her before returning to rinsing her hair. "So when do you think we should move up to adults?" Greta asked washing her scarlet locks. "Not sure, I think we should practice more with the ponies and mini stallions.

Then move up to adults." Tami suggested as washed the rest of her body. When she moved down to her cunt she moaned softly, it was kinda sore from their afternoon fun.

"Sounds good," Greta said dunking her hair again. Tami swam back to shore and dried off while Greta floated on the surface enjoying the sun and cool water. As Tami dressed in a pair of hiking shorts and a short sleeve shirt her phone buzzed. "Hello." she answered drying her hair. As Greta entered the tent Tami was just hanging up the phone. "What's up?" she asked going over to her bag to get dressed.

"My mom called, she wants me home." Tami groaned rolling her eyes. "Something about cleaning the house for a family visit." "Aw no fair, we've only been here for 2 days." Greta whined as she pulled on a pair of Capri pants and a tank top. "Guess we should pack up," Tami sighed, she shoved her clothes into her camping pack. They packed up the inside of the tent and moved to the outside to take it down still complaining about their vacation being cut short.

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"It's so not fair that your mom wants you home." Greta growled as she tried to get disassemble the tent. "We haven't even gotten to have sex with the adults yet." "I know, maybe next time." Tami said yanking the tent down.

Once everything was packed they cast one more longing look at where their campsite before climbing the hill and heading towards home. That night Tami laid in her bed grumbling.

Her mother wanted her home because her grandparents had come to visit and would be here for the rest of the week.

That meant that she had to stay home till they left.


Not that she didn't love her grandparents, but she really had wanted to be fucked by the adult horses with Greta. She had texted Greta and told her about the situation.

Greta was annoyed but understood. They made a deal to meet up once Tami's grandparents were gone. As soon as Tami's grandparents left Monday morning she texted Greta to meet up at their usual point and rushed upstairs to pack a tennis bag. They wouldn't be able to camp because Tami's parents would be suspicious as to why she was so eager to resume her camping trip.

She dressed in her usual hiking clothes and shoved her usual hiking items in her bag. "Mom, dad I'm going out hiking with Greta!" she called as she tied her hair up in a cute bun. She rushed to the front door just barely hearing her mother call for her to be home by dinner. She jogged down the road till she reached the big rock with the sparrow painted on it. This was where she and Greta met up for hiking trips. It was their check point. As she sat on the rock day dreaming about what they would do at the creek she spotted Jenna Thomas jogging by in a cute yellow tracksuit listening to her IPod.

"Hey Jenna!" she called. Jenna halted and smiled at her; she removed her ear-buds and waved at Tami. "Hey Tami, waiting for Greta?" she asked running a hand through her strawberry blonde hair. "Yeah, we were camping last week but we got cut short by my grandparent visiting.

So I figured we could hike out again." Tami said sliding off the rock. "I envy you guys; you actually have the determination to hike the valley." Jenna said taking a swig from her water bottle. "I've always wanted to but I could never get up the nerve." Tami smiled. "It's no big deal, you just go out and hike around. It's really fun and you see a lot of beautiful things." Suddenly Tami remembered Greta telling her what she'd witnessed Jenna doing almost a month ago.

"I guess I could try it sometime." Jenna said leaning back against the rock. "You wanna join us today?" Tami asked, she wanted to see if Jenna was seriously into what Greta had seen her doing. "I wish I could but after my jog I've got to head into the city to look at universities." Jenna said smiling sheepishly. "You're going to university in the city?" Tami asked interestedly.

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"Yeah, I thought about out of state but I'm not sure I'm ready to get that far from home." Jenna responded. "Where you and Greta going to college?" "Out of state, we were lucky enough to get in at the same university." Tami answered. As they continued to talk Greta jogged up smiling widely, she was surprised to see Jenna but greeted her anyway. "Sorry I'm late, as I was leaving mom needed me to wash dishes." Greta said apologetically. Tami brushed it off with a smile.

