Nikki got that wet wet pussy

Nikki got that wet wet pussy
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Dominating My Older Sister (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Humiliating Big Sis By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Juana Campo The collar jingled about Carmelita's neck as she walked through the cafeteria, heading away from my side. My obedient sister-slave strutted, her tight skirt gripping her curvy ass. Dark-brown hair bounced about her shoulders.

Students glanced at her, boys with hungry eyes. Maybe I'd sell her ass to a few of the boys. My lezzie slave would hate that. It would make her feel so much shame and humiliation. She'd cum so hard. That made my pussy clench so hard, itching in the skimpy pair of panties I wore today. I followed, licking lips, loving the power. Carmelita's surrender was so sweet. She snuck into my bedroom this morning, while our parents were just getting up to start their day, and drank my morning piss and licked me to a wonderful, if quiet, orgasm.

She risked getting caught by our father, being revealed to be a lesbian to the bigot. I was so proud of her. And now she had more to do. My sister had restitutions to make to all the girls she bullied, all the lesbians she degraded. I wasn't the only person she'd blackmailed into licking her pussy, heaping shame and derision on us because she hated her own desires.

But I freed her. Carmelita stopped at Tonya's table, a blonde lesbian. The girl tensed, seeing my sister. I moved close enough to hear. "I'm so sorry for bullying you, Tonya," Carmelita said. "I.I took out my own self-hatred on you because." Deep breath.

"I'm a lesbian." "No shit," Tonya muttered, an edge to her voice, brittle. Her pale face trembled, her body shaking like she prepared to flinch. "So, to make it up to you." Carmelita glanced at the other girls sitting at the table staring at her. "I will eat your pussy." Tonya's jaw dropped. "I'll be in the bathroom. Last stall. If you want." Carmelita licked her lips. "I will make you cum so hard, Tonya. I'm so sorry for what I did to you. I'm a dyke-cunt. A pussy-licking lezzie-whore.

And I do it so well. You'll cum so hard. And. And you can even piss in my mouth! I'll drink it all! I'm a lezzie pee-whore!" A dark blush scorched Carmelita's golden-brown cheeks as she turned and rushed towards the bathroom, her shoulders hunched. The girls at the table buzzed, whispering about what just happened. It would spread through our college. Everyone would know by the days end Carmelita loved pussy.

I grinned, my cunt so wet. She said everything just the way I told her. As she passed me, I gave her a nod. She shuddered, nipples poking against the front of her thin blouse, her tits swaying without any bra to constrain them.

I followed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo I trembled, my knees aching against the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Sounds echoed through it, girls washing their hands, toilets flushing, clothing rustling. I licked my lips, cunt juices dripping down my thighs.

My Sister-Mistress didn't allow me any bra or panties to wear. I shifted, my dog collar jangling, the rough canvas irritating my throat. I was a bitch. A lezzie-cunt-whore-bitch. I had to be punished, degraded. Feet appeared before the stall door, a pair of black Mary Janes over white socks, frilly bands at the ankles.

My heart beat faster and faster. The stall door wasn't locked, just closed. It creaked. Delicate fingers, nails painted pink, grasped the top. Paused. Please, please come in. I wanted to shout that. My heart screamed in my chest. Fresh beads of cream worked down my thighs. My nasty cunt burned for the humiliation to come. To please my Sister-Mistress and make it up to Tonya and the other girls I'd mistreated. Only I deserved to be treated so badly.

I deserved to be punished for denying who I was. Juana, with Clint's help, set me free. The door creaked open.

Tonya stood there, her face still pale. She stared at me, the hem of her pink skirt an inch above her knees shifting as she trembled. She studied me, her chest rising and falling as she breathed.

Green eyes bored into me. "This is real? It's not a trick?" "Not a trick," I answered. "I am so sorry. I was just taking out my own demons on you." Tears fell down my cheeks. How could I have lied to myself so thoroughly I convinced myself I wasn't a lesbian? That I didn't crave this? Tonya stepped in. I caught a glimpse of Juana leaning against the long counter dotted with sinks. My Sister-Mistress smiled at me, looking so beautiful and petite, her hips shifting.

She'd have a hot pussy, too, but she could control herself. Clint had taught her so much. Then the door closed. Locked. Tonya took a deep breath. "T-take off my panties and. And lick me." Pause. "Slut." "I'll do it all," I moaned, my hands touching her knees.

