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Boy inserts dick in juicy aperture hardcore and russian
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Since that fateful day in junior high, Em and I became as close a unit as two young people could become. We never worried about what was trendy or what anybody thought. We were just two kids in love and to us that was all that mattered. We had since found out that Tonya's party was nothing more than a juvenile set up between her and Steve in an attempt to put a spotlight on Em and mine's true relationship because too many kids had no idea if we were an actual couple or just really good friends.

I guess it backfired on them. As it turns out, a stable and close friendship is curious gossip fodder for people who have nothing else better to think about. Who knew? Tonya was hell-bent on getting to the bottom of things. After the party, I found out after overhearing Steve one day talking to his buddies in gym class saying that he had managed to have sex with Em in the closet. He also found out that day he wasn't exempt from having his ass kicked. Those days are somewhat behind us now.

It is safe to say that junior high school made us appreciate actual high school more. Now four years later Em and I are both sixteen and sophomores in high school and I am happy to say that the closest friends we had were still ourselves.

It's not that we didn't want other friends. We did get along well with others. It was just many people probably just didn't understand us the way we understood ourselves.

It was the middle of January during one of the coldest weeks of the year. I woke up very early one morning to find that about a foot and a half of snow was dumped on us overnight. As I looked out the window of my bedroom, it was still fairly dark out and I could see it was still coming down a little bit. I had walked over to my stereo and turned on the radio to listen for any school closures.

Our local station was pretty good at keeping up on stuff like that and within a few minutes, I had heard the news that our school was closed today.

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A big smile painted my face as I went back to bed and picked up the phone from my nightstand to dial Em. "Hello." said the groggy voice on the other end of the line. Obviously still hadn't woken up yet. I wish I could say I recognized who it was but her being not only a twin but one of five women in her house; it was very hard to tell a lot of the times. "Good morning.

Is Em awake yet?" "Good morning babe." I heard her purr. She really does have a voice you can hear her smile. I was just happy I got her on the first try. "What are you calling me so early for?" "Obviously you haven't looked outside yet this morning. I just wanted to let you know that schools are closed today." She was quiet for a moment as I could hear the sounds of blankets being pulled back, feet shuffling across the floor and a curtain being drawn open, followed by a girlish squeal.

Emma is not only a water baby but a snow bunny as well. As much as we have in common, this is one area where we somewhat differ. When I was younger, I enjoyed the snow more because it meant school closures and playtime but as I got older, snow was indeed still pretty to look at but inevitably nothing more than a pain in the ass to me.

It meant no more play and miserable commutes to work trying to drive in it. To this day, Em still loves it just as much as she did when she was growing up. I always did my best to grin and bear it though for her sake. "How about we go out later and take the inner tubes down the street to Johnson hill?" I suggested.

Johnson hill was more or less a big open pasture on about four acres with a couple of really good sized hills. It was a great play area for kids to enjoy during the snow and even to ride dirt bikes on during the summer. "That sounds perfect." said Em. "But first, I must go back to bed. I just wish you were right here beside me." "So do I beautiful.I will pick you up about 11 then? I love you." "I love you too handsome." she said groggily. I laid in bed for a while longer after my call to Em.

My cock semi erect by now. I couldn't help thinking about the sound of her voice, her photo on my night stand and before I know it, I start stroking myself to full erection. I replay Em with her mouth fully engulfing me and within minutes I am shooting a heavy load of cum all over my belly and hand. After a nice sleep in from falling back asleep and having some breakfast, I made my way over To Em's house where she met me at the door with a tight hug and a most amazing kiss like we hadn't seen each other in months.

She was very prepared for our day of play wearing black snow pants, a pink down winter coat and matching snow boots. I have never seen a more beautiful snow bunny in all my life. All I could do was stare at her in open mouthed silence. "What?" she asked as if something was wrong. "Absolutely nothing. I just can't get over how stunningly beautiful you truly are." Her expression turned to a huge smile and I couldn't resist holding her face in my gloved hands and kissing her deeply.

"If we keep this up, we are going to end up frozen together. I said jokingly." "Where's the downside to that argument." she replied. As we grabbed her tube out of her garage, we headed down the street on foot which would only take us about five minutes to walk. There were already about ten or fifteen kids already tackling the hill.

