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Shara Pantyhose walking in sexy pantyhose
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Chapter 4 the End Game Miriam could not contain her nervousness over the events that were to transpire. Adam, for his part, showed great tenderness and compassion toward Miriam. Although shy by nature, Miriam was already in a state of excitement, mentally reliving the acts that she had watched Siren and Adam compete.

Without preamble, Miriam stood and shook off her Lab coat, to reveal her fully nude body.

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Miriam had always been somewhat self conscious about her physical appearance, specifically about her breasts. While in an ideal world all breasts were symmetrical, Miriam's were not. Her right breast was noticeable smaller than her left, although both had large dark areola. In anticipation of this nights events Miriam had done something she had never considered in the past, she had shaved her pubic area completely bare.

Normally this brought with it the threat of an itchy future. Miriam Mauls was certain that this would never be a problem for her, in one way or another. Standing before Adam, bare and unashamed, Miriam's desire to be taken only strengthened. Adam could see signs that Miriam was nervous, that she needed reassurance, perhaps a display of confidence to help her through, something she had never experienced.

He reached out and extended his hand, palm up, as an invitation. Miriam smiled, recognizing his compassion and patience. She reached out her hand and took his, pulling herself towards him.

He met her with a firm embrace, and naked, he kissed her lips slowly. She could sense that he was taking his time, not rushing her to submit to him, but empowering her to make the commitment for herself.

She could also feel the warmth, and firmness of his fully erect penis including his heartbeat as it pressed against her belly. The sensation of that touch reinforced her desire to be with him. Her heart began to race now as her breathing became more shallow and quick. Miriam felt her nipples harden as they contacted Adams smooth chest. She had never been kissed like that before, and it took only seconds before she overcame the novelty of the sensation. Miriam felt her vaginal canal grow moist, as her excitement built.

The couple moved onto the bed proper, and were soon intertwined, and tangled both in the sheet as well as in the arms of the other. Once Miriam had overcome her initial fears, she unleashed the flood of passions that had welled within her for so many years. Her hands ran the length of his body, as his did hers, lingering in the more sensitive places.

Miriam had always wanted to touch and to be touched like this, and the opportunity was fleeting. She would make the most of the experience. As her hand passed over his firm cock, her fingers moved through a small seepage of pre-cum. Moving her hand upward she gently sucked her own moistened finger tips, to taste this new fluid. This aroused her even more, and with her curiosity peeked, she gently lowered her head to find the source of this nectar.

Kissing his skin as she moved down his body, Miriam felt a heat rush through her, an excitement never before experienced.

Finally finding his lightly bobbing shaft, she opened her mouth and allowed her tongue to explore the large head and shaft. The textures of his skin were so very smooth and the scent of his manhood caused the slightest flurry of butterfly wing in her depths. After a cursory inspection, Miriam attempted to lower her head along the full length of his shaft.

She had seen it done on videos, and had watched fascinated as Siren had performed the same act. She quickly realized that such a move required practice, and time, neither of which she had in abundance.

Still Adam allowed her to experiment, and with the exception of a gently moan, symbolizing her positive accomplishments, Adam did little to rush her.

At this point Miriam was also in such close proximity to Adams testicles, that she could no longer resist the urge to touch and gently roll them in her own hand. Within these fleshy orbs was the salvation of her people, through the extraction of his seed, Adam could father an entire generation of children. Given the reports on the quality of his sperm, a large portion of that new generation was likely to be male. These were to be the fathers of the next generation of people who would carry life forward, and end the childless future they currently faced.

Miriam continues to lightly bob her head along Adams shaft, even as she snaked her free right hand down her body to find her swollen clit.

She felt how wet and ready she was, how much she desired him at that moment. Closing her eyes Miriam released Adams cock and shifted positions to allow her self to mount the beautiful man. With her own hands she gently guided Adams fully engorged penis to the very edge of her womanhood, and with her face upturned, slowly lowered herself onto his shaft. There was but a moment of slight stinging pain as her hymen gave way to the intruder.

Her vagina wet with both her lust as well as a small amount of blood, parted and accommodated the full eight inches of Adams erection. He remained absolutely motionless as he watched Miriam feel her first live penetration.

She winced only momentarily as Adams shaft tore away the last vestiges of her virginity. Miriam then shook gently as the last inch if Adam found its way into her, firmly planted in her most intimate space. My god, the feeling was wondrous Miriam thought as she slowly raised herself up to displace his cock.