I slid higher, caressing her thighs, hands vanishing beneath her skirt. She trembled, her green eyes fluttering, blonde hair rustling. "I mean it. I'll drink your piss." An eyebrow arched. "You like that?" "No," I groaned, reaching her panties. Cotton and plain. I hooked the waistband, tugging them down. Tonya shuddered. I licked my lips as the soft pink cloth appeared, rolling down her legs, past her knees.

And then they were off and I was lifting her skirt, exposing her blonde pussy. How many times had I stared at that cunt, pretending to abuse her while secretly hungering to do just this.

I leaned in, breathing in her sweet musk, beads of dew appearing on her curls as she trembled. "You're really going to eat. Yes!" My lips nuzzled against her pussy, her pubic hair brushing my lips and chin, as silky as my Sister-Mistress's. Her skirt fell over my head, plunging me into darkness. My tongue slid out of my mouth, caressing through her folds. Her juices coated my organ, bursting with her delicious flavor.

Her moans exhaled from her open mouth. She shuddered, my tongue sliding through her pussy lips again. And again. I gathered her cream, savored it as I pressed my lips tighter against her pussy.

My hands seized her ass beneath her skirt, squeezing and kneading her. I savored the darkness beneath her skirt, the musky warmth. Her scent wafted around me, juices running down my chin to my throat.

I shivered, my pussy groaning hotter and hotter as I groped her perky rump. Ate her yummy cunt. "That's it," Tonya moaned. "Oh, yes, I knew you were a lezzie-whore!

I knew you wanted to eat my pussy! You took my cherry! That strap-on was huge! I'd fuck you with it right now!" I shuddered, my pussy clenching. "I'd let you!" Her hips undulated, the pleasure shivering through her. She smeared her hot flesh on my lips, her pubic hair tickling my face.

I loved the feel. My tongue plunged over and over through her folds, teasing her silky petals. Then I shoved my tongue into her snatch. I buried it deep. She groaned and shuddered, back arching as I worked my tongue in and out of her hole.

I fucked her pussy with it, wiggling through her depths, making her moan. "Yes!" she hissed. "That's it. You dirty, filthy dyke. Eat my pussy!" Her voice grew louder. Other girls in the bathroom had to hear her, had to know I was eating her pussy. The entire student body would know what I was: a pussy licker and a piss drinker. My cunt boiled. Juices poured out of me, staining my thighs. I wanted to masturbate. I didn't have permission. I clenched my fingers hard into Tonya's ass, fighting the urge to be bad and touch myself.

I concentrated on her pussy, on fucking my tongue into her depths. Then I slid through her folds again, petting her petals and brushing her clit.

She loved that. "You nasty dyke-slut!" she hissed. "That's what you called me. A carpet-muncher. A muff-diver. A disgusting pussy-licker! Mmm, lap at my cunt, you filthy lezzie-whore!

You're a piece of shit for eating my snatch!" I shuddered, her insults making my pussy wetter. My tongue licked faster and faster, sliding through her hot flesh. She trembled, her juices burning across my lips as she bucked. I sucked on her clit, the little bud throbbing in my mouth.

Her moans echoed through the bathroom. Her hands gripped my head through her skirt, holding tight as she shuddered. I loved her clit, sucked on it, nibbled on it, tongued it. She gasped and bucked, her sounds so sweet. I pictured her face twisting with the pleasure of my apology.

"You nasty whore!" she gasped, bucking hard. Her juices flooded my mouth. I groaned, latching onto her pussy, sucking down the sweet cream. It poured into my mouth as she came. She gripped my head so hard, her moans and squeaks echoing through the bathroom.

"Fucking dyke-slut!" she hissed, her voice sounding strained as her cum burned through her. And then more than pussy juices splashed into my mouth. Acrid piss mixed with the sweet juices. The urine swirled through my mouth. I groaned, gulping the hot flood down. The nasty liquid poured down into my belly. She kept bucking, moaning out her relief as she used my mouth as her toilet.

My pussy clenched so hard. My clit begged for attention. I held onto her perky ass. I gripped it with all my self-control as her piss flooded my mouth.

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So much jetted out of her, overflowing my lips, mixing with the cream running down to my chin, my throat. "Yes, yes, yes, you drink that nasty piss, whore!" Tonya snarled, fingernails biting through her skirt and my hair into my scalp. "That's what you deserve!" She bucked so hard she stumbled back, crashing into the stall door.

