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Bree Dirty Redhead With New Toys
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In This Together By Greg Some people might call me a pervert. Others would say I should be locked up and the key thrown away.

They might be right given the things I've done. But you know what, life hasn't been to fair with me either. Growing up I wasn't a good looking. My ears stuck out and my nose was too big. I had bad acne. I always felt awkward in school. No girl would give me even a chance for a date.

Most often, I was the kid everyone made fun of. I even had doubts about if I should become gay or not. I never felt like I would get a girl. I always found myself looking at some of the other guys in school wishing I could be like them. Over time I grew even shyer around girls.

Always feeling rejected left me with an attitude against normal interactions with girls. Later on I was so desperate that I even tried to hire a prostitute. That didn't go well at all. It turned out the woman was an undercover cop and I got arrested. The whole thing was very embarrassing and the bitch judge wasn't the least interested in my side of things. In the end it just cost me a lot of money to put it all behind me. That seemed to further fuel my rage against women in general.

After graduation from school I sort of fell into the one thing I could do well. That was fixing things. Just about any problem around a house or building I could repair. That's how I landed this job. My name is Mike. I am a maintenance man responsible for a rather large apartment complex. I take care of the grounds, the apartments and any other issues that are pushed on to me. The company I work for has a female manager, my boss who does all the leasing and rent collection.

I just get the problems passed down to me. As part of my pay package I was given one of the apartment units to live in. Of course it was one of the most undesirable ones. The unit was way in the back near the garbage bins. There was also the noise from the highway right out in front. I think the idea was that I would be available for emergency repairs because I was on site. This works alright because if I get hot or dirty I can stop in and grab a quick shower or eat lunch at home.

Overall it is an ok arrangement. This all started a while back, when I noticed one of our empty apartment units was being broken-in to. I was in there, cleaning making repairs and repainting it to get it ready for a new tenant. I started noticing things being moved around. Nothing would be damaged or taken, but I could tell someone had been there after I had left for the day. There was an old sofa left in the unit and a couple items I had left on it had been moved.

At first I thought it might be the complex manager checking up on me. But I knew that she usually left for the day earlier. The door didn't seem "forced" and I knew, I had left it locked.

We weren't in the greatest neighborhood, so I always locked up behind me especially if I was leaving some of my tools behind. I couldn't watch the place all the time since I lived way on the other side of the complex. But I had a plan. A friend of mine who worked at a security company had sold me a device that I had used on a couple previous occasions.

It looked just like a normal smoke detector but it contained a video camera unit inside. It was battery powered and I could stick it to a wall and it transmitted a signal to a second recording unit. It was motion activated so whenever anyone was moving around in front of it, it would turn on and record. As long as I placed the recording receiver within about a hundred feet or so it would pick up the video signal and record it I choose not to mention anything about the break-ins as yet to the complex manager, since nothing was being taken or damaged.

I figured to try to just get some evidence of what was going on. The recording device had a date and time stamp feature for figuring out just when these intrusions were happening. The next day I brought it with me. Before I left for the day, I temporarily mounted the camera device on the wall in the room which seemed to be getting the most things moved around.

The fake smoke detector was kind of old and faded looking. This worked well to deter someone from stealing it, and it sort of blended in that way.

I stashed the recorder unit in the attic access above that apartment unit. The receiver part recorded directly to a flash drive so there were no moving parts or things that could go wrong with it.

When I returned the next day, sure enough I could tell someone had been in the apartment again. I had put a couple items in specific spots and I could tell someone had moved them again.

I found my receiving unit and pulled the flash drive. I took it back to my apartment and plugged it into my computer and played the footage it had captured. I don't know how he got in, but the camera started recording when a young man that I recognized from the neighborhood walked into the room.

He was leading a girl. I knew the girl too. She was a daughter of one of our tenants from one of the other buildings. I wasn't sure what was going on at first. They were talking to each other. All I had was the video with no sound. They sort of just stood around for a moment then the girl cleared a spot on the couch. She sat down and they were still talking when the guy pulled a joint from his shirt pocket.

He lit it up and took a hit from the weed. The girl held out her hand obviously wanting her turn. They traded the joint back and forth several times. Then the guy sat down next to the girl. So this was what it was all about, using a vacant apartment to smoke weed.

I was just starting to think, hah! I caught you, when suddenly the girl just climbed onto the guy's lap and began dry humping his crotch. She obviously was trying to get him excited.

She did, and she had caused a reaction in my dick also. The girl was a saucy little tart. She was cute, but skinny as a beanpole. She definitely seemed eager to fuck. She grabbed for the guy's head and pulled him to her face and began kissing on him furiously. She continued grinding her snatch against the guy. I began to curse, wishing this thing recorded in HD instead of this grainy black and white. The guy finally responded by reaching for the girl's shirt.

She in turn, started tugging at his belt. She seemed very determined to get to his cock. I could feel my own pulse quicken and my mouth going dry. I had never thought that a girl would be capable of such a horny state.

I have seen bitch dogs in heat rubbing their cunts against posts and trees before, but they were nothing compared to this girl. Pulling and pushing continued until they were both naked. The guy pushed the girl back down onto the couch and lay out on top of her and pushed her small tits together.

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He started lapping at them with his tongue. The slut spread open her legs and seemed to be begging for some cock. The guy responded by positioning himself just above her. After just a little adjustment on his part, he slowly pressed forward. By the girl's reaction, I could tell he had penetrated her. He now began lunging repeatedly. He began slamming his hips against her with such intensity that I figured he wouldn't last a minute.

