Old man kissing boobs young girls

Old man kissing boobs young girls
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There's something about Sophie. Something very compelling, very arousing. As my flatmate I get to see her in all her guises - early morning, late at night, before and after make-up - and I am constantly entranced by her.

She oozes it! At 19 she has the youthful innocence of a bubbly, carefree teenager, but she has the physical presence of an alluring woman. Her hair silky blonde, flowing over her shoulders, center parted, covering the sides of her pretty face. Her eyes big blue entrancing eyes that hold your stare. Her skin so smooth and soft to kiss, her young lips full, tender and intimate. She has the body of a babe: slim but buxom, her breasts prominent and firm, her belly nicely rounded, pierced with a tiny gold ring; her ass large, round, tightly packed into her stretched black pants.


To watch Sophie dress is to watch femininity flower. Her naked form is a sight to arouse, but watching her decorate herself, admiring her own beauty as she does, you will be transfixed, full of awe and desire.


She wears trendy but elegant figure hugging clothes. Always a pants, usually black or red, tight around her ass and slightly flared. Her light cotton tops are usually worn tight over an uplifting bra, slightly pressing her breasts together to give an even fuller look. When she's going to a club or party she wears a more revealing top; maybe flimsy shiny and backless, loose front that gives a glimpse when she bends or leans forward; or sheer and silky white that presses against her braless breasts, nipples teasingly visible.

Watching Sophie all dressed up at a party or club, looking so pretty, sexy and vibrant, chatting with her girlfriends or flirting with the boys I feel like I want to give her the world, to pamper her and of course to make love to her over and over and over! She enjoys the attention that guys give her. She knows that she turns them on, the they would like to be intimate with her, and that I would like them to be intimate with her!

The night of her office Christmas party, Sophie arrived home with a work friend of hers. He had come in for a drink having shared a taxi with her. She was in great form, giddy and flirty as she gets after an evening out.

She was looking so gorgeous wearing a black velvet pants and a red sleeveless top that was laced all the way down at the front, from her neck to her waist, her flesh showing through the wide gap and the shape of her breasts clearly on display. Sophie introduced Andrew to me and he sat beside me while she made drinks. He was a nice guy, capable of conversation and good humored. He looked handsome and very cool: short, very dark hair, dark eyebrows, slightly tanned face, deep blue eyes.

He wore a tight v-neck black t-shirt and baggy grey combat trousers. I could see that he was Sophie's type of guy! She arrived into the room with a gin & tonic each, handed them to us then threw herself on the sofa between us. She raised her glass and toasted Christmas then lay back casually.

I could clearly see inside her blouse and was sure that Andrew could too. I ran my fingers through Sophie's hair as we chatted, gently caressing her forehead and her neck. Every so often she took my hand and kissed it then she thanked Andrew for escorting her home and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek.

She lay her head on his shoulder playfully and smiled at him as she held his stare. It was as if she temporarly forgot I was there as she raised her head and kissed him again, very gently on the cheek. She then brought her hand to his face, turned him towards her, and kissed him briefly on the lips. He couldn't help but respond and he kissed her back, again gently and very briefly. Soon they were kissing like lovers but Andrew was still bemused and unsure and kept his hands to himself.

I found myself reaching for his hand and brought it to Sophie's leg. Automatically Andrew started to run his hand over her thigh, still kissing. I watched them as I felt a bulge in my shorts. I leaned forward and kissed Sophie's neck, I ran my hand over her waist and nibbled her earlobe. I felt her breast touch a finger then cupped it in my hand, feeling the firm silky texture.

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Andrew kissed Sophie's chin, then her neck and her cleavage. Sophie let out a deep sigh as she tilted her head back inviting us to feast on her. Squeezing Sophie's breast gently, I lifted it to Andrew's mouth. He kissed it, flicked his tongue over it then sucked her nipple through the blouse. There was nothing more spoken.

We had passed a barrier and shed our inhibitions. Sophie drifted into a blissful limbo, allowing whatever would happen to take its course. Andrew was overcome with lustful opportunism and proceeded to devour the beautiful young body that craved his loving. I was so excited at the sight of Sophie being pleased by another man, at the reality of her being caressed by two men and at the beautiful possibilites that would follow in a freeflowing threesome. Spontaneously I lifted Sophie's blouse over her head.

Her breasts stood firm, exposed before us, round underneath, slightly upturned, her nipples brown, tender, erect. Andrew knelt at her feet and undid the button of her tight pants. Unzipping her, he pulled her pants to her feet as Sophie wriggled out of them.

She wore white silk panties, very skimpy, just string around her waist and a little triangle covering her crotch. Andrew parted her legs and ran one finger over her panties. You could see her wetness emerging.

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He leaned forward and kissed her through the fabric. Sophie groaned. I cupped her right breast in my hand and kissed her on the lips. Smelling her sweet perfume, feeling her soft, young lips against mine.

I felt Sophie's hand touch mine; she was feeling her own breast. I watched as she gently squeezed herself, running her hand over her own breast, letting her erect nipple flicker between each finger, then squeezing again and sighing deeply. I took her hand and guided it over her body, over her belly and to the rim of her panties. Andrew was kissing her crotch as we slid our hands under her panties, mine on top of Sophie's and she groaned as she felt herself.