Her skirt ripped off my head, exposing me to the bright light of the bathroom. I stared up at her face, flushed and panting. She stared down at me, green eyes wild. "You are so nasty," she hissed, bending down and snatching up her panties. She jammed her feet into the legholes one by one, yanking them up her thighs. "Just a filthy lezzie-whore!" "I am," I moaned, licking my lips.

Then she threw open the stall door and marched out. Juana gave me a huge smile. Alicia was beside her. The petite girl, a year older than my sister, looked like a mischievous kid instead of a nineteen-year-old. She had a permanent marker in one hand, her brown eyes twinkling behind her glasses. As always, she dressed like a kid, her hair in pigtails. I used to make fun of her like that. I emerged from the stall, my mouth coated in pussy juices.

A group of girls watched in small clumps, crowding the bathroom. They all whispered to each other, smug smiles on their lips. They took pleasure in seeing my downfall. I had strutted the halls like I owned the place. And my eighteen-year-old sister brought me low. "Oh, my god, look at her face," Alicia laughed, pointing up at me. "She's got pussy juices all over it. And is that piss? Did you really drink her piss, you nasty whore?" My cheeks burned. I looked down, hands folded before me.

My pussy begged, screamed, for attention. Alicia walked up, sniffing loudly. "It is, piss." The buzzing grew louder, girls mocking me, their words all blending into a background murmur, echoing through the bathroom. I squirmed, more and more juices trickling down my thighs, rivulets of aching passion. Then Alicia grabbed my skirt and hiked it up, showing the landing strip of brown hair leading to my shaved pussy, my vulva plump and aroused, my flesh glistening with my passion.

Alicia shook her head. "Look at how wet she is," Marissa said, malice dripping from her lips. "She enjoyed drinking piss." "Did you really, Carmelita?" Lee asked, the black-haired girl sitting on the counter, her legs swaying, spread wide enough to flash her shaved pussy beneath her jean skirt.

"God, I thought I was a disgusting whore." That brought peels of laughter from the other girls. They all pointed at me, their faces contorting as the mirth fell over them. Shoulders shooks, breasts heaved. Girls were turning red in the face as their chortles echoed through the bathroom.

Tears fell down my cheeks. They all thought I was filthy, disgusting. Because I was. My Sister-Mistress smiled her approval. "God, this pussy is nasty," Alicia said. I gasped as the magic marker scrawled on my pubic mound around my landing strip. She sounded out what she wrote, speaking slowly. "'This pussy is filthy. Do not touch!'" I groaned as she poked the marker in to make the point of the exclamation mark. "More juices are flooding out of her nasty, dyke pussy," laughed Samantha.

"I know," Alicia laughed, moving around and exposing my golden-brown ass. Her marker squeaked as she said, "'I'm a dyke-cunt. I'll lick any pussy and drink any girl's piss!'" She chortled. "There. Now she's ready." "Any pussy?" a voice demanded. Sheila stepped forward, face hard. The busty, Black girl focused her dark eyes on me.

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Another lesbian blackmailed. "Any pussy," I said, tears hot on my cheeks, more laughter spilling around. "Make her lick that pussy until you cum, Sheila," Svetlana shouted. "Piss in her mouth!

Drown her!" giggled slender Becky. "Degrade the bitch!" Kendra laughed. "I can't believe I ever thought you were cool, Carmelita," Samantha sneered. "You're just a slag." "You're more of a skank than Lee," Becky added.

"So much more," Juana purred, nodding her head to me. "I'll lick your pussy, Sheila," I said. "And I'll drink you piss." I pressed my thighs hard together as I walked back to my stall. I needed to cum so badly. Lee was so right. Being humiliated, being shamed and degraded, was the hottest thing in the world.

The worse they did to me, the harder I knew I'd cum when Mistress allowed me. I fell to my knees in the stall, ready to make my next apology. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clint Elliston Lee emerged from the girl's restroom. Melody and Pam, sitting with me at the table, both had speculative looks on their face.


"We did piss in her mouth enough over the weekend," Pam pointed out, talking past me to Melody. My blonde half-sister nodded her head. "We did, but still. My pussy is hot. I want to piss in her mouth more." "You could lick each other's pussies," I said. "There are other girls that need to use that bitch." "I bet Alicia is loving it," Pam said. My Japanese half-sister rubbed at my jeans.

