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Boy me mamando no matinho
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The Act of Vengeance Chapter 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I told you I would be back," I laughed when I noticed her startled look. "Did you really think I would leave you here like this?" She remained silent. "Anyway, we weren't done yet," I could see her tensing up at my words.

"I mean I still need to hear about your medical records. I assume there is nothing I should be worried about?" I knew she wanted to reply with something along the lines of: "You've got plenty to worry about" but instead she chose to another response.

"No there is not, but we should use safety measures just in ca-" Smack! My hand tinkled from the impact with her ass. "Did I give you permission to speak your thoughts? No, I can't remember I did." I brought my mouth a few inches from her ear.

"Always ask permission to speak your mind. That's a rule I forgot to mention. You know, because I got interrupted and all." She swallowed, expecting more punishment. I have to admit, I really did think of slapping her ass some more.

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However, I also knew that if I made her too sore, I would regret it tomorrow. Therefore I let her off the hook this time.

"Now that I've told you it won't happen again, will it?" "N-No, master." She tried her hardest to conceal another sob. "That's better. So you're sure there is nothing I need to be aware of?" "There isn't anything you need to be aware of, Master." I couldn't help but smile. She finally produced a correct response.

"Good." I was planning on teaching her to orgasm at my command, but I thought it would be better to let her please me first. After all, I thought, that would be her main purpose in life now.

"Alright, time to move on," I stretched my arms and placed myself in front of her head. Her hands were still chained to the massage table, but I had made sure the chains were long enough for her to reach a few centimeters ahead. I had also lifted her head a little bit above her shoulders. It still wasn't a very pleasant position, particularly when giving head, but fortunately I didn't give a damn. "You know what I want you to do," I said smugly.

"I d-don't understand," a tear appeared in the corner of her eye. O, hell no. I don't want to deal with a crybaby all the time. "Don't you dare to fucking cry bitch. Did you see me cry when I got beaten to a pulp?

This is nothing compared what I had to endure. If there is one thing that annoys me the most it's crybabies. I just cannot deal with them." My speech only made things worse. Her sobbing became louder and the tears were almost pouring now. "Bitch, stop crying or I will give you something to cry about!" I threatened. She finally got a hold of herself and raised her head. "Please, please, I-I don't want to…" she tried to connect our eyes, hoping I would give in to her plead.

What the hell was she thinking? That I took her here for some nice chit-chat and then afterwards let her go again? Man she really has the wrong idea.


"This will become daily business for you, so you better get used to it. If I don't feel some lips around my cock in the next minute, I would have to get the knife again." I paused for a second to let the message get across. "Please…" She let out a muffled whisper. I wasn't impressed. With one last sigh of resignation she placed her hands on my thighs. "It might be wise to start with loosening the belt before you try to lower my pants," I tried to sound strict, but the situation was just too adorable.

The slight blush on her cheeks after she noticed her mistake made me even hornier. As she was struggling with my belt, my dick had already become rock hard. I muttered a curse. I didn't want to come in her mouth the moment I put it in.

I needed to man the fuck up. When Amy noticed my huge hard-on she was a bit surprised. I prayed that she wouldn't laugh, because if she did, this night would've gone in a complete different direction. Fortunately she controlled herself. She pushed my pants further down and paused. "Well, go on. My cock isn't going to free itself." I made a go on motion with my hand. In embarrassment she turned her eyes away from me. "That won't do either. I want you to look at me." As quick as lightning she shoved down my underwear.

After a few seconds she turned her head towards me again. I guess she didn't want my dick to suddenly poke her in the eye. Fair enough. The huge bulge must've scared her. "T-that is." she stammered when she saw the glory of my dick. "Yes I guess you can call it huge." I didn't really know if it was that big compared to other dudes, but I did know it was big in general. Terror in her eyes, heavily shaking, she was on her way to a breakdown again. "Listen, you don't have to take it all yet.

I'll see how far you can go," I needed her to be a perfect cocksucker and forcing your whole member down her throat without proper instructions would only be a waste. It would also result in a waste that I didn't feel like cleaning. "However, if you don't try to please me and you bet I can tell- then this won't end pretty. At least, not for you.

O and one more thing: if you dare to bite I'll chop your head off with the knife. Do you understand what I'm saying?" "Yes, m-master," she was still a bit hesitant, but carefully brought her lips to my shaft. O god, it's really going to happen. Amy sucking my cock, who would've thought… She was very timid at first, only touching the shaft with the tip of her tongue.

Even though such a small sensation gave me immeasurable pleasure, I wanted more. It was obvious she wasn't giving it her all. Man, I would almost feel pity for Ian if this was as far as she would go. "Come on; take it in your mouth now." I pushed my dick against her lips. I had never seen a girl open her mouth as slowly as she did.

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When her mouth eventually closed around my dick the combined feeling of warmth and moisture overwhelmed me. I accidentally let out a soft grunt. Amy didn't seem to notice and gradually worked about four inch of me inside her mouth. "Far 'nugh?" Her breath gently stroked my cock when she spoke. I knew masturbating was nothing compared to female interaction, but this was just a whole other league. I was going to endure it and last as long as I possibly could. "I don't want you puking all over the floor so I'll let that decision up to you right now." That was when it really started.