"No problem." "Well I should let you girls get to your hike. Maybe I'll go with next time." Jenna said waving as she turned and jogged off. "She wants to go with us? What did you tell her?" Greta asked watching Jenna jog away. "Not the secret of course, she was saying how she always wanted to hike the valley but never got the nerve. I told her that anytime she wanted to come with she would." Tami said as they turned and walked the way towards the valley.

"Plus I kinda wanted to ask her about the whole dog situation." The rest of the way to the valley they talked about Jenna and what they were going to do once they reached the creek. When they reached the peak of the hill they smiled upon seeing their creek. They slid down the hill and kicked off their hiking boots. Tami sat on the edge of the creek and dipped her sore feet in the water. Greta changed into her bikini and lay out in the sun beside where Tami was dipping her feet.

Not too long after they heard hoof beats, they turned and saw the Flip herd heading their way. They giggled happily and watched the herd slowly walk by them and sip from the creek; a few laid down on the grass while others stayed standing and grazed.

"So you wanna do the ponies, and then move to the adults?" Tami asked Greta. "Sounds like a plan," Greta nodded. The two hopped up and separated to greet their horse friends/lovers.

They stroked noses and rumps in greeting and were give nuzzles in return. The girls truly loved the horses ever since they first laid eyes on them. Once they finished greeting each horse they met back up and stripped. Greta knelt in front of Hamlet; a honey colored horse with white spots, and stroked his stomach and side.

She moved her hand to grasp his cock that was already peeking out and stroked it the rest of the way out. Crawling closer to it she grasped it firmly and wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked heartily. She loved the feeling of thick, warm horse cock in her mouth. She couldn't get enough of it. Just the taste made her wet and dripping with pleasure.

Tami was lying under a white male with a black spot on his back named Cookie propped up on her elbow sucking eagerly on his hot cock. Once both girls were assured that the cocks were properly lubricated they got on their knees and used one hand to lead their cocks into their pussies.

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They aided them in before letting them do the rest. Cookie rammed his cock into Tami with such force that her arms gave out and her face was pressed into the grass. "Oh god Cookie," she moaned. "Fuck me hard; fuck me like a naughty bitch." Hamlet was fucking Greta with speed rather than force like Cookie was doing to Tami but the red head didn't mind. She loved fast fuckers, they gave her more friction and more pleasure. As Cookie pounded Tami a dark brown mini-stallion with flack around his hooves named Perry trotted over.

Carefully Tami regained the use of her arms to reach over and coax out his cock. Using one arm to support her body she used the other to hold Perry's cock and suck on it. This was truly heaven! Greta moaned loudly as she had her third orgasm, she looked to Tami and gasped when she saw her with Cookie's cock in her pussy and Perry's in her mouth. She was so jealous now!

With one more thrust Hamlet shot her full of his thick cum and sent her into yet another orgasm. Panting she laid her face against the ground to ride out her pleasure.

When hamlet was finished filling her with his cum, he stepped away making his cock slip out of her filled pussy and trotted away. She heard a loud scream and looked to Tami who was being shot full of Cookie's cum after a particularly rough thrust and seemed to deepthroat Perry. Seeing her best friend being filled with cum at both ends was hot! Some of Perry's cum dribbled out of her mouth as she tried to catch her breath and moan.

Once Cookie seemed to be satisfied with the cum he'd just deposited into Tami's snatch he stepped away and his cock slipped out as well is some overflowing streams of cum. Tami's arms gave out and rolled over onto her back as Perry and Cookie trotted away satisfied. Greta crawled over and laid beside her best friend basking in their afterglows. "That was pretty hot Tami, didn't think you would try to do something like that." Greta complimented.


"It was worth a try," Tami giggled. Once she could feel her body again she sat up. "Come on, we've still got ponies to take care of, then we can move onto adults." She stood up with Greta eagerly following. This time they separated to cover more ground.

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For the next 2 hours the girls had successfully fucked all the ponies and were lounging in the creek to rest their bodies for a bit. "I'm so full of cum right now," Greta commented as she floated on the surface.