Gently I applied pressure as we slowly moved our hands over her wet mound. I guided her finger inside her, following her with my own, both penetrating her. She was so warm, so silky soft and moist. We manoevered our fingers together inside her, playing with her sex. I took her hand again and guided it to her face. I ran her own finger over her lips, moistening them with her own juices. Sophie pursed her lips and sucked her finger, tasting herself. Andrew knelt upright and pulled his t-shirt over his head.

He had a smooth chest, tanned with a flat stomach. he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down stepping from them.

He wore black lycra shorts that were tight on his thighs and emphasised the shape of his large bulge. Sophie reach forward and held him by the hem of his shorts.


She pulled him towards her and kissed him passsionately. Her hands roamed over his back, running up to his head, through his hair and down again to his ass, squeezing him and stretching his cheeks. I took my cock in my hand and started masturbating as I watched Sophie and Andrew caressing. Andrew knelt upright again and took hold of Sophie's legs pulling her toward his erect cock. I held her by the waist and we lowered her to the floor.

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Sophie lay on her back, closed her eyes and stretched her hands over her head offering her beautiful, firm, young body to us. I lay beside her, resting on one arm, running my hands over her breasts then kissing them and taking her nipple in my mouth. Andrew parted her legs and took his cock in his hand. He bagan stroking himself, moistening his cock with precum.

I watched as he brought the tip of his cock to Sophie's pussy: he ran his cock the length of her lips, up and down, taking her wetness on his cock then easing into her, so slowly, just the head and out again. Sophie groans, Andrew eases into her again, a little more, and out again.

He keeps penetrating her gently and retreating, teasing her pussy. I kiss Sophie on he lips, running my hand through her shiny blond hair, my tongue feeling her soft lips and entertwining with hers. I notice Andrew has moved beside Sophie, stroking his wet cock near her face.

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He runs a finger along his slit and takes a string of cum, bringing it to Sophie's lips, wetting her with his cum. Sophie licks her lips and groans. I make way and watch close up as Andrew brings his cock to Sophie's cheek, letting it rest there for her. She turns her head so slightly, Andrew's cock now touching her lips. She licks it. She kisses it and licks it again. She licks underneath his cock, lifting it slightly with her tongue and sucking on it with her lips. She opens her mouth and Andrew urges forward a little into her.

I kiss Sophie on the cheek again, so close, watching her take Andrew's cock in her mouth, smelling them both, hearing the gentle liquid noises. Sophie brings her hand to Andrew's cock and wraps her fingers around it. She strokes him into her, sucking him deeper, breathing through her nose. Then she turns her head, eyes still closed and kisses me on the lips. I can taste Andrew from her, her lips so moist with his cum. She opens her eyes and looks straight at me: those large, deep, blue lovable eyes sparkle with a little mischief.

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She brings Andrew's cock to her mouth again, kisses it, then touches it against my lips. She smiles as she runs Andrew's wet cock over my mouth, then strokes it inviting me to suck him.

I am totally engrossed in her pleasure and wrap my lips around his cock as if it were Sophie. It feels so warm, so smooth, so tasty, I take him deep in my mouth. Sophie licks then length of his shaft as it slides in and out of my mouth.

We are both sucking Andrew's cock and it feels like the most intimate sex imaginable. My cock is now hard and oozing, touching against Sophies smooth flesh.

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Andrew withdraws from us and turns Sophie on her side facing me. He lies behind her so that she is sandwiched between us. We wriggle together for a while kissing, breathing deeply, caressing each other, hands running over all three bodies as if it were one mass. Andrew's cock rests between the cheeks of Sophie's ass, moistening her, sliding up and down her crack. My cock is so wet rubbing against Sophie's soft belly. She feels both our cocks caressing her, in front and behind.

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Andrew slides his cock between her legs, running it along her swollen pussy lips, he finds her opening and penetrates her, all the way. Sophie lets out a little shriek and licks my face. My cock is still rubbing against her belly in a pool of cum feeling so smooth on her skin, so warm and tingling.

Andrew begins to fuck her, thrusting into her, making her groan little short sighs.

Sophie is wedged so tight between us, the thrusting of Andrew's fucking is rubbing her belly against my cock. He speeds up, plunging his hard cock into Sophie's gorgeous tight pussy, slapping against her ass.

She feels his cock inside her so deep and mine rubbing outside, she is effortlessly ebbing and flowing between us, her body sandwiched, fucked from behind and caressed from the front. My cum has spread a large moist pool over her belly and mine, my cock tingling all round in warm wet flesh.

Looking at Sophie's face, her luscious feminine lips, her sweating young face, her warm breath, smelling her perfume and her sex, her smooth wet body caressing my cock, Andrew lifts her with every deep fuck, faster and deeper.

I tense my body all over, feeling a rush in my crotch, cum spurting from me, soaking us, getting wetter and wetter. Sophie screams as Andrew explodes inside her, feeling his cum saturate her inside, my cum outside her and her juices oozing from her pussy, down her thighs as she feels both cocks massage her beautiful body.

We are a heap of warm flesh soaked in cum and sweat, breathing deeply, sighing, kissing and caressing. We stay for a while in silence, gently swaying together feeling so warm and satisfied. We will have to shower, get dressed, talk about it and maybe do it again! It was Sophie's first time experiencing the joys of having two guys and my first time experiencing intimacy with a guy. We had broken a barrier and felt liberated. We've had a few more experiences since and will have more to come.

Would love to tell you about them!