Some were making snowmen and others were having snowball fights. Em and I took to the hill immediately. We played for a good hour racing each other down the hill and even going down a few times sharing a tube with her riding on my lap. Those were the times that I wished lasted much longer than they did but I knew she could sit on my lap anytime she wanted. As we had reached the bottom of the hill during one of our races, we were preparing to go up again for another round.

I noticed that Em was starting to look very pale and suddenly looked like she was ready to pass out until I had suddenly took her in my arms to steady her. "Em. What's wrong? Are you OK?" "I don't know." she replied weakly. "Suddenly I'm not feeling so good." This was back in the day before cell phones were even so much as a thought yet and I wasn't able to take one out of my pocket in a seconds notice to make an emergency call.

Doing the only thing I could think of doing, I took my jacket off and wrapped her up in it while gently laying her down on top of the inner tube. Luckily it had a rope tied around it as I was able to pull her back to her house on it since I imagine she was too weak to make the trip on foot.

When we got back to her house, I had picked her up in my arms out of the inner tube and carried her inside. Her mom who was in the kitchen stepped into the entryway to see which member of her family had came inside. Her smile quickly faded once she saw Em draped in my arms. "Oh my God! What happened?" "I'm not sure mom." I had called her mom for quite a while now since she was like a second mom to me.

"Em and I were having fun going down the hills one minute. The next minute she was pale and lethargic. That's when I rushed her home." Em's mom grabbed her coat and keys quicker than I had seen anybody grab those two items.

"Help me get her in the car so we can get her to the hospital." "Anna!!" Anna had come out of her bedroom. "What's going on?" "Tell your sisters and father when he gets home that I have to take Emma to the hospital." I had backed out of the front door that her mom closed and locked behind us while she opened up the back door of the car for me to gently lay Em down on the back seat.

Back then we not only didn't have cell phones, we didn't have seat belt laws either. "Get her to the hospital. I am going to go home and let mom know what's going on. We will be down shortly." Em was just as much part of my family as I was hers so my mom didn't hesitate to load my brother, sister and myself in the car to meet Em and her mom at the hospital.

When we got there, we spotted their car in the parking lot but there was no sign of Em and her mom in the waiting room which meant she was probably already being seen so we confirmed with reception before having a seat in the waiting area.

I couldn't stand it. The wait was driving me crazy and I wasn't the most patient guy to begin with. The rest of Em's family arrived shortly after us so she had an army of people there for support. After what seemed like an hour, Em's mom came out to the waiting room to give us an update. "She's going to be ok.

They need to run more tests and want to probably keep her overnight since her blood sugars are really low. It sounds like she is diabetic." You could have heard a pin drop in that waiting room as the word "diabetic" was uttered. She was only 16. How could that be? I never gave it much thought until now but it always just seemed like only old people got diabetes.

At least the only ones I knew that had it were old people. I never knew anyone Emma's age that had it. After her mom came out to tell everybody what was going on, she took the rest of her family in first to go see her while she was resting and waiting. Then I had my turn to see her. As I walked into her room, it was just the two of us and the sound of an occasionally beeping machine hanging on the wall next to her bed. An IV drip was hooked up to her arm and she was half asleep looking at me through weak half open eyes and managing her trademark smile despite the state she was currently in.

Not hesitating, I didn't utter a word but walked to her side, held her soft face delicately in my hands and kissed her gently on her forehead. "You gave me quite a scare." "I know the feeling. I gave myself a scare.: she weakly replied.

"One minute I am feeling fine and the next my body is shaking and weak. I wasn't sure what was going on. Luckily I had you with me." Now that I was by her side once again, I didn't want to leave her.

I took her good hand in both of mine and sat down next to her bed. "I brought you a present." I said with all seriousness. She looked at me and smiled. "And what did you bring me?" I smiled back knowing I had her attention and curiosity piqued. "I brought you snow and lot's of it but the nurse told me I had to leave it outside so you have to hurry up and better so I can take you back out and give it to you." That got a chuckle out of her which was what I was hoping for.

"I will do my best babe." she said. It is now February and Emma has been out of the hospital and doing much better.

Her stay was only a couple of days for observation mostly and obviously she had to make some changes here and there to adjust for the diabetes. I am sure things were hard on her at times but I was just glad to have her back with me.