"And you're looking at Lee with hunger. What are you thinking about, honey?" "I think our sister-slave deserves a reward," I said, standing up, decision made, my cock hard. "She has been a good slut this weekend," Melody nodded.

"Go fuck my little sister hard." "Damn," my friend Tom Ruston said. He looked at me. "You are one lucky guy." "I could give you pointers. Help you nail that mom of yours you're always panting after." Tom's cheeks went scarlet. I laughed, walking faster, my dick so hard. Lee watched me, standing coy in her tight jean skirt, her blouse hugging her round tits.

They had grown nicely over the last year, and her pregnancy promised to make them even larger. "Master," she purred as I came up to her.

"Shame you can't go in the girl's restroom. It's getting wild in there. They're queuing up to piss in Carmelita's mouth. Juana looks like she'll cum just from rubbing her thighs together." "I'm glad everyone's happy." Lee shifted. "Follow, slave. It's time for your reward for helping Carmelita discover herself." "Thank you, Master," she gushed, pacing me as I marched to the boy's restroom.

"I mean it. You showed maturity this weekend, Lee." "I know, pretty shocking, Master. I'll have to work on that." I smiled. "Yeah, can't have you being serious all the time. Then I can't spank your naughty ass." "Oh, Master, you never need a reason to spank me." "Damn, Clint," Tyrell said, the large, Black guy shaking his head. He was in my year, a senior. "You got that little ho trained." "Gotta keep a firm hand with them," I grinned, throwing up the door to the boy's restroom.

Lee followed me in. A couple guys noticed her, giving my sister questioning looks. They all thought she was my cousin, the only reason our relationship could be open.

First cousins fucking wasn't illegal in California. "Bend that ass over the counter, slave, and hike up the skirt." "Yes, Master," she moaned, trembling, her cheeks flushed.

"Damn," Tyrell groaned. "You're not." "Oh, he is," Lee panted, obeying without hesitation. "I'm just that much of a skank, boys!" Other guys groaned in envy as Lee pulled up her jean skirt, exposing that firm, round ass. Skin as smooth as silk. Her shaved pussy peeked between her thighs, her pussy lips protruding, aroused and flush.

She wiggled her hips, teasing me. "She isn't wearing panties," Sean groaned. "Jesus, Clint. I knew your cousin was a slut, but, damn!" "You have no idea," I said, my dick so hard. Lee would love every second of this. And so would I. I unzipped my pants, pulling out my dick. Guys groaned, realizing that I was really going to fuck her right here and now. Phones came out to immortalize the moment.

Lee would love that. More rounds of bullying on social media. She'd be called a tramp, a whore, a skank, and a slut. She'd drink in all the humiliation and be so horny. And she deserved it for being such a good girl. I didn't love her like I loved Pam, Melody, and Alicia, but she was my slave. And I would give her what she needed, what she craved.

All the submission and humiliation and degradation she could withstand. "Spread those butt-cheeks, slut," I growled. "You're going to fuck her ass?" asked Evan. "Without a condom?" blinked Mitch. "Ain't you afraid of getting something from the skank?" "I'm the only guy that fucks her," I said. "She's my skank." "Your skank, Master!" she moaned, her fingers prying apart her butt-cheeks, flashing her brown sphincter.

It winked at me, her hips wiggling, juices running down her thighs. "Oh, Master, I need your cock in me right now!" "No fucking lube?" Tyrell asked. "You're going to tear her ass apart." "And I'll love it!" Lee moaned. "Make it hurt, Master!" "Looking to cum hard?" I asked, pushing the head of my cock against her asshole, feeling her sphincter. "Can I cum, Master?" "As much as you like." I rammed my cock into her bowels. Her back arched. Her moan echoed through the bathroom.

I grunted, her tight bowels engulfing my cock. I buried into her unlubed asshole, her rough, velvety flesh gripping my dick. I had to thrust hard to fuck her ass. And she loved it. She bucked and squirmed as I reamed my dick over and over into her tight embrace. Her moans burst from her mouth every time I buried into her, my crotch smacking into her butt-cheeks. My balls thwacked her taint. "Oh, my god, Master, fuck my ass!" she gasped. "Use me! Fuck me and cum in my tight bowels!" "Jesus, Lee, you are the biggest skank in the world," Tyrell groaned, voice thick with envy.