It was exquisite, and so immensely powerful, this feeling of the physical bond between them. He was no longer an unknown invader, but now a welcome addition; one she could scarcely think to part with. She wanted him to bury himself deeper still and she moved to drop her weight back down on him again to impale herself on his shaft once more. Slowly she began to get a rhythm of movements going and she alone controlled the pace and the depth of his penetration. Miriam was lost in the moment and she began to feel something stir inside, the beginnings of her first major orgasm.

She varied the stroke, and in doing so was able to maximize the exposure of her sex to heighten the sensation. Soon she was ridding Adam full bore, and long ago animalistic needs crept into her consciences. She let out an involuntary moan as she felt herself approach her first peak, and opened her eyes to look down at the man who had brought her such pleasures.

His face was distorted and he moved his hips to the tempo she had created. His face was red from the exertion, and she was now aware of his labored breathing. The sight caused her to shutter again, and in that moment she felt the release she craved.

At that same instance, she also felt Adams shaft swell and become larger in girth, as he strained to supplant himself within her body one final stroke. At that moment he released a guttural groan and with it his load of hot seed splashed her cervix. She felt the pulses of the stream of steamy hot liquid as it was pumped into her and knew the satisfaction of the mating act.

She held him deep with her as he release his next load and then another until afterward as he began to slowly subside. Miriam allowed herself to fall heavily to one side of the bed. The sweet nectar of his seed held deep within her and a smile of unabashed joy upon her lips. They were both covered in a thin sheen of sweat from the exertion, but it was so wonderful. Glancing at her time piece, Miriam realized that her moment of pleasures were about to end, but now fortified with the experience, she was ready, actually eager to face the next move in the dangerous game she was playing.

Looking into Adams eyes she said "Thank you. That was so wonderful, and something I shall never forget" Adam looked back directly into her eyes and smiles. "Neither shall I" "Right, then I suppose we should get on with the task at hand, Rachel would you come forward please?" From just outside the lit area of the bedroom a figure materialized from the inky shadows.

She was tall with a light completion, standing about fine feet ten inches in height. She had a beautifully composed body, slim, taunt, and muscular without being bulky.

Her hips were wonderfully proportioned and a perfect match for her size and weight. Her breasts were full and perfectly formed. Adam glanced up and allowed his gaze to start at the top of the woman who was called Rachel. He was speechless. Here stood beauty and perfection such as he had never witnessed.

"Who is this? He stammered.

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"You knew her as Siren, but she has been reconfigured and taken on a new persona, she is now Rachel" Miriam said flatly. "How is that possible? Rachel is slightly taller, has fairer skin she has green eyes, she…" Adam began. "Adam, you must understand the nature of the attendants.

People have great ranges of likes and tastes, the attendants can be made to resemble anyone. Siren/Rachel is no different in that respect. She is however, far different in several other ways, way that will be important to us both later" Miriam said. "You mean like the fact that she is not constrained by the three laws of robotics, and could therefore injure or even kill a human if she wanted too?" Adam asked bewildered.

"That's one unique difference. Rachael also has retained all the relative date regarding your physiology and tastes. She has her memories intact and remembers all that she did said and reacted to as Siren. She has a far larger hard drive and memory capacity that is a quantum leap beyond any other attendant in existence today. Her power source is the highest wattage density of any available anywhere and with a simple exchange of a spare, she should be viable and cognizant for between 2-3 hundred years." Miriam said.

"I'll have her explain more later, right now I want you to shower, then follow Rachel to Mobius. Before you go however we should take care of one small detail." Miriam stood up from the bed and approached Rachel "Rachel, please access your security login" Mauls directed. "Complete" Rachel replied. "Dr. Miriam Mauls, please voice authenticate clearance" Mauls said. "Authenticated, access granted" Rachel replied.

"Rachel, you are now the property of Adam Barrett, you will follow his directives in all things, so long as they do not interfere with your prime directive." Mauls said. "Adam please say your complete name, speak directly to Rachel" Adam approached Rachel and in a voice that was stronger than he felt said, "Adam Patrick Barrett" "Please authenticate" said Miriam "Complete" Rachel said.

"Rachael you will lock out all other access to your core programs including my files. You will proceed with the plan as discussed, no variations. Once your mission is complete you will follow protocol 1A and address all concerns. At the end of life cycle you will insure that plans are on a path for implementation, and then once all is cleared, you will enable processes 1XX356.