We were sitting in the courtyard at school having lunch at our usual table. Sometimes we are joined by Anna or a couple of friends but at that particular time, it was just the two of us. A poster hanging on the wall had suddenly caught Em's attention. "Hey. The spring prom is coming up next month." she said with baited smile. "Yeah?

And?" I replied waiting for the rest of her comment. "And.I was thinking.I might be interested in going to it." With raised eyebrows, I replied back. "Really? I thought you weren't really into that kind of thing." "I'm not for the most part but I do love to dance." That was a fact I knew all to well. I couldn't dance to save my life and never really understood the appeal of dancing. Emma however danced good enough for the both of us.

"Well then. I can't dance to save my life but if you are that interested in going to the prom." I got down on bended knee in front of her and took her hand in mine. "Will you be my date for the prom?" Her smile I knew was an obvious yes. "I would be honored to sir." I bent down and kissed her before sitting back down next to her. "We better start planning then. I said. It looks like prom is about three weeks away. I will make sure I get the tickets." Emma wrapped her arm in mine and set her head on my shoulder before speaking.

"I was also thinking." Her pause caught my attention as I looked at her to continue. "I was also thinking.that we could make the night even more special by taking the next level." Now she really had my attention. "Next level?" I had an idea what exactly she was talking about. We have done just about everything sexually but actual intercourse.

With everything we have done experimentally, we were still technically virgins because we agreed to wait until we were both ready for that particular step. We also wanted our first real time to be s special unforgettable moment that would live with us forever. "Are you saying what I think you are saying?" "I am saying it's a special night. I am ready and I want to give myself to you. Completely. I want to make it even more special." With that, I held her face and kissed her deeply.

"I will make the night as special as you ever had babe. I am ready to give you all of me too so prepare for the night of your life." Growing up when we did, there was never a shortage of work to do in the summertime so boredom was not an option or excuse like it is for today's kids.

I bucked a lot of hay and picked strawberries and garlic so I had some cash saved up. Emma had no idea what I was planning because I wouldn't tell her. All I would say is take care of what you will wear and I will take care of everything else. When the day finally arrived, it was a Saturday. I hadn't seen Em all day which is how I purposely planned it.

I wanted to build up the anticipation such as the tradition with the groom seeing his bride on her wedding day.


I said it was going to be special and I meant it. I dressed myself in a black tux with long jacket and silk maroon lining. Not too shabby I thought as I admired myself in my bedroom mirror. Since we still lived across the street from each other, I just had to walk over to her house to pick her up. My mom had already been over there for a while helping her mom get her ready and just essentially visiting with each other.

I don't know why but my heart was racing when I got to her door step. With slightly trembling hand, I knocked on the door and her dad answered. He gave a polite smile and a hello as he always does before inviting me in.

Come in. Come in. I should hope she is ready by now. He said. When I got inside, there was no sign yet of Emma but her mom had come out of the bathroom from the hallway and saw me now standing there waiting. "Are you ready to see your Cinderella?" asked Em's mom I stood there holding a mixed bouquet of red roses and white orchids and all I could do was smile and give an enthusiastic nod yes.

Em's mom waved into the doorway of the bedroom she had stepped out of. Em stepped out and my jaw hit the floor. No angel, no work of art could even come close to the vision that stood before me. She was dressed in a gorgeous form fitting silk maroon dress and white embroidered shawl.

Her hair was curled but done up in a bit of a pony tail so it flowed elegantly down her back as opposed to the over exaggerated mile high way girls like to wear thier hair for such occasions. "Oh my God." I whispered. "Just when I think you couldn't be anymore beautiful than you all ready are. You look stunning Em." "You look pretty handsome yourself mister." she said with a smile and a glint in her eye. As I handed her the flowers, I leaned in and kissed her as if we were the only two people in the room at that very moment until we were brought back to our surroundings by her dad clearing his throat.

"You kids better get a move on it. I think your ride just pulled up." I glanced out the door and indeed our ride had arrived. A long, black, sleek limousine was parked out front of her house with the driver standing by the back door ready for us to get in.

"Before we go, I have one more thing." I said while producing a small clear plastic box.