"Oh, yeah," I growled, driving my dick over and over into my sister's asshole. And everyone watched. They recorded it, envying that I had such a submissive sister to fuck. To enjoy. The pleasure burned so hot through my body. My dick ached and throbbed with every thrust, the friction rippling around my shaft.

And the audience only made it hotter. My balls boiled already. I planted my hands on either side of her, leaning over my sister, and fucked her hard. I pounded her bowels, sodomizing her with every ounce of strength I had, fighting off my urge to cum.

Not yet. "Master!" Lee squealed, pain and pleasure thickening her voice. Her bowels clenched so hard on my dick. "Oh, my god, that hurts so good! Ram that dick into me! Oh, yes, fuck my little body, Master! Break me! Use me! I'm your anal-slut-whore!" Guys cheered at that. "Fuck that whore!" shouted Vince.

"Pound that ass!" groaned Mitch. "Goddamn, she loves it!" laughed Adam. "What a filthy slag!" "Just a big ho!" laughed Tyrell. "I'll pay you twenty bucks to fuck her ass after you, Clint!" offered Pete. "I'll do it!" Lee moaned. "If Master tells me to! I'll be his prostitute! His streetwalker!

I'll suck cocks and fuck them and do it all!" She came. Her ass writhed about my plunging dick. She bucked on the counter, her short, black hair flying about her head. Her screams echoed. I grunted, loving the massaging velvet spasming about my cock. The guys cheered even louder, shouting their congratulations. "Made that skank cum by tearing up her ass!" laughed Sean. "My man, Clint!" cheered Vince. "You are a fucking stud!" Adam yelled. I grinned, drinking it in, savoring my little sister's writhing bowels.

To indulge in taboo incest before my classmates made me so hard. My dick ached and throbbed as I reamed her bowels. My balls smacked into her taint. "Master!" she squeaked, her body trembling. "Cum in my ass!" "Yes!" I snarled. "You love my cum in you, nasty bitch!" "So much!" I grunted, burying into her bowels. Guys whooped as I groaned. My cum fired into her bowels.

Blast after blast of my jizz flooded my little sister's asshole. She shuddered, moaning, cumming again. Her velvety flesh milked my cock, drinking up every drop of my jizz. Incestuous rapture shot through my body and struck my mind. I grunted. Pleasure growled through clenched teeth as I filled her bowels with my seed. She shuddered, her face flushed as her head tossed, her moans delicious.

"Thank you, Master, for cumming in my filthy ass!" she gasped. "You are such a whore!" whooped Mitch as I pulled my dick out of her asshole. Cum spilled out of her as she straightened up with her peppy enthusiasm. "Just a slut." "I am!" she beamed at them, drinking in their humiliation.

She flipped up her skirt, shaking her ass at them. "Look at all that cum leaking out of my asshole. That's my Master's cum!

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He treats me like a whore!" "Twenty bucks to fuck that ass, Clint!" Pete groaned. "Her ass is all mine," I said. "I own it." "Then rent it to me," Pete begged. "Fifty bucks." Lee wiggled, staring at me. She'd do it. But I didn't want to share my sister.

Especially as I noticed the slight swell in her profile, a little bump tenting the front of her shirt hugging her stomach. Her baby bump. "You're starting to show," I said, patting her belly. "See, boys, when you own a slut, you can breed her, and she'll still come begging for more." Lee glowed with delight as I led her out of the bathroom, her cum dribbling out of her well-fucked asshole, my hand caressing her pregnant belly. My third child, with mom carrying a fourth.

And Alicia. Alicia needed to be bred, too. I loved my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carmelita Campo "Yes, yes, yes," Alicia moaned, grinding her pussy on my face, her pigtails dancing over her shoulder. She held her skirt up, wanting to look me in the eye. "Eat my pussy, you filthy dyke!" She was the fifth girl I'd licked. The lunch hour had to be almost over.

My tongue ached with fatigue. I ignored it, licking through Alicia's shaved slit, savoring her fresh flavor. She shuddered, her nipples poking at her girlish blouse. Her glasses slipped on her nose as she shuddered, her juices pouring down my chin.

My pussy burned. It was on fire. I needed to cum so badly. Just a touch would set me off. I wanted it so badly. I gripped Alicia's slim thighs, rooting through the petite girl's pussy to drive her wild, to give her the satisfaction I craved so desperately. "Oh, you're going to make me cum, you nasty dyke-whore! Just keep licking my cunt and.

