Huge mammaried busty wam slut

Huge mammaried busty wam slut
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Mandy stood at the curtain, and waited for her song to play. When the music started she stepped from behind the curtain and began her routine. Mandy never made eye contact with the men, she usually just watched herself in the mirrors that surrounded the stage. As she made her first pole contact, she looked in the mirror and froze. Sitting at the stage seats, behind her was Reid. Mandy tried as hard as she could to do her job, although the excitement she felt made it hard to perform.

As the song played, she danced, but her eyes never left Reid. She seductively swung her hips, and moved her hand up her covered breast. Her nipples always hardened when she danced, but this time, they were painfully erect, protruding from the thin material of the bikini. When it came time for the climax of her performance, she climbed the shiny pole in the middle of the stage.

With her strong legs hooked around it, she lay back, and her top fell to the stage floor. The men sitting around the stage all yelled their approval as her firm breast and hard nipples made their long awaited appearance. She slid down the pole slowly, and as she lay on the stage, she ending her dance with her patented back bend walk over and finished in a split, with her ass in the direction of her horny audience.

When she looked in the mirror, Reid had disappeared. She gathered up her earnings and exited back stage. Confused and disappointed, Mandy walked to her vanity, and began to put her top back on.

She refreshed her make up and got up to go out and mingle with the customers and try to get a lap dance or two to make up the money she needed.

When Mandy reentered the bar, she again saw Reid. He stood up from his table and motioned for her to come to him. With a big smile, Mandy moved toward him.

When she got to his table, they hugged, and sat down. "Can I buy you a drink?" He asked. "Sure", she replied, "a beer would be nice." Reid called the hostess over.


The busty brunette came over and retrieved their order and wiggled her round ass back toward the bar to get their drinks. Reid turned his head to Mandy and was met with a kiss on the cheek. "Another business trip", she asked. "Not exactly", he replied, "I have had some major changes since the last time I saw you." The hostess returned with their drinks, setting them on the table. Reid paid her what was due and added a nice tip to it. Mandy picked up her beer and took a long swallow, then sat the glass back onto the table.

Reid took his finger and wiped the small stream of beer running down the side of her mouth. She smiled as he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it dry. "So city boy, what has changed?" She asked while placing her hand on his. "Well, let's see. Since I left you, I have filed for divorce, and received a transfer." He replied with a smile. Reid told her about how when he returned home from his Texas trip, he caught his wife in bed with her best friends 19 year old son, and how she had blamed her infidelity on him always being on the road.

The next day, he called his attorney and started the procedures for the divorce.


When arriving back at his home office, he had seen a job announcement for an office manager position in the Dallas office. He approached his bosses about his interests. They had been reluctant to loose one of their best district managers to a demotion, but after hours of pleading, they had approved his transfer. He told her about how he had been flying back and forth between Dallas and Atlanta getting everything finalized, even getting an apartment not too far from the club.

"So you are here for good?" Mandy asked. "Yes, the only thing I have to go back to Georgia for is to finalize the divorce, in a couple of weeks." "That is great, hun, but why are you here?" "Well I was hoping that you would help me celebrate." "I would love to, but I have to work.

I still have three hours before I get off. My rent is due." "Oh ok, but if you had the money, you would take off with me to my apartment?" "I would consider it." Reid reached into his pocket and pulled out a roll of money.

He counted out five 100 dollar bills and put them on the table in front of Mandy. Her hazel eyes widened when she seen the money. That was more money than she would make in two nights.

She looked back at Reid and smiled. "Let me get my things," she said as she stood and walked back stage. After a few minutes, she returned, wearing a loose t-shirt, short shorts and her boots. She had not even taken time to remove her make up. Reid stood and put his arm around her back as they walked to the door of the club. They walked to the parking lot and got into Mandy's truck. Reid gave her the address to his apartment, and they exchanged small talk on the short journey.

Mandy pulled into the parking lot and parked in a free space. Then they both got out of the truck and headed inside, hand in hand. Once inside the elevator, Reid pulled Mandy to him, and they began to kiss passionately. His hands pressed against the small of her back, and pressed her against him tightly. Her hands were around his neck, running her fingers through his dark brown hair. The elevator dinged when they arrived at the floor Reid's apartment was on.