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Inside, it held the corsage that I proceeded to pin on her upper breast. "Wait! Wait!" yelled my mom. "You two can't leave without getting pictures first." I had to have seen that one coming. My mom will take a picture of anything and tonight was no exception. I am sure she would tag along on our date if we let her. That wasn't going to happen though. Especially tonight. We were good sports though and posed for several shots between both moms cameras.

As we got out to the waiting limo, our families waited on the porch snapping yet even more photos while the driver held the door open for Em while I helped her in. Once she was in, I quietly gave the driver our first destination to get us on the road. A lot of the times several couples would go in on a limo for prom night but Em and I had this one all to ourselves which is exactly how I planned it.

As we got moving, the suspense was clearly starting to get to her. "So my handsome man. Where are you taking me?" "Only to the beginning of your night to remember Cinderella.

If I tell you anymore, it would ruin the surprise." She smiled like a little girl at my mention of Cinderella. I had called her that for a while now because that was her favorite Disney princess. "I told you I would give you a special night and I intend to keep my word." Our first stop was about a twenty minute drive to a small yet very quaint Italian restaurant I had been to a few times with my own family but chose because of it's quiet and romantic atmosphere and I knew Em would love it.

When we pulled up, the place was a little white restaurant that sat on a hill. The building was exquisitely decorated all over the exterior with many plants and hanging vines.

There was also a covered outdoor terrace that was blind to the main street for extra privacy in al fresco dining. Essentially the place made you temporarily think that you were really in Italy.

Now it was Em's turn to have her jaw drop as she took in the breathtaking atmosphere. I slipped the waiter a discreet tip and he knowingly ushered us to a cozy little corner spot by the fireplace away from the rest of the diners. Being the gentleman that I am, I took her seat and pulled it out for her before taking my own seat. Our waiter waited until we were both seated before handing us our menus and filling our glasses with the pitcher of water he carried with him.

"Good evening. My name is Andre and I will be your waiter. Our specials tonight are veal parmesan and scaloppini with a nice clam sauce." Em and I had placed our order and started our special night with a couple of non alcoholic drinks which I promptly made a toast. "To the most beautiful girl in the world, to the guy who is incredibly lucky to have her, and to the rare unbreakable magic that binds us together. I love you Emma." Our glasses clinked and our lips touched each others rather than our glasses.

"I love you too Alex." "This place is amazing. I have never been here before. How come you have never told me about it?" "It has been several years since I have been here.

I just wanted to wait for a special occasion and well, you can't get much more special than right now." Our meal was just as delicious as I had remembered it being when I was there last as a young kid. Emma and I had made plans to return before we got into the limo and proceeded to our prom. I will be honest. I could care less about the dancing and socializing. I just wanted to be with Emma tonight so I was patient and carried on making the night about her. The site of our prom was at our fairgrounds in the convention center which was a huge space and perfect for such an event.

As we arrived, there was a red carpet at the entry way and our driver pulled up to the entryway and opened the back door for our departure. I stepped out first then held my hand out to help Emma out of the limo. Never had a guy been so proud of his date as I was to be out with Emma tonight. When we got into the lobby of the convention center, we were greeted at the door with the check in table on the left with a couple of school faculty members running it as people came through the door.

To the right was a nice floral and balloon backdrop for prom photos. Once checked in, we walked over and got our photos taken. How do you take a prom photo that doesn't look like every other prom photo out there? As we posed, I turned sideways and took Emma into my arms and put my lips to hers.

Would we get into trouble with the faculty for too much PDA? I really didn't care. For safe measures, we also took a traditional one with Emma standing in front of me with my arms wrapped around her belly. Inside, the center was ornately decorated and dimly lit while the music was recalling some of the best stuff to come out of the 80s while it was still on the top 40.

We looked around for a good table and suddenly spotted our friends Gary, Jason, Laura and Dawn. They had all came together and quickly ushered us over to share their table with them for the evening.

"Hey you two, glad you could make it." said Gary. "Thanks." I replied while pulling out a chair for Em like I had at the restaurant before taking the seat next to her. "The place looks so nice in here." said Em as she looked around in amazement.