Her tongue started to circle around my shaft, imitating the motion of my masturbating hand. Occasionally she would tease me by stimulating my urethra. It was clear as a blue sky that she wasn't a novice in this area. And boy was she making it hard for me to hang on.

I don't know if she wanted to humiliate me by making me come in less than five minutes or if she just wanted to prove herself. Getting more turned on I began to thrust harder and harder in her mouth. I held on longer than I expected, but when she pushed her hand on my groin I was done for. I grabbed her head and firmly held her in place as I poured every last drop of cum in her throat. With a sigh of fulfillment I collapsed on the nearest chair.

Amy hadn't spilled a drop, which was a fair accomplishment considering how much I had come. "You've done well. You actually managed to please me, not bad. We aren't done though." My dick was still rock hard. Besides I really wanted a taste of her pussy. 'Once I had left my mark there, she would belong to me instead of Ian, so I thought. I positioned myself behind her. "Now the real deal," I smirked as I stroked the tip of my dick against her labia.

"No! Not there!" She gasped, "y-you can do it in my mouth again… but please… not there." "Hmm…" I scratched my chin, "I suppose I could put it somewhere else." My dick was now poking against her asshole. "NO! NO, NO, NO!" She trashed around so violently that I had to abandon my teasing and seize her throat.

My face was only centimeters away from hers as I forced her to look at me. "It's your choice: Which of the two do you prefer?" "I don't want to-" I squeezed her throat a little harder. "You don't have anything to want. If you want I can make the choice for you. Isn't it the dream of every man to-" "Okay," she whispered. "What now? You've to speak a little louder for me to hear," teasing her was such fun.

"Alright," her voice complied but her eyes were full of defiance. "Alright what? I don't know what you mean. You have to be more specific." It wasn't completely necessary to make her say the words, but I had my reasons. First of all, it would be a small contribution to the long progress of brainwashing. I didn't really believe in the effectiveness of brainwashing (at least not by the likes of me) but I did believe that with conditioning and authority, she had the potential to change.

At least that I hoped. The other reason was a very simple one. Seeing her like this gave me a huge turn on. Here, she wasn't the diva she had been at school, but a helpless (and now heavily blushing) female lying naked on a message bench.

My words had made her even more uncomfortable and I sincerely doubted whether she would elaborate on her words. Eventually she brought out a few words with extreme struggle. "U-Use m-my v-v-v-vagin-n-n-na p-please," I almost laughed at how silly this was. She even used the word 'vagina'. What an unfitting word; I didn't find it appealing at all. However, it was still more than I expected. The word "Master" had apparently slipped her mind for a moment, but I couldn't bring myself to hit her again.

Not in this cute state that she had entered. "As you wish," with a bow I turned around and focused my attention on her behind. When I abruptly inserted my finger inside her pussy she let out a squeal. "I hope you don't make a lot of noise when we're fucking." I produced a small smile. "I mean that wouldn't please Master and we wouldn't want that would we?" I added another finger inside her. It was surprisingly dry. I had expected at least some feeling of moisture. Fucking her raw would be interesting, but I decided against it.

I rather had her somewhat wet. Thus I agreed on playing with her first. I gently slid my fingers out of her again, inducing a strong shiver from her body. Not giving her any time to catch her breath I pushed my fingers back in again.

I curled my fingers and made a 'come hither' motion, searching for her g-spot. I figured I might as well go for the most effective method to make her wet. I didn't want to spend ages on pleasing her. My dick wouldn't have liked that very much. Still, I didn't forget her situation.

It was an extreme challenge to get her even a little wet. Maybe that was also the reason I headed straight for her most erogenous zones. I wished that her reaction to getting her g-spot stimulated would be positive. A poor suppressed moan told me all that was necessary. She was indeed very sensitive here. I continued to stimulate her G-spot and eventually caressed her clit with my thumb. As time went on my fingers were becoming more wet. After all, she couldn't shut off her senses entirely.

When I decided it was time for the main show I positioned myself closer to her. "Here I come," I smoothly entered her in one whoop. A bit to my frustration, she barely reacted. Wanting to provoke her, I gave her a swift spank. Just as she opened her mouth to protest I rammed my dick into her. "Aaaah," her moan echoed off the walls. Very good. I have to admit I wasn't being very considerate of her. I just concentrated myself on the immense pleasure.

Her moisty and tight pussy made my mind melt. Not to mention her incredible, well-sized ass that was bouncing right on my thighs. This bitch was really driving me nuts. Occasionally I would grope one of her tits.

They had every right to be adored. I got carried away to the point that I almost forgot to not come inside her. I gave a few more thrusts before pulling out. While still stroking my dick, I placed myself a few centimeters from her face. "Open your mouth," I didn't have much time.

My balls began to tighten. With a load groan I came, missing a few drops of cum, which landed on her face instead of her mouth.

A tear dripped from her eye and mingled with my cum. I couldn't help but to see a small reflection of me in that tear. Countless of nights I spent crying, alone in my dark room. What she was feeling now was merely a fraction of my past despair. A small pool compared to a vast ocean. Rape, it sounds harsh, but mental and physical torture lasting years isn't even comparable to it.

If I were to release her back into society, she would surely recover. I however remain scarred, robbed of my youthful years. Years I was now making up for through sheer force. "Make sure to catch it in your mouth next time," I was pissed off that she reminded me of my weak self. Obviously it wasn't her fault that I plainly missed some of it. In fact, she hardly complained at all.

