Fellow caresses his pretty girl

Fellow caresses his pretty girl
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Master and I had been working on my ability to take a moderate to more severe spanking. He liked to use paddles, and wanted me to be able to handle a more severe spanking than I have been conditioned to. Ideally, he wanted to see a woman give me one and he was working on making it happen.

It was my idea but I asked him if I could have a cock gag, something small to medium sized, so I could suck on it. Sucking makes it easier for me to be still and please him. He thought it would benefit so we got one. Within a couple of weeks he decided I was ready. He took me to a club where there was a dominate woman who was known for putting on show. This was a rare occasion for me to wear my collar out in public as we are both private people. I followed him into the club, and we sat at a table.

He ordered drinks for both of us, his usual whiskey and coke for himself and a glass of sweet wine for me. I thanked him and drank the wine quickly. I was nervous and it helped calm me. I saw the woman, she was walking around in a long fur coat, it was open and she had on a bra and panty set that barely covered anything.

She had a flogger, it was long and black. She had a deep authoritative tone to her voice. The closer she got to us, the more nervous I was getting. He was enjoying it. He could see I was getting more and more apprehensive about doing this. He leaned over and told me to relax, and he was sure I would not disappoint him. She came to the table and they spoke a few words, quietly, I could not hear what they were saying with all of the other music and noise.

She motioned for me to follow her. He nodded. I got up and he gave my cock gag to her, I did not know he brought it. She walked up on a raised platform in the center of the place. I followed behind her. She pointed to a bench, I knelt on it. She told me to open my mouth and she secured the gag in place.

She then motioned for me to put my ass in the air. I lowered my head, and raised my ass. She was talking to the crowd, and then I felt the flogger against my thigh. She drug it across my ass, then she began to spank me. My eyes closed, tears forming shortly after she started. I had never felt so exposed, even though it was only the skirt on my dress that was raised.

My thighs and butt tightened. I was sucking on my gag. I tried to relax into the pain. It seemed to go on forever, yet was only a matter of minutes. I heard the slapping of the flogger against my ass, and thighs.

I wanted to please him, but it was quickly getting to be too much. Just as I thought I could not take any more, she walked in front of me. Grabbing my chin, my eyes flew open, she asked if I was ok, I nodded; she started to remove the gag. That is when I lost control; her pussy was right in front of me. As soon as the gag fell around my neck, my tongue was in her. She was moving her panties out of the way. I climbed down from the bench to lick her deeply. Someone had moved the bench and she was now laying on it with her legs wide open.

I was sucking her clit, and licking her cunt.

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I felt her thighs tighten around me. I was licking up as much of her cum as I could. It was on my face, she was raising her pussy to put it right where she wanted me to lick her. I gave her what she wanted. I no longer thought about the people watching.

I held her clit in my mouth, running my tongue over it, again and again. She was screaming, I never remembered hearing any noise from her before the screaming started. I let go of her clit, and moved to her pussy. My tongue hot and wet against her, moving down her ass to lick up her cum, to taste her, and swallow her. My own need was growing.

My own wetness was flowing. I moved back to her clit, softly running circles around it, with my tongue. Teasing her, until I heard her scream again. Then I started to suck it harder, and harder. Drawing it in with my mouth, running my tongue over it.

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I wasn't aware anyone had walked up beside me. I stopped when I heard his voice, and felt his hand brush my cheek and next as he reached for the ring on my collar.

He had the leash attached and pulled me back. I stood, and followed him. He did not say anything as we walked, I felt the people stare, but I kept my eyes on the floor. I was thankful it was rather dark. As he sat back at our table, I started to mumble that I was sorry. This was not part of the plan that we had talked about, and I had acted on my own impulses not his direction.

He nodded and I stopped talking. He pointed to the floor, where someone had put a blanket.


I kneeled on it, beside of him. He gave me a shot of something. It burned my throat but I did not complain. I was sure that the worst was yet to come. He pulled his cock out, it was rock hard, I took it without being told to.

He was running his fingers through my hair, lightly. He was touching me softly. I was starting to relax. I loved this, I loved being this close to him. I heard people coming by, and sometimes he would stop me from sucking for a moment while he talked, sometimes I kept sucking while he talked. Some of them were men with subs/slaves of their own and they wanted to exchange number and schedule play dates. There was one girl that Master liked, and she was very interested in having her pussy licked.

Master tapped my shoulder and pointed to her very open pussy beside me. He gave me another shot, this one didn't burn as much. I kissed her thighs, and moved closer to her pussy. I was shaved.

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It was open. Her clit was bigger than a pencil tip eraser. I was sucking it as if it was a cock. I knew Master was watching, but I didn't know how many other people were watching. I was sucking her, and licking her. Her thighs were tightening, vibrating. I was liking this. I could hear other sounds, kissing, sucking, something. I stopped and looked up. She was naked. Her nipples were being sucked on, she was laying back on several chairs that were lined up to hold her and she had a cock deep her in throat.

Someone moved behind me, started touch me. I did not recognize the hand, and jumped. Moving back closer to my Master. Master told them not to touch me.

He told me to go back to licking. I did as I was told. She was again moaning in moments. The sounds were muffled by the cock she held in her throat. Her thighs were tightening. She was on a wave of orgasms that was over taking her. She was kicking her legs, but someone grabbed each of them, she was struggling to break her arms from the people who were holding those as well.


I felt Master's breath against my neck. He said to keep going, he kissed my neck lightly, and that was the last I heard. I was sucking her pussy, swallowing her orgasm. Softly running my tongue over her pussy, ass and thighs, just enough to clean her up, not enough to keep her orgasm going.

I sat back on my feet. My face was glistening. I felt Master touch the back of my head. He asked if I wanted to go to the bathroomand I nodded. He helped me up and off I went. I was in there for about twenty minutes.

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Playing with my clit a little and cleaning myself up. Master was waiting for me. He took the cock gag off my neck but left my collar on. He gave me one more shot and then we were on our way.

I was quiet in the car. He said he was very pleased with the way things went tonight. He said that it was not part of the original agreement, but he could over look that this time.

As we got home, he sent me to take a shower. When I was done, I went back to him, where he had already poured our drinks and he was enjoying a cigar. I sat at his feet. His hands were caressing my head and neck, I was moving closer to his cock, wanting it again. He told me I was a good sucking slut and then laughed a little.

He told me that not everything belongs in my mouth.

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Later, after I swallowed him, he would move the floor with me. Lay me over his lap and burn his mark into my ass with his cigar. I jumped but as little as possible. I wanted it.