Teen gay cum eating

Teen gay cum eating
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Normally I hate it when I get volunteered by my mother to do something for someone without asking me. Such was the case when I came home and found she had volunteered me to help my Aunt Liz with some work around her home. It was just not some yard work or little stuff, she is redoing her porch, replacing the rotted out wood slats and other things. It was a lot of work in the heat of the summer. The problem is, after graduating and not having a job I couldn't say no.

Not if I wanted to keep living at home until I found a job. My Aunt Liz is nice enough but she's a little odd, to say the least. My Uncle passed away about 5 years ago and since then she's pretty much been a hermit, preferring to keep to herself. I called her telling her I would be happy to help her and when did she want me there in the morning. I told her I would be there late tomorrow as it is a 250-mile drive. She told me she understood and she'd be waiting for me.

Then she said, "I know this is not your choice but I appreciate your coming over to help me anyway." "No problem Aunt Liz I will see you tomorrow." I got up early the next morning and started my trek to where my Aunt lived. It was a long drive but I made stops along the way. I arrived around 6 that evening and my Aunt was waiting for me outside. It has been a while since I'd seen her. She was standing out front of her house wearing bib overalls.

She has long shoulder length red hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. She's taller than I remember but that's not so unusual.

I hadn't seen her in years as I got out a greeted her with a hug. She is slender and she's not that bad looking. She had a tank top on under her overalls which is a little surprising. I don't know why it because is still warm out. She thanked me again for coming to help as she showed me the rotted wood on her porch. She took me to the barn and showed me how she had cut all the replacement planks of wood on her husband saw.

I remembered he had been a carpenter and obviously my aunt learned a lot. Once she had shown me what was ahead we went inside the house. It looked really nice and I was surprised at the work my aunt had done inside the house. We went into the kitchen where she told me to take a seat and she'd dish up dinner.

Then she raised her arms up to let her hair down. That was when I got an instant hard-on. My Aunt Liz has the most beautiful red underarm hair I have ever seen. It is so full and red that it was all I could do not to cum in my jeans. I've always had this fetish for hairy women with hairy underarms and hairy pussies. I could only imagine what she had between her legs. It came from when I was you and found a magazine with photos of hairy women in them.

They had hairy pussy's and underarms and I found seeing them made me horny as hell. I spent many a night jacking off looking to them. Now here is my aunt with the hairiest underarms I've ever seen. She caught me looking and put her arms down. I felt bad, she probably thought I was grossed out by her but I wasn't, I was turned on.

She told me to grab a plate and come to get some food. I was reluctant because I was sure she would see my erection. Then again, maybe that would let her know I wasn't grossed out by her underarm hair. I got up and went over and got a plate, the bulge in my jeans pretty obvious.

I could see her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. She was taking her time looking so maybe that was a good thing. When I turned around pretending not to notice anything she had a sly grin on her face. I walked over and dished myself up something to eat and then went over and sat down. As we ate I asked her saying, "So, Aunt Liz, how long do you think it will take us to get this job done?" Oh, it will take a while, why, are you in a hurry to get home?' "Not at all, the longer the better Aunt Liz." "I see, problems with the folks?

And by the way, call me Liz, you can drop the aunt part. It's too formal if you ask me." "Thanks, Liz, and yes, there's a lot of tension between my mom and dad and me.

They expected me to graduate and have a job waiting for me that was going to make me a six-figure income right off the bat. They don't get it takes time." "Yes, that doesn't surprise me. Well, you won't have to worry about me riding your ass about anything. As long as you work, you and I will get along fine. Once we eat you need to get to bed around 9, 5 am comes early. We want to beat the heat." It made sense and even though I wasn't really tired I went to bed at 9 hoping I could fall asleep.

Of course, because I wanted to I couldn't. I was having a problem with the humidity as I tried going to sleep, that and not being able to stop thinking about my aunt's hairy armpits and the image of what her pussy must look like.