I gave a look at my watch: 1 am. Not that late yet. However, all my juice had already been drained and I was overcome with a feeling of exhaustion. There was no need to rush things. Tomorrow there would be another day.

Thus I decided to call it a quit for the night. I changed the massage table in a stance that allowed Amy to lie at least a little bit comfortable. The entire time I was struggling with that damned thing, Amy kept giving me quick glances.

She was probably expecting another session. I cleaned myself and prepared for bed. "We're going to sleep," I said casually. "Wh-what?" she asked. I coughed as loud as I could, trying to indicate her mistake. "M-master," she added. "Yes now. I'll be sleeping here with my knife. You will be sleeping where you're lying right now." Her eyes grew wide. "B-but I can't sleep like this! At least let me clean myself otherwise I-" "I don't see the problem," I interrupted her, "your hygiene can wait till tomorrow.

I'm too tired to concern myself with such matters." "But-" "You're beginning to annoy me. Is that still your motive?" My voice expressed a dark undertone. One I didn't even know I had. "No…" She spoke softly. "Good, then let's sleep. You especially should enjoy every hour of sleep." I turned the lights off. "Good night then." That night I was tormented by the silent sobs of a bounded girl.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning came way too early. Light rays penetrated the trailer from every corner. It was my first night in this trailer and I already hated it. But as it were, my options were very limited. A yawn was drawn from my mouth. The bitch had kept me up most of the night. For the sake of my health, something had to change.

I turned around in my bed and was saluted by the sight of Amy's still naked body. I knew she hadn't escaped due to her abundant presence last night. Which I guess in turn was a good thing. "How was your night?" I rubbed my eyes and sat up straight. She didn't reply. "Hey, if I ask you a question you reply accordingly. Understood?" I was a bit pissed off at her for keeping me awake the whole night. "I slept fine, Master," her voice was once again stripped of any emotion.

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"That's good." It wasn't until I stood up that I noticed my raging boner. The notorious case called "morning wood" had struck me. I let my eyes slide across Amy's body. I shrugged, I might as well… "Hey Amy," I loosened my belt, "how about some early exercise." "W-what? Okay… Master," My heart skipped a beat. That was actually a very cute response.

What she said was totally out of character. How was I to respond? Was she finally realizing her situation: That she was better off pleasing me than resisting me? I was told it would take a while for the girl to become enlightened. Of course, it was a very plausible option she was manipulating me. Still, I didn't want to get paranoid.

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I changed my plans. I wanted to take her from behind again, but the slight blush that appeared on her face made me settle for a blowjob. Her oral skills were fantastic anyway.

"I want you to use your mouth again," I placed myself in front of her and freed my cock. She just nodded, avoiding any eye contact.

How could she be so shy? Hadn't she and Ian gone all the way? Shouldn't she have been angry instead of shy? Man, what was she thinking? "Open your mouth and remember: No biting." The tip of my cock was touching her soft lips. Her lips parted and gave way to my cock. Her warm breath welcomed me in. It remained hard to believe this was happening at all. She gently caressed the shaft with her tongue before taking it further inside. Her whole mouth was working to get me off.

Once again she opened the gates to heaven. My eyes soon rolled backwards in their sockets. As she got more fired up, her hair came down from behind her ears. Small strings of blond hair tenderly grazed my shaft. It made the situation even cuter. After a few minutes I was approaching my limit. "Ugh, I'm…I'm about to-" My breath was cut short. As soon as she heard the words, she lifted up her tongue and took me even deeper.

Unable to speak a single word without grunting I came into her mouth. After taking it all like the previous time, she cleansed my dick of every spot of sperm still remaining. I quickly backed off and sat myself down.

When I had my orgasm I had barely managed to stay standing. "That was incredible," I was still a bit out of breath. She deserved my compliment entirely. When she does well I felt it was necessary to praise her. A positive stimulant once in a while couldn't hurt. "Thank you, Master," it almost sounded as a whisper. "You're filthy, maybe we should do something about that," Not only was she indeed a bit filthy, I also wanted an excuse to untie her.

Being bound that long couldn't be good for your body. The last thing I wanted was for her to get injured. The only problem was that the shower of the trailer was absolute crap. It was crucial to find another hideout. I could bring her home and pass her off as my girlfriend, but Amy would surely make a big fuss. Unfortunately my parents were still home… Fuck me, I have to use this damn shower, don't I? I whispered a curse and got some handcuffs from a drawer. I also grabbed the collar I had prepared for her.

I approached Amy, the collar in my right hand and the handcuffs in my left. "No… NO! Please I don't want that!" aaaaand she was back to stage one. "Shut up! Jesus what are you screaming for? Do you want to be tied up all the time?

Don't tell me you actually like to-" "Of course not! You perv-" Smack! I had dropped the collar and gave her a smack on her ass. "How many of these do you need in order to obey the rules?" I opened up another drawer and got a whip. I initially hadn't planned to use it at all, but I already gave punished her twice with my bare hands. It was time for something a bit more impactful. She couldn't turn her head around to look at what I was holding.