"I know. said Laura. "They did a fantastic job decorating. How has your night been so far?" Em looked over at me with her famous smile before answering. "Pretty great so far. We got a limo ride and a nice dinner that was to die for. I am pretty excited to see what the rest of the evening has in store." I had noticed that she had been talking to Laura and Dawn for the most part but had made it a point to look at me when she said the last part.

"How about all you? Are you having a pretty good night?" I asked. Gary was the first to answer. "Pretty good so far.

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The four of us had driven together to the steak house downtown. Then we heard there was a nice little party going on here tonight so we figured what the hell. We may as well pop in and see what was going on since we didn't have anything else better to do." That got a pretty good laugh out of the group and it wasn't long before the girls wanted to hit the dance floor.

I did my best not being much of a dancer but I did look forward to every slow dance possible as I was able to finally hold Emma as close as I wanted to. Besides, that was the only dancing I really enjoyed anyways. As the evening wore on, we were back at the table with the rest of the group. We had been dancing for hours it seemed and we were more than ready for a rest. We guys had let the girls go back to the table while we got a round of cold drinks for everybody.

As the night wore down so was the music and conversation. Our group was still seated at the table. Emma who had her hand on my knee for a while suddenly and discreetly slid her hand further up my thigh and lightly stroked my shaft through my slacks. It was enough to get my attention as I was also in the process of swallowing the last of my drink. I looked over at Em and she gave me a wicked little smile that caused my cock to harden even more.

"The girls and I are going to the ladies room to freshen up. We will be back in a moment." said Em as she gave me a quick kiss before leaving with Laura and Dawn.

"What do you suppose they talk about when they go to the bathroom in packs?' asked Jason. "Beats the hell out of me but I am sure it has to do with more gossip and planning than it does any actual using of toilets." I said "Whatever it is they do, I wouldn't mind being a fly on the wall just to finally answer that question." said Gary.

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"Wouldn't we all my friend. Wouldn't we all." I agreed. As the girls returned to the table, they had clearly been chatting with each other by the sound of the laughter between them.

They all sat down still talking amongst themselves as if we weren't even there. We guys watched in amusement as we continued with our own conversation. Casually, I had placed my hand on Emma's leg as I do quite often with no real intent. After a moment I had felt Em's hand take hold of mine while her other hand slightly lifted the hem of her dress so that my hand was now touching her bare thigh.

She then raised her arm back on top of the table as to not raise suspicion. Unbeknownst to the rest of group, courtesy of the long table cloth she slowly led my hand further up her thigh and to her crotch. Suddenly I realized I was now touching her moist fleshy lips where her panties should have been. I couldn't help but rub my finger up and down her slit a few times. While all this was going on, I was still in conversation with the guys and Em was still talking to the girls while neither of us let on that anything was going on under the table.

Emma must have either removed her panties on her trip to the bathroom or she had left home not wearing any to begin with. Taking her hint loud and clear, I decided to check my watch. "Wow! It's nearly midnight. I told your mom and dad I would have you back at a decent hour." Emma looped her arm into mine and let out a yawn. "Yes, we better be calling it a night." We said our goodbyes to the rest of the table and politely made our way out of the party and into the waiting limo ready to take us to the last leg of our evening.

We both knew what was in store next but Em had no idea how I had planned it to happen. Once inside the limo, I was seated by a window while Emma layed down on the seat using my lap as a pillow while looking up at me with a dreamy but content smile. "Have you enjoyed yourself so far my beautiful girl?" "Mmmm Hmmmmmm. I don't really want this night to end." "Who said it was ending?" "Really?

So what else do you have planned?" "I guess you will just have to wait and find out won't you? I will give you a bit of a hint though." As I said that, I reached for the hem of her dress as I watched the surprised smile suddenly play across her beautiful face. Slowly I lifted her dress upward until her pussy was now exposed to me. By now she knew what I was after and she wasted no time making herself comfortable and more accessible to my touch by letting one leg fall to the floor of the limo.

My hands stroked her soft fine brown pubic hair while my middle finger danced across her clit with every stroke. I was able to feel her getting wetter by the second with my every touch and quickly she was wet enough for me to slide my finger into her as far as I could go. My eyes never left hers as I was more interested in seeing her every expression with every sensation she was feeling. It was now my goal to give her an orgasm before the limo pulled up to her house.

