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hey i like this one has a different flow to it so hope u enjoy. It does have a second part which i while write if i get a good response to the story. The second part is pretty much what is in the intro which doesn't happen in the story.

kind of like a teaser. oh and keep the "your sick " comment to yourself. you know what this site is about . if your not happy then go jerk of to matlock How do you think I should begin this story&hellip.hi my name is so and so &hellip. I'm and asshole&hellip.blah blah blah. Should it start like&hellip.I'm a married man who is having an affair with a high school girl.

Or maybe it should start like this&hellip. I have no idea how I got to this point. My wife of 4 years is chained to the piping in the basement and has been there for a week. On the third floor of the building were I am the janitor I have hidden cameras in the bedrooms and bathroom of the two young college girls that live together. Oh and I'm fucking the hot ass Asian single mom and her 15 year old daughter …and they don't know about each other&hellip.

Or How about I back this up a little. Kim was a fifteen year old Japanese girl that lived in my building. She was cute, quiet and shy and I loved fucking her. She would always put up a fight till I fingered her or eat her snatch. Then it was open season. It all started on a Tuesday afternoon when I was at home and I heard a knock at the door.

My wife was not home, she was on her afternoon shift at the bar and I took that time to relax and watch some porn online, a facial video I think it was when anyways I heard a knock at the door which fuck'en sucks cuz I have to put my pants back on and answer the door with a raging hard on. So I paused the video and answered the door. Lets say it didn't help my hard on one bit when I say little Kim standing there all shy in her little school uniform.

She explained to me in her sweet little voice that she lost her keys at school and that since I was the janitor of the building if I could just open the door for her she would be very great full. So I said sure and let her in while I went to get the key. During the whole fifteen seconds it took to find the key I kept thinking about nailing her little Asian ass. When I came back out I realized what I had done, There, Kim stood in the entrance/living room staring at my computer screen. There was my video paused of some whore with a few fat slimy loads on her face about to get another one.

What could I say? We sort of just looked at each other not speaking in awkward silence; I had to do something, so I did what every man in his right mind does. I pulled out my already hard cock and just started to beat one off. She just stood there as if trapped between me and the slimy face on the monitor.

She stood there not moving and I stood there with my pants around my ankles jerking off looking at her. In my twisted male mind I hoped she would just jump on me and devour my cock and slurp up my spunk. Instead I blew a load on the floor and asked her if she was ready to go upstairs so I could unlock her door. Let's say that that week was the longest week of my life. Every siren I heard I thought was for me, coming to get the guy that beats off in front of Asian girls. I imagined myself having to explain to everyone what I had done and why.

I pictured myself getting molested in jail by Bubba the barbarian. But it never came. Instead a week later I heard a knock at the door on the same day and the same time and when I answered I saw Kim in her little uniform. She, without saying a word just walked in and stood were she did the last time and just looked at me.

She never said a word. Just stood there unflinching. I pulled it out. She looked at it. I asked her if she wanted to touch it. She said nothing.

I walked towards her. She didn't move. I placed her hand on my dick. I told her to stroke it. She did. I came on her dress. She walked back to her apartment with cum on her dress.

I had a smoke. This went on for a few weeks, every Tuesday I would get a hand job from a fifteen year old Asian chick. She would leave when I was done. Perfect, till she stopped coming over to my place. So …I went to her place. When I knocked hoping she would be ready for our little Tuesday affair. I got something quiet different, her mother. I didn't know what to say, I couldn't ask for her daughter so I made up some bullshit about a leak in the building and asked if I could check in the place for a valve or some shit.

"Sure" she said. Susan was a milf. About 5'5 and 110 pounds black hair cut shoulder length with a tiny face with a pointy chin. She smiled easily. I like that in a woman. I began to fiddle around under her sink, trying to find something that I knew was not there. There was no sign of Kim. Her phone rang then and she answered speaking in Japanese.

She grabbed a pen and paper and leaned over the little coffee table to write something so I took the opportunity to admire her sexy ass figure. She had a perfect waist, just the right size.

Her ass was small and heart shaped. She had on the sort of summer shorts so as she was bent over I got a great view of her ass and clam. She was slender and fuckable all the way for a chick in her early to mid thirties.