Sure enough after just a few minutes he suddenly stiffened up and shook uncontrollably. The girl just lay still as he finished his orgasm. She placed both of her hands on his bum and held him against her until he stopped shaking. After a short recovery he got up off of her. They relit the joint and just sat for a bit resting on the couch. Eventually both got dressed and soon exited the room. These sex encounters continued to reoccur every couple days. Sometimes with the same girl, but surprisingly it was often with a different one.

Most of the girls were ones that I knew lived in the complex. This guy had an insatiable appetite for pussy. I didn't know if this was the only place he was doing this but, it seemed like he had a regular stable of available sluts waiting to be fucked.

I continued gathering and saving to my computer some of the most explicit parts of the videos. Still, I really wanted to know just how this guy was managing to get past the locked door. Eventually I decided to hide the smoke detector camera in the hall outside near the door. Sure enough the guy showed up a few days later with another lass in tow.

He pulled out a thin metal or plastic card. He worked at the latch for just about fifteen or twenty seconds pushing and pulling on the knob and the card. Suddenly the door opened and they were in. Unfortunately I got no footage from the action inside that day, but the way the guy looked when they emerged later left me with no doubt he had scored another conquest on yet another willing tramp. At first I was not sure exactly how I should handle this guy.

I kept recording his escapades in the vacant apartment as he led a string of girls in and banged the shit out of them. I was beginning to sense he might be even more of a pervert than I was, but you know the girls all seemed to come willingly with him. I decided to bide my time and continue to record his actions for a while. I wasn't sure just yet how I could use this to my advantage. Like I said, I had seen this guy around the apartment complex before. He was always hanging around with a group.

Usually there were a couple girls with them. I started paying close attention to this guy after that. He was nice looking and was always laughing and joking within the group. I could tell the girls always gravitated towards him. He often had an arm around one of them and there was always playful pushing and shoving going on. I was jealous at first. He was the exact opposite of what I had been at his age.

Where he was confident and cool, I had been just the opposite. I began at first to dislike the guy for that reason, but soon an idea struck me. The apartment complex was a handful to keep up with especially over the summer.

With the added chores of cutting grass and trimming landscaping on the grounds it kept me pretty busy. A couple times the complex management hired a seasonal worker to help keep things up.

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I began to think maybe I might be able to take this guy under my wing and use his talents to my advantage. I began to hatch a plot in my mind where if I could get this guy hired to help me I might be able to better predict where and who he would be fucking. He was certainly a stud. By now I had at least fifteen or so videos with him screwing at least 6 or 7 different girls. I'm not sure why he was that popular with the girls but, he certainly knew how to get them to spread their legs.

Somehow I felt if I got him to trust me maybe there was some possibility of me getting some leftover pussy for myself, or the very least some better videos. Surely there was something he needed and that I could offer. Then it struck me. Most of the encounters involved smoking weed prior to the sex. Maybe, just maybe I could become his source for the dope.

I wondered if that might be my way in. I had used pot off and on for many years and knew of places to score some whenever I felt the urge. Along with supplying dope, I could arrange for him to have access to an empty apartment to fuck in.

I began to fantasize as to where this could lead. With his steady source of pussy and my connections this could benefit both of us, and maybe he would allow me to video or even participate in some of the sex. Like I said at first these were just passing thoughts, but over the course of a couple weeks a real plan started to formulate in my mind. When that first apartment finally got rented out, I made sure to make it obvious to this guy that another apartment was now unoccupied by leaving my truck near the other apartment.

When I saw him hanging around the complex with others, I had never bothered to speak or make any effort to be nice to him. But after watching his conquests on video replay I began to make an effort to say "hello" if I came across him on the property. I figured I might actually have to approach him, and I figured to play nice until I had worked out a plan.

This guy's ability to lure in fresh meat always seemed to amaze me. He went through so many girls that I didn't think he went steady with any one of them in particular. I think he was just using them for quick sex. This further fueled my fantasy that he might even toss me some of his left-over's.

In the previous couple years the management company gave in and hired a part time summer helper. Unfortunately it was always someone's spoiled brat kid. Last year one of the owner's kids was hired to help me.

He was a total waste of skin. The kid wouldn't break a sweat. He was lazy and never on time. I began to wonder about suggesting my choice of a helper. This stud guy might just need some cash and it would give me closer access to what he had going on. One incident that really triggered my need to involve myself with this guy was caught on video.

He usually showed up with girls his age. Always willing, and very inexperienced tarts seemed to be his specialty. This one day he shows up with one of our tenants whose is a middle aged married woman. I had known her for several years. Her husband was a truck driver and she had two kids in the local school. Her name was Jill. I was incensed because this was starting to get ridiculous.

This kid was now moving in to women that were my age. This broad had never given me a polite hello. Yet here she was getting ready to fuck with a guy that might have been half her age. I wasn't sure, who was taking advantage of whom here. The guy knew his way around the female body, and the woman was an excellent cocksucker. I was kind of surprised that that was what all she really wanted.

The guy had always just jumped on and fucked the shit out of all his tramps. This time the guy ate this grown woman out first. I was sure from watching the playback on the video that she had enjoyed an intense orgasm. When she recovered she knelt down in front of him and performed a most excellent blowjob on him.

When he came, she kept him in her mouth and swallowed his load. When he was finished, she just wiped her mouth with a smile on her face. She topped things off with a deeply passionate kiss. This was it! I had to get connected with this guy and work my way into some leftover putang. I sort of planted the idea of summer help in my boss's ear, and told her I had someone in mind. I didn't think she cared for the kid we had last year either. She said she would let me know.

I began to seriously try to work out just how this could benefit me. Having supervisory control over this guy's access to the complex got me thinking of just exactly how to achieve my ultimate goal of getting in on some of his action. I really needed to actually introduce myself, and find out first if he was even willing to take a job here. Eventually I ran into him with some others by a parking lot.