Watching her was getting me very excited in the process as I saw a storm of pleasure in her expression. Her full chest was rapidly rising as her breathing grew heavy.

Her big beautiful brown eyes were now shut in ecstasy while she bit her bottom lip. From experience, I knew by her breathing when she was getting ready to cum. I was also able to feel her pussy muscles working harder as they clinched my finger so I knew it was going to be any second now.

Also from experience, when I feel these signs, that is my cue to not stop my rhythm not even for a second so I am able to take her where she needed to go. Emma did not disappoint as her hips suddenly raised up off the back seat where she lay.

Her hand had a death grip on the only thing she was able to grasp onto which was my pant leg. Trying not to make too much noise, she brought her hand over her mouth to silence her loud moan as she rode her orgasm onto our street.

After she was able to get her breath back, I took her hand and helped her upright before giving her a passionate kiss. There is something about a girl who has just had an orgasm. Her lips were cold to the touch which is a sure fire way to tell for sure that she has had a true orgasm when their body temperature drops.

The lower the body temperature the more intense the orgasm. "We are just about home my love. The driver just pulled onto our street." "Oh my God Alex. I don't know what you did to me but I can't wait for you to do it again." said Em as she adjusted the hem of her dress back to normal and snuggled into me.

With Emma's house now in sight, the limo came to a quiet stop in front of her house and we composed ourselves just in time for the back door to open up and let us out. I am sure the driver was able to tell what we had been doing back there but he was polite enough to acknowledge it with nothing more than a smile my way. Handing him a generous tip, I gave him a genuine thank you for his service that evening before sending him on his way to walk Em to her doorstep.

We both noticed that the porch light was off as well as all the lights in her house.

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That was a good sign for me since that meant her mom and dad were all ready in bed. We said nothing to each other as I took her tightly into my arms for a goodnight kiss that wasn't really goodnight but still lasted several minutes before I ended it.

"It looks like everybody is asleep in your house." I whispered. "I will leave my basement door unlocked if you are able to steal your way into my room in a while." It wasn't the first time she had ever snuck over to my room and tonight wasn't a new concept. It was easier for her though since I had a bedroom door with an outside entrance and she also shared a room with Anna still. She smiled knowingly before giving me one last quick kiss and making her way inside the house.

"See you soon handsome." When I walked into my house, most of the lights were out there too. My dad was working the graveyard shift that night so only mom, my brother and sister were home and they were all in bed.

I walked down the hallway to mom's room to let her know I was finally home before retreating to my basement bedroom for the night. Letting them know I was home was just a common courtesy thing that mom and dad always asked of me no matter how late it was and no matter if they were asleep. I was to wake them if they were to let them know I got home so they didn't worry. With the house quiet once again and mom back to sleep, I made my way down to the basement and busied myself for my beautiful late night visitor.

I hope she was able to quietly duck out anyways. I took the time before hand to make a nice romantic mix tape of our favorite songs and had that all ready on my stereo to quietly serenade us. Several candles were strategically placed around the room and were now casting a soft gentle flickering glow around the room in all the right spots. As I unlocked the door, I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into my bed to patiently wait for Em to arrive. About fifteen minutes later, I saw a lovely silhouette at my back door as it quietly opened and shut behind her.

Like a ghostly figure, she seemed to float towards me until she was now standing by my bed. I wasn't able to see her face as she came through the door but as she stood before me, the candle light reflected her radiant beauty. She was wearing a floor length emerald satin robe that blended well with her thick brown hair and big brown eyes. "You sure you are ready for this babe?" Without saying a word, she undid the tie on her robe and let it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor in a heap leaving her standing before me in a matching bra and panty set.

"Does this answer your question?" I said nothing but drew back the blankets to invite her into my bed which she wasted no time sliding in closely beside me. Replacing the blankets and taking her tightly into my arms, I kissed her deeply to show her how much I was enjoying finally having her in bed with me. Even though we had been naked together many times, the combination of our body heat and the skin on skin feel was even more arousing than usual and the more of Emma I had, the more of her I needed.

With my left hand stroking her soft sweet smelling hair, my right hand caressed her back while finding the clasp to her bra and in one three finger motion, I had the clasp undone.

