Janice Griffith Has Her Boyfriend Pound Her Tight Little Indian Guyanese Pussy

Janice Griffith Has Her Boyfriend Pound Her Tight Little Indian Guyanese Pussy
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I ask you not rate this until you have read through it. Little Girl Lost! I was doing a routine patrol through one of our city parks when I first saw her. Her long wavy blond hair caught my eye, then she turned and saw me.

She gave me a smile of relief, and she began to beam as she ran to me on her slim athletic legs. I gave her a friendly smile back and hunkered down as the girl ran into my welcoming arms and hugged my neck affectionately. She'd never seen me before, but she had been told all her life, if you get lost or in trouble go to a police officer. This gave me a trust level with the little darling right up there with purple dinosaurs and blue cookie monsters. All police officers are trustworthy, aren't we?

My name is Bill Smith and I'm a cop. I asked her in calm tones, as I looked her over, assessing her. "Do you need help, Miss?" She was an adorable child and seemed just the sort any parent would be immensely proud of. She stood several inches short of five foot tall and appeared to be perhaps twelve years old. She had big blue eyes, an incredible smile, and lips that would break the hearts of dozens of boys and men if given the time. "Yes, please Officer." The girl confided.

"I'm Susan Benson. I was on my way home from my bus stop when Zippy, a dog on my street, chased me again! He chased me away from my house so I ran here. Could you please take me home?" "I'll do more than that, Miss," I told her. "The dogs owner will get a citation and a good scolding from me for threatening your safety, so he'll never allow his dog loose to bother you again." I took Susan's hand in mine reassuringly and began walking her to my patrol car as I alertly scanned our surroundings.

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There seemed to be no one else in the park. I opened the passenger side door and shifted my grip on the girl's hand to pull it behind her as I shoved her face down onto the seat. She put her other hand out to cushion her fall and I twisted it behind her back to join the one I held behind her.

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I got the roll of duct tape I keep under the seat and wrapped some quickly around each of her wrists, connecting them.

I then slapped several inches of it across her lips, and a wrap around her ankles. Susan had been struggling the entire time, she was a strong child, but was no problem for an officer trained and experienced in restraining grown men. I looked around one more time for witnesses, and seeing none I climbed across her, pulling the passenger door closed behind me.

I sat in the driver's seat and roughly shoved my right hand into Susan's blouse. Forcing her small bra aside I took one of her nipples between my finger and thumb and pinched and twisted as hard as I could.

I warned her, "Be still, baby cunt, or I'll cut your nipples off and feed them to you!" She gamely made another try when we pulled up behind a car at an intersection. She struggled desperately to push her gagged face up into view of the cars around us. I roughly grabbed her head and shoved it into my lap, then pinched her nose shut. It didn't take but a few seconds for her to realize I could dish out much more asphyxiation than she could survive!

She was very still during the rest of the drive while I enjoyed groping her little breasts and nipples. We were at my home within a few minutes, and I pulled my patrol car into my garage, so I could get the girl inside unseen. I pulled the tape off her ankles, drug her to her feet and steered her inside to the bed where I planned to secure her. I enjoyed stripping her sexy little body.

The mounds of her tiny tits may only have bulged an inch from her chest, but her nipples were already something special. Her areola were about the size of a quarter and puffy with tasty looking little nipples extending from them.

I wanted to chew them and bite them off, but knew I had to be patient and enjoy them for a while first. I chained her to the four bed corners using padded cuffs. The sight of the helpless young girl had my cock as hard as it's ever been in my life. When I removed the tape from her mouth and attempted to kiss her she spat at me.

I went to my toy locker and brought back a few items. One item was a table tennis paddle.

I briskly slapped each of her small breasts a dozen times with it, and she rewarded me with shrill shrieks of pain! I attempted to kiss her again, and she continued to scream and cry so I gave her another dozen hard slaps on each beautiful little tit! "We'll let that lesson sink in for a few hours, Slave." I put a ball gag in her mouth, and forced a big lubed vibrating butt plug into her ass as she struggled against her restraints and screamed into her gag.