I knew he was sort of keeping tabs on just where I was working and why. As I approached him, I could tell he got nervous. I think maybe he thought I had discovered what was going on. Anyway, I asked to talk with him alone. He seemed polite enough. He said his name was Ryan. I mentioned that I had seen him around for a while and wondered if he was interested in a summer job at the complex.

Mostly outdoor work, but some inside apartment work too. I could tell he was relieved that it wasn't about what he thought at first. I told him it was just for the summer and probably minimum wage. I said to think about it and get back with me sometime soon. I left it at that, but I could tell the idea seemed appealing to him. As I left him I noticed one of the girls with the group was one of the girls on my videos.

She was indeed a hot little number. Flaming red hair and cute as a bug face, she had a nice rack beneath the tight top she was wearing. She had the thinnest waist and just the beginnings of curves on her hips. She looked my direction and I smiled back, so as not to seem like a pervert.

Little did she know I already had an intimate video of her in "action." Eventually my boss got back to me and said it was ok, me choosing someone this year. The next time I saw Ryan he said he was interested and would like to work here. Yes, I thought the first part of my plan was falling into place. I asked him if he knew where my apartment was, and I told him to meet me there next Saturday morning. He would have to just work Saturdays until school was out for the summer. Our first day went well.

Ryan actually showed up on time and did a decent job of raking up the winters' clutter of leaves and trash around the shrubs. He bagged and cleared a sizeable swath through a couple buildings. We broke for lunch around noon and I figured to treat him at a nearby fast-food joint. This would be my opportunity to get to know him better. Ryan lived with his mother just a few blocks from the complex. He rarely saw his dad since the divorce. He was a well spoken kid and not a dumb-ass either. When the subject of girls came up I could tell I had hit a nerve.

He was just the opposite of what I had been. But the more we talked and traded stories the more I realized just how similar our attitudes about women were the same.

Apparently his mother was very domineering and controlling. She disliked the fact that girls just naturally were attracted to her son. I think maybe she thought they would steal away the only man she had left. Ryan said his mother's reaction to him bringing home any girl was intolerable.

Because of her jealous rage, he kept his social life away from her. He seemed to react to this by taking advantage of as many women as he could. We had to get back to work, but this was beginning to work out very well. We continued working Saturdays together and of course his escapades with the tennet's daughters and even some other wives continued.

I never brought up anything to suggest I knew what was going on.

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I figured to let things take their course. I did try to steer the conversations towards women and our feelings about them. I never brought it up myself but, each time his feelings about his mother came up, his sexual rage seemed to surface. I tried to let him know I was a "cool" guy. Someone he could trust. I brought up just a little of my own history and frustration with women in general. Many times we strayed into conversation about the unfairness of things.

I never had the looks to attract women like he did. But he had a mother who raged against any female companions he tried to have. Life's a bitch. What are you going to do? Our relationship developed over the next couple weekends. Then it became a daily thing. Ryan was a good worker, and I began letting him in on more and more jobs inside apartments. We worked well as a team and jobs went quickly. Our conversations continued especially while painting rooms.

A lot of our conversations still revolved around girls. I had to make up a lot of stories to keep from looking like a complete looser with women.

I didn't have any doubt about his stories though, having been a witness to many "first hand". I began to feel Ryan trusted me to be cool about anything. Once we stopped by my place to pick up some tools and he took notice of my computer. He seemed unusually interested in it. He of course, had his own at home, but said his mother made him keep it in the kitchen at all times.

She was worried about him getting onto any pornography sites. What a bitch! I frequently used the internet to search porn websites. Our conversation started to get very personal about our sexual likes and fetish's. I stayed cool about everything and I think he knew he could trust me. I tried to let him know that he was always welcome to stop by anytime.

He knew I did pot on occasions also. I was hoping he would see me as a refuge from his bitch mother's controlling home life. The next phase was going to be the most difficult step, trying to include myself and use his skill and talent at getting bitches to fuck.

I had to come up with a way to make him suggest the idea to me. Otherwise he might freak-out and he would realize what a pervert I was. I had never really contemplated exactly how I would accomplish this. I was kind of stuck as how to proceed.

Just when I was thinking "life's a bitch" she threw me a bone. It is somewhat poetic justice but just sometimes, the cunts of the world get just what they deserve.

Ryan stopped by one evening. I could tell he was really upset. He and his mother had gotten into a major row over a girl. Our complex was fully occupied at the moment and I guess he had no other option than to take a girl to his house. Major mistake! Mom came home and caught them fucking. It was a disaster. Mom screamed, he shouted and the girl left hysterical. I could hardly contain my jubilation. I pretended to be sympathetic and offered Ryan a beer.

The more we drank the more he opened up about his hatred for all women and the lust he was feeling. I let him vent his anger. I tried to agree, telling him how unfair the difference between sex drives in men and women were.

I mentioned my need to cruise the internet for porn sometimes. (really, always). I said it wasn't right that women always controlled our access to sex. Of course he was randy as hell from having been interrupted fucking. I logged on my computer to a couple of my favorite fuck sites. I knew where there was some pretty strong bondage, humiliation type stuff. I knew he was in rage against women at that point. Especially against his mother for being such a controlling bitch. I also knew of his raging hormones at that age.

It didn't take but a minute to find and bring up several video scenes of women being tied up and raped. He ate it up. He kept asking to see more.

He said he knew these sites were out there, but had never the opportunity to check them out. "I always thought you had to pay to see these?" He said. "Naw, there's lots of free ones." I said. Eventually, he was the one picking out what to look at next. I don't think he had ever had free range to delve into his strongest urges. Gangbangs and cumshots, all aimed at debasing women flowed continuously.