You have the co-ordinates?" Miriam asked. "I have the exact location plotted. The processes will be implemented as directed" Rachel said. "Excellent, go and make me proud. Mauls signs out, implement changes" Miriam said. Rachel stood silent for perhaps 5 seconds and then began to move, guiding Adam toward the showers. "Adam, I have to go I will be with you in spirit, take care of Rachel" Miriam called back to them as they walked away.

Adam was dumbfounded. Take care of Rachel? What did that mean? Adam stood naked in the intense stream of the water jets soaking up the heat and enjoying the experience. Just outside the shower stall Rachel stood by silently. As Adam completed the task at hand, he could not help but to wonder if Rachel would care to join him in the stall for a few minutes of fun. Those thoughts faded as she spoke. "Adam, please complete your bathing, dress, and escort me to the Mobius facility.

We have exactly 14 minutes 23 seconds to complete this section of the assignment." "What exactly are you planning to do? Adam asked. "I will insure that you are returned to your timeline before the window closes" Rachel answered. "What window, I don't understand" Adam said. Rachel continued to explain as Adam dried himself and dressed. All thoughts of modesty completely abandoned.

"Mobius was designed to trawl people, specifically men from the past to help father the future generations of children in our present. The common name of the project was "Father Time" which some found humorous. A safety feature was incorporated into the Mobius design to allow the return of the subjects trawled." Rachel began.


The entire process relies on space/time markers. For example if we were able to recover an old photograph taken at a location and marked with a time stamp we would know to a certainty that a particular subject would be at that location at precisely that time. Mobius would then have an exact time and place to acquire the subject.

The mathematical equation to allow such an acquisition is rather lengthy, involving the movement of the Planet through space, earth's rotation, variation in the magnetic field and some 545 variables.

Mobius can retain the co-ordinates of the location from which the subject is gathered for only 24 hours. After that the variables change to a point that exact accuracy is no longer guaranteed. Your return window will close in 9 minutes 4 seconds." Rachel explained.

"Could Mobius return me to any location?" Adam asked. "Yes, however there could be an obstruction in the arrival location if it is selected without extremely good intelligence. You could be materialized in the center of a tree, building or below the earths surface. Returning you to the exact location you were removed from eliminates that possibility. Each Mobius trawl automatically creates a standing file to calculate the return journey.

In fact Mobius is designed with the idea that once something is moved through the time transom, something MUST be returned to that location. In the past other objects were sent to close the transom, and the subjects were sent to their deaths by design, to prevent the past from being aware of the capabilities we have in their future" Rachel said.

"So I could be walking to my own execution" Adam mumbled. Rachel stopped and in turn this brought Adam to a halt. Rachel looked at him closely, before she spoke "Adam, if Dr, Mauls wanted to terminate you, she could do so much easier without the risk she is undertaking. All this will become clear to you, very soon." Adam reflected on all that had happened, and agreed. "Well let's go see what this is all about then" He said simply. As they arrived through the tunnel connection the seed collection facility to Mobius, they were confronted by a single female guard.

"I will need to see your Authorization before you proceed" the seated guard intoned. Stepping forward, Rachel approach the guard as if to present the required documentation. "I had no idea we were sending a subject back today, I don't see it on my schedule" The guard commented. "Precisely" Rachel said as she moved in a single fluid motion using her closed fist against the temple of the guard. The blow was delivered with brutal force, both snapping the guard's neck as well as shattering her skull, driving bone fragments through her brain.

The guard never felt the deadly blow. The action had taken less than three seconds, Rachel and Adam were already crossing the threshold before the guards body had completed fallen from her chair. "My god, you did that with a single strike. You killed that woman." Adam said incredulously. "I did not have time to debate or mislead the guard to gain access into this facility. We have 3 minutes 43 seconds.

Please hurry" Rachel said. When they reached the chamber, Rachel directed Adam to removes his clothes, and to enter the chamber naked. Adam complied, and as the clear glass door slid into place he watched as Rachel reset the controls to send him to back to his time.

She finished the operations and turned to the clear chamber, she smiled and said "I will see you on the other side" and with that remark she initiated the start sequence. Adam was taken aback, not sure how to take the last comment, however events quickly transpired, that made him forget the exchange. The small chamber hummed loudly and there was a perceptible vibration through the floor tiles, then without warning the room flashed a brilliant white light, then total darkness.

