My san and my tan

My san and my tan
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Tom was 16 years old. He lived with his parents and his elder sister Luci. Even though Luci and Tom would have the usual fights, they loved each other more than anything.

Luci was protective over Tom and Tom loved the care his sister had for him.


Tom was asked to pick up Luci in his car from her swimming practice. Tom parked his car and walked inside and has a chat with the coach. He looked over to the pool and saw Luci swimming. After a while everyone left and Luci was still practicing.

The coach gave Tom the keys to the hall and asked him to lock the doors and leave after Luci is done, because he had to go meet his wife. Tom walked to the pool and smiles "Hey sis",Luci wasn't a usual 19 year old, she didnt drink, smoke and well she wasnt a virgin but you got the drift.

She was the best swimmer in her league and would do anything to become the best. Her and Tom would always fight for the attention of their parents but would laugh it off later as they'd cuddle up together and watch a film down in their basement den. As she heard his voice she looked up and gave him a warm smile and swam over to were he was ''Hey squirt'' she smiled and splashed a little water at him ''Help me out?'' she held out her hand to him.

Tom looked down at his sister. He held her hand and helps her get up.

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He walks over to the table and picks up a towel and hands it her and smiles "sis, you look amazing". Tom looks at her and then looks down "Sis, i need to tell you something. I broke up with Amanda. She cheated on me. I tried to be a good guy for her, i guess i wasnt". Luci frowned as she wrapped the towel around her swimsuit covered body and grabbed his hand ''Hey, she was a bitch anyway.

she knows if i found out i'd kill her. but later. i have a surprise for you'' she smiled loving giving him surprises as it always cheered him up.

Covering his eyes she pulled him to her changing rooms and pulled out two airline tickets to Paris and put them in his hand ''Take a look'' she whispered getting all giggly. Tom smiles a bit. Talking to his sister always cheered him up "yes, she hated you. Thats the main reason we used to fight about. No one can replace you my sis". Tom hugs her close "Surprise ? yay" He laughs a bit and walks into the room and he opened his eyes gently to see the plane tickets in his hands "Oh my god, Paris ?

Just us ? the best vacation ever" Luci squeeled and clapped her hands, finally she got something right. Kissing his cheek she shooed him out the way so she could pull on her clothes. Bending over she dried her hair and closed her eyes then stood up and pulled on her clothes ''Hey how about, we pack and leave tomorrow?

Get away, get Amanda smanda out your head'' she grinned, she hated seeing Tom with another girl, she didnt know why but she always felt. well different. Tom looked at his sister's face. Tom felt safe and loved when he was with Luci. Just few minutes with her and he had already forgotten about Amanda "Yes.

Just you and me, getting crazy in Paris". Tom kept peeking a little as she changed and they both went home. Next day Tom packed his bags and waited in the living room for Luci to come so they can leave for paris "come on sis, the flight will leave" Luci groaned pulling her massive suitcase down the stairs and looked at him ''Ok we're staying there for a week, cause i am not going to pack anymore'' she laughed putting the stuff in the boot of the car and ran her eyes over her brother biting her lip, god did she love him, ever since her mother told her they was having another she acted different to other siblings, she'd cuddle and kiss her belly and when he came, she was always helpful.

Smiling she got into the car and put her seatbelt on ''Come on squirt we'll be late'' Tom gets in the car and drives to the airport. Tom parks his car and walks into the airport and checked it. In a little while they were inside the plane to paris. Tom held her hand as they sat next to each other in first class. After a great flight they both reached paris and was lead to their hotels. Tom set their luggage inside and smiles "Sis, can you sit down, i wanna talk to you about something" Luce looked at her younger brother with love and interest as she sat down on the bed and crossed her leg over the other and rested her hands on her knee ''Sure whats wrong?'' she frowned wondering if he was about to tell her he wanted to go home, she wasnt expecting to hear what she was about to hear.Tom laughs a bit "Nothings wrong sis.

Everything amazing. I just wanted to thank you for loving me so much and caring for me. I love you more than anything else in this world. The thing i wanted to tell you was". Tom froze for a minute and then came close to her and kisses her lips gently and moves back looking down "I love you more than just a sister, i love you as my girl.

No one knows that we are bro and sis here, so i was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date ?" Luce's eyes went wide as she blinked a little and blushed feeling his lips on hers, she didnt say anything for a while as she stood up taking his face in her hands kissing his lips softly ''I'd love to.

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aslong as when we get back we relax and watch a film'' she looked him in the eyes finally realising why she was so jealous of Amanda and why she always loved him alot. she was inlove with him. she was scared and excited at the same time. Tom feels his heart beating faster but he looks at her face and sees her smiling which made him the happiest guy in the world.