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Yes!" Alicia bucked and shuddered. Her fresh juices flooded my mouth. And then she let out a wicked sigh, her piss spurting out with her pussy cream. The two flavors swirled through my mouth, a nasty combination that made me shudder. I gulped it down as fast as I could. But so much piss flooded out, splashing hard against the back of my throat, drowning me. Piss leaked out, dribbling down my throat, joining the stains of other girls' urine.

"Yes, yes, yes, drink my piss, you filthy skank! You love it! You're drinking it down!" Alicia thrashed, her head tossing, pigtails flying. "Carmelita is the nastiest girl in the world!" "I thought that was me!" Lee shouted. "She does have cum running down her thighs," chortled Felicity. I shivered, loving how hard the Black girl had used me, griding her snatch on my mouth, pulling at my hair.

Fucking dyke-cunt, lick my Black pussy! You're my bitch-cunt now! Alicia shuddered a final time, her piss petering out. Then she let out a big sigh. "Ooh, Carmelita, you are so good at pussy licking. You must love cunt." "I love it!" I said loudly. "I love cunt and girl piss!" Alicia giggled, opening the stall and strolling out. She didn't have any panties beneath her long, girlish dress. Her friend, Jenny, giggled, the pair whispering. Jenny hadn't queued up.

She only had sex with her mother and brother. They had a wild weekend, so I'd gathered. Just like I did. Juana grinned at me, crooking a finger as they girls began filtering out. Classes were about to start. I crawled across the floor to my sister, pussy juices and piss dripping off my face and chin. I stared up at her, trembling. Cream flooded down my thighs. I needed to cum so badly. I knelt before her, staring up at my little sister. "You did good today," she said in Spanish once the last girl left.

"But you'll need to do more pussy licking after classes." "Yes, Mistress," I moaned. She seized my hair, hauling me to my feet. Her hand went beneath my skirt. Slim fingers rubbed at my pussy. She found my clit, pinched it. I groaned, bending over, my pussy wanting to explode in rapture. "Cum, bitch." I screamed out in wordless rapture as I surrendered into my pleasure. My pussy spasmed. Juices gushed down my thighs. My clit throbbed in my Mistress's tight grip.

My sister twisted it hard, pain flaring through the rapture.

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I moaned and whimpered, the ecstasy screaming through my body. And slamming into my mind. Stars exploded across my vision. I swayed, my pussy clenching so hard. Every spasm sent a new wave of bliss through me. Euphoria boiled my veins.

My screams echoed through the bathroom as I gasped and shuddered. And she kept twisting my clit, keeping the pain and rapture going. "I love you so much, Sister-Mistress!" "Mmm, you are my pretty girl. My lesbian bitch." "Always," I breathed as she let go of my clit. I wanted to kiss her, but I had piss on my mouth. And she deserved better. But the smile on her face, the gleam in her eyes, and the way she licked my juices off my finger were just as passionate, just as intimate.

Then she swept out of the bathroom, leaving me to clean up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Juana Campo Six Months Later I stared down past my swollen belly, round with my daughter, at my equally bred sister-slave. She was naked, her breasts round and soft, her areolas large, her nipples fat. Her tits had really grown with her pregnancy, almost two cup sizes.

Mine had only gained a single one, but they were nice handfuls now, no longer the budding tits that Alicia still has. My hands swept down my belly, holding the curve. I only had sex with Clint that one time, but he had done it. "His sperm are magic bullets," Lee liked to joke. She gave birth to her daughter last month.

She spent a whole day squirting her breast milk at the people living in the houses before Clint punished her for wasting his daughter's, and his own, treat. We lived with Clint's harem now in the third house Clint's sex slave Ms. Hiragawa had bought. Rent was easy: Clint could fuck Carmelita whenever he wanted and we had to do our chores. Plus if I ever wanted to have another child, he had to be the father.

And it had to be conceived the natural way. He was such a perv. But I was so grateful. It didn't take long before our parents caught Carmelita and me having sex. And then we got the boot by our father, our mother sobbing hysterically, pleading with us to renounce Satan while crossing herself over and over.

It was fine. Our jobs at the pharmacy paid for us to buy naughty sex toys, and Clint's mom was an amazing cook. Our walls were covered in shelves with dildos, vibrators, floggers, handcuffs, whips, paddles, nipple clamps, butt plugs, and so many other fun things. "Look at you," I said, my sister's dog tags jingling as she shivered. She only took off her collar to shower.