With the same hand, I pulled her bra away from her chest until we were both as bare as the day we were born. Her perfume was simply intoxicating as I breathed in every bit of her that I could. I recognized it as an Avon scent that I had really liked called Lahana.


As we were passionately kissing, my cock was growing harder by the second until it had created quite the tent in the front of my boxers that were poking and rubbing at Em's panty clad crotch. Em of course noticed the phallic intrusion and proceeded to grind into me until I suddenly felt her hand slide between us and into the opening of my boxers to firmly grasp my erection that she fished out into the open. I couldn't believe how incredible her small soft hand felt stoking me.

She wasn't fast or excessive with it but rather took her time with a nice grip and a nice speed that was absolutely perfect so I wouldn't cum too fast. In reality, I didn't want a quick cum even though I knew I could still keep going. I wanted this special moment to never end if I had my way about it.

As Emma continued to stroke me, I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties and proceeded to slowly slide them down her silky smooth legs. Once she realized what I was doing, she kept positioning herself to help me slide them off of her completely.

Once they were off, she paused while stoking me to do the same with my boxers. Now that we were completely naked, I started kissing her neck with gentle nibbles before moving down to her chest and teasing each of her full breasts with my tongue. In between sucks, my tongue swirled around her dark nipple while I rubbed the other nipple between my fingers until they were both at full attention.

Em's breathing was becoming a little more labored by this time as I decided to take my oral journey a little further south by gently kissing down her smooth taunt belly until I reached her navel. The perfumed scent of her belly was out of this world as my tongue found it's way into her navel which made her jump just a little. The closer my face became to her pussy, the more I was able to feel the radiated heat of arousal emanating from between her legs.

I knew she was going to be soaking wet before I even touched her.and I was right. With both hands now holding her smooth thighs open and her legs draped over each of my shoulders, I now had the best seat in the house. I decided to tease her a little bit more before I got down to business and kissed her inner thighs before allowing her to even feel my tongue touching her pussy. When I finally did slide my tongue from the bottom of her pussy, through the middle of her opening and to her clit, I thought she was going to jump off the bed.

I lapped up every sweet drop of juice I could find before letting the tip of my tongue find it's way into her hot wet hole where I proceeded to tongue fuck her tight opening.

"Oooo Alex. Please don't stop what you are doing." she moaned with a breathy whisper. That was all the encouragement I needed as I ran my finger in circles around her clit with my tongue still in her pussy. Whatever I was doing to her, I was obviously hitting the right spots because her thighs were starting to squeeze my head as she suddenly let out a strangled moan silenced by what I could only imagine was a pillow stuffed into her mouth.

A warm squirt of creamy fluid splashed against my tongue and I savored her taste while cleaning her up. "That. Was.Incredible!: she panted through heavy breath.

Her thighs relaxed and I was able to remove my head. Not that I was in a hurry to leave the beautiful oasis that was my current position between her legs. Giving the insides of her thighs and her pussy lips a few gentle kisses, I made my way back further up until I was face to face with Em once again and I was able to see the contented smile on her face. She kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my lips before she grabbed me by the shoulders and in one sudden motion, forced me on my back against the pillow.

I hadn't really seen her that forceful before but I knew I enjoyed it. "Now it's your turn lover." she said with a wicked gleam in her eye as she slid down my body. Her hands glided down my chest in a soft teasing fashion and she purposefully let her long soft hair drag across my skin.

I was on sensory overload when she let her hair dance around my cock and balls for a moment before she raised her head to see the expression on my face. Where the hell did she learn that little trick? As she nestled in between between my spread legs, she took my hardness into her hand and began stroking me before she ran her tongue from the base of my shaft to the tip of my penis.

It gave a slight twitch in response to her touch and she took the head into her warm, wet and waiting mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head a few times before she took more of me into her throat. Oh my God! I always loved her blowjobs and with all the time we had spent over the years playing with each other, she had certainly grown into an expert on how to please me. I could only hope that I was just as good to her as she was to me. She could bring me right to the edge or she could take me all the way over but no doubt about it, my girl knew exactly what to do and when to do it.

Her warm hand felt amazing as she gently cradled my balls while orally stroking me to complete hardness. She wasn't ready for me to cum yet and neither was I. I was a little disappointed when she stopped but I knew we weren't even close to being finished yet when she climbed up and straddled my torso in preparation of what was next to come.

