Dauda dauda ke chodne vala story

Dauda dauda ke chodne vala story
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Saturday had been filled with many different feelings and emotions. Calli woke up in the morning feeling quite sore in parts of her body that hadn't been sore in a long time.

She slowly got herself out of bed and into the shower which helped a little bit.

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Following the amazing sex she had with Myer the previous evening, Myer offered to drive her home so she wouldn't be taking the train so late. She accepted and he dropped her off in front of her townhouse, walking her up to the door and kissing her good-night. She couldn't help smiling the rest of the night while she changed into her pajamas and got ready for bed.

She laid in bed staring at the ceiling, dreaming of Myer's body, the way his hands touched her, how his lips felt against hers. Even though Myer had already gotten her off twice that night, from just thinking about him and the events that had occurred, Calli reached under the covers and lightly stroked her sex, making herself cum for a third time that evening.

The day dragged on as Calli went about her normal weekend chores, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, taking out the garbage, throwing a couple loads of laundry in. It wasn't until it was almost eight in the evening that Calli finally decided that was enough for one day.

Many times throughout the day, Calli was tempted to Google Douglas Slate. She knew of him and had even met him a couple times in meetings, but she had ever shown interest in him until now. Myer asked her not to talk about that she had seen him with Slate, but he never asked her not to type his name in the Google search bar.

The first thing that came up was his Wikipedia page, which contained a lot of information Calli already knew. He was a developer, known for buying older houses at low rates and building million dollar condos were they used to be.

Currently though, he was being investigated by the FBI who believed he was running some kind of underground casino. Nothing had been proven yet and he had yet to face any charges. Calli couldn't help but still wonder what Myer was doing with him last weekend.

She got nervous thinking about it and scared wondering if she had done something wrong by agreeing to not speak about it. The further she dug on the internet, the more worried she became and even though she was fearful of everything, she couldn't click off and continued reading anything she could find on Douglas Slate. As if someone was reading her mind, right as she was about to click onto another link, her phone buzzed.

She opened the text message she had just received and read it to herself. 'Meet me at Chapman's?' It was from her friend and co-worker, Dena. While working together, Dena and Calli had become great friends. They often met up after work and on weekends to go out for meals and go shopping. Another thing they both really enjoyed was going out for drinks and dancing. Dena was definitely a party girl while she was in college and now would often brought Calli along with her, which Calli didn't mind at all.

Last minute invite texts were very typical of Dena and Calli was always more than happy to join in. Especially now. 'I'll be there in 30,' Calli replied to her friend, hopping off the couch and heading to her bedroom to quickly get ready.

Thirty minutes later, Calli walked into Chapman's wearing a black A-line mini dress and her favourite bright blue heels. The dress hugged her in all the right places and showed off a little extra cleavage that definitely got her noticed as she made her way into the club from the cab. She saw Dena standing at the bar with a couple different people, she waved to get her attention and Dena shrieked when she saw her, running over to give her a hug.

"I'm already so drunk," Dena whispered to Calli. Calli just laughed, not surprised by this at all. "Come on," she said pulling Calli back to the group of people, "let's get you wasted too!" All of Dena's friends cheered and one handed Calli a shot which she accepted and downed immediately.

All Calli wanted to do was dance with her friends and forget about everything she had read this evening regarding Slate.

With that in mind, she ordered herself a beer.

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It was nearly midnight, Dena was on the dance floor with a group of friends and Calli was standing at the bar chatting with a guy. He was almost her exact height with her heels on, had sandy blond hair and an adorable crooked smile. "I like your shoes," he shouted over the loud music. "Oh," she said, looking down at her heels, "thanks. I like your shirt," she shouted back, not really able to think of anything else. "My name is Drake," he told her. "I'm studying to become a vet." "I'm Calli. I'm a designer." Calli started the evening with many drinks from random boys, but now she was starting to slow down, not wanting to deal with a hangover in the morning and was starting to feel a little sleepy.

In her state of feeling tired and still a little drunk, Calli wasn't really aware of how vague she was being. All she knew was that she wasn't super interested in Drake and deep in her sub-conscience, she wanted to be with someone else right now.

"Like clothes?" Drake asked her. "No, buildings," she answered. "My company does all the structural design and I get to do interior design." "Oh wow," Drake said, pretending to be way more interested then he really was. "That's so cool. Can I buy you another drink?" he offered, noticing that hers was empty. Calli looked down at the beer bottle in her hand. It was still half full since Calli was taking her time with it. When she looked back up at Drake, her eyes flashed over to the corner of the club.