"Just sitting there, drooling as you stare at your little sister's pussy. You are such a dyke." "I am, Sister-Mistress," she moaned. "Such a lesbiana puta." She licked her lips. "Just let me devour your pussy, Sister-Mistress." I gripped my round belly, my bladder full. When you were pregnant, you had to piss all the time. "And is that all you want to do, you nasty, filthy dyke?" She actually salivated.

Drool leaked down the corners of her mouth. "I want to drink your piss! I have to pee, and I know you must, too, Sister-Mistress. Let me be your living toilet!" How could I say no?" "Get to it, bitch!" My bitch lunged forward. Her hands grasped my ass, her face burying into my brown bush. I let it grow long and wild so she could really feel my silky hairs on her face. She pressed her mouth right into my snatch, licking so hard. Her tongue flew through my folds, brushing my clit, making me gasp and moan.

Pleasure burst from my lips. It echoed through the room. My ass clenched, my hips swiveling, grinding my cunt across her hungry lips. Her tongue danced through my folds, drinking the tangy cream flooding out my cunt. Then she latched onto my urethra, sucking so hard. I felt the pressure reaching up to my bladder, pulling on my piss. With a groan, I let it flow. "You nasty whore," I hissed as my piss splashed into her mouth. The gurgling sound sent shivers through my body.

My cunt clenched so hard as I flooded my older sister's mouth with my piss. I clutched at my pregnant stomach, loving the piss streaming out of me and into her nasty mouth. She gulped it down. Her brown eyes smoldered as they stared up at me.

She drank the piss down so fast. I shuddered, loving every wonderful moment. My bladder emptied into her nasty mouth, the pressure relieved. And then the fun began. "Yes, yes, yes, lick my pussy clean!" I hissed.

"Your nasty tongue feels so much better than toilet paper. Lap me clean and make me cum, you filthy slag! Put all those carpet-munching skill to use! Ooh, devour my rug!" "Yes, Sister-Mistress," she moaned. And then the rapture began. Her tongue flew through my pussy's folds. She stimulated my aching labia and caressed through my inner depths. Pleasure rippled through my body with her every lick.

She stirred me up. She drove me wild. My head tossed, my hair sweeping down my back. It was awesome. It was amazing. I groaned and shuddered. My body heaved, my pregnant belly waddling as my sister-slave devoured my cunt. Carmelita feasted on my snatch. I loved it. I was so glad I dominated her.

Paying Clint's price was worth it just for submission. My daughter was only a bonus. "Devour my fish taco, you fucking lezzie-dyke!" I howled. "Oh, yes, ream that tongue into me. Guzzle down all my juices. You're going to drown in my cunt cream. You want to taste it so badly, don't you?" Carmelita moaned into my snatch, too busy licking to answer. But her fervent tongue swiping through my cunt provided proof of how much she wanted it. My sister loved pussy so much.

"Ooh, yes, you nasty dyke! Make me cream those pretty lips! Make me explode all over them! I love it!" My body trembled. Pleasure surged through me. I bucked and undulated. My eyes rolled back in my head. My pussy smeared across her hungry lips as she built and built my orgasm faster and faster. I shuddered, her tongue diving into my cunt. And her nose brushed my clit. My bud drank in the sensation.

Sparks hissed through my pussy, burning a fuse right to the core of my body. I detonated. Rapture burst through the depths of my cunt.

Juices flooded out of my spasming snatch into her hungry mouth. Shock waves of euphoria rippled through my body. Slammed into my mind. "You fucking dyke-whore!" I howled as the pleasure burned through me. "Yes, yes, yes, drink my pussy cream!" She feasted on them. She drank them. And I loved it. I reveled in it, my pregnant belly heaving, my small tits jiggling. I threw back my head, howling.

Here, I could be as loud as I wanted.

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I didn't have to hide who I was. A lesbian domme playing with her older sister-slave. "Oh, you lezzie-slut," I panted. "Mmm, you munched hard on my rug." "I did, Sister-Mistress," she moaned, pulling her lips back, cream dribbling down her chin and cheek. "Fetch your favorite strap-on," I told her. "Then kneel like a bitch on the bed." She crawled across the floor, her curvy ass jiggling. Her belly and swollen tits swayed beneath her body.