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They broke their kiss long enough to exit the elevator, walk down the hall to the apartment, and open the door to enter.

Once inside, they melted into each others arms, kissing and exploring each others body. Reid broke their kiss and took Mandy by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, they again began to kiss.

As they kissed, he slowly unbuttoned the button on her shorts, and ran his hand down the back, squeezing her plump cheeks. Her fingers, one by one, unbuttoned his shirt, and pushed it off his arms. Reid stepped back and began to unbuckle his belt. His eyes never leaving hers, he unfastened his pants and pushed them to the floor. In only his boxers, Mandy could see his excitement growing.

She reached down and pulled her t-shirt over her head and untied the string on her bikini top. Her ample melons fell free. Reid smiles as he looked at her big, firm breast as they swung back and forth when she pushed her shorts down her long legs. When she stood back up, Reid's eyes wandered over her naked body, from her pretty face, her big breast, her smooth pussy and long legs. He pushed his boxers down his legs and stood up.

He walked closer to her. As he neared her, she began to kneel in front of him. He caught her under the arm and pulled her back to her feet.

Her eyes looked at him full of confusion. He came closer to her and gently pushed her onto his king sized bed. He knelt down on the floor, and opened her legs gently. He slowly kissed up her smooth thigh.

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His fingers traced her wet slit. His face moved closer. He could smell her strong aroma.

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He planted small kisses above her slit, moving downward. As his lips touched hers, her legs opened wider and she moaned loudly. He allowed the tip of his tongue to slide between her wet lips.

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He tasted her juices for the first time. His tongue snaked deeper inside her velvety tunnel until his chin touched her. He worked his tongue slowly, as she moaned and wiggled under him. His fingers pressed on her engorged clit, and caused her to almost sit up straight as the pleasure rushed through her body. Her first orgasm rocked her body. She squeezed her legs around his head, holding him in place, his tongue continued to slide in and out of her, his fingers continued to tease her clit. Her bottom lifted as her juices flooded onto his face and tongue.

Her legs finally released the death grip on his head and he moved on top of her. She shifted and rolled on top of him. She turned her bottom towards his head and took his hard cock into her hands. Reid moved in between her legs and with his hands he pulled her down onto his mouth as her lips wrapped around his cock.

She moved her mouth down his long cock until her nose touched his heave scrotum. The continued pleasuring each other for several minutes. His tongue moved inside her pussy as his hands opened her ass. When her second orgasm hit, she was rewarded with is warm crème shooting down her throat. She collapsed on top of him. Both were of there breaths staggered in exhaustion and pleasure. Her head laid on his upper thigh as her fingers continued to rub his softening member.

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Weak, she rose up on her arms, and turned her body and lay beside Reid. He looked at her and smiled, while he ran his fingers through her hair. She smiled back at him. "That was amazing," she said, still out of breath. "Yes it was," he replied. They lay together for hours, just holding each other. Mandy reached down and started to stroke Reid's semi erect cock.

Soon he was fully erect and moaned under her touch. She straddled his legs and continued to stroke him. Then she lifted and positioned herself above his hardness, and slowly lowered herself down.

He moaned as he felt his sensitive cock sliding into her wet, warm pussy. She took in all of his cock and placed her hands on his chest. With her eyes closed she began to move her hips up and down. Her vaginal muscles clamped tight around his shaft as she moved her his.

His hands cupped her breast, with his thumbs pressed into her nipples. She tossed her head back and forth, causing her hair to toss.

She lowered her head, her hair canvassed around his face. They kissed as her hips ground in circles on his cock. He put his hands on her ass, and rolled over. He lifted up on his arms looking down at her. He sat back on his knees and reached for her legs. He pulled them up and placed them on his shoulders. He pushed forward, and bent her double and began to piston his cock in her. She began to moan and scream. She cheered him on as he fucked her hard and fast. Her pussy was in one constant orgasm until he sank his cock deep inside her and released his seed.

He pumped until the sensitivity was too much, and he withdrew, and allowed her legs to relax. They laid there for several minutes before Mandy broke the silence. "Well, city boy, you sure know how to fuck." "Why, thank you ma'am.

You are pretty damn good yourself." She smiled, "So what are you planning on doing now that you are here?" "Well I was thinking about settling down with this hot, entertainer I met last time I was here." "Really?" "Yes. Really."