Was it as thick and hairy as her underarm, I wished I could see it. Being naked because of the heat my cock was soon like a stone. I reached down thinking that maybe jacking off would relax me so I could go to sleep when I was done. As I stroked my rigid cock, I noticed a light in the hallway. That made me think my aunt was up. Then I saw shadows by the crack through the bottom of the door. Now I wondered if she were watching me as I masturbated. Just the thought of her possibly watching me really turned me on all the more.

I continued stroking my cock as I watched the shadows at the bottom of the door. I was almost certain that she was indeed watching me. Now I wondered if she was fingering her hairy pussy as she watched me. That made me all the more aroused as I continued jacking off. The faster I beat my cock the more aroused I became. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her masturbating as she watched me stroking my cock.

I reached down and started toying with my balls as I pounded my cock. After several minutes I laid back and started cumming, the cum shooting from my cock onto my stomach. The rest oozed out over my fist running down onto my balls. When I finished cumming, I watched as the shadows from the door disappear. Once I cleaned up I went back to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I went down to find my aunt finishing up breakfast. She turned asking me, "So, did you sleep well last night, we have a lot of work today." "Ya, I eventually fell asleep, and you, how did you sleep?" "Very well thank you. Enjoy your breakfast." Liz had on another pair of bib overalls as well as another tube top.

I noticed her hair wasn't in a ponytail yet causing me to wonder if she was going to do it. As she took her last bite she put her arms up, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. The hair under her arms was magnificent as I stared at the beautiful sight.

I could tell she was looking at me watching her but I didn't care, I wanted her to know how much seeing her underarm hair turned me on. She finished asking, "You about ready Hon?" "Yup, I'm ready for a day of hard work." I stood up, my cock making a bulge in my shorts as I took my plate and put it in the sink.

Then I followed her outside where she gave me a hammer and told me we were ripping out the old planks today. We started working pulling up the old planks and tossing them aside. I was having trouble when Liz stopped me and showed me what I was doing wrong. Once she showed me what to do I was fine. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be. By mid-morning, I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot and I was so exhausted. Liz could tell I was about to keel over when she told me to take a break.

I sat down, leaning up against the house as she went inside. She came out and the next thing I knew, I was being doused with cold water. It was a shock at first but it felt so good I wanted more. She went back in and came out with a chest filled with ice and sodas. I grabbed a soda and chugged it down followed by another. It was good she had plenty of them because I polished off three of them by the time I was done.

She looked at me and smiled telling me I looked like I was about to pass out. I told her, "Ya, thanks, I think I was about to pass out. I didn't know it was going to be this hard or this hot. Thanks for the cool bath and sodas." "No problem Tommy, I didn't expect you to last as long as you did. So, do you have any girlfriends back home you're yearning to get back and see?" "No, not really. I've had a few but I'm not a rich kid whose Mommy and Daddy buy them a new car every year and I'm no jock so I didn't have many girls to choose from.

I just had a couple and they were so worried about their hair or their make up they turned out to be more trouble than they were worth." "Really, a good looking young man like yourself and you don't have a lot of girlfriends. What was their problem anyway." "They are all worried about their make up and clothes. Fashion is a big thing now, fancy clothes, beauty salons and so on.

They go and get their eyebrows waxed and their arms among other things, it's all so ridiculous. I do have one girlfriend, Katie. She is what I would call a natural woman. She is poor, her folks don't have a lot of money so her mom made a lot of her clothes.

She got made fun of a lot but she didn't care. That's why we got along so well. She is smart so she got a scholarship to a University, that's where she is now. She should have graduated by now but I'm not sure." "Hmmm, she sounds nice, I'd like to meet her someday." "Maybe so, she got caught in a very compromising position so I don't know if she's coming home or not." "What happened, can you tell me?" "Well, she did make me promise never to tell anyone but she's not here and I doubt you'll be talking to her any time soon.

She got caught with another girl. You see she's bisexual. She's not a lesbian it's just that she likes being with girls on occasion. She got caught and all hell broke loose as you can imagine." "Yes, I can. Then again if that's who she is I don't see a problem with it, do you, Tommy?" "No, that's why she confided in me." "You must be a good friend for her to do that.

