Massage loving teen banged by stepdad

Massage loving teen banged by stepdad
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CHAPTER 1 - PLANS CHANGE As I went into the kitchen, Chris was getting a beer out of the fridge. He smiled at me, looking me up and down as he opened the bottle and took a gulp.

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'Looking good baby,' He said, putting his arm around me and kissing me before taking another gulp of his beer. 'You want one before you go?' I thought about it for a moment - I still had half an hour before Amy was supposed to pick me up - 'Um, yeah sure why not!' Chris extractd another beer from the fridge, opened it and handed it to me.

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We heard the doorbell, and Chris went to answer it. I wandered into the lounge, and heard Chris' friend James greeting him at the door. They came into the lounge, James carrying beer and DVDs. Chris grabbed the extra beer that James had brought, and James put the DVDs on the coffee table. 'Hi Jen,' said James, sitting at the other end of the couch. 'You look like you're going somewhere fun!' 'How's it going James,' I replied, 'what crap are you guys watching tonight?' 'Haha, some giant insect sort of crap!' he replied.

Chris came back with the rest of the six pack from the fridge, handing one to James. 'Sounds good, gotta love giant insects!' Chris enthused. We chatted for a while and drank our beers as I waited for Amy. I was going out to a hen's night for one of Amy's friends who I didn't know all that well. This gave my boyfriend and James a chance to watch crappy b-movies all evening, something I usually get bored with.

After half an hour the boys were getting impatient to start watching their giant ants. 'We're going to put the first one on, is that OK Jen?' asked Chris 'Yeah, Amy should be here soon,' I replied, looking at my phone. 'Hopefully she'll rescue you from our terrible movies soon,' laughed James as Chris started the DVD. Both Chris and James were well into their second beers by now, and I grabbed another one too.

Chris could always finish it if Amy got here soon. Twenty minutes into the movie, and I got a text from Amy. 'Her car won't start, and she can't sort out a ride for us - looks like I'm stuck with you guys!' I told them.

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'That girl needs a new car,' said Chris, laughing. Amy's car was a piece of junk. I texted her back - "your car is a piece of shit!

oh well, i'll just watch these b-movies with bf and his friend. c u later". The first movie was pretty amusing at least, a typical rubbishy 70's sci fi piece about an experiment going wrong and giant ants terrorizing a town. Chris and James were loving it, laughing their heads off.

I grabbed my third beer as Chris came back from the kitchen with the next six-pack. I was starting to get nicely tipsy, and was laughing at the movie too. 'The best thing about this movie is how that sheriff's wife looks just like Michelle Wild!' I said.

'Shit, you're right!' said James, 'wow, good spotting Jen, that changes the whole movie!' 'Way to lower the tone Jen!' said Chris with a grin. 'Hey, I call it like I see it,' I responded. 'So, um, you like Michelle Wild movies, Jen?' asked James, with a grin. I could see that I had distracted the boys from their movie, now.

'Sure, I enjoy her work.' 'Jen is a great fan of that whole genre,' Chris interrupted, putting his arm around my shoulders, 'aren't you babe?' 'Yeah, well I prefer it to low budget sci-fi,' I replied.

Chris rolled his eyes, and James laughed.

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'So would you rather be watching a Michelle Wild movie right now?' asked James, looking at me with an increasingly interested expression. I looked at Chris, who was obviously having fun. I smiled at him, then looked back at James. 'Obviously!' I said. I took another big gulp of my beer. I could feel that familiar anticipation inside my body - I felt very warm and excited. 'So who's your favourite porn star then?' asked James, grinning as I pursed my lips, put my finger to my chin and frowned in mock consideration.

'There are so many to choose from, how can I pick a favourite?' 'Go on Jen, tell him a few of your top picks!' said Chris, 'I think he'll be impressed!' 'Well, I like Angel Dark, Taylor Rain, Sasha Grey, Rebecca Linares,' I began, counting them off on my fingers. 'Shit, good choices!' said James. Chris just grinned. They were both watching me now, obviously horny. I could feel myself getting rapidly hornier as well, and I'm sure they both knew it.

'What about the guys? asked James, with a grin. 'Oh, they're all much the same!' I laughed, 'But Peter North's cum shooting abilities are certainly impressive!' 'I think you're getting turned on, babe!' said Chris, rubbing my shoulder with one hand, his other hand gently stroking my thigh.

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He grabbed and quickly gulped down the rest of his beer, then put his hand back on my thigh and slid it up under my skirt. I couldn't help but let out a sigh of pleasure as his fingers gently rubbed my pussy through my now quite moist underwear. 'Hey man, I'm still here you know,' said James, watching me as Chris started to push my skirt up. 'Oh, I don't think Jen minds that, do you Jen?' Chris said, 'I don't mind!' I confirmed lamely, breathing deeply.