Adam felt incredible pain, his head aching as if struck with a heavy object. The urge to be ill was overwhelming and without preamble his stomach voided its contents on the floor where he lay. Strong hands reached over and picked him up from the pool of his own vomit, pulling him from the floor and easing his body onto a nearby couch. His head about to explode, Adam managed to squint through one eye to ascertain his location.

To his complete surprise he was indeed back in his apartment bedroom and standing directly in front of him was Rachel.

She was doing something, but the pain quickly persuaded him to ignore it for the moment. He then heard something heavy being moved, and before the thought had completely formed in his mind, Rachel was back and urging him up.

Adam made an attempt to follow the instructions but failed, surrendering to the pain. Adam then felt himself being picked up and carried as if he weighed nothing. The sudden movement drove the pain to new heights and Adams last conscious thought was the realization that Rachel was carrying him away.

Adam woke again slowly, his head still aching. He was in a fresh bed, still naked, but his body had been washed and he was comfortable, except for the aching pain in his head. "Welcome home Adam" Rachel said from the corner. "Rachel!, Where am I? What are we doing here? Adam said weakly. "Please relax, Adam you are back to your time. Mobius did as it was programmed to do and placed you exactly where you were taken from.

In fact you have lost less than three minutes of your lifespan in this timeline" Rachel said. "But this isn't my apartment. Where are we, what are you doing here? Adam asked. "I will explain everything to you, but for the moment please relax and allow your pain to diminish. Adam was about to close his eyes when he heard an explosion a short distance away.

The power of the explosion was perceptible even from his vantage point. "Damn that was close! What the hell just happened?" Adam asked. "I arranged to have your transom closed again permanently; an explosive charge was set off within your old apartment.

If all went as planned the building should be practically leveled. As the timing, it was calculated to produce the fewest casualties; only two persons were present when the charges detonated. Regrettably that was the best that could be done." Adam momentarily ignored his pain and became angry.

"What the hell did you do?" he said quietly through clenched teeth. "How is it even possible that you are here now, I was standing across the control room from you when you pushed the button, I wake up and you are holding me. How could you move so fast? Rachel sat motionless for only a moment. "Adam I sent you back to this place and time. I then was able to confirm to Dr Mauls that you departed safely and reset the controls to send myself back here but three months ago in this time line.

I have been here making preparations for this event since then" "I am very confused, and not sure I understand how that's possible. But what have you prepared for and why destroy my apartment building." He said through pain filled eyes Rachel stood and as Adam watch she began to approach his bed.

"Adam you are still suffering from the effects of the trawl. Your system is dealing with the changes to your time displacement. While there are medications that would eliminate your symptoms, they have side effects. Your best course now is to rest. Please close your eyes and I will begin to explain." Rachel said. "The concept for the Father Time project was noble. Initially we would endeavor to barrow men from this time and milk them for the seeds to spawn a new generation. Those were laudable goals.

No harm would be done to the subject, and the future would be assured. Then greed and corruption entered into the mix. People in positions of power saw way to make this their personal road to financial freedom, and a number of deals were struck outside the halls of the academics.

These included the purposeful misdirection for the return of the prior subjects. In short each of the prior subjects was intentionally returned to a specific point in this time line where they could not physically survive, therefore you might say each was returned to his own time, and his death simultaneously. Dr. Mauls was not aware of all these transgressions, and was acting on the noble goals of continuing your race. Once discovered Mauls decided that the ends did not justify the means, and that the men's lives should not be forfeit in pursuit of financial gain for those involved.

She devised this plan to correct the errors of the past. You were returned to your origination site, while I was sent to prepare the way of preventing the transgressions and failures of the future." Rachel said. "Do you understand what I have explained thus far?" She asked.


Adam nodded. "I was sent to the land you know as Canada. Specifically I was transported to the fringes of Lake Heron and materialized in your time 47 feet below its surface, I then walked out of the lake and began to gather the resources required to complete my assignment. During your histories "cold war" the soviets developed a small weapon known as a "suitcase nuke".

These small devices weigh only 68 pounds but have a yield of 190 tons of TNT. These were later found to have been smuggled into the Unites States and set in specific location in the event of war they could be detonated by the Soviet Union. Through the historical record I was able to reach and secure one of these devices, which I transported to your apartment. I also secured enough plastic explosives to bring the apartment building down. I knew the exact moment you would reappear in your apartment, and I removed you from your arrival transom, replacing your body with that of the activated weapon.