I wanted that little ass stretched wide enough for me to fuck. I investigated her tight little girl snatch next and it was marvelous! It was surrounded by light downy hair.

I could barely get a moistened finger into it she was so tight, and my finger met an obstruction. I had kidnapped a virgin! I was so looking forward to busting that cherry, but I had to get back on the job before anyone noticed my radio silence. I stopped for a moment and looked Susan up and down. This little cunt was going to be more fun than my first trip to an amusement park.

I already regretted I'd have to kill her and dispose of her sexy little body soon. She was so damned adorable, and could have been a beauty contestant when she grew up if she hadn't made the stupidly fatal mistake of running to me for help.

I decided I'd take days in killing her when the time came and make her last as long as possible. In my view her life was worth something, if only as the most pleasurable of my snuff victims. I sucked and chewed on both her small pink nipples to make them sore for her next session of torture and training as she fought the restraints. Impulsively, I moved down her body and licked at her baby cunt lips and clit before giving it a bite too.

My little slave cunt tasted delicious! It may have been that moment I began considering dressing her out and putting her in the freezer when I did have to snuff her.

It seemed like such a waste of prime meat to put her in a landfill for the rats and maggots when her meat would taste so damned good. I was backing out of my driveway when the call was issued to be on the lookout for a missing child, and gave her name, description, and address. It turned out she was thirteen years old. I gave my call number and told the dispatcher I was free and would be searching in that area within minutes. An Amber Alert had not been issued yet.

The parents were still checking with all her friends. I drove around the area for hours, and stopped to interview several people who were in their yards and asked if they'd seen Susan. I took notes, and would include them in my reports. I wanted witnesses I'd been doing my job. I saw a dog roaming the area and suspected it might be the one that had threatened Susan. I stopped, opened one of the back doors of my car and called, "Come here, Zippy." Twenty minutes later he was chained in my garage and I was back in the area of her home "searching for Susan." I knew I would be doing a lot if that in the next weeks and months.

I got an okay from our desk to work overtime looking for the girl, then drove to her house. I rapped on the door, and the door was answered by a crying young woman who resembled Susan so much it was easy to make the connection. She asked hopefully, "Yes, Officer? Has my baby been found? I'm sorry, I still think of Susan as my baby!" Tears of pain and loss were streaming down her beautiful face as she sobbed.

I was deeply touched by this young mother's agonizing loss, then again, my raping her baby's mouth, ass, and cunt would soon help me to deal with it! "I'm sorry, no, she hasn't been found yet." I said, I was thinking I'd like to have this lovely woman tied up next to her daughter so I could rape them both.

She was a damned fine piece of ass. "We're searching the area thoroughly. I just wanted to stop in and assure you we will find her and to tell you, you are all in my prayers until we do." My files are filled with commendations from various organizations, including Big Brothers and Sisters, and a number of church groups.


If I handled this right I might even make a promotion for raping and snuffing the little cunt. "Thank you, Officer, that's very kind of you." Mrs.

Benson said. I politely shook her hand, smiled charmingly, took my leave of her and went home to enjoy raping and torturing her daughter. Susan was waiting right where I'd left her. I took off my uniform in my bedroom, then went to her room to release her and allow her bathroom privileges.

"You aren't going to make this difficult, are you?" I asked her. "If you do it will only be more painful for you." She stood and tried to kick me and I bounced her off a wall, then threw her to the floor. I pounced atop her with my full weight and gathered her flailing hands into one of mine over her head. With my other hand on her throat I applied pressure to her carotid artery until her eyes rolled back in her head, then I allowed her to revive. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked her.

"We can do that all night, or I can tape your mouth again and pinch your nose until you behave." I would have done that, except I wanted to kiss her. I also wanted her to kiss me, but that might take some time and training. I kissed her pretty lips, then told her, "Okay, up and into the bathroom with you, slave. Let's get you cleaned up." I sat her on the toilet and told her to take out the butt plug.

She just sat there until I stepped into the other room and got the paddle. A sharp slap to each tit motivated her to pull the butt plug out. I let her sit there while I prepared a warm enema, then I sat on the edge of the tub and pulled her across my lap face down.