She had nice little b cup titties under her tight red shirt. She had no bra on. I had a raging hard on. Still on the phone, she turned to look at me and I signed to her that I was going to look check in the bathroom.

She nodded and I went. From the living room she could not see her bedrooms and bathroom. So I took the chance for some recon. I did the panty drawer in her bedroom and a fast look in the night stand. Fuck&hellip. No dildo, maybe I could have helped if she had a chronic masturbation issue. I grabbed a pair of sexy red panties and stuffed them in my pocket and went to check Kim's room.

It was definitely a teenage girl's room. Posters, pictures, teddy bears and other useless stuff. I wanted to jerk off on her pillow. I wished she was there so I could bust my load on her and split.

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I did a quick survey and grabbed a pair of her panties and dashed into their bathroom. You can learn a lot about a woman by what's in their bathroom. But what the fuck do I know about women, I couldn't tell you anything about that shit it just sounded good right there in the story, anyways when I came back from the washroom Susan was just hanging up the phone.

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She moved towards me and asked if I would like a cup of tea. Sure. We talked for a bit and she told me that Kim was with her dad for a few weeks. We got into that conversation about the divorce blah blah. I liked her sexy tits. But this was good she was opening up to me which gave me more info on her little Kim. I was oblivious to it but to her the sexual tension had been building since I came in so I was a little bit surprised when she just fucking jumped on me kissing my face and tearing at my back through my shirt.

Don't get me wrong I wanted to fuck her but I want to fuck all women so you know&hellip. I was a little surprised. My hands rapidly cupped her tight ass and as if on cue she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She was saying something about how long it had been and it's very difficult with a kid to find a man. I just laid her down on the kitchen table and tore off her shorts. She had on the cutest little white and pink striped panties.

They hugged her lips tight and the lovely lace straps that climbed over her hips made me want to cum flat out. So anyways right then I dropped to my knees and moved over her panties and began to munch on her sweet looking little slit.

I love Asian bitches they are so hot and hairless. As I'm eating her clit, I decided to slide some fingers in there. Holy fuck her reaction was insane, she was moaning and writhing on the table. I was going to make this chick cum like never before and fuck it didn't take long. Two fingers and a bit of tongue action and she was off like fireworks. I was already rock hard and needed no invitation to jam her with my dick. I put her legs on my shoulders and began to slide my cap between her lips&hellip.

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Wow she was fucking hot and soaked, it was great. She was saying something about giving it to her when I thought of my wife. Why that happened I don't know but I didn't change a thing cuz I pictured her getting nailed on the bar where she works by her boss, and that's all it took.

Susan moaned and gasped as I forced my cock in her tiny hole. She was so hot it was ridicules. I began to work on her without mercy. I was pumping and just nailing her. In the commotion I had pulled off her shirt and was playing with those little nipples of hers, lovely and brown. I loved how her tits bounced with every hump.


I also loved watching my dick disappear into her sexy snatch, how it felt warm and tight around my shaft. I flipped her over fast on the kitchen table so as to not miss a beat and began to nail her doggy style.

She was really wailing now. I was pumping her mercilessly. She could tell by the grunts that I was going to blow my load. I pulled out just in time to fire my junk right on her ass. I smiled as it ran down over her asshole. This was risky but I reached down and made little circle on her asshole with my thumb in my cum.

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I could tell that she was uncomfortable but she said nothing. I forced my thumb in and she made a little squeak but said nothing. Good I thought to myself … I like this behavior.

I got dressed as she cleaned the cum off her back side. She was all smiles and a little woozy, I guess I was to. She looked as if she was walking on jelly legs. Imagine if I had ass fucked her. I told her that I was going to be back for more and left her apartment. I went down to my place and jerked off. I guess I should tell you about my wife, Amy that hot fucking bitch. When I first meet her I was instantly in love. I could not live without her.

She was a waitress at a happening pub not far from my flat that I used to go to pretty regularly. I would chat with her every chance I got. Till one night she asked me to a party after her shift and I went. I guess she was impressed by me too. She's tall with long straight black hair and brilliant blue eyes. She has that Goth pale thing happening, it gives me wood just thinking about it. She also has a very distinguishing asset. She has huge tits. Double d's on her tight and thin figure are enough to get any mans interest.

There in lies the problem. See, we dated for a while and then we got engaged and married. Everything was fucking amazing till we got married. A couple of months later and I was seeing the signs.