Standing in the corner, talking to another guy, was Myer. Calli recognized him immediately. He was wearing light wash jeans and a dark green shirt. He was talking to a group of friends and drinking from a short glass. What was he doing here? Calli thought to herself. She knew the man with him wasn't Slate so it wasn't another secret business meeting like from the previous week.

And now that she saw him, all she could think about was the fact that she was wearing one of her sexiest dresses. She couldn't help but be excited over the thought of him seeing her all dressed up like this. "I need to go find my friend," she lied and turned away from the bar and Drake and headed further into the club.

She's not sure what made those words come out of her mouth, because she wasn't going to find Dena. The thought of her friend's whereabouts were not even close to the first thing on her mind. She walked closer to Myer, he had yet to notice her. She got right up to him and his friend and casually made her way between the two, politely saying, excuse me, as she parted through them.

Then she continued on her way through the door to the club's smoke pit, looking behind her before letting the door close to see if Myer realized it was her. There was a look of pure shock on his face as she passed him and the door shut behind her. Calli didn't actually smoke. She hated the habit, but she stood outside, by herself while everyone around her talked and took drags from their cigarettes.

Calli just crossed her arms over her chest to keep herself warm, and waited. She didn't have to wait too long. Less than thirty seconds later, the door to the club opened and Myer walked out. He looked around and when he saw her standing off in the corner by herself, he made a B-line towards her. "Hey," he said, sweetly, "I didn't know you were here." She hadn't had that much to drink this evening and had slowed down as the night went on, but it was as if seeing him made her completely sober up.

"Yeah, didn't think I'd see you here either." "Are you with your friends again?" he asked. "Actually, I'm with Dena from the office." Myer's face instantly dropped.

"Oh," he said. "Yeah," Calli said, sipping from her beer bottle. Leaning in closer, but not to close, Myer said a little quieter, "Is she out here right now?" he asked, indicating to the people around them in the smoke pit.

Calli shook her head. "No, last I saw, she was on the dance floor." A smile crept back onto his face. "So it's okay then if I do this?" Myer said, leaning in as close as he could and kissing her on the lips. Calli kissed him back, letting his tongue into her mouth to play with hers. He slowly pushed her up against the wall of the building and held her tight with his hands in her black hair. He let go of her lips and looked down into her eyes. "I've been thinking about you all day," he told her.

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"And then I see you in this," his eyes indicating to her little black dress, "I almost thought I was imagining you at first." He leaned in and kissed her again, one of his hands dropping down and cupping her ass cheek. He pressed himself into her and Calli could feel his hard length through his pants, she pressed herself into it as she kissed him harder.

She pulled away from their kiss, catching her breath and said, "Do you want to come home with me?" A handsome and devilish smile formed on Myer's face. "Very much," he told her.

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He leaned down and kissed her lightly. "I just have to tell my friends that I'm leaving. Do you need to tell Dena?" "Yeah, I should probably find her." "Okay, I'll meet you at the entrance. My car is out front." He lifted her hand and lightly kissed her knuckles and continued to hold her hand as they made their way back into the club, letting go once they were inside.

They split up and Calli walked to the dance floor, looking for her red-headed friend. She found her almost immediately dancing and making out with a blond man. Pushing her way through all the people, Calli reached Dena and tapped her on the shoulder. "HEY!" Dena screamed over the loud music, "I'm so happy I found you." She pulled Calli in close and spoke into her ear.

"Mike is taking me home tonight, are you okay getting home on your own?" Calli tried not to make her smile to obvious, as she had yet to come up with an excuse for taking off, so she was happy Dena solved the problem for her. "That's fine," Calli said back to her. "You have fun. Text me in the morning, okay?" Dena reached over and gave her friend a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then went back to kissing the guy she was dancing with. Calli happily made her way to the club entrance, very excited at how easy it was to get out of there, no questions asked.

She found Myer already waiting at the door; he was just slipping into a leather jacket he had received from the coat check closet. He smiled as he saw her approaching, holding out his hand for her to grab. Together, they made their way out of the club and he led her to his parked car. The sleek black Mercedes stuck out like a sore thumb in the parking lot filled with mostly old pick-up trucks.

Myer opened the passenger door for Calli and she slid in with ease then watched Myer jog around to the driver side door. Myer drove quickly back to Calli's condo, she was impressed he remembered how to get there, only needing to ask her for directions once.

