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Tastes like Chicken ----------------------------- I stumbled down the street my guts feeling as if they were being ripped apart, the night street lights hardly providing adequate light, the worst thing was my hunger had grown to monstrous new heights. Where was that idiot of a wife of mine?


I'd starve to death before she ever got here. Further down the street, I saw a diner one of those 24 hour joints. I stumbled in taking the booth nearest the door, looking around I saw that there weren't that many people. Brushing my long brown hair from my eyes I avoided eye contact, no need to give these fuckers any reason to notice me.

Grabbing a menu I was having a hard time deciding what to get. The waitress a young, skinny, blonde with legs that went on for miles stopped, giving me a smile. I instantly liked her, good thing for her. Saying she'd be right back I finally decided on a rare T-Bone steak, very rare the bloodier the better. I thought coffee? No I already couldn't sleep hell I hadn't in days.

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The young lady was glad to take my order, saying I was her last and then she was going home. Smiling I thought good, she was young she deserved to get older. I ordered and waited, soon the food was here, the gnawing in my guts starting to hurt again. The young woman brought me the food and I thanked her and tipped her a hundred, her eyes wide as she left, its only money I said. Nodding as she walked out the door, I woofed the five plates of food in record time, hardly appeasing the pain I was feeling or the growing hunger.

A minute later another older waitress came in, this one seemingly dissatisfied, mean, ill-tempered.

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I looked over the menu again trying to decide on what else to get, finally ready I started to order. The older waitress with her grey hair, wrinkled skin, age spot marked face threw me looks of suspicion.

How was I going to pay for all of this, she needed to see proof before she could bring me any more food.

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I felt my ire grow again how dare she accuse me of being some piece of rubbish! Trying as hard as I could, I pushed the anger away, phew almost lost it. I produced another hundred; she smirked but left to put the order in. I was shaking the pain was there again if I didn't eat soon I was going to collapse.

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After the rude woman left I woofed these seven plates down, damn it, the hunger was still there still growing but not as fast. I knew I had to leave soon that was when I finally saw my wife, smiling she nodded and backed the car.

Finally I thought it was about time she got here! Blocking the door with the car I smiled leaning back I felt my other partner emerge from inside my stomach, an alien, small eyes, all mouth, stomach, and rotating, very sharp teeth.

Ah! The sweet sounds of him feeding!

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He went for the older waitress first then snapped up every other patron. Emitting a huge burp, he stopped in front of me, "Damn that old bitch was tough," he said, "Glad you ate that other stuff first I mean humans are good but they taste too damn much like earth chicken!" My wife came in, her partner who had also been feeding, stopped next to the first. "You're always complaining you should be glad we found these 2 so receptive or we'd both be dead by now.

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After all it was your fault we're stuck here!" "Never going to let me forget that are you?" the first said. I smiled, yup an old married couple, I just hoped they'd be gone soon. We were going to run out of diners at this rate. Know your enemy -------------------------- I walked through the battle field littered with the broken, shattered bodies of my many fallen comrades. We had come here in force to find out what had befallen the colony we had seeded here thousands of years ago.

It hadn't taken all that long to discover that the humans had executed a wholesale massacre upon my people. The few that we had found alive, were more like wild savages living off what they could scavenge, breeding with no discretion, producing off spring that were far below even what the humans considered standards for intelligence.

My troops and I had pulled no punches hitting the humans with everything we had at our disposal, but to no avail.

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Then the real horror began as the humans began to squash my troops and people by the thousands. Later we had launched a counter defensive that had also failed; it seemed that the humans had started to develop immunities to many of the chemical and poison attacks that we hurled at them. Finally with no choice I had called a retreat not knowing that the humans had already located our ships and had started to destroy them.

I had one ship left, I had to get a message off to home world this entire sector had to be put off limits to our people. I caressed the claws of my young lover that had been killed in the first battle. How I'd miss breeding with her, stealing myself up I walked more briskly giving mercy to the dying, those still alive suffering the effects of the slow poison that the humans were using.

