My girlfriends loves hard anal with a deep creampie

My girlfriends loves hard anal with a deep creampie
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First time posting but I assure you this is a true story although I had to change a few names. I hope you enjoy it. This happened a couple of years ago, while I was deployed to a U.S. Air Force base in Qatar. At the time I was a 29 year old E6, 5'9.around 185 lbs, solid build, from spending most of my free time in the gym. I also happen to be Bi, and black.


As an E 6 in the Air Force, I was lucky enough to have my own room, but we had communal bathrooms, and showers down the hall. Each Dorm/trailer had about 45 guys on each floor, so it didn't take much to see some nice toned ass in the morning or some tender cock throughout the day.

After being there for around a month, our First Sergent announced that a new group of soldiers and Airmen have just arrived, and anyone with their own room will be getting a room mate so make sure the spare bed in the room is clean and ready. I didn't think much about this as I proceeded on througout my day. I always kept the spare bed ready just in case.

That evening after I finished my workout, I went back to my barracks room and walked in to find a young 19 year old kid/airman sitting on his bed sorting out his things.

His name was Cristopher from Wyoming. This kid was a natural kidding.5'7, maybe 130, toned and a nice little bubble booty. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and I felt my cock jump when I initially saw him.

After some small talk,I told him I needed to shower and go to bed since it was already pretty late. Since he had just arrived, he also wanted to shower and sleep as well.

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I was more than happy to show the newbie were the community shower stalls were. I was happy the showers were not to busy, but was surprised that he had such a small dick when he took off his towel.

My dick is about 6 inches soft but grows to around 8 inches hard, but nice and thick. His was around 2 inches, semi hairless with nice hairless balls. I could tell he spent alot of time running, and swimming, by his build. As we showered and made small talk, I noticed Christopher glancing down at my dick, and his dick began to grow a bit. He suddenly turned off the water and grabbed his towel and said he was headed back to the room.this obviously made me curious.

When I got back to the room,Ii simply told him some ground rules, if I 'm in the room, I like to be naked, and since there is not much privacy around, I like to stroke my cock in the privacy of our room.

I also told him if this makes him uncomfortable, I wont do either. There was a pause, and he smiled snd said perfect! He was trying to figure out where he could jack off at without anyone noticing.

I assured him that what happened behind our door, stayed behind our door.

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About 2weeks into being roomies with this young Twink, I noticed he began to sleep naked as well. It was always great to see his toned ass spread out across his bed which was only 2 feet from mine. On this particular morning I woke up super horny and wanted to rub one out while looking at his sweet ass sleep.

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I had done this a few times before, but everything changed this morning. As I began, I was sitting on my bed facing him staring at his ass when suddenly he woke up and moaned mmmmmmmmm. I was surprised when he said wow, that looks like a good idea, do you mind if I join you?

I was thrilled and simply said please do. Half way through our silent JO session, Christopher reached out and asked if he could touch my cock!

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I simply stood up fom my bed and stood directly in front of him. My dick was level with his lips since he was still seated on his bed. He reached out and gave my thick black cock a few strokes before opening his lips and sucking for all he was worth. I'll admit,I didn't last long. I came down his throat in about 5 minutes. It was everything I had ever imagined his lips to be like, but I wanted to taste his creamy nectar as well. I bent down without saying a word and pushed him back on his bed as i proceeded to lick his hairless balls and suck on his small but very hard 4.5 inch dick.

He too didn't last long, and I was happy to swallow every drop as well. This went on for a few weeks, and it was almost a ritual at night and in the morning we would suck each off, but neither would ever speak of it. During one of our night sessions while he was sucking me,Ii finally asked if I could fuck his sweet little bubble booty. He simply stopped sucking me, reached in his drawer, pulled out some vaseline and smeared it on his ass.

He turned around on all 4 and said, it's all yours Sargent.


Although his hole was super tight, I managed to squeeze my thick black cock in his little pink man pussy and pound away. Over the next 6 months of our deployment we both would walk around the base with hard dicks in our ABU's waiting to get back to the room. I would fuck his tight little bubble booty at least once a day and somtimes twice. This was a great way to pass time on a deployment.

Although we never kissed or slept in the same bed, that would be a litte too gay right?. We had one helluva time.

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Over the years we have kept up with each other on social media websites, but have not bumped into each other again.yet.