She was squirming, so I reached for the paddle and enjoyed giving her ten slaps on each cheek of her pretty ass. I inserted the tube into the beautiful pink orifice of her ass, then opened the valve. I waited and played with her nipples and let her belly begin to swell before I pulled the tube out, then quickly sat her back on the toilet.

The warm water and shit spewed from her. This practice was to serve two purposes, to clean her ass for fucking and to get her accustomed to my doing such intimate things to her. I went to the bedroom and came back to her with hemostats in my hand. I'd put elastic hair ties around each of them to work as springs. I went to my knees in front of her and reached for a breast. She put her hands up defensively.

I grabbed a hand and bent one of her little fingers backward until she screamed in excruciating pain! "Would you like this finger broken?

Perhaps I should bite it off, chew it, and swallow. You will never deny your master anything, is that clear, slave?" She nodded her head and said through her tears, "Yes, Master!" I applied a hemostat to each of her cute nipples and slid the hair ties up the handles until I saw more tears flood from her eyes. She wanted desperately to remove the cruel clamps, but didn't dare to reach for them!

I told her as I stood, "Those stay there until I've had my cock sucked. Keep your eyes open, look at my face, and open your mouth." Her mouth and eyes stayed shut, so I bent and tightened the hemostats on her nipples. She was in agony now and opened her mouth and looked me in my face! I stuck my cock into her mouth and instructed her to suck it, then I began giving her tips about using her tongue on me as I thrust and she bobbed her head. I reminded her the hemostats would come off only after she got me off.

Pain is a good motivator and slave was learning quickly. She looked so hot with my big prick in her mouth and tears of pain running down her little girl face I knew I wouldn't last long. Her mouth was so wet and hot! "I will cum in your mouth and you will swallow it." I instructed her.

"You will lick up any of master's cum you spill." I had barely instructed her when my cock began to erupt what felt like hot lava from deep inside me! That had to rate as one of the best blowjobs of my life because of her beauty and innocence. She sucked and swallowed, but then began to retch. I reminded her, "If you throw up you will lick it up and the hemostats stay on until you've finished!" She managed to refrain from vomiting. I went to my knees in front of her, and asked her, "Do you want master to release your nipples?" She said, "Yes, please, master!" I told her, "Kiss master first." I kissed her and slipped my tongue into her mouth and she didn't resist.

I released the hemostats and she cried as the blood rushed painfully back into her nipples. "Good girl, slave.

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If you continue to obey me there will be less need for pain in your lessons." I turned on the water in the shower and stepped in. I told her to join me, and I shampooed her, then bathed her. Her sweet tits and ass had me hard as a rock again.


As I washed the rest of my body I instructed her to wash my cock so it would be clean to fuck her. She was afraid to touch it with her hands. I told her, "Go ahead, you just had it in your mouth, and it will be in your ass and pussy later." She obeyed me, then we dried off. I washed the butt plug and put new batteries into it, lubed it, shoved it back in her ass, then took her to bed.

"Would you like something to eat or drink, slave? I have sodas." She asked for a soda, and I brought her one and opened a beer for me. I told her, "Master wants to take your cherry, slave." She gave me a distressed look and I told her, "You will lose your cherry in the next few minutes, slave.

You have a choice. It is my prick or the dog chasing you. Yes, I picked him up, he's in the garage and he wants some of you." I could have given a shit that she didn't know those animals in the bestiality films have had an ovulating females urine sprayed on the porn stars pussy.

I just wanted to force her to choose between fucking the dog and me. I leaned to her and kissed her. She didn't object, but she didn't respond either.

"You have another choice, slave. You can kiss me now in thanks for not having your nipples tortured again or you can kiss me after the torture. I have another hemostat for your clit and more for your labia, if you choose for me to use them?" She kissed me like she meant it, and I responded in kind as I reached for her clit and rubbed it.

"My baby cunt is a quick learner! Time for your other choice. You have to ask me to fuck you or you get the dog." "Please, Master. Take your slaves cherry." Her request sounded a little less than sincere, but it was close enough I obliged her.