He suggested that seeing girls abused like this turned him on. I agreed and played along. One site had a scene where a dozen guys were standing around a girl writhing on the floor. Each guy was jacking themselves to an orgasm and spraying their "cum" all over the wiggling bitch. I wasn't sure just how much more of this I could take myself. Ryan finally stood up clenching his fist in anger. He said he wished he had a stupid bitch here right now to jack-off on.

He grabbed at his stiffened crotch stepped back away from the computer to an open spot and mocked a jacking motion. I was jokingly egging him on. I pulled open a drawer near the desk and took out my Cannon camera. "This thing takes video in High Definition." I said. "You bag 'em. I'll tag 'em, huh kid. We pretended to play out this mock attack with all our rage at the surface. He acted as if there was a girl lying before him and he stroked at an imaginary cock.

I pretended to be the cameraman and swept across the imaginary girl and his cock as it unloaded on her helpless body. "Take that you bitch," he repeated again and again. "Ugg, Ugg, he mocked as his imaginary orgasm launched spurt after spurt of jizz down onto her.

I followed his lead, and gave a play by play description of how she was being showered in jizz. As he pretended to finish, I handed him the camera and we reversed roles.


"Take all of this too."I mockingly gestured. "Watch me drown this slut in cum." I cried. Ryan held the camera and panned up and down the same spot and in turn called out the action in his own words. I pretended to hose our victim with my copious load. I wanted to unload a lifetime of stored-up jism over her. Ryan and I "high-fived" each other as a finale. We both had a good laugh and popped another beer. Things settled down some. Ryan actually seemed calmer having released his anger on our imaginary victim.

I didn't see Ryan until Monday morning.

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When he showed up for work he said things were very tense at home yet. Basically he and his mom weren't talking yet. We had some outside painting to do and got to work early to avoid the heat of the day. I wasn't going to bring up our evening at my place unless he did. He was unusually quiet. I thought maybe his home problems were still on his mind. I was ok with little conversation, if that was what he wanted.

Maybe an hour had gone by when suddenly he pipes up about a couple of the girls he had had sex with. I knew about the saucy redhead and really all the others too. But I let him direct the conversation. He said he really just was using them for his needs. He liked them of course, but it was the sex he really needed.

He brought up the other night. The web sites, the gangbangs, the videos. They interested him. He asked me about my camera. Did it really take video too?

"Full zoom and 18 megapixel clarity" I said. "Video playback in1080p" I quipped nonchalantly. I could tell the wheels were turning in his head. He said nothing for several minutes. I let it simmer. "Have you ever filmed a girl getting fucked?" he asks out of the blue. "Uh, No, not exactly." I said. I asked Ryan if he could keep a secret. "Sure," he said. "I do have footage of one woman in our complex undressing in her room." I laughed nervously. "This one babe in the complex used to leave her window shades open at night." I said.

"One evening I got on the roof of the building across from hers and got a zoomed-in shot of her undressing and going into the shower. " "Who was she?" Ryan asked. "Jill Singlelton." I whispered looking around. "No shit," cried Ryan, "I got a blow-job from her once." he laughed. I had to catch myself before I let it slip that I already knew. I was thinking to myself "Yeah and I have a video of that too." We finished painting the enclosed porch and packed up the supplies and broke for lunch.

I asked Ryan where he wanted to go for lunch. He always wanted a fast food place nearby but today for some reason he asked if we could pick up something and go by my place to eat.

I was sort of puzzled as to why the unusual request, but I figured he had a reason. We went through the drive thru, and more even more unusual Ryan offered to pop for lunch. I didn't argue and we drove back to my place to eat it. I went and washed up and he did the same. Back at the table I began eating my fries.

After adding ketchup I looked over at him. He hadn't said a word since we left the fast food joint. He was looking at me kinda funny so I said, "What, I got ketchup on my face?" He didn't crack a smile. Instead he started talking about what had happened the other night here with the camera and pretending to film some girl. "Yeah," I said,"I thought it was mostly the beer talking." Ryan blurts out that he wants to do it for real.

"Huh, "I pretended to be mildly shocked. "Yeah I want to film a girl getting banged and jizz covered." He says. "Anyone we know in particular," I asked, trying not to sound too serious.

"I could get any of several girls here" he says. In my mind the jackpot light lit up. "Bingo!" I said to myself. "Here at my place?" I questioned innocently. Ryan said he could probably get a girl to anyplace he wanted. I was pretending to go along slowly and let him take the lead in setting this up. Apparently he had been mulling over the idea for several days. I was interested in his plan and told him so. But I wasn't keen on having girls filmed in my flat.

I knew if any of this got out I'd be in big trouble. "You know at the end of this month we will have a vacancy in G building". The husband in fourteen got transferred." I suggested. I pretended to plant the idea of taking girls to a vacant apartment instead of my place. Ryan acted like he had never thought of that and agreed that would be better. "How would you film them?" I asked. "Don't know." Hadn't given that much thought, "Look I said we can't depend on some tart keeping her mouth shut about this." Ryan agreed.

He then suggested, he heard of "roofies" I feigned no understanding and let Ryan go on to describe what he had heard about a date rape drug that could be slipped to a girl, knocking her out. We could drug her and then take advantage of the time she slept it off. I asked if he had any source for something like this. "Not really." was his reply.

I finally figured he had lead enough and so I offered up the possibility of maybe someone that I get my dope from could help us. Ryan seemed please that I was willing to help him out with "his" plan. I told him I'd check around and see if there was a way to knock out person for a while. "But I had some stipulations on all this." I told him. I will get in the most trouble if this ever gets found out, "I said.