I could feel the anger rise in me, so many destroyed, so many lives lost, all attempts to communicate with the humans either ignored or rejected which I knew not. Finally I reached the opening of the cave where we had taken refuge looking back I felt the pain of having to leave so man behind. Again I was stealing myself up, NO!


I had a duty that I had to perform, with the Trillions that we had waiting to again start colonization, I couldn't risk any of them landing here on this planet or any in this system. Stretching I peered out into the night at least we had an advantage over the humans, we sensed more than we actually had to see. Finally I saw that the humans had decided to pull back now was my chance to escape and inform home world of the tragedy here.

Unfolding my wings I started my rhythm to get airborne. Out here it was far worse, thousands of bodies mostly flattened, mangled cruelties that went far beyond the war, and bordered genocide.

I could feel the effects of the primitive elements in the air, I could feel my intelligence start to slip also, damn it! I had to hurry almost all of the air from the ship was gone. Finally I made it aboard, breathing in the pure air of home world I could feel my intelligence slowly return. Sending the message I began to wonder why the humans had been so aggressive, an almost abject hatred of us.

As my ship rose heading for home, my last thought before cryo-sleep took me was, why had the humans called us cockroaches? Life is a Turkey ---------------------- George had been running for miles, shit they were fast! He'd already had to take to the trees a few times but they always seemed to know that he was no longer in front of them. Peeking around a building George could see the hunting party that had been after him, hell he wasn't going to wait for them to execute him!

First chance he got he'd run and he'd kept on, here he thought that he'd finally avoided them all together only to turn a corner with them again in front of him. Taking a deep breath the first he'd had a chance to in days, George had to plan there was a way out of this he just had to find it. Creeping back the way he'd come he tried to exit the yard as quietly as he could, his claws clicking on the gravel roadway gave away his position. Damn! Again he started running, there was no way in hell they were going to catch him!

Suddenly there was a gun blast as the ground kicked up beside him. Shit! That was close!

Dashing across the busy highway he was almost hit by a semi-truck, his heart in his throat he paused a moment to again get his breath. Seeing an open field George headed for it, should be easy to lose them there he thought or was that exactly what they wanted him to think?

Turning he headed towards the trees, yes he thought it was always easier to lose anything or anyone in the trees or forest. At the top of a large tree George tried to get some rest but he could hear the hunting party getting closer if he stayed here they were going to get him for sure.

On the ground he started to run again at least he was heading away from the hunting party. Thinking back he couldn't think of anything that would make them want to hunt him so steadfast and hard. Again, just when he thought he was home free he heard the hunting party behind him, shit he thought at least he'd gotten a little rest. Soon he came to a river smiling he had a secret they didn't, on the other side he hid watching the hunting party on the other side.

That's when he saw the dogs no wonder they were able to keep track of him so well! Rolling in the foul smelling mud beside the river that should throw off my scent he thought.

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Taking off through the high weeds he hears the men shout that they'd seen him on the other side. Damn it! Running faster he looked at his feet god they were huge especially with the claws. Coming to another highway George had to get across to escape finally on the other side he sat to slow his breath. Seeing a light in the distance he headed for it perhaps someone there could help him. Drawing close he saw it was a farm but upon closer inspection he also saw it doubled as a slaughter house!

Horrified George ran even harder as another gun blast kicked up more dirt nearby. What the hell was wrong with these people? He hadn't done a thing wrong yet they were all out to kill him, it was maddening. This time George kept running there was no stopping 'til he was safe as he'd decided they weren't going to kill him not without a fight.

Finally turning up an old country lane George couldn't hear the dogs or the men hunting him finally he thought. Walking further he didn't want to take the chance that they'd find him again not after he'd gotten this far this fast.

About 2 miles down the lane George finally climbed into a huge old tree feeling safe for the first time. Closing his eyes he didn't see the man point his rifle nor did he see the man smile right before he pulled the trigger. As he fell, George was shocked they'd found him. John walked up and picked up the bird, damn turkey gave him a hell of a chase; it was going to be a wonderful center piece at Thanksgiving dinner.