The hit came as a complete surprise to her and the scream that followed was multiplied in magnitude because of it. "Damn whore, don't blame me for your mistakes! And for fuck sake will you not scream my ears off. It would only result in more punishment." The red mark on her ass made me worry about potential scars so the next few hits I held myself back a bit. "Please… PLEASE STOP! I get it… I understand…so please," she was crying out loud now.

"It's over now. What a shame that this had to happen. You even managed to please me for a little while." I towards the front of the massage table and lowered my face to hers. "It's over and it will surely not happen again. You'll be a good girl now, won't you?" "Y-yes, master," she replied. "I'm really sorry this happened, but trust me it was for the better. It will prevent future mistakes. Now we can only move forward." "Why, why do you keep hurting me&hellip.Master?" she was still in tears.

"Because you keep making mistakes Amy. Despite your foul history, I didn't feel pleasure in hurting you. I'm not a sadist." I am not a sadist…right? "There, there, don't let those tears taint your face." I wiped a few tears from her face. "Let's take a shower, alright?" It may be better to introduce the collar later.

"Yes, M-master," her sobs slowed down a bit. "You understand why I have to cuff you?" I had to tread cautiously. "Yes, Master." I untied her and cuffed her wrist together with mine. She was a bit stiff and getting her off the massage table proved somewhat difficult when your hands are chained together. I looked at her free hand and figure that she could easily find a way to overpower me and free herself.

I might have to use that… "Amy, I want you to wear this," I took her to another drawer and revealed a silver ring. "Will you wear it?" I ask her, although I know it's not up to her. "Of course, Master," she gave me her ring finger. When I pushed the ring in place I explained my reasoning behind the ring.

"This ring displays you're mine. And because I want you to remain mine forever, it won't come off; not without killing you at least. Furthermore, I can activate the ring whenever I want. So you better don't run on me. This can either be hell for you, or you can make the best of it." She hardly reacted to my words. The only change I noticed was the blood leaving her face. She had become extremely pale. "Still want to take a shower with me?" Again she had no choice, but the illusion of choice can play a very important role.

Besides by now she should've known better than to defy me. "Y-yes, Master," her voice had dropped a few notches. Well, after being told that you have a death device on your finger I suppose that would be the normal reaction. I seized her hand and lead her to the very small shower. I had a feeling this would become very awkward. Luckily, I only wore my underwear while sleeping, so I didn't have the problem of changing with one hand.

I took a towel from the closet and got into the shower. She eagerly followed. I guess she felt a huge urge to shower and dispose of her filth. The space we had was very limited and because of Amy's chest size, her breasts kept pressing against me.

Maybe I should keep showering here.

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I turned on the shower and was amazed by the temperature of the water. The hot streams of liquid splashed against my skin. It didn't take long before the room was filled with steam. After I was done with the soap I passed it on to Amy. Her wet body rubbed against mine as she began to wash herself. The whole scene remembered me of various porn movies I had seen back in the day. Only this time it wasn't scripted. I rubbed some shampoo in my hair and playfully threw the resulting foam at Amy.

Unsure how to react, she collected the foam and prepared to wash her hair with it. "Don't be ridiculous. You should wash your hair with actually shampoo," I squeezed some shampoo onto my hand and applied it to her head. The steam combined with the warm water had already made her face reddish, but now she turned full tomato. "Do you me to wash your hair properly or will you do it yourself? I don't mind either way." "Y-your hand is chained to mine…Master," She glanced at our hands.

I hadn't paid any attention to it, since we both washed ourselves with merely one hand. Why did she suddenly mention it now? Couldn't she just continue to use one hand?

"Wasn't it the entire time?" I wasn't sure what to think about this. "It was, but I cannot really wash myself properly with one hand Master," there was some truth in her words. I couldn't reach my back and washing my genitals proved very difficult with one hand. "I can't unchain us." "I understand, Master," she looked a bit disappointed. "What I can do however, is move my hand with yours," it would be awkward, but better than to stay filthy.

"W-what?" She could be horribly innocent sometimes. "Just wash yourself using two hands; I'll try to adjust my hand accordingly." "Okay… Master." Keeping up with her movements was proving more difficult than I had anticipated. Several times I had to twist my arm in a painful manner. This pain however, disappeared when she started washing her tits. Unable to distance my hand from hers, it was inevitable my hand was going to touch her. She completely ignored my hand and kept on scrubbing.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "That was certainly refreshing," we both got dressed and were sitting at a very small table. Amy hadn't liked it that I supervised her while she was putting on some clothes, but in return I had freed her hand. I trusted the ring and my presence would be enough to constrain her. "Maybe we should get to know each other better. We will be together for a while, you know?" "If that's what makes Master happy," her phrasing caught me off-guard again.


How was she adapting so quickly? No way that the punishments were this effective. So why did this seem second nature to her? I began to wonder what kind of relationship she had with Ian… "I still have this negative image of you.

You manipulated everyone around you and watched me suffer for years. That's not easy to forget. Hell, it's the main reason you're here right now." "Can I speak my thoughts, Master?" "Sure go ahead." I wondered how she would reply. "I have no objections. It's true what you just said and I realize my mistakes-" "I won't let you go, even if you've come to that conclusion. Not until your debt is repaid in full." Was she thinking she could manipulate me as well?