I then carried you here and activated the timer to destroy the apartment building as we left&hellip." Meanwhile the year 2738, Dr. Mauls receives news on the impending visit of Councilwoman Beverly Lasko. "I hope all is in readiness for today's impregnations" Lasko blurted out without preamble as she entered the control area unannounced. "Things are in the correct configuration for what is planned" Mauls answered un-perturbed.

"Where is the subject? I don't see him in the milking station." Lasko stated flatly. " I have a number of women here today that he is required to service, and I am on a tight schedule to insure each gets what she has paid for." Lasko continued.

"Well you may be slightly disappointed then councilwoman" Mauls started to say but was interrupted by the arrival of one of her lackeys.

"Councilwoman! Someone has utilized the Mobius! Twice!! The entire power unit is overheated because of the draw in power" She practically screamed. "MAULS, What do you know of this?" Lasko shouted. "Only that I returned Adam Barrette to his proper time and place. His life will not be forfeit to create you personal fortune." Mauls said with anger creeping into her voice. "Security, Restrain Dr Mauls, escort her to the Mobius station.

Dr. Mauls I will personally strip you of every award and honor you have ever had and every dream you hold dear, unless you retrieve that son of a bitch Barrett back here and I mean NOW!" Lasko screamed. Mauls stood defiantly "Kiss my ass first and say please you wanton whore" she spat out. Lasko reacted instinctively lashing out to strike mauls across the face with a brutal blow.

"Hear this you bitch. I will get what I want and you will return that male here to me. I will milk him dry every day, and bring about a glorious new age for our people.

Now get your ass in there and retrieve Barrett, NOW!!" Mauls looked up, her left eye already beginning to swell; a small trickle of blood left a trace below her split lip. She was about to say something else, but declined the opportunity.


As she was marched to the hall where Mobius was located, Mauls was verbally abused each step of the way. Lasko pressed her advantage with a violent shove in Mauls back, the final one causing her to fall against the hard concrete floor. "Take a final look around this lab Mauls, because no matter how this ends I can promise you, your days of running this or any other program are over!" Lasko spat with venom. "Retrieve Barrett, and do it now." Lasko commanded. "Security escort Dr. Mauls to her station, insure that she complies with my orders." Seemingly defeated, Mauls slowly walked to the programming console and took her seat.

He left eye was now fully swollen and she could not see through it. With trembling hands she began to reset the program, and again trawl Barrett from his time. Impatiently Lasko waited, her patience wearing thin. "What is taking so long I have a schedule to keep." She demanded. Mauls opened the com link so her voice could be heard in the observation area. "The power supplies are still warmer than they should be. I was attempting to allow them some time to cool.

They are quite hot, and we risk damage to the entire portal if we use it too quickly" she explained. "Bullshit, you are attempting to delay the trawl, hoping to save your man pet from his fate. Engage the system!" Lasko shouted. "As you will, councilwoman Lasko, but I must warm you there is some element of danger in using the device again so soon.

A little extra time will not hurt anything and could prove to be a good idea." Mauls said clearly. High on the wall of the chamber a small camera recorded the conversation as well as the images. The 8 second delayed data was being streamed to the local TV station and prepared for transmission. To all the world it would look as if Dr. Mauls were attempting to be reasonable, and insure the device, the very hope of the entire civilization were not damaged.

The casual observer could see Mauls face, beaten and battered, hear the conversations, and reach the only conclusion, That councilwoman Lasko was doing some bullying to get what she wanted.

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With practiced hands, Mauls reset the co ordinates and with a pained expression for the world to see, pushed the button to engage the system. There was the usual sharp crack of the air splitting; a smell of electricity and a slight burned odor, followed buy a brilliant flash of light. As soon as everyone's eyes adjusted to the new arrival, all stared. What had materialized was not Adam Barrett, but a large military style case. On one end could be seen a slow progression and countdown.

"What's this?" Lasko demanded. "Why is this…this luggage, here?" She pointed at the grey case "What is this thing?" Mauls corrected her posture and raised her chin, her bearing noble, despite the damage to her face. "This is restitution, salvation and your just deserts, you pig" she said, as the final numbers clicked off on the counter. Lasko, slow to comprehend, then understood.

She had been set up, and she was doomed to correct the plot. The entire exchange had taken place in mere seconds. Her mouth open and she prepared to release a hideous scream, as the counter read 0000:00.