Tom holds her cheeks and kisses her back deeply not wanting to stop ever. He then winks and looks at her "Well then, i will go get changed and we can go out and have some fun" Tom kisses her lips gently and walks inside his room to get changed Luce felt asif she was floating on air, grabbing her dress from her bag she went into the bathroom.

Jumping in the shower she shaved the places that needed shaving, washed her hair and placed it in a bun. Pulling her dress over her head she looked in the mirror biting her lip wondering if it would cause her little brother to go crazy.

Shaking her head she walked out and waited for him on her bed and smiled a little feeling nervous. Tom went into his room and takes out his suit. He had thought about asking Luci out but now in reality it was much harder. He wore the suit and tried to look mature for her and wanted to give her the best day of her life. Tom walked out the room and he was open mouthed when he saw his sister.

She looked amazing, she looked more beautiful than any girl he has ever met. "Wow sis, you look amazing" Luce blushed and her eyes ran over her brother walking over to him, sorting out his collar she kissed his cheek whispering ''And you look as handsome as ever, so much like daddy'' she pulled back stroking his cheek, he was taller than her and she loved it.

Pulling away she felt like she could just stay in this room the whole trip with him and didnt know what to do ''Ready?'' she smiled with a little nervous giggle.

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Tom walks close to her "Yes, i have been waiting for this day for a while now". Tom holds her hand and walks out of the room. He had booked a car, he opens the door for his sister letting her enter and then he climbs inside and starts driving towards the restaurant. After a few wrong turns he finally reaches the restaurant and he leads her inside.

He sits opposite her and smiles "I will have what you are having" Luce looked around her eyes wide as she turned looking at him ''You cant afford all this squirt!'' she whispered leaning closer running her hands over his lips ''But the gesture makes me wants to kiss you so bad'' she giggled and looked at the menu ''Ill just have your chicken ceasar pasta'' she rubbed her foot against Tom's leg gently her eyes on the menu still. He laughs and holds her hand "Yes i can Luci.

I love you more than anything in this world. And i want our date to be special and amazing, because you are mine and i will always love you and dont worry, i have been saving money so i can easily afford it. Well i would love that kiss now". Tom sticks his tongue out at her and then gently laughs and orders 2 chicken salad and looks into her eyes "I mean it, you are my love" She bit her lip gently moving around to him and kissed him softly on the lips, her own lips quivering slightly as she placed her free hand against his cheek then she pulled back ''I.I love you too squirt, i mean it.


i never realised until earlier but i do'' she whispered before she sat back down her eyes looking to the table then she looked back up at him.Tom kisses back deeply and wide smile spreads over his face as the kiss was amazing.

Tom watches the waiter serve the dishes and pour 2 glasses of champagne.

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Tom picks up his glass and takes a sip and takes a bite of his chicken "Hmm tastes good. Today is the best day of my entire life. I am having a date with the girl of my dreams" Luce blushed deeply as she sipped the champagne and watched him with curiousity, it was only now she noticed how muscular he was, how his eyes shone in the light. She felt like she was in a dream. Rubbing her foot up his leg she took a bite of her pasta and giggled softly ''And im on a date with the only guy i've had my eyes on'' she whispered her eyes sparkling a little.

Tom ate his pasta and chicken and rubs his leg against her thighs and winks. Tom sipped his champagne and then holds her hand "Well you still feel like watching a film ?" Tom smirks as he gets up and pays the bill and lifts her up "Or something else ?" Luce wrapped her arms around his neck as she breathed heavily kissing up is neck nibbling on his ear and whispered ''How about a very hot and sexy film whilst maybe something else'' she whispered her eyes showing the lust she felt inside of her as she giggled.

Tom kisses her back and bites her lips gently "Well just forget about the film and just get ahead to the something else part" Tom winks and leads her back to his car and he drives back to their hotel. Tom opens the door to the room and pins her against the wall and starts kissing her deeply closing the door behind her. She gasped throwing her arms around his neck, sliding her tongue into his mouth and moaned softly as their warm tongues wrestled together.

Her moans couldnt stop as she pushed him back onto.the bed sitting ontop of him. Tom kisses back running his hands down her body and then smirks looking at her "hmm yes sis.

I am all yours". Tom kisses her more passionately, sliding his tongue into her mouth and tastes her and then teases her tongue with his own Luce ripped his shirt off and whispered "Are you a virgin?" She asked kissing down his chest slowly whilst undoing his belt and trousers pulling them off before straddling his waist.