While they drove, Myer asked about Calli's day and explained he was going to call her the following morning, but was very excited to see her in the club.

Back at the townhouse, Calli struggled to get her keys out of her purse with Myer right on her back, kissing her neck and touching her body. She finally found her keys and got the lock and door opened. As soon as they were both in the house, it didn't take long for Calli to find Myer's lips. Without breaking their kiss, Calli led Myer into her home and he followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. Entering the house, they both kicked off their shoes, Calli stripped his leather jacket off him, throwing it on the floor, then right away reaching for his shirt, that too, she pulled off in mere seconds.

Calli pulled him along as she walked backwards up the stairs, never wanting to let go of his lips. All they had done was kiss, but she already felt soaking wet in her panties and couldn't wait for him to take them off of her. By the time they reached Calli's bedroom, Myer only had his jeans on.

Although Calli had no trouble removing his clothes, Myer was having a difficult time trying to figure out how to get the skin tight dress off her body. His hands found a zipper at the back and he eagerly turned her around so her back was against his front and began to undo the zipper. Since they first saw each other back at Chapman's, they had been doing nothing but rushing.

Now, Myer took this moment to be gentle and slow things down. With one hand, he pulled down the silver zipper of Calli's dress, with the other hand he held onto the side of her face while he kissed her neck and shoulders, letting his lips follow the straps of the dress as they made their way down Calli's tanned arms.

Myer kissed down her back and her arms, stopping when he was on his knees behind her, her dress bunched up, hanging on by her hips. "Turn around," he whispered. Slowly, Calli turned around. She looked down at Myer on his knees in front of her as he looked up at her. He gripped onto her dress and little by little, pulled it completely down her legs. Calli stood before him in a matching black lace bra and thong. He looked up at her gorgeous body, breathing in her scent.

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He stared up into her eyes as he gently pulled her thong down her legs. For a second time, Myer stared at her shaven pussy wanting nothing more than to dive face first into it. But he wanted tonight to be different than last. He wanted to be slow with Calli and savor every part of her. He leaned into her, sniffing her moist scent, then lightly tasting her, making her throw her head back and moan.

She held his head to her sex and felt his tongue explore her. He ran his tongue in and out of her, stopping only to suck on her clit. She tasted so good, and he could have stayed there all night, drinking her in. It didn't take long though for Calli's breathing to get heavier as she began to climax. Myer held her legs tight, holding her both up, and as close to him as possible as he continued lapping at her juices. "Oh God," Calli moaned as an orgasm shot through her body.

She had to lean back and balance on her bed frame in order to keep herself from falling over. After sucking and licking away all her cum juices, Myer slowly stood up, leaving kisses on her body. Arriving at her face, he kissed her lips softly, cupping her face in his hands.


Calli could taste the saltiness of herself when Myer's tongue entered her mouth. It was so erotic, she thought to herself. His hands moved down her neck and over her shoulders to her back where Myer found the clasp to her black lace bra. Like an expert, he undid the clasp and pulled the bra down and off of her arms. He then looked down at her, and stared at her naked body. She stood confidently in front of him, not trying to cover herself at all as his eyes took her in.

He cupped her breasts in his hands, running his thumbs over her already hard nipples. Leaning in again, he flicked his tongue over each of her nipples, then staying and sucking on one for a moment. Calli couldn't control herself any longer, she needed all of Myer, now. Grabbing him by the loops of his jeans, Calli pulled him closer to the bed until she felt it bump against the back of her legs. She sat down on her comfy duvet and began undoing Myer's belt. He watched her as she unlatched it, and then undid the button and zipper of his jeans.

Wanting him right away, Calli pulled down both his jeans and boxer shorts in one quick motion, letting him fall to his ankles. She stared up at him as she stuck out her tongue and licked at the pre-cum that had formed on the tip of his rock hard cock.

Myer sighed as she swirled her tongue on his head and then dove herself in, taking his whole cock in her mouth. Having nothing else to lean on, Myer put his hands on Calli's shoulders, using them to balance and hold himself up as he felt her mouth move up and down on him. "Fuck Calli!" He pulled himself out of her and quickly climbed onto the bed, leaving his pants on the floor, and mounted Calli's petite body.

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Almost immediately, his lips found hers and he kissed her hard as he grinded his pelvis into hers. He was inches from penetrating her. Suddenly, he pulled away from her. Calli looked up at him confused. "I'm sorry," he told her, "I just need a second." "Is everything okay?" she asked him. He looked down at her and smiled. "Everything is great," he told her, running his fingers through her hair.