This dumb bitch should be more careful with her word. "I didn't think you would," she simply stated, "I do however have a question: Why not Ian?" "Maybe I've a killed him already, how would you know? Still that's none of your fucking business." It wasn't. Why did she care?

I found it hard to believe that she actually felt something for that animal Ian. No her interest in him laid elsewhere. "Why do you ask anyway?" "No particular reason." I pounded the table in anger. "Then don't waste my FUCKING time with that useless question," I let out a big sigh, "I don't understand how you can anger me even in normal conversation." "I'm sorry, Master." Either she was a very good actor, or she meant every word.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't waste my time with questions you won't get an answer to." "I…" she paused, blushing heavily, "I've another question if I may, Master." O god what am I to do with this girl?

"I guess that part of you never changes. Always pushing the limits eh? Fine, ask me." "What is the second reason you brought me here?" "To get back at that bastard Ian. I'm going to destroy everything he holds dear. I won't leave a shred of his pride intact. All that he enjoys will be turned to ash. He doesn't even deserve to wander this earth." My anger was rising up again.

"You've made me angry again…" "I'm sorry! I'm sorry I didn't mean to-" "It's alright; I guess I made myself angry.

Now that I've answered your answers, I have one for you: Can you honestly say that you love Ian?" She looked shocked. "Of course! I understand it if your perception of him isn't-" "Don't lie. I know very well what kind of man he is. That's why your relationship is so mysterious to me. While I do believe that you are both coldhearted bitches, I do not understand why you chose him. He's not capable of loving anyone, you know that right? " "I knew that even before I dated him," her confident attitude emerged again.

"I'll let that 'Master' pass for now. Just answer me. Why did you ask him to be your boyfriend? It's unusual for girls to ask first. So tell me, why? And don't you dare to lie: I can tell. " "I didn't need his love. I wanted his obedience. With the mighty bully Ian at my side, I could control the entire school. That's why I made him mine, Master." Made him mine… Strange word choice. "I see.

I expected nothing less of you. Do you even possess a heart?" She gave me a shy smile. "I'm sure you know, Master." What the hell does she even mean with that?

"Right. Moving on; who else did belong to your web of servants?" "I got almost every girl in our class and most of the boys. I could easily control the boys once I had my hands on Ian. The girls soon followed when they noticed my popularity, probably hoping to catch some of the attention. That's all, Master." I wasn't sure if she was bragging at this point.

She must've thought she was unbreakable: The queen of fools. How could she spit out such vile words so casually? I already knew there was no real love between Amy and Ian, but to think Amy had used Ian for such a purpose.

Ian should not find out. Otherwise kidnapping his girlfriend would've held no meaning. "You're worse than I thought." I mumbled. A girly giggle escaped her mouth. "I'm surprised you can laugh in your situation," I raised an eyebrow. The joy on her face melted away like snow. Good. She should know her place. She acts like all this happened with her permission. "Alright, let's play a game," I stood up and got myself the cards I had prepared for this occasion.

Games are always fun. "I place these cards face down. On each of them is written an action of sexual nature," seeing her facial expression I couldn't help but smile. "Here's the deal: You have only two chances to refuse a card.

When you've wasted them, you will have to perform whatever is displayed on the card. Are the rules clear?" "Yes, Master," she wasn't looking forward to this and with good reason. I had put some nasty stuff in there. "Good. Then let us begin. First you pick a card," I presented the cards to her. She carefully selected her card, based on absolutely nothing. "Alright, turn it around and tell me what it says." "Eh," she hesitated to speak the words. "Come on, read it aloud." "Take of your shirt seductively," the flush on her cheeks was already surfacing.

"Well that is pretty straightforward," I grinned. Not wanting to waste one of her get away cards she unbuttoned her blouse. I had been distracted by her perfect tits since the beginning of the conversation and could barely contain myself with excitement. Her pace was a little sloppy, but her at least she kept her eyes fixed at mine.

When she finally swayed herself free of the cloth, I couldn't be happier. Unfortunately she was still wearing her bra. "Good job! Now, on to the next card," I wanted more… much more. I had ordered the cards from mild to extreme. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I wasn't so sure. Could I resist my manly urges? Meanwhile Amy had picked another card. "You know the drill. Read it to me." "Complete your striptease until you wear nothing but your underwear," she wasn't affected by the sentence at all.

Neither was I. Her underwear was nothing worth mentioning. I had already seen it when we got dressed together. They were just some regular pink panties and matching bra. Well I've to admit: her bra was quite revealing. "Well, I'm waiting." I was quite impatient. This was all foreplay, but I was already way beyond that in my mind. She gracefully stood from her place and placed her hands on her thighs.

She then proceeded to undress as quickly as possible, throwing all her charm in the bin. "What on earth was that?" I exclaimed. "The card told me to undress so I did, Master," she put on a naughty wicked smile. She was definitely mocking me. "I suppose that's true, but I wouldn't call this a striptease.

Ah, whatever. You're still half naked so I guess I'm fine with it." At least things were moving along nicely now. "Next card please," I gave her the stack of cards. Instead of picking the next card, she took a card from the middle of the stack. Now this was surprising. Was this another act of rebellion?

All she was doing is skipping the foreplay. "Give a titjob," I almost couldn't hear her voice. So she got the titjob, not bad. Those tits had been staring at me the entire time, begging to be touched.