"I have to have some protection against something going wrong." "Yes I'll do this with you," I said. "If you can come up with the "babes," but I have to keep the only copies of the videos we make. I won't have copies shared around and end up in the hands of the authorities and me being carted off to jail." I said "We will work together on this", and of course I'd get to fuck some of the sluts too. Ryan agreed and seemed pleased that we were in this together. I promised to get back with him on the drug thing.

Bam! I thought to myself. Maybe there is justice in this world. If all went well I would be getting some sweet young tang and have some high-quality footage as proof of my conquests. A guy named Jake was my dope supplier. He and I had known each other since high school. He didn't live that far away so I set up a buy for my usual stuff. When I got to his place I purchased my usual amount. I started hinting that I wished for something more.

This was highly unusual for me, and I was unsure exactly how to ask for it. Jake finally grew impatient and asked me straight out what I wanted to do. As innocently as I could phrase it I told him I'd like to put someone out for just a while.

Did he have anything that would do that? "Like roofies?" he asked. "Yeah, something like that." I replied. Jake said "naw" you don't want those." "They are way to strong and the person stays out for ever and wakes up sick. They know you slipped them something." "I've got better" he said, "Dexelane gas." "Huh," I said.

"Dentist stuff! You know, like laughing gas. Same type thing. You give a person a minute or two dose of this stuff and they pass out for maybe an hour. They wake up not remembering a damn thing, you just tell them they dozed off for a bit. Great stuff. I've used it several times myself." "So where do I get this gas and how much?" I asked. "From Me," Jake said. "The price is a little steep but a small tank goes a long way." "For you buddy, two hundred bucks and I'll throw in the mask and flow meter." I told him I was interested and he said he would contact his source and let me know when.

The next time I met up with Ryan I gave him the news. We were covered. I spent some time searching the internet and found that this "Dexelane" stuff was legit.

Safe and effectively it would knock out anyone within a minute and they would be out maybe forty- five minutes to an hour. Jake called me a week later and said he had the merchandise. I stopped by and picked up the kit. He wished me well with whatever I had planned. One evening near the end of the month, Ryan stopped by and we kind of went over our plan. The apartment would be available very shortly. We had picked out our first "volunteer". That saucy redhead had really caught my fancy.

Ryan agreed, he said her name was Holly. She was a sure bet. She really had the "hots" for him and would fuck at the drop of a dime. I told Ryan we really needed to test out the gas to make sure it really worked. Our plan was for Ryan to get her high on weed then get her to put on the gas mask. We needed to know if she would remember anything at all and test just how long she would stay under. I suggested that he would be the best test subject. I would put him out at my place and time his wake-up.

He would see if he could recall anything from the experience. I guess he trusted me enough to do this. Besides he was closer in size and weight to the girl than I was. The gas was in a small bottle about the size of a standard propane canister.

The mask resembled the ones they show you at "take-off" on airplanes. Ryan lay down on the couch at my place and I gave him the mask and turned on the flow. Within a minute or two at the most, he was out like a light. I kept close watch on the time and monitored his breathing. He looked like he had just zonked out for a nap. I put the mask and gas away and waited to see how long he would be out.

I called his name a couple times at first to check. He seemed to be fast asleep. I wondered just how deeply. I needed to run some tests to check on what it might take to wake him. I pulled on his one arm trying to drag him off the couch.

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By now he was limp as a rag. I grabbed his arm and pulled him upright and noticed drool coming from his mouth. His head slumped forward almost lifeless. I figured I pick him up and carry him around a bit and see if he had any response.

It was a tussle, but I got him onto my shoulder and carried him around my apartment, first into the kitchen and then through the bedroom and back to the living room. I laid him back down on the couch facing the other direction. I called his name and lightly slapped about on his face. No response.

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I tried to tickle him by pinching his side, again nothing. The gas was working as advertised. I pulled him into a position on his side and let him alone for a while. I went and got a beer and turned on the TV. Soon it had been almost a half hour. The only sound out of him was his heavy breathing. I tickled his nose once or twice and didn't even get a twitch.

For some reason I pushed my finger into his mouth and touched his tongue. He offered no resistance to anything I was doing. I finished my beer and checked my watch it was almost forty minutes into this. I slapped him a couple more times and shook him by the shoulder again. I put my head near his and could still hear his breathing. I left him alone for about maybe ten minutes, then I checked on him again. He was still resting.

Nearing the one hour mark I was starting to worry a little. Did I administer too much. It took another ten minutes before he started to moan. I looked over and he was starting to come around. I gave him a little more time and started to call his name. His arm came up and he wiped the drool from his face and looked at me sort of puzzled. "Have a nice nap." I asked. He still seemed puzzled as he tried to sit up.

He breathed deeply and let out a large yawn. "What happened?" he asked. "You tell me, bud." He sat-up some and seemed to be trying to piece together what had happened. "Remember anything?" I asked. "Naw, I remember walking over here and then it's fuzzy after that. "Success!" I exclaimed. Ryan still seemed out of "It" so I offered him a beer and he slowly seemed to return to normal.

The apartment in G building finally became available. I had been given the list of repairs which included painting and new window fixtures throughout. Then the rugs would be cleaned. As of yet no one had expressed an interest in moving in. I never figured out where Ryan had been taking girls these last few weeks. I knew better than to think he had stopped since the incident at his home.

Ryan stopped at my apartment before work on the first day. He and I did a walk thru on the apartment in G building. The place was a carbon copy of most. The tenant had not taken everything with them. Normally they leave only the broken stuff behind. There was a small dresser and a busted loveseat in the living area.