You say she is a natural woman." "Yes, she doesn't have the money to go to the salons and spend money on waxing and things like that." "I see, I take it you prefer a natural woman like Katie?" "Yup, I don't see the reason to spend good money on getting rid of what comes naturally." Liz smiled, "I couldn't agree more Tommy. Now, you ready to get back to work?" "Let's get to is Liz." We worked until noon when Liz told me to go out to the barn and she'd bring out our lunch.

I went into the barn and was amazed at all the carpentry tools in there. She had a huge table saw that must have cost a fortune along with all kinds of woodworking tools. When she came out with our lunch she handed me a sandwich and a cold beer.

I took a seat and started eating. As we ate Liz raised her arms giving me a view of her hairy underarms as she let her hair down. She caught me looking at her and she smiled, she knew the effect she is having on me. My cock was hard as usual but I made no effort to hide from her. We ate and talked, mostly about my uncle and how he had been a master of carpentry. He worked hard and made a lot of money allowing him to buy these expensive tools over years.

He taught Liz how to use every one of them as well. Now she's as good as he was, almost according to her. Once we finished lunch we went back to work, working until midafternoon. By then it was too hot and humid to continue so we went inside. Liz told me to take a shower first and then she would. Once I was done, I put on a pair of old shorts and a t-shirt as Liz took her shower. When she finished she came back down wearing some shorts and a t-shirt. Looking at her she has some nice, firm tits not to mention her legs were pretty shapely as well.

She sat across from me talking about family and other things. As we relaxed Liz was looking like she was going to doze off. Her right leg fell to one side causing her shorts to gap open.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head as I thought I saw her hairy bush. Once she was asleep I moved so I could get a better look.

Sure enough, Liz had the hairiest bush I had ever seen. I couldn't see all of it but enough to tell me she had a really hairy pussy. I could see her fiery red hair, so thick and curly that my cock was hard as a rock.

I went back over and sat down for fear she would wake up and catch me looking at her pussy. As horny as I was, I was sleepy too. Then I got an idea, I pulled my cock and balls out of my shorts trying to make it look accidental. Then I closed my eyes so I would look like I was asleep. Unfortunately, I fooled myself at my own game, falling asleep myself. When I woke up I looked over at Liz but she was gone.

I looked down at my crotch and my balls and cock were still out but my cock was flaccid. I quickly straightened myself up just as Liz came back in the room. She smiled at me asking if I had a good nap. I told her I did asking if she had as well. She smiled and told me she had a great nap and was going to start dinner.

She was smiling but made no mention of my cock and balls being on display. Not long after I woke up dinner was ready. We sat down and talked about what was going to be in store for tomorrow.

We were going to be doing some prep work and then start nailing down the new planks. Once we finished dinner, we went in and relaxed and started watching some TV. About a couple of hours into it I was having trouble keeping my eyes open, even with having had a nap that afternoon.

Finally, I gave in and went up for a quick shower and then went to bed. I didn't even bother to put anything on. Even though it was still humid out, I fell asleep the minute my head hit the pillow. I was out like a light laying on my back totally naked. As I was sleeping I started having this very erotic dream. It was so vivid, in my dream I sensed someone toying with my cock making it hard as they stroked it. I was trying to see who or what it was but I couldn't open my eyes for some reason.

Then I dreamed that someone started licking my cock as well as my balls. It felt so real and yet as hard as I tried I couldn't make out who it was. Then as I slept I felt someone taking my cock into their mouth, it felt so warm and inviting as they started deepthroating me as I lay there.

It felt so good as they continued sucking my cock and toying with my balls. It seemed to go on for a while when I felt myself getting close to cumming.

In my dream, I was moaning and writing on the bed when I suddenly felt my cock throb. Then I felt my cock explode in the mouth of whoever it was going down on me. It was at that point that I woke up, sitting up in my bed. My eyes were blurry as I rubbed them trying to focus. I was sweating profusely as I sat there when I thought I saw a shadow and then I could have sworn my bedroom door closed.