She was so sexy. My pussy clenched, my clit tingling for more fun. She reached the strap-on shelf, going right for that big, black dildo she bought to fuck my cunt six months ago. She loved having her pussy stretched by the monster. She crawled back, holding it in her mouth like a good bitch. I petted her head when she reached me, stroking through her silky hair. She put it on me, the dildo thrusting out from beneath my baby bump, the base pressing on my clit.

The last strap pulled tight, she scrambled onto the bed. Not as agile as a few months ago, but allowances had to be made for her condition.


She wiggled her hips, her shaved pussy beckoning. I liked eating bare pussy, like Alicia's snatch. So I kept my sister's cunt bare in case I was feeling generous, or just horny. I loved cunt as much as my sister-slave. I mounted the bed, moving a little gingerly as I got into position, my belly swaying. Then I grinned, lining up the black monster at her cunt. I pressed the huge shaft to her swollen cunt, labia engorged by her arousal, juices flooding down her thighs.

I jammed the dildo into her cunt. "Mistress!" she moaned, back arching while I groaned, the base pressing on my clit and shooting sparks through my pussy. "Oh, Mistress, fuck my bitch-dyke-cunt!" I smacked her ass, making her wince, still bruised from her weekly spanking every Friday evening.

I drew back the dildo and rammed it in, the bottom slope of my pregnant belly brushing her ass. I shivered, so glad I could still fuck her with dildos.

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My clit drank in the fake cock pressing on it. Every thrust sent sparks of delight through me while my sister howled her passion. She moaned and gasped, bucking back into the thrusts. Our flesh slapped together as we shared our lesbian, incestuous passion. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my filthy cunt, Sister-Mistress," she howled. "Use me! Just cum violating my snatch!" "Oh, yes," I hissed, jamming the huge dildo over and over through her pussy. "Just ruin your cunt!

I'm tearing you open, bitch, and making you cum!" CRACK! She bucked harder, moaning out as my handprint burned over her purple bruise. She rammed back harder and harder, rocking so hard. I groaned, stopped fucking my hips and just let the whore writhe on the dildo. My clit loved it.

She worked her cunt up and down that black shaft so hard and fast. Her pussy lips clung to it, her juices coating it. I smacked her ass over and over, the pressure building and building in my horny, pregnant cunt. "Look at you, whore," I moaned.

"Just so horny, linda, that you fuck yourself up and down my huge girl-dick!" "Yes, yes, yes, Sister-Mistress!" she groaned. "I'm going to cum! Mierda! I'm so close. May I cum, Mistress? Please, please, I need it.

It was so hot licking your yummy pussy and drinking your piss!" SMACK! Her back arched, her butt-cheeks jiggling. My pussy clenched, my clit throbbing. "Cum, you fucking dyke-whore!" "Mistress!" she moaned in gratitude. Her body heaved. The bed squeaked as she slammed her pussy back over and over on the dildo. She kept fucking her cumming snatch on it, gasping and moaning. I seized my nipples, rolling them, loving the extra sensations shooting through me.

My pussy boiled. "Cum, Mistress!" she begged. "Cum with me! You deserve it more!" I deserved it most. "You wonderful slave!" I howled as my orgasm detonated through me. It wasn't as intense as the last one, a wonderful dessert after an amazing dinner. I devoured the sweet rapture flooding through me, so creamy, like a chocolate mousse. Stars dotted my vision as I trembled, moaning with my sister.

CRACK! "You are amazing, bitch," I panted. "Just the best slave." "Thank you, Sister-Mistress," she moaned. I pulled the dildo out of her, the pleasure peaking in me, fading into euphoria. I lay down on my side. My sister joined me, turning to face me. Our bellies pressed together. I stared into her eyes. I loved my sister-slave more and more with every passing day. I took her hand, putting it on my belly.

Then I touched her pregnant stomach, round with my niece's life. Her brown eyes smoldered as she stared into mine. "My daughter's going to understand her place, Sister-Mistress," she said with such breathy earnestness. "And that is?" I asked as I stroked her. "Why, as your daughter's sex slave, of course." Carmelita gave a big grin. "I'll make sure she understands that her half-sister is her mistress right from the start." "You are the best slave," I purred, leaned forward, and kissed my older sister on the lips, tasting my tangy pussy on them.

I closed my eyes, so glad I had the courage to ask Alicia for help. That I paid Clint's price. I had everything now. And my daughter would be even happier with her sister-cousin as her sex slave.