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Egyptian mom and making my whore ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions
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I am about 5 foot 8 inches with straight brown hair that comes to my eyebrows and I am skinny and not super muscular and I play ice hockey and I am a goalie people think you get hurt but not really and I am also gay is why like to be in sports and this is just a fantasy of mine --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It all started when I saw Justin Bieber for the first time.

I saw him on the cover of his album My World 2.0. I immediately knew I had to meet this kid in person and see if he was really as perfect as I thought.

So I got tickets to a Justin concert in Detroit and they were back stage passes so I would see him as close as possible, and I couldn't wait.

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I was there around an hour early for the show and was jumping up and down with excitement when I saw his bus pull up. I was the closest one to the bus and as soon as he got out I was totally stunned, HOT!

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And he acted shocked to see me standing there and I didn't know if it was me being a guy or just me in general. He shook my hand and walked off and as he was walking away he turned around and looked me in the eyes and smiled.


By what I had seen so far I really liked him. Every time Justin came backstage he would always look at me first even though I wasn't the one closest to him and that made me think if he was actually gay like everyone has said or if he is even bi and it gave me a hard-on just thinking of him being gay. At the end of the show he told the security guy to let me walk with him so I got up and went with Justin to his bus and he told the security guy to stay out and walked up the stairs.

He told me to come in and as we walked in I sat down and he closed all of the curtains and said that ought to do it and pulled me up out of the chair by my shirt and I got scared as he said "did I ask you to sit down?" and in a high pitched voice I said no and he planted a kiss on my lips and soon after plunged his tongue down my throat and wasn't scared any more.

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As I started kissing back he broke off and said do you play an instrument and I said guitar and he told me that I was going to travel with him everywhere and that he loved me and I would no longer be poor. He asked me how old I was and I said 14 and he asked me what I wanted my first car to be and I said a Ferrari F-430 Scuderia in all white with 2 12" alpine's in the trunk.

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He also asked me what my favorite 2 colors were and I said white and lime green. He asked for anything about me and I told him anything he wanted to know and my mom couldn't believe me that Justin had signed me to play guitar for him.

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But I showed her his number and called it and she talked with him. When Justin talked to me on the phone he asked if I was still near my mom and I said no and he started apologizing how he did that to me the other night and that he was gay and didn't have to play guitar with him but I interrupted him and said I loved it and that I loved him and I wanted him to come out of the closet to the world like me and I would help him with and I wanted to go out with him and he was speechless for a moment and then he said really?

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You would do that for me and I said I'll do anything for you and he said stop that I was making him blush and tear up so I said sorry and he laughed and so did I and he said thanks and that he loved me too and said bye. The next week I met back up with Justin and he drove up in an all white Ferrari just the way I dreamed of it got out and tossed me the keys he was followed by a black suburban that he could leave in I said for me?

And he yelled HELL YEAH! And I ran up to him and hugged him and whispered I love you to him so my mom couldn't hear it and he said I love you too babe.


And that made me smile and my mom was still standing there in astonishment and her jaw on the ground and Justin said what you want one to?

And she said no that she wants a Bentley Continental Supersports and Justin just said ok! But then he needed to talk to my mom about me spending extended amounts of time with him for tours and stuff but I knew it wasn't just for tours.

And my mom was fine with it as long as she saw me 2 months out of a year. I smiled big and thanked her. I got all my things packed and in suitcases and put them in the suburban and he drove me in the Ferrari because I wasn't old enough to drive yet but almost old enough for a permit we had a little fun driving to the airport in it and we flew in his private jet to his house in Seattle.

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