My head was swimming with a combination of beer and rapidly increasing horniness. 'How about you suck our dicks?' suggested Chris, his fingers rubbing my wet pussy harder now, through my wet panties.

James looked almost nervous now as he laughed and quickly finished his beer. 'Mmm, only if I get my pussy licked in return!' I moaned. 'I think we can arrange that!' Chris assured me. Chris got up off the couch and quickly stripped off, his hard cock sticking out as he moved towards me.

I sat on the edge of the couch, leaning forward to grab his dick, stroking it gently.

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'Holy shit man,' muttered James, getting up and almost nervously stripping off. His dick sprang out of his boxers, rock hard as he watched me jerking his friend's cock. I leaned further forward and started to lick and suck the bulging purple head of Chris' dick, while James moved closer to us. I reached out with my left hand and grabbed his dick, making him gasp as I started to stroke it. With a cock in each hand, I began to suck each of their dicks in turn, stroking them as I sucked the throbbing heads of their hard cocks.

'This is better than that shit movie!' moaned Chris, slowly moving his hips as I sucked his cock. 'I should fucking hope so!' I said, looking up at him, pretending to be angry. James laughed. 'You love it!' Chris replied, 'This is like all your favourite porn!' 'Oh fuck yeah!' groaned James incoherently as I turned to him and took half his hard cock in my mouth, sucking and rubbing the head with my tongue.

I stood up, and stripped off my top. The guys just stood and stared happily as I took off my clothing piece by piece. 'Shit, you're so hot!' said James, slowly rubbing his dick. I lay back on the couch with my legs spread, gently caressing my now quite hard nipples. 'So, who's going to lick my pussy?' I asked.

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'Guests first,' said Chris. James had now lost all traces of hesitation, and he knelt down in front of me, spreading my pussy lips gently with his fingers. He licked up and down my pussy, ever so gently touching my clit with his tongue each time.


I groaned with pleasure. Chris watched as James started to rub and lick my wet snatch with his tongue. James slid a finger into my pussy, and licked my clit harder. I began to gasp and moan with delight, my body aching with pleasure. Chris got up on the couch and pushed his cock towards my face. I grabbed i wildly and started to suck hard, rubbing his balls and licking his dick all over. 'I think she likes it!' laughed Chris.

he grabbed my right breast and started to rub and caress it while I sucked his cock.


'Oh fuck, oh fuck yes!' I groaned suddenly, my body tensing with pleasure. James pressed his tongue flat against my clit and I started to push my hips into his face, groaning and gasping as I had a deep, intense orgasm.

I lay back on the couch, recovering from my climax, my body tingling with pleasure. James and Chris were standing, looking at me. 'That was so, so good,' I mumbled. I got down off the couch and knelt in front of the boys, grabbing their cocks again. 'It must be your turn to cum!' I said, starting to jerk and suck their dicks once more.

I sucked and rubbed James' hard cock, and soon he started to pant and moan with pleasure. I rubbed the tip of his dick with my tongue, and felt him tense, his cock stiffening even further in my mouth. 'Suck me babe, suck hard!' he grunted, his dick exploding in my mouth as a massive gush of hot, thick cum spurted from his cock.

I jerked his dick hard with one hand, rubbing his balls with the other as he held my head, moaning, thick jets of cum filling my mouth. He finally pulled his still rock hard cock out of my mouth. I felt like such a porn star that I couldn't help myself - I opened my mouth, swirling his cum around with my tongue as I looked up at him.

Then I closed my mouth and swallowed. 'My god, you really have watched a lot of porn!' laughed James breathlessly. 'This girl sure loves cum, don't you Jen!' said Chris, as I grabbed his dick and started sucking.

He soon started to groan with pleasure. 'Open your mouth!' he gasped.


I obeyed, leaning my head back and opening my mouth wide. I stroked his cock with both hands now, and Chris moaned as he came, his dick suddnely sending a large jet of hot cum into my waiting mouth. I jerked him as he spurted sticky cum, most of it landing in my mouth but some splattering on my lips and chin. I let go of his cock and swallowed his cum, licking my lips and wiping the cum from my chin into my mouth.

'So, how do you like getting two men's loads, baby?' asked Chris. 'Mmm, delicious!' I replied, still licking my lips.

'Well, I'm glad Amy's car broke down!' said James. 'Shit yeah!' I enthused. 'Thank you, Amy's car!' CHAPTER 2 - THE PLOT THICKENS .