Now they finally had to do some work. "I-I've never done this before, Master," she stood wiggling with doubt. "I'm sure you get the idea.

Now get over here and please your master," I smoothly took off my pants and underpants. Next I made myself comfortable in my chair. This was going to be good.

Her head turned towards the door. Apparently she wasn't as carefree as she acted. "Go ahead, you'll be dead in a matter of seconds. When you betray me I don't give a fuck whether you die. Your purpose lies here now. So get over here and take your bra off," I made a stern face. I might've been a bit over the top, but I felt like reminding her of her situation. She was still a bit unwilling, but made her way to my crotch.

"Get on your knees. It'll be hard to get your tits around my dick when you're standing like that," I directed her to the right position. She remained still, waiting for her next instruction. "What are you waiting for? You know how this works. I can't believe you're so ignorant that you don't even know what a titjob is," talking her through every step would be extremely annoying.

"Yes, Master," she delicately took of her bra, exposing her sublime tits. Their glory almost made me blow my load right there. Their size was just right, a little more than my hands could hold.

They were tight and well arranged, almost symmetrical. Her tiny pink nipples made it all come together. I had seen them before, but knowing what was about to happen made my cock extremely excited; like a dog drooling for his favorite food. When she wrapped her tits around my already hardened cock I knew this is how I wanted to spend my life.

The image itself was already very tempting, but the feeling was just way beyond that. My cock was embedded in a mass of loveliness. It was soft and warming, yet not quite as pleasant as her pussy had been.

Her movement was a bit sluggish at first, but as time went on it gradually became more natural. Seeing her tits going up and down, while her face shyly hid behind them quickly eradicated my manly resolve. "Alright, alright, stop it there," there were still a lot of cards left. I couldn't allow myself to come right here. "Did I do well, Master?" Damnit stop playing the cute girl! Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation… "You did fine, for a first timer that is," I shouldn't give her too much confidence.

"Take the next card," she'd made me so horny I had a tough time sitting still. She did as commanded and read the card: "Take of your underwear as sexy as-" "Okay, fuck those cards," I was done playing. I could do whatever I want with her. I didn't have to wait until the right card shows up. It was fun at first, but my patience had just run out. I rose from my chair and strolled towards her with a steady pace.

Scared of what was to happen, Amy did a step back. "You should come closer instead," I dashed forward and got a hold of her arm. Without giving her much time to progress the situation I firmly pressed my lips against hers. "Mhmm, mmmhhhmm," she made some soft wimps of objection, but didn't push me off her. She didn't even protest when I wringed my tongue through her lips and infiltrated her mouth.

I had hoped for a little bit more participation in my French kiss, but as I predicted it was too much to ask. I let one of my hands slide across her back until I reached the curves of her ass. I thought about groping her tits instead, but using her ass I pushed her a bit towards me. My hand wouldn't let her back off.

After a few seconds her tongue finally undertook action. She must've realized that doing nothing wasn't acceptable. This was a good way to avoid any chance of punishment.

I leisurely broke the kiss and let my tongue descend on her neck. Her irregular breath warmed my ear as I made my way down to her breasts. Once I had arrived, I started to circle my tongue around her nipple. Her arms leaned on my shoulders, preventing her from losing balance. I withdrew my hand off her ass and eased her against the wall. Her resulting dazed expression was plain adorable and made me crave her even more. I slipped my hand in her panties and moved my mouth to the other breast.

"N-no…" It sounded more like a moan than a rejection. "Please…" she weakly pushed against my hand. I simply ignored her and slit my finger inside her pussy. There was no way I was stopping here. She was wetter than she had been the previous times.

Encouraged by her fluids, I began to develop a faster rhythm. "Ah, d-don't…" her eyes were squeezed shut. I sealed her mouth once again with mine. This time her tongue responded at my movements. If she was faking this, she would've been an outstanding actress.

It was shocking how fast she transitioned into her role. Not even 24 hours ago she had been crying her eyes out. It was suspicious to say the least. Maybe girls changed this fast in fantasies, but not in real life. I vaguely recalled the situation with Lena.

I could've screwed her if I had suppressed my thoughts. I wasn't going to question the ladies motive this time around; better to save that for after. "You're rather wet," I teased. "It's supposed to…" She had difficulty to speak through her panting. "Right," I clutched her hips and fluently turned her around.

With her hands against the wall, she prevented herself from falling over. In the resulting position, her ass was sticking out nicely. Her pink tinted panties were hanging loosely on her thighs, defeating their purpose.

Her crevice was showing all too clearly. "Let's get rid of these," I removed her panties with one big swoop, putting her pussy in clear view. She slowly stepped out of her underwear, obeying my unspoken command.

"I'm going to take you now," I softly whispered in her ear. I gave her tight ass a mild spank. She turned her head towards me, trying to catch a glimpse of my actions. At the start I taunted her by poking my dick slightly against her asshole. The first time the tip of my cock touched her there she cringed towards the wall. "You know it's inevitable, right?" I laughed wryly. The genuine fear in her eyes made me swallow. Yeah, it was inevitable, but it was not happening today.

I left her asshole for what it was and focused my attention on the real thing. I carefully laid my finger on her labia, feeling her moisture. Was it normal to be this wet without fancying the other person? I advanced my offense and tenderly inserted a finger inside her. In response she pushed out her hips even farther, as if she was welcoming the intruder in her pussy. Maybe I had turned her on more than I thought. After a bit of fingering I got a second finger in there.