Old expired food was still in the kitchen cabinets. People are such pigs. I guess I am supposed to be their mother and clean their shit up after them.

Ryan walked over to the loveseat and shook it. The one leg was busted and the fabric worn badly. I asked him what it would take to make it solid again.

"Maybe a couple bricks," he laughed. We were both on the same page with where we would stage our first video. "We'll bring some back after lunch." I said. We shifted gears and got to real work in the kitchen. Ryan brought up a trash container and we both began unloading everything in the cabinets. Old shelf paper was peeled off and counters wiped down. The slobs living there had never cleaned a window before. Grease from cooking covered most surfaces. We labored all morning on the place.

By noon at least the kitchen and bathroom areas were clean. Repainting would happen after all the rooms were cleaned. We broke for lunch. On the way back we stopped by my apartment. I wanted to go over our plan one last time. I still had my camera batteries on the charger and I wanted everything to go just right. Ryan had brought over a school backpack.

He stuffed the sleeping gas and mask into it. I had trained him on exactly how to operate the tank. Two minutes on the gas was enough. I made sure he had a working watch with him. After we finished for the day, I would leave. Ryan would have my key and be able to let himself back into the apartment. I had given him a couple joints of pot and he was to get Holly stoned first. I cautioned him about smoking any pot himself.

We needed to be clear thinking during all this. Don't inhale I said. The complex manager always left at three. Ryan knew her car by now. He was only to enter the apartment after she had left for the day. Once he had Holly inside and had her wasted. He was to get her to try the gas. Once she was out he was to close the window shade in the back bedroom. That would be the signal for me to show up. If there was a problem like she wouldn't cooperate, the plan was off. He could do whatever he needed to do.

I'd bring my camera when I got the signal and then the fun would start. On the way back to the apartment we did pick up some bricks and a large sofa cover.

I didn't want something as simple as a dirty couch to throw off our plan. The afternoon drug by, I think both of us were sort of nervous, yet very excited. Ryan made the comment about not having any sex for at least a couple days. He said he was saving up for today. I didn't have the nerve to tell him I had never gotten any pussy at all.

I had been saving up my entire life. By two-thirty my balls were starting to consume my every thought. In less than a couple hours I might actually have my cock buried up in a warm cunt.

I left the apartment around two-forty five. The complex manager wanted an update on how things were going. I stopped by her office and gave her the usual bullshit tie-in. She was really only wanting to know that the appliances were still there and in working order. That would be their big cash outlay if those needed replacement or had been taken by the tenant.

I headed back to my place and waited anxiously. Ryan still had to get home clean-up, find Holly and convince her to go back to the apartment with him. I decided to shower and clean up too.

I unplugged my camera and put it in a plastic five gallon bucket. I threw in a dark blanket and some clean-up rags. I was trying to think ahead and have something to clean up the girl afterwards with.

All I could think of was window cleaner. I had bought some KY lube stuff in a tube. I hoped I had thought of everything. I put a couple tools on top for show. I sat back and waited. Time crept by. We had figured about four o'clock to have Holly there, and things would happen after that. My mind was rehearsing over and over the pleasure I was about to indulge in. My anticipation was overwhelming. I had always wondered what it would be like to be buried balls deep in a female cunt, to feel the sensations of warmth and her texture.

I had never drawn my hands over a female breast or even tweaked a nipple. This was going to be my time. I couldn't wait until four and left early. I took my truck around back of the G building and pretended to be checking out some exterior fencing. The shade was still up. I checked my watch and it was ten to four. I walked around trying to not look too suspicious.

Four O'clock went by then, four-ten. I got back in the truck and adjusted the mirror to monitor the window. At four-twenty I was beginning to think something had gone wrong. I was distracted for a moment then looked back and damn if the shade wasn't down.

Bingo! I said to myself. I hopped out of the truck carrying my bucket with the camera and supplies hidden inside. My throat was dry as hell. I thought now I should have brought some water.

My knees were so weak I almost stumbled on the steps going up to the second floor. I was hoping like hell I wouldn't run into any tenants. As I approached the apartment door I saw it was closed. I tried the knob it was still locked. I knocked lightly. I waited and waited. Finally the lock clicked and the door cracked open. Ryan had a grin on his face. He held up a palm for a high five greeting. I slipped in and quietly locked and dead bolted the door from inside.

"How did it go?"I whispered. "Like a great plan should." laughed Ryan. "Where is she?" I asked quietly.

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"You don't have to whisper." He said, "She is out cold." I carried my bucket into the bedroom where we had moved the couch earlier. There she was, fast asleep. Her youth struck me as she seemed so fragile. Her blouse was partially open. She was lying on her side legs drawn up in a fetal position. "Watch this," said Ryan.

He walked over to her unzipped his fly. He pulled out his cock and slapped it about on her face. He moved her jaw slightly and slid his cock right into her mouth. He gave a few in and out strokes and then pulled out. "Hey" I cried," I might want to put my tongue in there. We both laughed at this. Holly was the first female body I would enjoy. I wanted to savor each moment and record as much as possible for later use.

Ryan said he started her on the gas at exactly four-fifteen. This gave us about an hour with her. I didn't know about the him but I was afraid I might shoot my load just getting the clothes off of this sweet thing. I set the bucket with my camera down and knelt down before her.

I brought my face right up to hers. Her soft breathing reassured me she was out. I had never been so close to a girls face before.

I studied every feature from the, purse of her lips, to the sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Suddenly I felt the irresistible urge to press my nose into her hair. I pulled a handful right up to my cheek and inhaled the fragrance of her. "Come on," cried Ryan, "Let's get to it." "Right," I said.