I reached for the lube on the bedside table, and put some on a finger and inserted it into her pussy. "Rub some of this lube on my prick, slave, so master can enter your tight baby cunt easier." She did as I asked and the strokes of her little hands made my prick harder. I was amazed at what happened next. Slave began humping up against my hand and asked, "Daddy, please suck my sore nipples.

They're so hard for you!" I didn't object to her not calling me master, I sort of liked the daddy thing. I applied my mouth to her nipples alternately as she continued to hump her virgin pussy up into my finger.

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She asked, "Put your big fat cock in my baby cunt, Daddy, kiss me and fuck me!" It was like the torture had flicked a switch in the little cunt's mind. She'd gone from screaming about my violating her to moaning for more. Yeah, I know, this wouldn't work as a defense in court. I had to use her up within a few days, whether I disposed of her exquisite body in a landfill or ate her myself.

I was trending more toward the latter idea. This baby cunt was too good to waste in the dump. I rolled into position above her, and both her little hands sought out my prick. She began humping up onto me as I lowered myself into her. Her little tongue was invading my mouth now as she moaned and whimpered. I think it was more she busted her own cherry on me, than I did it, but either way her cunt was the tightest and hottest I'd ever been in! Her hands had been at the back of my head, she moved them to run her fingers through the hair on my chest, and she found my nipples and tweaked them.

I'd never had a woman do that before, but it felt good. Her mouth left mine and she told me, "Don't go away, master, I'll be back." Slave moved her mouth down my chest, kissing me as she went. Neither of us missed a stroke in our fucking of each other. She found one of my nipples and nibbled and sucked on it before going to the other. She gave me a totally new and erotic feeling I'd never known before! She kissed her way back up to my neck, then looked me full in my face. "Kiss me, Daddy! I feel something strange coming on, and if it's the big 'O' Mommy has told me about, I want to be kissing my lover when it happens!" I had no idea how I had been promoted from rapist, torturer, and potential murderer to daddy and lover in her adolescent mind, but she was turning me on, so I kissed the little cunt!

Slave already rated as the best fuck of my life. The way she kissed me? Well, you just had to be there. She was learning to kiss better all the time and the passion she put into it made up for her inexperience. As we kissed the intensity of her fucking and the volume of her moaning into my mouth increased. The baby cunt was about to get me off again! I now knew she'd never had an orgasm before and it made me want to give her one she could remember. She wouldn't be taking the memory to her grave, more likely to the landfill or my stomach.

The realization of that spurred me on. I had a few remnants of morality influencing me despite the fact I was enjoying raping a child. I didn't mind if my raping her were enjoyable to my victim, though she'd had no choice at all in it.

"Oh, oh! Something's happening to me!" Slave screamed! I probed her mouth with my tongue in time with my fucking of her tight pussy.

She was cumming and she got me off, too, knowing this was her first. Damn, she felt so fine! Her hands were on both my cheeks as we kissed and came down from our peaks. "Thank you, Daddy." She said. "I love you! That felt so good. Are you going to fuck my behind now?" I had to laugh at her enthusiasm! "No, slave." I told her. "I've cum twice already.

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I'll have to wait a few minutes this time." "If it feels anywhere near as good as what we just did," she said, "I'm ready for it now." "You will have to wait, slave." I pulled her to me, and must have dozed off, because when I woke she was gone, I knew I was so busted! My heart was racing and I didn't know what to do next. I knew cops were treated as badly as baby rapists in prison, so a baby raping cop wouldn't stand a chance!

She walked into the bedroom wrapped in a towel, with a tray in her hands. "Dinner is served, Daddy." She said. "I got hungry so I fixed us some sandwiches. Oh, your supervisor was here. He saw me through the front window, so I thought I'd better answer the door. We had a nice chat, and I told him I'm your daughter." I fell back on my pillow, panting! I was near hysteria, but she wasn't through with me yet. She snickered! "I lied about your supervisor, but it could have happened, so I think you had better not ever try this again.

What I did do is call my mother, and she has been crying her eyes out, you sadistic bastard! I told her Officer Bill Smith had found me and would bring me home in an hour or two after he fed me something. Eat a sandwich, then fuck my ass, then you can take me home." So that's how I became little Susan Benson's slave.