Finally, I could focus and I looked around the room. Everything seemed to be in order, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I looked down at my cock and it was limp and I thought it looked wet.

I figured that my dream must have been so intense that I actually came in my sleep. I've heard of wet dreams before, but nothing ever like this. I got up and went down the hall quietly toward my aunt's room. I looked in through the keyhole and I could see she was in bed but I couldn't see much else it was too dark.

I went back to my room and fell back asleep. The next morning I woke up with the alarm feeling rested from a good nights sleep. Even with that erotic dream waking me I felt rested. I showered and went down after getting dressed finding Liz in the kitchen making breakfast as usual.

She was wearing her overalls again, her hair down instead of being in a ponytail. I told her good morning and she replied asking me how I slept last night. I told her, "I slept good considering the dream I had." "Oh, really, what kind of dream? Was it a nightmare?" "Hardly, it was a very erotic dream, very vivid to say the least." "Mmm, now that sounds like fun. I could use some of those myself.

Still, No one would want to get romantic with me I'm afraid." "Why do you say that Liz, I'm sure there are plenty of eligible men around town that would find you attractive. I certainly don't think you should have a problem." "Why thank you Sweetie, but I don't think there are many men that would find an old woman in bib overall very desirable." "Oh stop that old lady crap, you aren't old.

Besides, desirability doesn't necessarily have anything to do with looks or appearance. It can be anything that attracts a man. I think you have just as much going for you like any other woman." "I do like the way you talk Tommy. So what do you find attractive about me.anything?" "Ah, well, your carpentry skills are amazing.

I wish I had the talent you do, that would be attractive to some men. You have beautiful red hair, a lot of men like redheads you know." "Hmm, I never thought of that. Do you like redheads Tommy?" "I think you know the answer to that question." "Just so you know Tommy, we all have our passions in life.

Some might think of them as, oh I don't know, fetishes or something like that, but I think of them as just another attraction. Some attractions are stronger than others, that's all. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with them or the person that's attracted to them if you know what I mean?" "Ya, I think so. Like men that are really attracted to redheads, or red hair anyway." "Right, or men that are just attracted to hair." She looked at me, her eyes boring through me as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.

I looked right back at her saying, "Pretty much.nothing wrong with that. Some people are uptight about everything, like my folks for example. You could never have this conversation with them, yet here we are talking about all kinds of stuff and I love it.

Them, they would be freaking out. Me, I'm pretty much open to anything if that makes any difference. One mans perversion or taboo is another man's passion, or woman's." Liz smiled, "Oh I couldn't agree more Tommy, I couldn't agree more. I'd like to take this further, BUT, we need to get going before it gets too damn hot." Then she raised her arms up to put her hair in a ponytail, her beautiful hairy underarms on display. I just sat there not trying to hide my arousal as I looked at her.

She just smiled at me as she finished putting her hair in the ponytail. When she stood up I could see her overall were different today. She had cut the legs off and they were really tattered around her crotch. Holes and frayed material. I got up with my usual bulge in my shorts we headed out to the barn.

We went out and got out tools and brought up new planks to lay down. Then we finished up the little bit we had left. Once that was complete we started nailing down the new planks. I was having trouble driving a nail straight so Liz showed me what I was doing wrong. After a few tries, I had it down and was driving nails like the best of them.

As we worked I looked over at Liz as she was pounding nails. Her overalls were such that I could see through the tattered holes. At first, I thought she was wearing some reddish panties when I realized as I moved a little closer I could see that was her hairy bush. She had an incredibly thick, red bush that looked absolutely beautiful.

I wanted to go over and rip the front of her overalls open so I could see her entire bush but that wouldn't go over well I thought. So I kept looking until I smashed my thumb with the hammer.

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I squealed like a stuck pig, fortunately, it was a glancing blow, not dead on. "Oh shit, Tommy, are you alright, let me take a look." "It FUCK'N hurts for damn sure but at least I didn't hit the nail directly.