I straightened up, and studied her position on the couch. "Let's get her on the floor."I said I grabbed for my bucket and removed the blanket. Ryan helped me spread it out on the floor. Together we lifted the limp girl from the couch and gently set her out on the blanket.

She rolled easily on to her back. I got down near her face again and made sure she was breathing ok. Ryan was sort of dancing around not knowing what to do first. I went right to work to finish unbuttoning her shirt. I just had to get a look at that set of tits. With Ryan's help we got her shirt off. I held her shoulder up as Ryan unfastened the clasp of her bra. Slipping it over her shoulders we gently set her back down.

I could feel my hand trembling as I covered the soft mound of one of her tits. The firmness of the nipple in my palm was like a magnet pulling my mouth towards it. Surely it was worth just one little nibble.

I caught up with Ryan down at her waist. I trailed my hand down from her breast to the flat of her tummy. Her belly was so soft and smooth. I could hardly take my hand back from her. Ryan was impatiently fumbling with the waist button on her shorts. He got it loose and pulled open the flaps of her shorts revealing the last obstacle between us and her sex.

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Together we worked her shorts to her knees, then off completely. I reached back possessively grabbing the top hem of her panties.

"This was mine" I said. I lowered my head and pressed my face right into the mound of her cunt. Her selection of panties enthralled me. A thin pink cotton fabric with small hearts was the last remaining shield of her maidenhood. "Ah, the scent of a woman," I laughed. My hands were almost shaking noticeably as I peeled the top of her panties downward.

As the fabric yielded, the object I had always sought to have, was now only inches from my face. The pungent aroma of the girl's sex was glorious. The heat radiating from her was incredible. My tongue instinctively reached out and lapped at the folds of her slit. I had never imagined such a delicate sensation. "Hey," cried Ryan mocking me, "I might want to put my dick in there." Our mutual laughter broke the intensity of the moment.

As soon as we had her completely nude Ryan set about undressing also. He was in such a state of frenzy that his clothes flew in all directions. I was not going to be left out of anything and quickly followed suit. For some reason I didn't feel weird having a naked guy in the room with me. Our total focus was on the supple body laid out between us.


We probably looked like a couple vultures on a fresh road kill. Each of us chose a portion of the girl's body and descended on her ravenously. I licked and probed every square inch of the girl's face and breasts. I got my camera out and began snapping pictures from any angle I could imagine. This was a feast I would want to remember and enjoy over and over.

I repeated Ryan's earlier stunt and gently pulled her jaw open and slid my raging cock inside her mouth. The saliva from her drooling lubricated my motion. I snapped picture after picture of my cock dangling obscenely between her cherry colored lips.

Ryan had focused on her lower half and had left a trail of slobber all around her cunt and thighs. He was incredibly jacked, and he was hopping around like a horny dog looking for a place to bury his cock. Finally, he straddled the girl's hips and started poking his cock around stabbing it as a randy animal would.

I offered him the KY lube but he said he had her lubed enough already. I flipped my camera to video and started filming his frenzied effort to satisfy his lust. He had been here before many times and he quickly found the spot he wanted. With not much resistance he sank his entire cock deep into the girl and started jacking like a madman.

I thought I was the pervert here, but this kid had the intensity of a jackhammer. There was no enjoyment or savoring the moment with him. He just drove straight for his "nut". I filmed as Ryan went absolutely insane on this girl. He licked and drooled all the time pumping like a machine against her yielding belly. I had repeatedly cautioned him to slow down, but he just smiled to the camera and lunged onward.

His lust wouldn't be denied. His groans reverberated throughout the room. I don't think Ryan lasted more than two minutes when he stiffened.

He shook and twisted as his balls exploded their contents into the girl's belly. I had a difficult time trying to get a good shot of his cock buried in her, because he was just so intense.

Finally he popped his cock out. Cum was still dribbling from the end of his dick and he let it drizzle onto the soft patch of red fuzz atop her cunt.

"Hey, I need to get in on some of that too you know." I said laughing. "Sloppy seconds?" he asked. "Don't bother me any," I quipped. I put down the camera and as he struggled to his feet. I got up and took a spot on the floor between the girl's outstretched legs. Ryan was standing above Holly's head.

He just stood there watching as I sat on the floor and positioned my back against the couch. "My turn now!" I said. I lined up the motionless girl and began pulling her towards my ridged cock. Ryan's cum had splattered her pubes and was still oozing out of her cunt. For some reason I found that this added to my excitement and I welcomed the lubrication.

I lifted each of her legs over my thighs and slid her up to where our crotches made contact. Ryan had picked up my camera now and was clicking away. I pushed my cock down gently on top of her navel and sat back as Ryan snapped away. My cock seemed huge compared to the girl's body. I tapped the shaft of my cock softly against the reddish hair of her pubic mound. Ryan's cum was everywhere down there.

It had a thick texture and formed sticky strands as I bounced my cock against her. I didn't mind the sloppy mess at all. In fact it turned me on knowing she was already primed for my entry. Maybe I was part gay! His cum leftover never bothered me, even later on if I decided to eat out one of these little cunts. The fragrance of a cunt filled with semen his or mine, was like an intoxicating drug to me. "I bet this is the biggest cock this cunt has ever handled." I laughed.

Ryan was still standing above Holly's head with the camera. He stunned me. "That depends on how big her daddy's is." He said laughing. "Huh," I said, looking up at him. Ryan's devilish grin was partially hidden behind the camera. He lowered the camera for a second and shocked me with the news that both her dad and her big brother had already been "tapping" this little thing.

"Yeah, she didn't want me to say anything about this to anyone but her dad and older brother had been screwing her too." He said.