"It's just still hard to believe I'm actually here with you." Calli smiled up at him as he told her, "I wish you knew how much I think about you, Calli. I have wanted you so bad for so long. If you wait for me, I promise we won't have to keep this a secret very long." "I would like that," she told him. He leaned in and enveloped his mouth on hers. "Thank you for letting me fuck you yesterday," he told her, "now, may I please make love to you?" Calli pulled his face down to kiss him again, then ran her lips up to his ear and whispered, "yes, please." Needed no more permission then that, Myer plunged his cock deep into her pussy, surprising her, and making her throw her head back and cry out.

She forgot just how large he was as she felt him thrusting in and out of her, going even deeper with each thrust. She had never felt so full before. Myer leaned down and kissed her neck as he moved inside her, filling her up as deep as he could with his long hard cock. "Fuck Calli," he whispered into her ear, gasping for breath with each movement he made, "you feel so good." His long and steady thrusts soon became hard and fast as they both got closer and closer to their orgasm.

Calli could feel his balls as they slapped against her with very drive.

"Oh my God," Calli cried out, throwing her head back into the pillow, "I'm almost there, I'm going to cum." Myer kissed her ear lobe and whispered, "Cum for me, baby." With that, Calli cried out in pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body. Myer continued to push into her as her sex tightened around him.

A couple more hard thrusts into her and he was there too. "Fuck," he bellowed out as his balls stiffened and he released himself into her. Calli sighed, as she felt his warm cum shoot into her body. Myer laid his head on Calli's chest as they both took a moment to catch their breath and calm down. Once his heart rate was back to normal, Myer wrapped his arms around Calli and rolled so they were laying on their sides facing each other. He looked into her eyes and ran a finger up and down her jawline.

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"You are so beautiful," he whispered to her. She smiled. "Thank you." It didn't take long before they were both fast asleep.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hearing noises beside her, Calli tiredly opened her eyes. The room was still dark from the night, so she wasn't sure what time it was.

She didn't move from where she laid. Just opened her eyes into thin slits and listened. Myer was sitting on the edge of her bed, still naked, he was talking on his cell phone.

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It was barely a whisper so it was difficult to make out what he was saying. "I don't have anything yet," he said to whoever was on the other line. "It's not ready yet, but I should be able to see it in three weeks." He turned his head, and Calli quickly closed her eyes. "Listen," he said even softer, "I can't talk right now.

I'm not at home. But I will call you and give you an update in the morning." Calli tried to listen, but her exhaustion overtook her, and she fell back asleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Calli woke up Sunday morning feeling very well rested. She opened her eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light shining into the room. The first thing she noticed was that her dress, panties and bra were on the floor, then, looking under the covers at herself, she realized she was naked.

Looking at the other side of her queen sized bed, she was alone. Continuing her search, Myer's jeans were still on the floor next to her bed, but where was he? It didn't take long for her to solve the mystery of his disappearance, as the bedroom door opened and he walked in carrying two cups of coffee.

"Hey," he smiled, seeing she was up.


He sat down on the bed in front of her and kissed her before handing her the mug. He had chosen a Mickey Mouse mug for himself and gave her a Star Wars mug. Great choices she thought, thinking of the massive collection she had in the kitchen. "Hope you don't mind I was in the kitchen," he said.

"You came back with coffee, how could I complain," she said, smiling. Myer sat back on the bed, leaning against the headboard. Calli wiggled herself back and rested her head on his shoulder as they both sipped from their mugs. "What are your plans for the day?" Myer asked her. She shrugged. "Hadn't really thought of it yet." She remained silent for a moment before finally asking, "What are we supposed to be?" "What do you mean?" he asked her.

"I mean, clearly we can't really date with you being my boss and everything. So what are we then?" Calli asked. "Co-workers with benefits?" Myer chuckled. "Why? Is the awesome sex we've been having not enough for you?" he joked. Calli laughed a little and elbowed him in the ribs. "Oww," he laughed. They both sat up straight and Myer took her hand in his.

"I do really like you. It will probably be complicated because of work for a little while and we won't be able to talk to anyone about it. And if you ever don't want that anymore, you can just tell me and I'll understand. But I know that I really like you, and I would like to make some kind of relationship work with you that isn't work related." Calli smiled. "I would like that too." Myer grinned and leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away slightly. "But before anything happens, I need you to tell me what's going on with you and Douglas Slate."