It was more of a glancing blow. Give me a minute and I'll be fine." "It's time for a break anyway. Let's go out to the barn, I have some cold beer in the fridge out there." We went out to the barn and she got a couple of beers out of the fridge handing me one.

We each took a seat, Liz resting against the wall, her knees up and her legs parted. I looked at her crotch and I could see some wild hairs escaping from the holds in her crotch. My cock was like stone as I looked at her wondering why she was torturing me like this. Was she waiting for me to make a move or is she just a huge prick teaser?

As much as I enjoyed seeing her hairy underarms and now her hairy bush, I was getting tired of playing cat and mouse. I decided it was time for me to make a move and just see what happens. Just as I was about to get up she asked me how my thumb was doing. I looked at it and looked at her and shrugged shoulders telling her it looked alright from what I could see. Of course, I said, "I suppose it's alright but then I'm no doctor." "Come over here and let me look at it." I went over and sat down next to her as she examined my thumb.

As she looked at my thumb I looked down the hair escaping from the holes in her overalls. As she was looking at it she asked me, "So how did you do this anyway, weren't you watching what you were doing?" I couldn't believe my ears. I looked at her with a sly grin on my face saying, "How the fuck am I supposed to concentrate on hammering a nail when THIS is in my face?" I reached down and grabbed some of the frayed material of her overalls and yanked it. It tore open exposing her entire bush to me.

I thought she was going to haul off and hit me but instead, she just looked at me, smiling as she said, "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to do that. Now that we've crossed that bridge I have to tell you if we take this any further there's no turning back." "Who wants to turn back, I think we both need one another right now, so why not take advantage of the situation?" "Are you sure, doesn't it bother you that I'm your aunt?" "Doesn't it bother you that I'm your nephew?

I don't have a problem with it, Liz, I'm not worried about morality, taboos and all that crap. I feel as long as I'm good with it and you're good with it we shouldn't worry about it. My feeling is as long as I'm not physically hurting someone or doing damage in some way then it's my business, no one else's.

That's how I go about my life." "You know Tommy, you and I are more alike than either one of us realize. Now let's have some fun.fuck the porch for now." I smiled as I looked at her beautiful bush. As I looked I stood up and unzipped my shorts, letting them fall down around my feet followed by my underwear. Liz looked up at my rigid cock, wrapping her fingers around it as I stood there.

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I moved in a little closer as she started stroking it as I stood there. She stroked my cock for a few minutes before taking off her tank top and exposing her nice firm tits. I looked at her saying, "Liz, you have really great tits, I hope you won't mind my touching them?" "Mind, I'll be disappointed if you don't.

You remind me so much of my husband. He had a nice big cock like yours and he used to take his cock and run it over my underarm hair. Then other times he would stick his nose in it and lick it. His favorite thing to do was stick his face in my bush and wallow in it, rubbing his face in it before going down on me. He knew how much I loved having my pussy sucked.

Do you like sucking pussy, Tommy?" "Let me show you Liz, but first I want to run my cock over that underarm hair." I took my cock in my hand and started moving it over the hair under my aunt's arm.

It felt so good I had to be careful not to cum. After a couple of minutes, she told me to stand in front of her. As I did she grabbed my cock again and started licking my cock from the head down to my balls. At that moment I knew that my so-called dream had not been a dream at all, rather it had been Liz, sucking my cock as I slept. Now I knew I must have been out not to have been awakened by something like that. I stepped closer as she started caressing my ass cheeks with her left hand while she moved her right hand down between her legs.

I watched her fingers disappear in her bush as she began working her fingers into her pussy. I could tell from her breathing that she was fingering her pussy, working her fingers deep inside. The more she fingered her pussy, the more aroused she grew. She was now deepthroating me just as she had done the night before as she took me all the way down her throat.

I had been thinking of fucking her in the barn, then again a nice blowjob would be just as good. Besides, we had plenty of time to fuck and do other things. Why not enjoy a great blowjob? As she sucked me down her throat, Liz slipped her fingers between my cheeks an started teasing my asshole.