She was breathing fairly loud now, indicating her feelings towards this situation. A thought shot through my mind. Maybe she has fancied me all along, but just couldn't bear to interact with me. That would mean that she had chosen to avoid me due to my social standing. It is either that or the fact that Ian is her boyfriend. What the hell am I thinking anyway? There was just no way in hell she fancies me.

Not too long ago she was crying her eyes out. I've just forgotten how manipulative she can be. I abruptly stopped pleasuring her. Surprised, she shot her eyes towards me. Her face was confused, thinking she had done something wrong. "Tell me what you want," my face was stone cold. I had to know. "Wha-what do you mean, Master?" I could sense the anxiety in her voice.

"Just tell me what you want right now." She blushed heavily. "I-I want you…" she avoided my gaze. "Well?" "I want you… to fuck me," she said exactly what I longed to hear. The only problem was that I had no idea whether she was sincerely craving my cock, or that she thought it would result in punishment otherwise. Well, it didn't matter for now. "Good," and with that I thrusted my raging cock into her begging pussy. Amy squealed with astonishment.


She hadn't expected me so suddenly. "Are you alright?" I tried to involve her a little more this time around. "I-I'm fine," she was a little out of breath. "Good, then I won't hold back," I carefully slid my few remaining inches further into her. "Hmpph," she groaned as response. I steadily began to establish a pace. Being inside Amy once more was intoxicating. Her warmth and tightness were simply incredible. Moreover, the mere sight of Amy getting fucked against the wall was enough to tighten my balls.

"Damn, you're tight," after pounding into her for the last couple of minutes my endurance was slowly seeping into the ground. Especially when Amy had started to grind her hips against me. She was clamping onto my organ as a newborn to its newfound mother. A most marvelous act, considering I was basically raping her. I never thought the ring would be this effective. It could've easily been some kind of bluff. After all, which teenager possesses such a thing?

"Let's get on the floor," I placed both my hand on her lower back. I then pressed us both down to our knees. I remained inside of her, forcing her into the doggy style position. When we both reached a stable position, I continued my ravage. As time flew by sweat began to drip from my forehead onto her butt. Her body heat greatly affected my own. However, I wasn't the only one who became increasingly sweaty. Amy's hair had become disheveled and began to stick her face.

Damn I'm not going to last much longer. Although Amy desperately tried to conceal every indication of pleasure, I did notice that her moans were getting more frequent. Yet, it was still hard to determine her state of mind. "It's… getting bigger," Amy panted. "I'm… I'm about to&hellip." I had trouble gathering enough breath. "Not i-inside…" Amy also had trouble controlling her breath.

"It's too late for that now," I had only a few seconds left. "I can't…" Amy's hand found mine, but she couldn't muster enough force to push me away. My assault on her pussy intensified with each passing second, until I couldn't hold back any longer.

I inhaled sharply as the waves of pleasure flooded my mind. All rationality had left my brain and with a low grunt I filled her up. Only after pushing out all the semen I had left, I saw that Amy herself was having an orgasm as well. Her whole body quivered with bliss before she collapsed on the floor. "Did you just…" I stood in awe. Did I really just make her come? "You…still…," Amy turned towards me. That's when I saw that her face wasn't just wet because of her sweat: She was crying and I had been too focused on her butt to notice.

I couldn't help but feel ashamed. Even though it was inevitable for her to cry, it still ruined the mood. Man, I really hate it when someone cries. "Amy, what's the matter?" I tried to comfort her with a gentle tone. I had great trouble summoning my friendly side. Had I already mentioned that I hate crybabies?

"I hate you&hellip." Amy's mind appeared to be very fragile at the moment. Especially since her body just experienced a mayor climax without her mental consent. "Get away from me," she dragged herself across the floor, drastically trying to distance herself from me.

It was a pathetic sight. "Amy, what are you doing? It's okay now. It's over." I tried to console her like a parent would. It was better to control my hidden anger for anger would surely span things out of control. "No,no,no,no," Amy kept repeating that same word as she crawled further and further into the corner.

I leaned forward and grasped one of her shoulders. I needed her to turn around so we could hold a normal conversation face to face. It's easier to communicate that way. Sadly, Amy couldn't appreciate this gesture and totally snapped. "How dare you to come inside!" She lashed out to me with her hand. "What the-" I hadn't seen this coming. Her second attempt was more successful. My naked skin was no match for her razor-sharp nails.

She sliced right through it, causing a staggering pain. "Aaaah, fuck me," I reached for my wounded leg. "Why-why do something that revolting!" Amy was screaming through her tears. Shit.

Why does it have to end like this? "Amy calm down already!" If the situation escalated any further I would be in serious trouble. She just wouldn't calm down. How could I be so fucking stupid to leave her unchained? Maybe violence was the only way to return her to her senses. I tried to grab her ankle, but her legs were going berserk. A maiden in distress is stronger than you'd think. "Get away from me!" Her scream left my ears ringing.

Maybe coming inside her was pushing her boundaries, but I knew it had to happen. Her whole body was mine and she needed to understand that. "If you calm the fuck down now, we can actually achieve something by communicating. Crawling up in the corner like a bitch doesn't help you at all." I betrayed my anger with that last sentence. My damn leg was burning as hell. Still, nothing got through to her.