Phone calls in the middle of the night and secretive behavior.

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I knew that she is fucking just about every guy at that club where she works. She thinks I don't know. I was a bit of a push over back in the day.

I would turn a blind eye if I saw something suspicious or not say anything when she went on weekend trips to the country with the gang from work. See she never asked me to go.


I would not have gone but at least ask. I guess I was afraid to lose her if I said anything. I was afraid to lose my trophy wife. But I figured it out pretty quick that she was lost anyways.

If she was fucking other guys and not me then what was the point. I did not want to leave her but I was going to fix this once and for all. But to tell you that part of the story I need to tell you this part on the story. For a few weeks it seemed as if nothing happened. I could not get a hold of Susan and my wife was being a bitch. So all I had was the internet for my manly needs. That is until I heard a knock on my door one Tuesday afternoon. Could you imagine how pleased I was to see my lovely little Kim clad in her cutest little school uniform.

Her Hair was done in two pig tails, with her lovely little smile. You see Kim was very attractive. A lovely broad Asian face with innocent eyes that could make you melt. She had long black hair which she usually kept tied up in some sort. She had that sort of quiet watching, "don't say much" freakiness that took some getting used to.

So I let her in and she went right to her usual spot without saying a word. She wasn't much for conversation. I came and stood next to her to see what her reaction would be. I was hoping she would reach into my pants and pull out my rod. But nope&hellip. she just stood there. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. I saw a flicker in her eyes but still I guess shyness was keeping her paralyzed.

It made me react. I brought her to the living room table and bent her over it, I could sense her nervousness. I lifted her skirt over her lovely little butt to reveal her cute little pink and white panties that hugged her little ass.

I had a ragging hard on. I began to rub her crotch through her panties and she immediately protested and whined but I was tired of hand jobs. I grabbed her panties and yanked them down. She clasped her legs shut instantly. That made me nuts. Picture it&hellip. A hot little Asian girl bent over a table with her skirt pulled up and her panties pulled down, her knees locked together.

Her entire body was hairless. Her feet in that little awkward toes pointed in together position. Now I could not be stopped. I knelled down and placed my hands on both her ass cheeks and spread.

The motion had Kim protesting, she was reaching back to try to make me stop but I swept her hands away. Her protests ended pretty quickly after I started tonguing her cute little asshole. Wow, it was like a delicatessen. Licking her tiny knot and roughing her ass cheeks in my hands which made her whimper when I grabbed to hard &hellip. But you would get carried away to if where in my place.

She breathed hard from her arousal, every time I stuffed my tongue in her ass. She was even beginning to push her little fanny out, wanting to get my tongue in as far as possible. I went ballistic on her little ass, licking, tongue fucking I even slide my ring finger in all the way. She fucking loved that. I reached down and undid my pants and started to stroke myself. I knew what I wanted to do. I stood and placed my cap right on her tiny asshole.

She looked at me and said not a word; I could see that she wanted it and that at the same time she was afraid. I was going to be gentle& first. I grabbed my dick and began to press it into her little crevice. She moaned a little and breathed hard and gave out a little yelp of pain once my head was in. I waited there for a while in order to give a chance to rest but in no time I caught her pushing herself onto my rod. And then, right there at our most beautiful moment&hellip.

The door opened and my wife walked in. The shock made me jump which shoved my dick right up her tiny rectum. Kim shrieked and I panicked. My wife just stood there in shock not understanding what was happening right in front of her eyes. I pulled out of Kim's tiny fuck'en tight ass just as my wife arrived to slap me in the head.

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She was yelling and screaming. Kim was wise and took this moment to bolt for the door. "That's it" she said. "I'm done I'm leaving… how could you cheat on me… your wife" I just stood there like a loser apologizing and begging her not to leave as she pretty much called me every name under the sun.


Then she said it&hellip. "How could you do this&hellip. I never once ever cheated on you&hellip." Something snapped inside of me, I guess it had been a long time coming. I stood up straight and told that lying whore to shut the fuck up. She froze I let it all out, how I knew about all her little adventures and escapades while I stayed home like a weak ass bitch and that of all the things she could not stand there and tell me she was not a cheating whore.