That really was getting me to when she penetrated my asshole with her middle finger. I let out a deep groan and she started finger fucking my asshole as I stood there. Over and over she worked her finger in and out of my ass as she deepthroated me. Soon my knees started to shake and before I knew it I was cumming down her throat.

She took all I had until I had no more to give. I pulled my cock from her mouth as she stood up and got out of her clothes. She then laid back down, her legs spread wide as I looked down at her beautiful, hairy pussy.

I knelt down and kissed her, tasting my cum on her tongue. We kissed for a few minutes before I made my way down her neck to her tits. Her aureoles were puffy from arousal as I ran my tongue over them as she gasped. I licked her nipples and sucked them as she ran her fingers through my hair. I sucked her nipples for a little longer but I was anxious to get my face in her pussy.

I made my way down to her bush, where I paused just long enough to run my fingers through her thick, red pussy fur. Once satisfied I started rubbing my cheek in her bush. It felt soft like velvet as I wallowed in her warm pussy.

I could smell the aroma of her musky arousal as I moved down, her pussy lips touching my face. It was as if her pussy was kissing me as I started running my tongue over her lips. Liz gasped and squealed as I licked her pussy, telling me how good it felt and not to stop. I was really getting into it, sucking her thick, meaty lips into my mouth, running my tongue between her folds as her secretions ran down onto my tongue.

I found her opening and I started tongue fucking her, using my tongue as if it were a cock. Liz was moan and squealing as I continued tongue fucking her. I replaced my tongue with my fingers, taking that enormous clit of hers into my mouth and began flicking it with my tongue and then sucking it, making her squealed even louder.

She was gasping and squealing as she squeezed her tits and thrust her pussy into my face. As I concentrated on sucking her clit, Liz pulled my head hard to her crotch as wave after wave of intense orgasms coursed through her body. When she finished cumming, I sat up and watched her breasts heaving up and down as she tried to gather herself together.

When she finally did she just lay there smiling up at me not saying anything. Eventually, she held out her arms and I laid down on top of her as we began kissing. She kissed and licked her cum from my face as we cuddled and hugged one another. She looked at me and said, "Oh Tommy, that was fucking amazing. If I closed my eyes I would swear it was my husband eating my pussy.

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You are amazing Tommy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There isn't a woman in the world that wouldn't love the way you eat pussy." "Thanks, Liz, that means a lot coming from you. I can't want to do it again, not to mention have my cock in your beautiful pussy.

I'm a little spent right now from that magnificent blowjob. Never have I experienced anything even close to what you did. I think you've spoiled me forever, how can any woman live up to that? Why, I could swear it was as if you are the woman in that dream I had.you know.the erotic dream." "I think you already know the answer to that Tommy.

I'm just blown away that you didn't wake up, not that I would have stopped mind you. You must have really been tired, that's all I have to say. No matter though, there's plenty more to come if you want it?" "Well, I think you know what the answers going to be to that." "Yes, I believe I do. Now, let's get back to work. The more we delay it, the longer it's going to take. We can go in and bet a bite to eat first." We ate lunch and worked for a couple of more hours before it was too hot to continue.

We went in and rested, taking a nap before dinner. Then to make up some time for what we had wasted, we went back out after dinner and worked for a couple of more hours. Then we went in and showered and relaxed a little before Liz suggested we go up to bed.

She smiled at me asking, "Are you ready for a little more fun or have you had enough for one day?" "I think you know the answer to that Liz, lead the way." We went up to her bedroom and were soon out of our clothes and in bed.

She laid down on the bed, her arms behind her head as I stared at her. She knew exactly the effect it was going to have on me, staring down at that beautiful underarm hair of hers along with her incredible bush. My cock was standing out in front of me, as hard as nails. I was contemplating own where to start first when she asked me, "Are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are you going to do something about it?" I smiled, "Yes, I'm going to do something, I just don't know where to start." "Well, why not started at the top and work your way down?" "That sounds good to me." I moved onto the bed, kissing Liz as she put her arms around me.

