Sexy Sekretärin roberta in Dessous fucks

Sexy Sekretärin roberta in Dessous fucks
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I had taken Stu, my son to a male orgy some time ago, but it was time now to show him the mens club, so Saturday afternoon, we got ready and headed off, both horny and wanting cocks. I paid and we went in, undressing and putting a towel around us, I showed Stu the differnt rooms, we saw about 20 guys walking around, so when we got to the mirror room, I told Stu to head in and strip, sliding his cock in my mouth, and sucking him hard.

I left the door open, the normal invite for others to join in, as my cock started slowly into his nice tight butt, as my pace picked up, the first guy entered and began touching us both, soon I told him to slid his cock in my arse, and fuck me while I carried on fucking my son, I moved between the two, as we got used to the postion, the speed picked up.

All too soon more guys began to watch and join in, I now pulled out of Stu's butt and let another guy fuck him, as I took control of the cock in me, soon my arse was rewarded with a nice load of hot cum, as his cock pulled out, another took his place. Stu was how taking two cocks, both buried deep in his cum soaked butt, a third face fucking him, more guys watched, not wanting to miss out, I pulled a big cock towards me and told him to dp me, laying on the one in me the big cock slipped in and took my arse for a good fucking, my anal orgasm now flowing nicley.

I kept them both going, before one set the other off and two fresh loads filled my to over flowing, as thier cocks dropped out, I sat over the guy under me and dropped their cum into his mouth, then told him to return the cum to me, white sperm dropped from his mouth to mine as my arse took another cock.

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We were both kept busy, as more guys joined in, I guessed it was close to 5 pm, as a heap more guys seemed to turn up, I told Stu I was moving into the group room, a larger room with a sling and big mattress, as I walked out, guys followed, I didn't put the towel around me, the guys could see the cum run down my legs, as quick as I knelt down my butt was filled and more cum added.

I was fucked in every way posible, then fisted while a guy fucked me too, at one time, two guys fisted me and pulled a wad of cum out, I got them to let me lick thier fists clean.

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Stu joined me soon after and we both kept the guys busy, at one time I saw Stu in the sling, a guy fisting him, and as he pushed him away, his face was filled by a cock, using the motion to send him from cock to fist and back.

I then sat on two cocks, riding them both, until they too filled my arse with cream, by now we had both been fucked by some 20 or so guys, one of the guys who helps run the club came in, saying he had heard we were taking on all the guys willing to fuck us, and quickly slide his cock up my arse and fucked me, his man seed soon joined the rest in my butt, as he thanked me and moved over to Stu, fisting his butt for awhile before going back to work.

When I saw the guys being to slow, I asked them who was keen to try some water sports, a few smiles told me to head out towards the showers, as I did several guys followed, and quickly took aim as I knelt down, streams of hot piss washed the cum from my body, as I sucked on some to drain them fully, then turned and told a few to piss in my arse, again gallons of piss flowed as more guys joined in, the ones watching enjoyed the show, and also showered me in piss, a quick shower and we headed back to play.

I went back to the mirror room, quickly being fucked by several guys who had seen me in action in the showers, after I had taken three or four loads of cum, I got one to eat me arse out, a loud cum fart and out shot a load of nice sticky cum, I turned for him to bring me the rewards, my mouth filled with lovely fresh cum. I find this turns a lot of guys on, as more fucked and fisted me to huge anal orgasms, I watched thier cocks in the mirrors, each guy tends to fuck differntly, but all look good as they slide easily into my wet butt.


I knew when one cock started its journey into my arse, I had not been fucked by him today, at first I thought I was geting fisted, then looking in the mirrors I saw a beautifull large cock slowly making its way up my butt, without hesitating, I pushed back hard, every inch of his cock went deep inside, causing me to orgasm loudly, then he started to thrust harder and deeper still. I didn't know his name, but he had fucked me some time ago here, and soon his lovely cock was having its way with me, others face fucked me, as my mind was kept busy with the feelings going on inside my arse.

Soon I had cum so many times on his cock my knees went weak, He swung me over, my legs over his shoulders, his cock going deeping still made me jump, as another huge orgasm shot though me.


He pounded me like a jack hammer, not slowing at all, I remmbered last time, he fucked me for some 2 hours on his own, so I wasn't complaining, my mind now in total lust for him. He moved me around like a toy, using me as he wanted, fucking me in every way he could, each way as good as the one before.

Then he pulled a guy over, sat me on his cock, and rammed his cock back in, my arse exploded in bliss, anal orgasms shot though my body as both guys worked up to full speed.

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The new guy didn't last to long, before he filled me with cum, big cock lifted me off and replaced him, going back in, both cocks found my arse open and wet, as more orgasm rang out. Other guys face fucked me, shooting thier cum over us all, I was looking up into big cock face, a huge smile told me he was enjoying fucking me again, he said hello, just as a cock burst cum out over us both, we kissed and licked his juices up between us.

Stu walked in, seeing me with a open mouth, put his butt over my face and squeesed out a hot load of sticky cum for me to eat, I licked his hole dry, then shared his cum with big cock, then I told big cock, Stu was my son, a huge smile came on his face, his mouth finding Stu's cock, between sucking him, he told us both, he was going to enjoy fucking him after he had finnished with me.

Steve then introduced himself, and carried on fucking me, another load of cum filled my butt, so he pulled me free, turned me over and fucked me doggy, I felt him tense up, his cock going deeper and deeper, his big balls slapping my arse, then the warmth of his cum filled my body, lots of it too, he pumped and pumped, until his balls were empty, then slide his cock out, I stood, found Stu, and flooded his mouth with Steve's cum.

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Steve then went over, kissed Stu and shared his own cum with him. my cock stood rock hard, easing the guy out of Stu's butt, I rammed mine in, fucked him for a few mintues and shot my juice deep in his arse, before going down and eating it out, together with several other loads of cum.


As I sucked Steve's cock back to life, more guys fucked me and Stu. some going from one to the other and back again, then Steve with a nice big cock once more took Stu, lay him down and rammed his 10 inchs of meat fully home, Like me Stu enjoyed his cock fully, both going wild as I watched Steve make my son his bitch, I took about 7 or 8 guys while Steve fucked Stu, then after some hour or so, Steve began to show signs he was cumming, pulling Stu back hard onto his cock as he shook and rammed his cock in deeper, moaning loudly as he did.

Stu was also having a great anal orgasm, I pulled off the guy fucking me and slide under Stu, sucking his cock, he soon rewarded me with his own cum, Then as Steve pulled his cock out, I moved and Stu dropped his load into my mouth, Steve once more came and shared it with me, then took some to Stu, kissed him, his own cum going full circle, as we lay resting smiling at one another, my mouth found Steve's cock and sucked him dry.

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We both took more guys, as Steve carried on fucking and fisting either of us, by now it was late and the number of guys was dropping off, so as Stu and I took one more cock each, Steve shot his third load of cum over us both and the night ended