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"I don't think it will ever come out." "Nothing wrong with that." Tami giggled as she dunked under to wet her hair; she had gotten some cum in it from some blowjobs earlier. She could really get into giving blowjobs while being fucked. The herd was still at the creek but she knew that they wouldn't stay for long so if they wanted to get fucked by the adults they would have to be fast about it.

It was already noon. The girls spent a few more minutes in the water before they eventually climbed out of the creek to dry off. Looking around they decided to try to find the perfect adult horses to be their firsts. Tami spotted two males grazing by the creek, one was black with brown on his nose and white around his hooves and the other was brown with tan spots scattered about his rear and neck.

She gestured Greta over to the males.

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"They will be perfect." Tami said, they walked over and stood in front of the two males. "Agreed," Greta said reaching out to stroke the brown one's neck, he was named Dill. "Who goes first?" "You can, I went first when we did the ponies." Tami said kneeling down and patting the black one, named Turner's nose as he grazed. He snorted softly making her giggle.

"I'll go get the camera." She stood up straight and rushed off to their bags to fetch the camera. Greta stepped around Dill and stroked his sides as he continued to graze. Peeking down she saw that his cock wasn't out so she would have to coax it. When Tami returned she started up the camera to make sure that it had a blank tape. "Whenever you're ready," Tami nodded to Greta as she fiddled with the camera. With a nod in return Greta moved her hand to rub Dill's belly.

He made a snorting noise but didn't move so she continued to rub. Slowly she moved her hand from his belly to his and stroked around where the sheath to coax out his cock. He then made a whinnying noise and swished his tail but slowly his cock started to flop out. "Oh good boy Dill." Greta said appreciatively.

She gently grasped his cock and stroked it the rest of the way out. As she rubbed his cock to hardness her pussy got wet with excitement. Her mind was reeling with what would happen soon.

Latching her mouth around the head she sucked lovingly on it.


She wanted to lubricate it enough even though her pussy was literally dripping with lubrication from being excited and having been fucked by Hamlet. Tami made appreciative noises softly as she watched her best friend going to town on Dill's cock. Once Greta was sure he was good and horny as well as properly lubricated she looked around and saw a rock nearby and gently led him over to it. It was flat enough that she could lie on it comfortably or be on her knees and be high enough for his cock to be in her pussy.

Deciding on laying down, she laid under his belly and reached out for his cock. She held open her pussy lips with one hand and led his cock into her pussy with the other. She moaned at the thickness, he was definitely all grown up!

His cock was way bigger than all the pony cocks she'd had inside of her. "Oh boy, you're so big." She moaned. "I almost can't fit you!" Tami moved around carefully and got a great shot of Greta forcing more of Dill's thick, meaty cock into of her glistening pussy. The red head panted heavily as she shoved Dill's cock in and out, he helped a little bit with shallow thrusts but she was carefully holding his cock so that he wouldn't hurt her. He was so thick! So good! Greta's body was on fire with pleasure.

She shoved his cock deeper till she thought it wouldn't fit anymore, the fit itself drove her into two hard orgasms. Biting her lip, she pinched her clit with one hand and roughly shoved Dill's cock into her pussy. "He's so deep Tam, so thick!" Greta panted heavily. As she thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her tight cunt Tami could see his balls twitching, he was close. She moved again and zoomed in closer on Greta's pussy to catch the perfect shot of Dill's cock shooting his love juice into it.

Greta felt Dill's cock twitch in her pussy so she knew he was close. Shoving him harder into her cunt she sped it up, she was so close to a 4th orgasm that she could taste it.

"He's close." She moaned. With one more shove Dill flooded her honeyhole with cum. Tami got a great shot of it filling the red head's pussy and leaking out. It dribbled out in a slow stream from Greta's overflowing cunt. Tami was so happy to have gotten it on video. "His cum is so hot Tam, its overflowing." Greta was trembling from the aftermath of her orgasms and being shot with cum. "It's still coming out too." Sure enough Dill's cum was streaming from Greta's overflowing pussy still.

