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Every muscle, every cell seizes with pain. My back is arched at an inhuman angle but I don't fall as fire continues to zip through my being. Then it's over as quick as it began. I still stand between the two pillars, hands in the depressions. I'm hunched slightly forward trying to catch my breath. Each exhale borders on a scream, but I've been ordered to be silent. Tears stream from my eyes, and for the first time since Tahlana has taken control of me, I manage to release a clear thought and emotion through her hold.

Anger. I've never been hit in the head with a baseball bat, but I imagine it is similar to the feeling of Tahlana clamping down on my mind in response to my breach of her authority. I redouble my silent sobs under the insufferable vice of Tahlana's control. It's only for a few seconds, but the pressure in my mind makes me wish I were dead.

I squeeze my eyes shut thinking they might burst.

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Then my trainer eases the constraint. 'You will learn to control your thoughts and feelings. The Masters are not as kind as I when assaulted so.' I feel the sheer terror of what she has said rise in my conscious. Tahlana does not squelch it at first. She lets is grow, and I shake with the terror of what pain these Masters will inflict on me. 'Walk forward,' she commands and also tamps down my feelings of fear and anxiety.

This time I'm slightly thankful for her control over me. I take a few shaky steps and then find my stride in the dark.

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Again, I spot a ring of light ahead. This time, along with the two pillars, there seems to be water flowing from the same unknown. I'm not sure where it disappears to either. There is no puddle but also no drain.

'Stop,' Tahlana says, and I cease walking. My nose is a breath away from the mysterious waterfall. 'You will bathe every day. This ritual, you will not neglect. I catch a bit of disgust in her words. I show her pictures of my life and taint them with the desire to be clean. Her response startles me. She does not answer with words. My trainer projects her sympathy for the life I have lived then assurance that I will never have to worry about another thing in the service of our Masters.

Tahlana releases my thoughts, and I contemplate her feelings. Wouldn't it be wonderful to never have to worry again? 'Enter the water. Bathe.' I feel a complete physical release from Tahlana's control as I step into the flow. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the silky warm water almost makes me melt. All fight I had towards my trainer's mind control dissolves in the spray of the water, and I feel weeks of filth and stress wash away.

I run my hands through tangled hair and sputter as the water douses my face. This is almost orgasmic. Not that I'd had very many of those, but this was divine.

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I rub my hand down my arm, and it feels strange. Bringing my hand to my face I see it's covered in fine hair. The water swirling away at my feet is choked with it. I glance at my mound and see the water washing away my pubic hair as well. In moments, my body is completely hairless.

I reach up to verify that the blond hair on my head has stayed in place, and I'm thankful it is. 'One of the modifications you will both enjoy. Now, press the first button on the right column.' Tahlana's sudden intrusion jolts me back to my predicament. She's quick to calm thoughts again. She must have allowed me freedom for a moment.

I was so enthralled I didn't even realize. Following her directions, I press an octagonal, palm sized button on the top of the right column. The water changes from clear to foamy. I rub the clean smelling soap into my hair and on my body. I can't believe it when I hear a giggle escape my mouth.

Tahlana has really let go of the leash. After I'd scrubbed for a while she instructs me to press the second button the pillar. The water turns clear, and I rinse. We repeat this process twice more until we both feel I'm clean. I can't believe I've been abducted, I'm on my way to be an alien sex slave and I'm smiling. It's such a simple thing to feel clean, but it can mean the difference between feeling human and well, alien.

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I'm still standing in the waterfall when Tahlana tells me to press the button on the left pedestal. She doesn't have to order me mentally I notice. I press the octagon. The water stays clear, and for an instant I think maybe the button is broken. Then I smell it. The water has turned fragrant, a combination of musk and cinnamon.

I breathe in deeply as the water caresses my shoulders and back. I can't get enough and open my mouth to let the scent touch my tongue.

I even lean back to taste the water, but find it's tasteless. As I savor the mesmerizing smell, I notice a warmth low in my belly. It only slightly distracts me from my gluttonous sniffing.

I turn in the flow to the let the fragrant water caress my breasts and belly. The warmth spreads between my legs and intensifies. My head spins with the euphoria the fragrance has created. Warmth turns to heat, heat turns to a dull ache and my pussy lips feel like they are going to explode from swelling.

I let out a soft moan and reach for my throbbing clit. 'Do not touch yourself,' Tahlana commands.


My groan of ecstasy turns into one of frustration. All I want to do is cum.

My whole body throbs with the need. 'You will never pleasure yourself again.' I let out an animalistic cry and gasp for breath. My body shakes with the urge to be touched, to be brought to completion, but Tahlana has denied me for eternity.

'The first experience with the pheromones can be rather intense, but it will subside slightly after some years.


This is the mating musk of the Master Race's females. It is pleasurable for our Masters. It also seems to be pleasurable to humans as well.

You will bath in them daily, just as you have here today.' "Oh, God!" I cry out and double over with the pressure of desire as the fragrance infiltrates my blood. 'Step out of the water, and press the button again.' I do without hesitation.


The intensity of my arousal lessens immediately. 'Place your hand in the depression.' Next to the pheromone button is another human hand type engraving.

I hesitate remembering the pain from the other pillars. Tahlana has no patience for me, and a mental push makes me follow orders. There is a slight static shock, and I'm surprised when I'm completely dry! 'Turn around and walk.' I walk as I'm directed, thankful for the friction between my legs.

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Though I can still smell the musk on me, the need to orgasm is replaced by a low ache of desire. 'Through the door. Just ahead.' I don't immediately see what Tahlana is talking about, but in the darkness I see a glow about chest height.

When I approach it, I see it's another octagonal button. I press it, and an eight sided door rolls silently in the recess of the wall. I'm blinded momentarily from the brightness of the room. I've been in near complete darkness for however many hours I've been here. As my vision clears, my legs almost fail me at the sight. 'Lie down.' Tahlana commands and neglects to remove my terror. I walk into the completely white room towards the hard white examination table and try not to look at the trays of instruments and unknown metal implements protruding from the table.