"Hell, you don't even have to worry about getting her pregnant. They put her on birth control pills as soon as they started in on her." "Damn!" Was all I could say. I reached for her hands. I brought them together framing my cock. She looked like she was jacking me off. I let Ryan click away as he moved to the side for a better angle.

Her hands seemed so small as my cock dwarfed her petite frame. I just couldn't wait any longer and had to have my cock inside her now! Ryan switched to video as I pushed her up far enough to clear her belly and pressed my cock downward aligning to her tender slit. "Get all of this," I said Ryan's spunk had moistened her nicely. The head of my cock began to disappear into her as the folds of her cunt parted like a steaming dinner roll. I held her by the waist and with both hands gently pulled her up against me.

I had to stop after just a couple strokes and just enjoy the sensation of the warmth enveloping my cock. "Ohh," I groaned, "Ohh, Good, So good. Ohh" Ryan was reveling in my pleasure. He kept up a chant. "Do her, Do her," he kept repeating. He was getting as much satisfaction out of this as I was. I resumed pushing and pulling her while she remained skewered on my cock.

I was sort of amused at the way her head would roll up and downward with each thrust. I joked that it looked as though she was nodding her approval. I could have stayed coupled to this girl like this for the rest of time. Ryan was now beside himself. He put the camera down and began jacking his dick. I was sort of surprised that he had recovered so quickly.

Indeed his cock was stiffly waving about again. He used his fist and grabbing himself he launched into a frenzy of masturbation. He knelt down almost against my leg trying to send another load onto her stomach. I continued my gentle rocking. To my shock, he was soon on the verge of second orgasm.

Before I could say anything he let fly with a volley of jizz that shot across my arm landing in the middle of her stomach. I watched as it trickled right into her belly button filling it completely. I cautioned Ryan that I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer and to get the camera ready. I think he was still enjoying the last of his release when I felt my balls reaching the point of no return. "Ohh, Ohh." I stammered. I was trying to hold back until Ryan could get the camera going.

But then he started that incessant chanting again. "Fuck her, Fuck her," He kept repeating. Instantly my gut tightened and my hips slammed against the girl so hard that I almost bounced her away. My hands clenched at her waist and squeezed. Thirty years of pent up lust shot through my cock. Jolt after jolt of semen rocketed out of me and blasted into that little cunt. A ring of white jizz formed around the stuffed cunt and bubbled out at each thrust.

I think together we had flooded that little cunt with as much cum as it could hold. I don't know how long I went on or what I was mumbling, but it was the greatest sensation of my life.

Finally drained I looked up to Ryan who had filmed my orgasm. He was smiling broadly and seemed to take as much pleasure in it as I had. I wasn't sure right then, but later on I came to realize even though he had fucked these girls before he seemed to get more pleasure out of doing this stuff than fucking them awake. I think it had something to do with releasing his rage against his mother. During normal fucking he couldn't be himself. With the girl just there just to use as a fuck-doll he could open up and do as he really felt like doing.

Once I had recovered enough to move forward, I leaned over the girl and pushed her tits together and licked every square inch of them one last time. I focused on the bright pink nipples and nursed as a baby would.

The warmth of her chest and her gentle breaths might have eventually brought my cock back to hardness, but time was running out. I wanted to finish my encounter with a passionate kiss.

I dipped my tongue into her moist mouth and swept her fragrant saliva around tasting her for one last time then closed her mouth. I just couldn't resist the sick urge to place just a few drops of my semen on her lips. Reaching down I lifted a little pearl of semen still oozing from the tip of my cock. I smeared the drops of semen around on her lips like a balm.

Ryan got some great close-ups of me doing this. Ryan suggested rolling her on her stomach, which we did. I hadn't even thought to check out her little ass. The gentle slope of her back led right to the tightest set of buns a man could wish for. The cheeks of her butt were firm and the skin a rosey red color.

I think that was probably from all our pulling and tugging at her. Ryan just about jumped over me to drive his face right into that shit.


He started rubbing his nose into the crack of her butt and came up slobbering like a dog. In a split second he hopped up and straddled her waist her again and started jacking himself once more. "Are you kidding me?" I said. "Three times in less than an hour." Sure enough after a couple minutes of stroking he was ready again.

I had the camera on video. From an angle near her feet I watched unbelieving as he let loose another batch of cum on that little bitch's ass. Three or four spurts criss-crossed her buns and trickled down between her thighs.

He pushed himself back and dove back in with his face. I watched in awe as he buried his face between her ass cheeks again. He came up with cum smeared on his nose and face.

He held his tongue out stiffly and repeatedly poked at her ass with it. I wasn't sure but it looked like he might be eating is own cum mixed with saliva. He was a sick fucker and I loved it. I looked on in amazement at Ryan and asked, "Are you done with her now?" He had a devilish grin on his face, and I wondered if given a just a little more time he could be at it again. We spent the next couple minutes wiping her down. We were not sure how to get all the cum out of her pussy so we did the best we could.

We redressed her and lifted her back onto the couch. With that we were finished with her. I gathered up all the supplies I had brought. Ryan was to lay down with her until she woke up and convince her she just drifted off after the sex. I went back to my truck and waited until I saw Ryan at the window again.

He flashed me a thumbs up as soon as she woke up. He said it took a little bit but eventually she came around. Best of all, she bought the story too. He said she even apologized for dozing off on him. You know, they say you never forget your first fuck. I believe it is true. Holly was only the first of many sluts we would have over the years. But she would always hold a special place in my mind as one of the best. Later that evening Ryan stopped by my place and we congratulated ourselves on a perfectly executed plan.

Ryan even laughed when he relayed to me how Holly complained about the amount of cum inside her. He said he told her he was extra horny and had filled her up. We both laughed aloud and popped open a beer.