We kissed for several minutes, our passion and all-out lust growing for one another. Then I broke the kiss and took her wrists and pulled her arms up over her head. I looked at the thick underarm hair before lowering my head and running my tongue through her hair. She cooed and moaned softly as I licked her armpit, twirling the hair with my tongue.

I moved to the other arm, doing the same thing to the hair under that arm. It might sound kinky to some, maybe even gross but I was loving it.

Once I had satisfied my lust for her armpits I moved on, caressing her breasts while flicking her nipples with my tongue, alternating between that and sucking her nipples. Liz had very sensitive nipples and she was soon moaning louder as she writhed on the bed. I licked and sucked her nipples on both breasts taking her to a small orgasm just from sucking her nipples. As I did, I moved my hand down her torso, watching as my fingers disappeared into her thick bush.

I found her wet lips and began gently squeezing her pussy while she gasped and begged me to fuck her. All in due time I thought to myself as I eased my middle finger between her folds. I began moving my middle finger up and down her creamy slit while moved down, placing my face in her soft bush.

Her hair felt like velvet as I enjoyed the aroma of her arousal. I pulled my finger from her pussy and moved down between her legs. Once there I noticed the fine red hair coating her inner thighs. It was soft as it made it's way up to her pussy where it became thicker and thicker. I also noticed that her pussy lips were bare making me wonder if she had shaved them or what.

Curiosity got the better of me as I asked her why her lips were bare and exposed. She told me that a friend had told her about that after her husband had passed.

She even showed her how to do it, so she could maintain it for herself. I wanted to know more about this friend but I could ask later. She did tell me that having her lips bare made masturbation and oral sex much more intense because of the increased sensitivity. I wanted to know more about this woman and their relationship but I could find out about that later.

I lowered my head and began running my tongue over her pussy lips as Liz gasped and squealed. I loved the taste as I continued licking her pussy. Her juices were soon flowing from her pussy down onto my tongue the more aroused she became. I worked my tongue between her thick meaty lips, as she squirmed on the bed. The more I licked and sucked her fat lips, the more aroused Liz became. She was beside herself with lust when I found her opening and slid my tongue as deep into her pussy as possible.

I began tongue fucking her as she placed her hands on my head and started undulating her hips, grinding her pussy hard into my face. Once my tongue grew tired I slid my fingers deep into her pussy while I moved up and took her clit into my mouth. Liz squealed out loud as I started sucking her clit and fingering her pussy. She was really thrusting her hips hard into my face at this point as I took her closer and closer to orgasm. I alternated between sucking her clit and flicking it with my tongue as she started gasping and saying she was going to cum.

Suddenly her boy stiffened and she started to shake and shudder as one orgasm after another coursed through her body. When she finished cumming, Liz pulled me to her face, kissing me and licking her cum from my face and chin.

She told me to roll over onto my back which I did. She took my cock in her hand and started swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. She licked my cock from the head down to my balls where she took each one in her mouth, sucking it before working her way back up, repeating the process a few times.

Then Liz took my cock down her throat and began deep throating me. She was the best at giving head that I had ever seen. None of the college girls ever came close to giving head and some wouldn't even do it at all. Liz seemed to know when to stop, holding my cock still as she straddled me and lowered her pussy down onto my cock.

I couldn't believe how tight her pussy was, it was like a vice as she started humping me. Her pussy gripped my cock tight as she continued humping my cock.

She took me to the edge again before we changed positions. With Liz on her back, I slid my cock back into her pussy and began fucking her while I sucked her nipples. I could hear the sounds of hot flesh slapping together as we fucked. Over and over I slammed my cock into her tight, hot cunt, listening to her moans and squeals of passion.

It wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten and then my cock started throbbing as I filled her pussy with my hot load. As I spewed my load into her pussy, Liz started cumming again as well. It felt like her pussy gripped my cock even tighter as she milked the last of my cum from my cock. When we finished cumming, Liz took my cock into her mouth, licking our combined juices from my cock. I surprised her when I moved back between her legs sucking the cum I had just deposited in her pussy.