Tom nods gently and looks at her "I have been saving myself for you sis. I always wanted you to be my first. And i lied to you, Amanda broke up with me because i refused to have sex with her. I am only yours. And i want this to be special, hmm i do have llingerie costumes in my bag" Tom winks and kisses her/ She kissed him back and stroked her hands down his body "I'm not a virgin though, i havent been since i was 13" she whispered grinding herself down onto his now pronounced stiff cock.

Tom smirks hearing her "Well that makes you the expert" Tom moans a bit feeling his cock getting harder "Oh yes sis.

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Please me, let me lose my virginity today" Luce got on her knees between his legs and pulled off his boxers and licked his cock "get hard squirt, get hard for me" she whispered. Tom winks and looks down at his sister as she gets him naked. Tom feels his cock getting stiffer and bites his lips "Why dont you give it some of your love ?

i would love a blowjob" Licking her lips she slid her mouth around his cock and began sucking his cock, groaning she hadnt realised how big he was.Tom moans as he feels his sisters tongue swirl around his big hard cock. Tom smiles "Oh my god, sis you are amazing, keeps sucking my cock" Luce groaned deep throating herself as she gagged and lifted up sucking harder before moving up and placed him against her pussy "want this squirt, do you want this pussy!" She whispered nibbling his ear.

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Tom runs his hands down her body and then quickly pins her down on the bed and comes ontop of her. "yes i am sis, i am gonna fuck your pussy again and again, before that i am gonna have some fun with your body" Luce gasped the way he was speaking was turning her on so much she could hardly handle it "Mm do it Tom. do it" she whispered leaning her head back and closed her eyes. "You are a naughty girl, sucking your own brother's cock".

Tom winks and pulls off her top revealing her breasts and squeezes them tightly and leans forward to licks her nipples. She gasped arching her back as he did this "Mmm but it felt so good" she moaned as her nipples began to stand erect.

Tom takes her nipples into his mouth and teases them with his tongue making them rock hard. He then bites her nipples and pulls on them to tease her Luce moaned louder arching her back "oh god you're so good" she whispered through pleasure.Tom kisses down and then spreads her legs and smirks seeing her wet panty "look at that, you are dripping baby". Tom bites off her panty and throws it away "You wont need that" Luce's eyes went wide as he spoke and she shivered and took a deep breath "Mmm eat me" Tom leans forward and licks her pussy "hmm sis you taste so good.

I love it" Luce shivered gripping onto the bed as she breathed heavily "Mm good" she whispered. Tom spreads her legs more and licks her pusssy again. He then takes her pussy lips into his mouth and sucks on them licking off the pre-cum on it. Luce moaned louder lifting her hips up off the bed ''Oh damn squirt!'' she whispered not able to understand at how he was so good at eating pussy.

Her eyes closed as she moaned gripping her hands into his hair and shoving his face deeper into her pussy. Tom slaps her pussy as he sucks on it hard "hmm tasty pussy". Tom looks up into her eyes and then spreads her pussy lips and swirls his around her beautiful pink clit and then sucks on it.

Luce moaned louder and lifted herself up off the bed in ecstasy and moaned even louder ''Oh fuck Tom!'' she whimpered as her legs began to shake and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.Tom rubbed his fingertips on her clit as he licked it.

He then opens up her pussy with his fingers and slides his tongue inside and starts tongue fucking her pussy "hmm.mmm sis" Luce thrashed around on the bed moaning even louder gripping her fingers into his hair and shoved his face deeper into her pussy ''Oh god yes!

Yes!'' she cried out as she began nearing her climax. Tom slides his two fingers inside and starts fingering her hard while nibbling on her sweet clit.

He thrusts his fingers in and out of her pussy and hears her loud moans "Oh yes, cum for me, let me taste you" Luce let her hands drop to her side gripping at the covers underneath her as her body tense and froze, and a scream of pleasure left her lips as she came on his fingers, her body shuddering as this climax was her strongest one ever.

Tom takes out his fingers as he feels her tense up and climax. Tom opens her mouth letting her sweet cum squirt into his mouth. He licks her pussy off very drop of cum and then swallows it. "Hmm you taste so amazing". Tom comes up and kisses her lips deeply "And yet you call me squirt" Luce blushed deeply as she kissed him back and rolled him over licking his lips and smiled ''Their was a reason i called you that though'' she grinned and ran her hands through his hair ''God if mom and dad knew what we was doing'' she whispered leaning down and kissed his neck softly.

Tom holds her cheeks and kisses her lips deeply and passionately "They would be too busy. You are the only one who ever cared about me. I love you so much sis" Tom pins her down on the bed and gets up "Hmm sis, now i am gonna fuck your sweet pussy" Luce shivered at his way of words and sat up shifting to the end of the bed she whispered ''Fuck me hard Tom, give me that cum of yours please'' she whispered feeling extremely hot and horny as she eyes his huge cock.

