Pounding sweet chicks butt hole fills guys slutty needs

Pounding sweet chicks butt hole fills guys slutty needs
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Watch and Learn. I found a comfy position on the couch and laid back.


It was easy to get my hand up my skirt and my panties were so thin I didn't even bother moving them. I thought it would be fun for both me and Mark if I just un-did my shirt and let my breasts out, would give me something to do with my free hand. I watched as Mark took off his shirt, showing off his swimmer body, and I let my eyes wonder down to his jeans where I could see his hard on through them. He was looking over at me as he un zipped.

The anticipation made getting wet easy, so I took advantage and let my hand slide easily along the lips of my twat, at this point my cute little green panties must have been see through. With my free hand I cupped my right breast and felt my nipple, which was hard from the cold winter air in the basement. Mark was finally naked and his 7inch penis stood tall. It was getting me so horny, I couldn't wait for the action to start. I glanced over at the door to my right as I heard the handle jiggle.

My friend Courtney walked in with her mini skirt and tank top on. She looked so pretty with that new bra she bought which made her look so busty, like a porn star or something. She didn't stay in her shirt too long as she slipped them off and got on her knees.

Apparently she didn't need the bra as her seemingly perfect tits bounced like jello as she dropped now. Me and Courtney had watched porn on her computer a few times. The first time we watched a girl get fucked, the second time was a video on anal, and the latest one we watched was a blowjob compilation.

It was all very informative and also had the added of effect of wanting to see it for real. So when Courtney said I could watch her and Mark have sex I was hesitant at first but excited.

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Mark stood with his head back and eyes closed as I watched Courtney engulf his dick in her mouth. I was really impressed, as well as intrigued. I could only assume that Courtney watched a few more videos after I left.


Courtney was a bit more experienced then me, she had a boyfriend before Mark and since meeting mark we don't hang out on the weekends nearly as much. As for me, I had one boyfriend, we had sex, but I considered it more of a break in then anything else.

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I didn't notice but my finger was moving in unison with Courtney's head. Up then down, up then down. I was really enjoying the show, and the fact mark would look over every once and a while was a huge turn on.

Courtney finished up on his cock and took a seat beside me with her legs in the air. Mark walked over and slipped in with no hesitation. I shifted my position so my back was against the arm rest of the coach and my dripping pussy was facing the couple fucking.

I watched in awe as Mark was screwing Courtney with such speed and force, it was just like the videos we watched. Courtney was screaming in pleasure which made hotter.

Finally I removed my panties and put them on the coach. They were soaked, and clung to me as I removed them. I let my legs spread a little farther and started to penetrate myself with my index and middle finger. Courtney was gripping the pillow beside her tightly with one hand and clenching her breast with her other. I was imagining what it must feel like for her. The feel of a strong man making you feel weak from head to toe.

Though my view seemed far more romanticized, I pictured kissing and holding.

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What I saw was raw animal force and skin clapping from Mark's pelvis colliding with Courtney's pussy over and over. Mark got Courtney's attention and nudged his head in my direction. I stopping fingering for a few seconds as I watched Courtney get up and look over at me.

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Apparently they wanted to give me a better view and asked me to lie down with my head on the arm rest. I continued to do so as Courtney took a position over me, Her dripping pussy inch or two from my face. I waited to see what was going to happen as I continued to insert my fingers in my soaked twat. Mark took position beside the couch near the arm rest and forced his dick into Courtney. I had never seen it this close, in real life or in video. Now centimetres from my face I could see the veins of Marks cock getting lost in the patch of Courtney's pubic hair and watching it break free.

The smell was nothing like I had ever smelt. It was not anything heavenly, but for some reason it turned me on. I was not hypnotized by the consistent motion blur which was occurring in front of my eyes. After several pumps I would feel a drip of some sort of sweat or juice drip on me but I didn't care.

At one point it hit my lip and I just licked it off. I was fucking my self so hard at this point I was tempted to ask for a banana or cucumber to make it easier for my self.

Mark picked up the pace unexpectedly and I could feel his pubs brushes against my hair, as I managed to shift my gaze to Courtney's bouncing breasts. Against like a swinging pocket watch it hypnotized me.

I managed to make out what seemed to be a grunting noise from behind all of Courtney's moans and screams.

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I tried to catch a glimpse of Marks face but all I could see was his bulls tightened up against his cock. Reminded me of a dog, which apparently gives an amazing fuck. The internet can teach you anything. I decided to ignore the grunting and focus more on my dripping pussy. I could feel a damp spot under my knuckles as they brushed against the couch.

I was literally spilling out from all the fingering. I needed something to clog it up. When my attention moved back to the thick cock pounding Courtney I noticed the movement had stopped and I heard Mark let out a sigh of relief. I could hear Courtney moan and giggle in pleasure. I kept watching as Marks dick began to pulse at intervals and then pull out so just the tip was at her entrance.

I just continued to watch and rub waiting for him to start up again. However, turns out he was done.

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He tugged his penis out with a quick jolt and took a step back, to my surprise Courtney dropped her pussy down even closer, at this point my nose was touching her wet clit. Me and Courtney had experimented once, It ended up me eating her out, maybe she wanted me to do it again? Again, I was wrong. I saw her stomach tuck, and he inner thigh muscles flex as a gooey white ooze poured out of her pussy and onto my nose. It flowed long enough for this goo to reach my mouth, and a fair amount of it too.

Courtney stood up and turned around to face me, she was laughing at this point. I could feel the hot liquid dribbling down the sides of my nose and on to my cheeks as well as over my lips and down my chin. As if it were instinct I decided to take what had come out of her and put it in my mouth, so with one spooning motion I used my hand to shovel what was on my chin on to my tongue.

I tasted it, swirled it, moved it from one side of my mouth to the other before just swallowing. I sat up and looked at Courtney and asked he bluntly if she just came on my face. She replied no.

I asked what it was then. She looked over at Mark who was stroking a dying hard on. I felt a little sick but at the same time fairly turned on. Without knowing it I just swallowed a guys cum, I guess there is a first time for everything. I grabbed my soaking wet panties off the coach and put it in my bag as I buttoned up and told Courtney that I would see her tomorrow at school.

I left my hand up my skirt all the way to the door, looks like I was going to have to find those videos I missed online.