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She came again as I sucked out the cum from her pussy. She then straddled my face so I could get the last few drops, sucking it from her well-fucked pussy. Once we I had drained her pussy, we shared a deep cum filled kiss before laying back on the bed to catch our breath. She looked at me saying, "Oh, Tommy, I haven't had sex like that since your uncle passed. You have an amazing cock and you certainly know how to pleasure a woman in so many ways." "Thanks, Aunt Liz, you have been an inspiration to me, to say the least.

I love your thick, hairy pussy not to mention your hairy underarms. I hope this is only the beginning. I am curious though, about that woman that showed you how to shave the hair from your labia." "Well, after you uncle passed I didn't have anyone to satisfy me sexually. I was getting desperate. I was masturbating daily and not getting any real satisfaction. This woman I had known for some time and we were friends so I confided in her.

She asked me if I had ever tried making love to another woman and of course, I told her no.

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Well, after talking to me she convinced me to give it a try. She showed me a lot and she was a lifesaver let me tell you. We were lovers until she moved away last year. That's why I'm so happy that you and I found something together, not that I expect you to become my lover but I'll enjoy it for as long as it lasts." "Wow, that's great Liz, I'm glad you had someone to make love to you. As for me, you can have me as long as you want me. I don't think I'll be leaving anytime soon. Until then we can have all the fun we can handle.

Now, shall we get some sleep?" "Yes, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Thank you, Tommy, for everything." As I laid there trying to fall asleep I couldn't get it out of my mind, my aunt and her woman friend having sex.

That brought Katie to mind. I decided to give her a call in the morning as see if we could connect. Wouldn't it be cool if she and Liz could meet and hit it off? It was a crazy idea I know but it was worth a try.

The next morning Liz and I were up early and working on the porch. During a break, I decided to call Katie and see if she wanted to get together sometime. I was lucky when she answered the phone right away. We talked and got caught up. She was back home for a little while but her parents told her she had to find a place of her own. She was concerned because she had no idea where she could find a place to stay. I told her that I might be able to help her out but I had to check with someone first.

I told her I'd call her back and let her know one way or the other. Once I finished the call Liz asked, "Who was that if you don't mind my asking?" "That was Katie. After hearing you tell me about your having a woman for a lover I thought about Katie.

I called her to see what she is up to and to get caught up. She's back home but only for a short time, her parents still haven't forgiven her for being with another girl.

She's in a real bind, Liz. She's out on her own with nothing in sight for a place to go. I thought maybe she could come by here, you could meet her and if you like her she could stay here until she finds something?" "Well, I don't know Tommy, that's asking a lot." "I know and I shouldn't have but when I heard about her problem I couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry, I can call her back and tell her I can't help her out." "No, I didn't say no did I? Have her come by this weekend and I can at least meet her. If we hit it off I don't have a problem with her staying with me temporarily." "Thanks, Liz, that's all I could ask you to do." I called Katie back and told her that I was staying with my aunt and that she invited her to come for a visit.

If things work out, she might invite her to stay until she can find something. Katie was thrilled and couldn't thank me enough. I gave her directions on how to get to my aunt's house. She thanked me again and said she would arrive Friday night or Saturday morning.

I told Liz the good news when she asked me, "So, how are you planning on telling Katie about us, or are you going to keep it a secret?" "Katie is very open sexually Liz, I don't think she would have a problem with it at all. I think it best that I tell her about us unless you don't want me to.

She won't tell a soul, she's very trustworthy. She knows what it's like to be betrayed by people. She'd be the last person to betray me or you. Besides, when I go back to college for my senior year, she would be a good companion for you if you know what I mean?" "You're something, Tommy. I like the way you think, maybe for some crazy reason, it will all work out. We'll see when she gets here. As for telling her about us, let's just play it by ear for now.

If I don't have any issues with her I won't mind you telling her. Now let's get to work, this porch won't build itself." As we worked I couldn't wait for Katie to arrive.

To Be Continued