Free gay sex and from Bareback Scouts Earn A Badge

Free gay sex and from Bareback Scouts Earn A Badge
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Author's note: Fiction Noun 1. The class of literature the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective fiction. 3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story: We've all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health. 4.

the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining. 5. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation.

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6. Law. an allegation that a fact exists that is known not to exist, made by authority of law to bring a case within the operation of a rule of law. All of my works are works of fiction. Meaning they are made up. The characters, though sometimes loosely based on a real person, are fictional. Why did I find the need to change my introductory note? Because people seem to not know what fiction is. Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It in no way reflects actual events that I have seen or been in anyway a part of.

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The people within, though may have been based on actual persons, are in no way real. The story is made up, it's fake, and any confusion with real life events means you should go get your head examined. Warning: This chapter may include topics that people are uneasy with such as but not limited to: Beastiality, Incest, Rape, Forced Sex, Sex with a virgin, Sex with a person in a status where they do not have normal cognitive abilities, or sex with objects.

If you do not like to read such stories, please click away and read something else.

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If it is illegal for you to view such stories, please click away and read something else, as I cannot be held liable for something you read. The purpose of this or any of my other stories is entertainment. Thank you Arquillius NOTE: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE OVER THE AGE OF 18 AS THERE ARE NO AGES LISTED! [U] [i]は[B] 注:リストNO AGESがないため、この物語のすべての文字は、18歳以上の[/ B] [/ I] [/ U]! [u] [i] [b] REMARQUE: Tous les personnages de cette histoire ont atteint l'âge de 18 ans comme IL N'Y A PAS âges donnés [/ b] [/ i] [/ u]!

[u] [i] [b] Let wel: Alle karakters in hierdie storie oor die ouderdom van 18, aangesien daar geen OUDERDOMME AANGEDUI [/ b] [/ i] [/ u]! [u] [I] [b] SHËNIM: Të gjitha personazhet në këtë histori janë mbi moshën 18 vjeçare pasi nuk ka Moshave Listuara [/ b] [/ i] [/ u]! And then I fucked her&hellip.

I went to school today, 12th grade, last day… I didn't pay attention to the test… Didn't care… proctor wasn't pleased… still got A's. Walked into the hall after the test and the proctor said I should pay more attention, that my grades mattered for life. I turned to her and told her that she was a lying bitch and no one but a college cares about a high school education… and then I fucked her.

I left her sitting there against the wall, all three of her holes filled with my cum. Fucking cunt. Jizz all over her body and clothing, though her clothing was part way off. Yeah she liked my foot long… She didn't say a word as I walked away… An education really doesn't matter today, it's all about experience&hellip.

I have plenty… I walked out of the school today, last day of 12th grade, and headed to a coffee shop… I ordered an expresso and a shot of vanilla for it.

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The barista was cute, so we went to the back&hellip. And I fucked her&hellip. The looks on everyone's faces as I came out of the back… You could tell that they all knew&hellip. I grabbed my drink and headed down the street&hellip.

Walking along, I was stopped by a cop, who was kind of hot&hellip. I hadn't done anything wrong… until I fucked her… right there in public with cars passing by, I didn't mind, they can enjoy the show, I left her much like the others, covered in a filled with my cum… This was daily shit for me… and I walked away… Got home and my dog wouldn't shut the fuck up… barking and such… what the hell did she want from me&hellip.


SO I fucked her&hellip. Little bitch, I'm the alpha, you know you like it, wishing my seed could fill that itch you cant reach… Went outside to tan by my pool, sister came out too in that skimpy bathing suit, that didn't stay on long, as I fucked her… torn away like rags, only for her to take it again and again. Forbidden fruit my ass… if anyone protested I'd show them what I had… Afterwords over to my neighbor's too&hellip. She's gotta be at least 92… but that didn't stop me… as I fucked her&hellip.

Wrinkly old bitch… you love it… my seed all over your saggy ass tits… ain't Alzheimer's a bitch? Went back home again, Found mom pulling in. She had barely gotten out of the car, when I fucked her… I did it in front of dad too, he didn't care or at least didn't say shit&hellip.

Took the car after that… went to popeyes for some chicken… made my way into the kitchen, where the hot cook was waiting for me, to fuck her&hellip.

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Fucked her on top of a tray of chicken… who said fucking can't be finger licking&hellip. Served out a couple orders with my cum on it after&hellip. Went to the mall from there… went to see the jewelry lady, told her I wanted a gold cock ring… before I fucked her&hellip. In the middle of her store too&hellip. No one said a thing, maybe worried about what I might do, as I fucked her… Next I went to the summer display… hotties working in bikinis all day, pulled them aside one by one, and fucked them… Made my way back home again… sister laying in front of the tv… she didn't have time to notice me… when I fucked her&hellip.

Pounded that ass and pussy too… because I always seem to need to screw&hellip. Even as I fuck them… She cried out as I came deep in her pussy again and again, knowing that there was no protection, when I fucked her.

Mom stood there and watched too, naked and just wanting to screw, sucking my cum out of my sister's cunt, when I fucked her. Her titties bounced all over the place, until I pulled out and fucked her face, she didn't protest at all, when I fucked her… Next it was my dog before bed… fucked her holes and then off to sleep… dreaming of fucking for a straight week&hellip. Woke up the next morning to a blowjob and a cunt in my face&hellip.

Older sister knows her place&hellip. Fucked her hard, with no protection again… then went for a walk after it… Walked down the street and had some old man start shit with me, cause I flicked my cigarette and it landed on his lawn… Walked up to him and with a single punch knocked him out… then I shit on his face… a long fat terd that covered his face… then I went into his house and I found his old ass wife… she was all kind of saggy… but I fucked her&hellip.

She enjoyed every second too… told me she hadn't enjoyed it that much since 1922… Told me to come over the next day and I could fuck her daughter and grandkids too… Walked back outside and saw that same cop driving down the road, flagged her down and bent her over her hood as I fucked her&hellip. She threw my ass in her car and told me we were going for a ride&hellip.

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She brought me to the jail house and got me inside… women's jail… so I could show what I do… Cause I fucked her&hellip. So I began taking the lady inmates one by one… fucked 'em hard and made them cum… made them reform in a way they never thought was true… then I turned to the guards and fucked them too&hellip.

One guard was fat, had to weigh 522&hellip. Laid her on the ground and fucked her too&hellip. Inmates cheering her on as she enjoyed my pole&hellip. Left the prision and went back to the school. Found the swim team and by the pool, that's where I fucked them.

Didn't care if they had boyfriends or not, all I know is that fuckign them hit the spot.

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Maybe I'm a sex addict, maybe I'm not, But I fucked them. Found the coach and fucked her too. Filled her full of my amazing goo. Then found the principal, what a shrew, but I fucked her. Came in her eye hard enough that I think I blinded her, oh fucking well. Pissed in her plant on the way out… The parking lot is where I found the barista girl when I was leaving, bent her over a car and left her hardly breathing when I fucked her so hard and came down her throat.


Don't know why I fuck so many chicks all day… here it is about 9 months later, and I have to pay… so many kids now, no fucking way… can't wait until they are 18… so I can teach them all to fuck my way…