With my hard cock nestled snugly between her pussy lips, she gently glided back and forth for a moment to make us both nice and lubricated for entry. That would mark the first time I would experience that sensation and I enjoyed it so much that I would never get enough of it in the years to come but for the moment, we could only look directly into each others eyes as we mutually enjoyed the sensation together.

Reaching down, firmly grabbing my hard cock, she held it straight upward while lifting her body to position the tip at the entrance to her wet opening.


Our eyes again locked as to witness our official joining of bodies, minds and souls. "Are you sure you are ready for this baby?" She answered me by lowering herself just enough for the head to enter her.

Follando con mi morena culona

Upon entry, she let out a contented purr but we both knew it was going to be a little slow going but that was ok because neither of us were in any kind of rush. Her pussy was gripping my head tightly as she took slow, very shallow back and forth movements fitting just a little more in with each stroke until resistance was quickly felt by both of us. Moment of truth. I knew it would possibly hurt her temporarily but I wanted to let her take things at her own pace when she was ready to make it happen.

Holding her body tighter, I gently caressed her soft skin and with a deep breath and a quick single movement, she brought herself down completely until my cock had pierced her hymen. For a quick moment, I could see only pain on her beautiful face and I held her tighter to me when she leaned forward to let the pain subside before continuing. As she lay on top of me, her hard nipples rubbed into my bare chest and I could only press my lips to hers and make her as comfortable as I could for as long as she needed it.

We lay completely still for a couple of minutes until she was able to raise herself back up again, taking my full length into her pussy. Her tightness felt better than anything my imagination could ever dream up and the pained expression I saw a couple of minutes ago was now replaced by pure pleasure.

Like a most perfect dance, we quickly found a lovers rhythm between us that topped anything we had ever done thus far. If two people were perfect for each other, we had both realized it then and there.

Holding her waist as I pumped into her, I finally managed to sit upright while remaining inside of her so that she was now sitting in my lap. She had wrapped her legs around my waist and I held her in a tight embrace while we kissed deeply and our love making continued. It was soon time to mix things up while giving her pleasure from a new angle.

As she was wrapped up in my arms, I turned her around while still inside of her until she was now laying on her back and resting her head on the pillow.

Now on my knees between her spread legs, I was able to set the pace pumping into her until she was purring like a well stroked kitten. It was a most erotic sight to see the pleasure in her facial expression while her breasts swayed with our combined motions. Her smile was enough to bring me to the edge and I could feel myself reaching the boiling point.

It was now Em's turn to read my facial expression and she knew. Just like she knows me, she knew that I was very close since she had seen the sign many times before. Sensing the obvious, she reached up taking my face into her hands and pulling me in for another kiss. "It's ok," she whispered. "I finished my cycle a couple of days ago.

I am safe." The fact that she could read my mind and so easily put me at ease was enough to give me my second wind to make it just that much more memorable for the both of us. I broke the kiss and sat upright once again while reaching down to massage her clit with my thumb while I continued to slide into her. Suddenly her eyes opened wide at the new sensation and we both had a second wind as she started to pump hard against me.

I have massaged her clit many times before but this was the first time I had done it with something inserted into her pussy. My goal was to make her cum just before I did and with the stimulation I was providing her, I was able to make that happen. Her hips arched and it was all she could do not to wake up everyone in my house. As she was coming down and her back was firmly on the bed once again, I was now ready.

"I am ready now baby!" "Yes! Give it to me Alex. I want to feel it." Another three strokes and my body tensed up. I was in Em as deep as I could go and I cam into her harder than I had ever came before. Squirt after squirt. I didn't think it was ever going to end as I gave her everything that I had. "I can feel it Alex. I can feel your cum squirting into me. It feels so warm and so good." Catching my breath, I knew it was done but I also knew I never wanted to leave the comfort of her pussy.

Not now, not ever. She was the only place I longed to be. "I love you Alex." "I love you so much Em." As we lay back down I took her into my arms and we kissed well into the early morning hours.

Neither of us wanted the night to end but we both knew that she had to make it back to her house before her family woke up and discovered that she wasn't there.

Dressing only in our robes, I quietly walked her back across the street. Stealing one last long kiss before she quickly slipped back through her front door.