Harlots crave for group sex smalltits homemade

Harlots crave for group sex smalltits homemade
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Sarah and Dave were in a rush as they had to be at the airport in less than an hour to catch their flight. "Where is that babysitter?" Dave yelled as someone knocked at the door. Sarah pulled the door open. "Thank God you're here Alyssa. Are you ready to spend the weekend here watching Ted, Amy and Rex." "Yes Mrs. Toller" Alyssa responded lifting her full pack up. "Good then come in we have to leave soon." Alyssa entered the house walked to the couch and sat down. Sarah started telling Alyssa her duties as Dave began taking suitcases out to the car.

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"Okay the twins are in their rooms they don't need much oversight being seventeen. They will be busy studying for their finals next week. Just watch Rex closely; he has been acting weirdly this past week.

If anything get worse the vet's number is on the fridge. There is money in an envelope on top of the fridge for anything that might come up and the number where we will be staying is written on it. You shouldn't be too busy, just try to have fun, enjoy the pool." Dave yelled from outside.

"Come on Honey we will miss our flight." Alyssa rose from the couch and crossed to the door as Sarah yelled back "alright coming. Kids be good we're leaving for grandmothers.

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See you Monday night. We love you," and rushed out the door and got in the car. As the car pulled away Alyssa waved and shut the door and went to the kids rooms to check on them. She found Amy seated at her desk pouring over a thick schoolbook. Ted was lying on his bed reading a book also, with Rex on the end of his bed at Ted's feet. That night Alyssa made dinner and relaxed until bedtime when she said to the twins "you're not going to spend the entire weekend studying are you?

How about after breakfast tomorrow we enjoy some time at the pool swimming and sunbathing?" "Alright!" the two responded. "Sounds like fun. We have been studying hard this past week. We can take sometime off," added Amy.

The next morning everyone got up and ate the delicious breakfast Alyssa made and then dressed in their swimsuits to be ready to enjoy the pool.


Amy and Ted were the first to get out to the pool and lay down on the lounge chairs with Rex running around them excitedly.

As Alyssa joined them Ted couldn't help admiring her body as he took in her tanned five foot six inch frame with luscious c-cup breasts, firm ass and long red hair running down to it. She looked fantastic in her bright red tiny bikini top and thong bottom. His cock rose to attention inside his own suit. Seeing this caused Amy to grin and ignore his hard on. Alyssa joined them at the edge of the pool and started speaking to them as Rex leaped up with his front paws landing on her shoulders causing the both of them to tumble into the pool.

Not being discouraged at all Rex started swimming around Alyssa and started playing with her pushing her under, grabbing at her suit with his teeth, and pushing her around the pool. Alyssa yelling at Rex to stop and behave all that time as she slowly made her way to the pool ladder and climbed out. As she again stood on the deck on the side of the pool she heard Ted exclaim "wow did you lose something Alyssa?" at which point she realized that during her time tussling with Rex she had lost both the top and bottom of her bikini.


Now realizing she was completely nude she tried to cover her hardened nipples that had done so responding to the cold water and her exposed clean shaven pussy as she started to run to the house to get dried off and dressed.

Rex thinking this was a new game tripped her up as he ran around her legs she landed on her hands and knees cursing at Rex as her knees absorbed the painful shock of her landing.

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Rex seeing her presenting to him quickly mounted her and wrapped his front legs around her body. Amy seeing this looked at Ted and grinning pulled out her phone and started recording the action.

Alyssa not realizing she was being recorded started yelling to Amy and Ted to help her, "get Rex off of me stop him before he does what he is trying to do." It was already to late as Rex's already engorged penis found the entrance to Alyssa's pussy.

Slamming into her virginal vagina tearing through the blocking material and piercing deeply into her womb with his thick nine inch cock. Alyssa screamed as she felt her hymen shredded and the large cock ended her days as a virgin.


"Please help me" she called but the twins just grinned and continued recording as Rex continued to rape Alyssa pounding her cunt with such speed and such force it was slowly moving her forward.