She stood there for a moment kind of shocked that I had finally let it all out. When she snapped out of it she just looked at me and said "I'm leaving" and headed for the bedroom. I followed her in to the bedroom and with her back turned to me I pulled out my dick shoved her, face first onto the bed, lifted her skirt, ripped of her panties and rammed my shaft to the hilt in her ass.

That was the first time I ever fucked my wife's ass. It was hot and tight She was screaming and moaning and I just grabbed a pillow and stuffed it over her head and began to ram that fucking ass like never before. Pulling out the full length of my shaft and then slamming it back in. I heard her yells turn to moans and the turn to gasps of almost pleasure as I dicked her ass. I pulled off the pillow.

"This is how you treat a whore" I said "with no respect just take what you want without a fuck of a concern for her. Is that right?" I asked her she did not answer. I stopped and asked her again. She did not answer "IS THAT RIGHT" I yelled and with every word I slammed my rod as hard as I could in her ass. Painfully she screamed yes, that I was right. "Your whore days are over now." I said as I picked up the pace "you are not leaving me we are going to give this another try.

No more working some fucking bar … all that shit is over, you're my wife now. It doesn't matter what you say, whores don't have an opinion anyways they are just there to swallow cum" I pulled out of her mangled ass and shot a huge fucking load&hellip. Enormously I shot it right on the back of her head all in her hair just to make a mess.

Then I wiped my dick on her nice white shirt and got up and went to the living room and had a smoke. She walked all fucked up, with cum running from her head, into the living room to join me for a smoke. She said that that was the best sex she ever had but that if I forced myself onto her ever again she would leave me. I gave her a look and told her if she didn't shut her mouth that she would be getting a taste of her ass.

She asked about Kim and what was that all about and I told her that she was my little hobby. She told me I was a fucking pig and that I had no right. I turned on the TV and ignored her just to piss her off and she stood up called me an asshole and went and took a shower.

I went upstairs to Kim's place and knocked on the door. Kim answered. I smiled she let me in and told me that her mom would be home soon and asked if she was in trouble because of my wife. I said that she was but that we would find a solution. I pulled out my dick. She said that her ass hurt and that she would not let me fuck her pussy. I told her to open wide. It was a lovely thing to see her kneel before me and take my rod in her little hands and stroke me off.

I put my hand on the back of her head and brought her head to my cock. She looked at me with concern. I said everything was going to be fine.

She opened up and I slide inside. Her mouth was warm and tight. She said that it tasted funny and I said that it was because it was in her ass earlier; she turned kind of green but did not stop.

I figured it would be counterproductive to tell her that it tasted funny because I had just used my dick to destroy my wife's ass for the first time. She was by no means a pro at sucking dick but with a few quick pointers she had it figured out and was not bad at all. Every now and again I would try to force it in a little deeper to see her gag face which turned me on quite a bit.

I slapped her tongue with it a bit and stretched the inside of her cheeks a little. Then I gave her a choice, I told either she swallowed my cum or she let me cum on her, my pick as to where. She said that she did not want my cum in her mouth so that the choice was mine. My first and most obvious choice to give her a nice messy facial, But figured that I would have plenty of other chances so I opted for her cute little clam.

I told her to take off her panties and to lie down on her back. Which she did rather reluctantly while I watched, jerking myself off. She pulled up her little school skirt to reveal a lovely little hairless pussy. She lifted her legs in the air and then spread them wide. I was astonished by her lack of shyness. I knelt down to bring myself close to her pussy. I loved how her lips where so lovely and tight and how her little asshole was also semi open from the way she was placed.

The view was too much and I fired my gunk at her. Gulp after gulp after salty stream flew on to her cunt. I came even more as I watched my cum run into her little open asshole. I rubbed my dick on her pussy lips and moved it over her ass as well. I stood and zipped up and walked out without saying a word. The whole time she did not move, she stayed in that pose.

What she did with my gunk was her fucking problem. I hoped she fingered her tiny asshole with it. Anyways things got better with the wife over the next few weeks. She left her job and spent her time at home. I made sure we fucked as much as possible.

I also made sure to slip away on Tuesday afternoons for a little Kim time. She never did like to swallow so I pasted just about every square inch of her body with my cum. Which was fine by me.

What can you really complain about when in your spare time your giving facials to a fifteen year old Asian school girl…&hellip.