He spreads her legs onto his shoulder and then rubbed the head of his cock on her pussy trying to get some of her cum on it. He then rubs more trying to tease her before fucking. "Tell me how much you want it sis.

Beg me to fuck your pussy" he winks She gasped and gripped onto the bed biting her lip hard as she looked up at him, her body shook in anticipation of being fucked ''Oh fuck Tom please, just slam it deep into me, fuck me like never before. Let me take your virginity'' she cried out thrusting her hips up into the air. Tom smirks hearing her words and then suddenly thrusts his cock inside her pussy.

He moans feeling her tight pussy squeezes against his cock and it felt amazing. He bites his lips and keeps fucking her trying to get a rhythm "Oh sis, that feels amazing" She moaned loudly, pulling a pillow over her face so no one would hear her cries of pleasure. Her eyes rolled and her hips moved slowly, she moved her legs around his waist and pulled him into her deeper getting him into a rhythm ''Oh Tom!'' she called out as she felt really good.

Tom moves the pillow away and leans forward and kisses her lips deeply "Sis, i wanna hear your cries of pleasure while i fuck you". Tom smirks and starts fucking her harder and gets a rhythm going giving her more pleasure "oh sis, love your tight pussy" Her back arched off the bed as she cried out, her body shuddering and tensing as she scratched her nails down his back ''Oh fuck Tom, you're so big.

Yes right there'' she moaned out as her toes began curling. Tom spreads her legs wide to give more space to fill her pussy with his cock. He keeps driving his cock deeper into her pussy while he leans forward and kisses her neck "Sis, you are so hot" Screaming out,her hands pulled his head up to hers and she kissed him passionately rolling them over and straddles his waist and began riding him like crazy, her back arching as he constantly hit her g-spot causing her to have an orgasm, her screams filling the room.

Tom bites his lips and looks up to see his sister ride his cock. He holds her hips and helps her to ride his cock. He moans feeling her hot cum on his hard cock "Oh yes, keep riding me, i love it" Leaning down she kissed his lips and whispered ''Ill give you some lessons about sex squirt'' she whispered and lifted up so only his tip was in the entrance to her pussy then slammed down, a moan leaving her lips as she continued to do this to him.

Tom nods and runs his hands over body and slaps her breasts and squeezes them tightly. He moans out loud as she does her moves and bites his lips "oh fuck yes sis you are amazing at this, keep going" He holds her ass cheeks and squeezes them.

Luce watched her little brothers facial expressions and smiled softly as she rested her hands on his chest and picked up the pace, as she picked up the pace, the bed began rocking and slamming against the wall as she gasped hitting her second orgasm ''Oh fuck squirt!!'' Tom feels her cum on his cock again.

He holds her to stop her from riding so that he could hold back his cum, he wanted to have more fun before he cummed.

He takes out his cock and picks her up and gets her on all fours and starts fucking her pussy from behind Luce gasped and arched her back ''Oh shit, shit!'' she whimpered clawing at the bed sheets under her and hung her head moaning and thrusting back as the pleasure took over her, purposely she tightened her pussy around his cock then untensed it and bit her lip.Tom pulls her hair and kisses her neck and bites gently.

He slams his cock deeper into her pussy with each thrusts. He wraps his arms around her and starts playing with her erect nipples. He then starts fucking her slow that she could feel every inch of his cock.

Luce closed her eyes as she took a couple of deep breaths holding back her 3rd orgasm as she moaned softly ''Oh god Tom give me your cum. please'' she begged him as she thrusted back against him, wanitng to feel his warm cum inside of her. Tom fucked her harder and pushes his cock as deep as he can inside her tight pussy and holds it there.

He moans as he feels his cock erupt and shoot his cum. He shoots his load one after the other deep into her pussy "Oh.

Fu.Fuckkk Yes.!!!" Luce gasped and cried out in pleasure as soon as he started cumming her 3rd orgasm took over, her body and pussy tenssing as she began shuddering, once the ordeal was over she fell against the bed panting her hands loosening off the covers and she took slow deep breaths. Tom took out his cock which was shrinking after it had shot its load. Tom holds her close and kisses her lips deeply and passionately "Oh my god, sis, that was AMAZING.

I loved it, you are the best, i love you" Luce kissed him back her thumb stroking across his cheek as she talked a little hoarsely ''I.I'm glad you enjoyed it squirt, I love you too'' she whispered cuddling up to him kissing him again and again.