Ted rose from his chair and stood in front of Alyssa who was shocked when she heard him say "okay I will stop Rex but you have to do something for Amy and myself before I do." He pulled down his swim trunks presenting her with his hardened six inch long one inch around cock. "Suck me off and eat Amy's pussy and afterwards I will pull Rex off of you." "No!

No that will take too long," Alyssa cried. "Sorry that is the deal and I would take it I have seen Rex do this for twenty minutes, ejaculate and go right back at it two more times. Amy and I think he might be a mutant." Alyssa finally says okay and Ted moves closer Alyssa taking him into her mouth swirling her tongue around his penis and sucking on it like a lollipop. She grazes her teeth lightly on the head of his penis causing him to spew his cum into her mouth and deeply down her throat.

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"Oh Ted moaned "not bad Alyssa and quickly done." Amy rose from her lounge chair walking to the trio locked together in sexual Congress.

She never stopped filming as she carefully passed the phone to Ted as they passed each other and he continued recording this amazing event. Rex having ejaculated into Alyssa by this time was waiting patiently for his cock to shrink thus releasing him from being locked together with Allyssa. Once he was released from her Alyssa thought her ordeal was over but soon found out it was just starting as Rex did pull out of her pussy only to slam his still engorged cock deeply into her asshole causing Alyssa to scream which was muffled by Ted's spasming penis unloading his load of sperm down her throat and into her stomach.

Alyssa was crying now with the humiliation and pain she was feeling now she now found Amy's shaven pussy being pushed into her face and her hand on the back of her head forcing her mouth and nose into Amy's cunt. She did the only thing she could; she started licking Amy's pussy so Amy would let up on the pressure and allow her to take a breath. Slipping her tongue deeply into Amy's crevice Amy moaned with pleasure as Alyssa speared her tongue into her and massaged her clit with her tongue and the ball inserted on the end of it.

Alyssa couldn't believe it as she felt the pressure of a massive orgasm building within her as it overtook her she felt someone slide under her. Ted had joined the group and was now licking and biting her sensitive nipples as her orgasm coursed through her. Now it was Amy's turn to peak and Alyssa found Amy's juices flowing into her moth and some sliding down her chin so she started swallowing and sucking the fluids from Amy's cunt.

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Rex still not done with his bitch ejaculated another load into her and switched back to Alyssa's pussy again thrusting into her. Alyssa couldn't believe it as she felt the dog enter her pussy once again. "Oh God," she thought "is he going to fuck me all night long?" Finally after another hour the three finished up with Alyssa and left her to get cleaned up.

Alyssa lay on the floor on her back moaning with pain as she felt the air run over her sore cunt and even more sore gaping asshole. Rex went and lay down in the corner on his doggie bed and licked himself clean and Amy and Ted went to shower together taking sometime to fornicate after Ted retrieved the phone from where he had placed it so it could continue recording.

Now cleaned up the two returned to Alyssa and sitting down near where she lay started explaining the situation. Alyssa listened as Ted explained that with the recording she now belonged to them and would arrange to spend time alone with the three of them or he would release the video onto the internet.

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Alyssa said "you won't do that you would also get into trouble." "Yes," Amy responded "but we didn't take a dogs cock up our asshole and cunt repeatedly so I think we can stand the attention we will get much better than you, so what is your answer?" Quickly thinking Alyssa realized they were right. "Alright I belong to the three of you." "Yes, what?" Amy responded angrily.

Alyssa rapidly answered back "yes mistress." Thus her role was assured as she became the play toy for the twins and their dog for many years to come. It was not all bad as the relationship continued the twins came into a large inheritance left by their grandfather that they received when they turned eighteen.

They used some of the money to buy a house near to the college they attended together with Alyssa and then had her move in with them. They paid for college for the three of them. Alyssa became a well treated pet along with Rex and spent many years enjoying the treatment she received from her three masters.