It was a delicious sight indeed.

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When the stream started to slow Greta still trembled with pleasure at the sensation, she pinched her clit to gain another orgasm from the experience. Having Dill's cum overflowing her pussy added with the orgasm she was currently experience was a magical experience that she would never forget. When the cum flow finally stopped Dill stepped back, his cock that Greta had long since released, slipped out of her pussy. Tami then got a really great shot of Greta's cunt lips splayed open with creamy cum really flowing out now.

"Looks delicious," Tami said squirming. Her cunt was on fire just staring at Greta's filled pussy. "Feels even better," Greta moaned, she slipped the hand pinching her cunt down to finger her filled pussy.

Her body slowly moved from the rock and stepped over to hug her best friend. "Your turn." Eagerly Tami handed off the camera to Greta and made her way over to Turner who had moved over to where Greta had been fucked, clearly the smell of sex had gotten him excited because his cock was dangling freely. She brushed some dark hair from her face and stroked his nose. "Now you're next boy, show me how a real horse fucks." She purred in his ear. She led him over towards the rock.

A puddle of Greta and Dill's mixed cum was on the rock. She scooped it up and fingered it into her cunt to get it nice and lubed up. Once she was happy with it she grabbed his cock and sucked it firmly. His cock hardened in her mouth and she removed it.

Greta got into position and gave a nod for her to start when ready. Tami laid back on the rock, she did what Greta had done earlier and held open her pussy lips with one hand and used the other to guide Turner's cock in.

she screamed in pleasure, Greta had been right, they were thick! "Oh baby, so thick." She moaned, she forced Turner's cock deeper into her eager hole. "So good!" she released his cock and pinched her nipples while thrusting against it. It was heaven being stuffed by adult horse cock! She had never been so stretched and so filled in her entire life! The rough friction between his thick cock and her pussy drove her wild. His cock was so hot that she couldn't wait for his cum to shoot in her pussy.

Reaching down with one hand she forced more and more of his cock into her till no more would go in. "Oh Turner, more!" she cried shoving him even deeper, Greta was getting great video. Her own cunt was still dripping from her turn. Turner made snorting noises of approval as his thick cock was shoved in and out of a tight, hot cunt. Clearly it was different than what he was used to but he seemed to like it from the noises, he even offered some thrusts of his own that shocked Tami and made her scream in pleasure.

Greta momentarily shifted the camera to Turner's balls which were starting to twitch. Back to Tami's cunt which was almost visibly quivering with pleasure, she was riding out her 4th orgasm when she felt Turner's cock twitch inside of her, he was close. With a couple more, rough jerks of his cock deep into her pussy he shot his load. Oh god! Tami thought. His cum was so warm just like Greta had said and it was shooting like a hose inside of her. She felt his cum filling her and even leaking out of her pussy and onto the smooth rock.

Greta zoomed in on the leaking cunt, so hot! Just watching that delicious cum leaking from the overly filled pussy got her exited all over again! It seemed like forever till Turner's cum stopped shooting inside of her, when it did he stepped back and his cock slipped out with a wet sound. The cum practically flowed out faster now.

As Turner trotted away Greta zoomed in more on Tami's leaking pussy. "Well…" Greta said with a smirk. She turned the camera off and placed it safely on the ground beside the rock.

"That…was…unreal!" Tami said between pants, slowly she sat up and scooted over so Greta could sit beside her. She embraced her best friend. "Well, now we've done it all." Greta said hugging her back. "From here on out there is nothing we haven't done with our horse lovers." "Hell yea." Tami giggled.

"Best friend promise." She held up her pinky. "We will forever be horse lovers and no one will ever know." Greta smiled and hooked her pinky with Tami's. "Best friend promise, swear." *Hope you guys enjoyed it.

I am still tweaking the sequel and it will be posted soon. And like I asked before, please do not troll for underage girls on here because that is disgusting*