She was in a state of total insanity. I desperately tried to get closer to her. I needed to get to her into a wrestling position, so I could force her to remain calm.

I managed to get passed her legs by pure willpower and was now heading for her shoulders. Despite a firm kick to the stomach I finally got a hold of her shoulders.

I placed myself on top of her, using my weight to keep her suppressed. I firmly held her shoulders in place. "How did you think this would end?" I was breathing rapidly.

I was already quite exhausted after the sex, but nothing compared to how tired I was feeling now. "For fuck sake Amy, you were doing so well," I hit the floor in frustration. "I know that I didn't listen to your fucking plea, but guess what? I don't have to. You need to understand that I am in control here." I snatched the handcuffs off the counter and turned her onto her stomach. Next I brought her arms behind her back and cuffed her hands together.

"You…" Her voice was hoarse from emotion, "I hate you…" Of course she hated me right now. "Gosh, this could've ended so well… What do I do with you now?" I was still a bit shaky. Just as she was about to speak my mobile rang. "For fuck sake, can't they leave me alone for one freaking day," I reached for my phone. "With Alan," "Alan, what the fuck happened?" It was Lena.

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"Nothing special. Why do you ask?" O the irony. "Yesterday you took an unconscious Amy from my house. Where did you take her?

Where are you now?" She sounded pretty stressed. "Are you alright? Do you want me to come over?" I had no intention to actually go. My leg was still stinging. "No that's alright. Just tell me where you are and I'll come to you. We need to talk." Damnit woman "No, that won't be necessary, I-" "Alan, we need to talk about this!

Just tell me where you are." She sounded like my mother. Sigh. "I'm not home at the moment, but I'll be there in an hour or so," I rolled my eyes with annoyance.

"Fine, I'll visit you in an hour then," she was a bit disappointed that she couldn't come immediately. "See you then," I hang up. This would be a good opportunity to see whether Amy was capable of leaving the trailer. Her timing couldn't be worse though. Amy had fucked up. Taking her outside now would only reward her. Amy gave me a questioned look, her face molested by her lament. I still had to act calmly, like she left no impression what so ever. That I had prepared for everything she could possibly do.

"We have to make a little trip," I explained, "don't try anything once we are out there. Remember the ring. You seemed to have forgotten that thing just a moment ago," I ticked on my ring finger. I knew for a fact that my parents wouldn't be home at this time, so I didn't have to worry about them. "I'm not going," Amy said stubbornly. "Look, I'm sorry alright? Maybe I should've given you more time to progress the entire situation. For that you have my apologies." I saw her blink with disbelieve.

I know that as a Master I probably shouldn't have apologized, but it certainly was efficient. "F-fine," Amy was suddenly stuttering. I hoisted her from the ground and let her proceed into the shower. Seriously what the hell just happened? I looked at her clothes lying on the ground. I need to buy her some more suitable clothes… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not much later I had escorted her to the car and we were ready to leave.

I kindly reminded her of the ring again, before setting course to Lena's house. After a drive of about twenty minutes we had arrived. I unlocked Amy's handcuffs, opened the front door and took Amy inside. Then I handcuffed her once more. She had breached my trust. "Listen to me very carefully," I sat myself down right in front of her. "When Lena gets here you'll be completely silent, unless I speak to you.

Do you understand?" She gave a silent nod. "You ought to say 'I understand, Master'. Don't forget that the other rules till hold." "I understand, Master," she looked awfully tired and depressed.

At that moment the doorbell rang. "You stay here for now," I cuffed her hand to the seat and answered the door. "Alan, thank god you're actually home this time," Lena's glistering eyes inspected me from top to bottom. "Well, I did say I would be home," I gave her a vague smile. "Are your parents home?" She stepped straight passed me and paraded into the hall.

"No, they aren't. Why do you ask?" I closed the door behind us. "Well, discussing you kidnapping a girl from my house in front of your parents might not be a wise idea," she gave me a wicked smile. "Eh, yeah, right…" What did she want me to say? "Listen Lena, when you enter the living room Amy will be there too.

Now I know a lot happened but please refrain from hurting her." For a few seconds she appeared confused, but then she nodded. "Okay, whatever," she of course didn't know yet that Amy wouldn't be able to hit her back… I hadn't considered at the time that Lena had no idea what I had done with Amy.

She was quick to dump all her stuff in the corner of the hall. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions you'd like to ask me first," I prepared myself for a shitload of questions, but she plainly opened the door to the living room. I shrugged. "I guess you really want to see her eh?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author note: First of all I would like to apologize for the late release.

The past few weeks I have been extremely busy, either with college or with work. The other reason is that I've had a few friends proof reading my work. I wanted to give you guys the best content possible. Still, that is no guarantee that there won't be spelling or grammatical errors.

However, I can say that as of now, I'm going to release chapters faster than this one. Secondly, I found that a big question I kept asking myself (while I was writing this) was: How extreme does this story have to be? Maybe a question to think about.

Furthermore, I want you to know that I take feedback seriously into consideration. Well, at least useful feedback. So please do tell me what your thoughts are on the story/writing style. Thank you for reading my work!