The explosion could be seen three miles away. The fireball the stunning force of the pressure wave reached out for miles. The entire Mobius facility vaporized in an instant. Years would pass and the investigation would conclude that the deaths were all attributed to Beverly Lasko, and her insanity and greed. She had beaten and forced Dr Mauls to do something that cost the lives of 20,000 people and the very instrument of their salvation.

In the past: Adam Barrett soon recovered from this second time trawl, and began to assess his situation. "Well, we are in a fine pickle now Rachel. I have no money, you have destroyed everything I had. All my personal belongings and access to my identification are gone.

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It will take weeks to rebuild and get back to where I was. Why was it necessary to destroy my apartment building?" "To protect you Adam; the world must believe you died in that explosion. History will record your demise and in the future you will be selected for the trawl. This will keep the time line correct, and insure other future events.

To have changed this aspect of the present would have grossly affected the tomorrows of millions of people." Rachel explained. "But I'm nobody, how will my death impact anyone?" Adam asked. "The ways are infinite. Each change in this time line creates a ripple in the next. We must work to effect the changes that Dr Mauls wanted to bring about, averting a world where the predominate sex of your species is female." Rachel continued.

"That should be a challenge" Adam said closing his eyes. "We have: no money, no place to live, few clothes, and no identification. Basically we are screwed" "Not so Adam. I have already secured new identification for us both.

If you check the closets you will find a complete wardrobe, in all the latest styles, and all matching your body sizes. You also have new credit cards and separate bank accounts, with a balance of $750,000.00 in checking account alone." Rachel said. "How…How is that possible?" Adam asked.

All you have to do is ask me to find out what else

"You may recall that Dr. Mauls arranged for me to have an upgraded Hard Drive, with large storage capacity.

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The information I have retained includes the daily gains and losses in your stock market. I have used that knowledge to take a small amount of cash, and leverage it against the market.

Each investment was held to amounts smaller than $6000.0 net gain. These were immediately reinvested against the following day's market.

As a result of these investments, we now have the funds to secure whatever is needed. I was able to locate and secure new identities, under new names. Within the week we will be closing on a house in the country, away from the public eye.

I will arrange to have a T1 communication line installed and using technologies unknown in this time we will continue to make substantial financial gains. It is now 4:23PM. I have arranged for you and I to have a Limo, pick us up here at 7:00PM." "Oh my god, you're telling me we have the outcome of every day's gains and losses on the New York Stock exchange?" "We could make millions, hell hundreds of millions of Dollars." Adam blurted out.

"While that is true, my directives are to create enough wealth to insure our comfort and use the balance of the monies to insure that the future does not turn out in the same way as the one in which Dr.

Mauls lived." "You said Lived, as in past tense, but here in this time she has yet to be born, or even conceived. Unless there's something else you haven't explained." Rachel then explained to Adam how she had secured, and armed the device, insuring it was in the correct place at the appointed time.

Then she explained how it had been Dr. Mauls wish to completely destroy the Mobius, and the possibility of future trawls as well as the technology to recreate it, specifically her own knowledge. Adam was taken aback at the notification that in all likeliness Dr Mauls was now dead, along with a substantial portion of the future population. A population out of control and dominated by fertile females, who would spend their lives without children, or male companionship.

Once he had fully considered the complete picture, he had to admit the plan was brilliant, and that he would be only to happy to actively participate.

He said as much to Rachel. "That's good to hear Adam, we can then look forward to a new and better world for your race, and you can look for a lifetime of care and companionship with me at your side. We will live in great comfort, and accomplish all that needs to be done, doing so discretely." "You mentioned a Limo earlier" Adam reminded Rachel.

"Yes, it will be taking us to a late dinner in a secluded restaurant" Rachel replied. "And we will be paying for this with our new credit cards?" Adam asked. "Of course" Rachel answered. "The cards and the reservations are under what name then?" Adam asked.

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"Ah, yes I forgot. You are no longer Adam Barnett. Adam died in a horrible building explosion and fire. From today and into the future you will be known as Alex Mauls, and I and Rachel Mauls, your wife." She explained with a smile.

"That's right, we are now married, Adam /Alex, and if I am not mistaken we are about to embark on our honeymoon." Rachel said as she finally turned from the window of the suite. Casually parting the back of her dress, and allowing it to fall free to the floor, stepping up to the bed completely naked&hellip.

Adam smiled.