Sperm face amateur rides young old and european

Sperm face amateur rides young old and european
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Please understand this is my first attempt at writing and gladly accept criticism as long as it's constructive and not from some douche bag trying to correct my grammar. this is a porn story, not middle school.


that being said, please enjoy and tell me what you think. I was 17 when I decided to leave home, much to my dads worrying but I had just felt cooped up and wanted to see other places so at 5 am while he was still asleep I packed my backpack, grabbed some Cd's for my player ( before ipods and stuff ) and walked out the door without a goodbye to my father, the one person who had always been there and supported me since mom walked out when I was 4.

I'm not sure why I stayed away for so long but I was 23 when I finally came home and dad was excited to see me and I admit it felt good to be back. I was sitting in the living room alone a few weeks later when I heard a knock at the front door so I got up off my lazy ass and answered it.

Standing on the porch was Brian my friend from high school and the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on. I mean on a scale of 1-10 she was off the scale. Long sandy wavy blond hair, green eyes, beautiful milky white skin and a set of nice 32 C cups as I was able to find out at a later date, standing about 5'4 in her little sun dress just barely above her knees.

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My jaw dropped and I stared unable to speak as they walked in. I breathed a mental sigh of relief when Brian introduced Amanda as his cousin and NOT his girlfriend.

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We sat around for a few hours catching up and getting to know each other for the first time and unfortunately found out she was only 15. Later we decided to walk down and get a few burgers. As we were walking Amanda said she had a question for me, so I told her go ahead.

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" Will you go out with me?" she asked. At this exact moment I had two thoughts in my head that I will repeat verbatim. #1: WOO HOO!!!! as I did a mental fist pump. # 2: I can't, she is only 15 and it's wrong.

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What I said was hell yes. And thus began the best and worse relationship I ever had. I knew it was wrong to be with her but at the same time I was so into her that it didn't register.

We were inseparable but didn't do anything other than make out once in a while for the first few months instead of just jumping in bed and I was just fine with that. I was really and honestly in love for the first time ever.

Jump to Christmas 5 months later, we are visiting her grandmother for the holiday and I am introduced as a co worker of her step dad. The only people that know we are together besides us are Brian and her parents who gave their blessing after a looooong talk and fatherly threat about me disappearing and never being found if I ever hurt her. After a lovely evening of great food and company Amanda said she was tired and wanted to go home, so her mom asked me to drive her and stay there until she got home in a couple hours.

We pulled into the drive then walked into the house, she kissed me goodnight then walked away, so I went to the living room to watch TV. Not long later she walked out and reminded me that we forgot to give each other our Christmas presents.

I went to the car and got out a small package with a bow and brought it back in and handed it to her. I watched intently as she took it and opened it up, hoping she liked it.

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In her hand was gold necklace with a gold heart and diamond set in the center. She loved but promised hers was better. The next thing I know she drops to her knees and starts kneading my cock through my pants.

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She had never done this before but I'd be damned if I was going to stop her. She undid my button, unzipped me and yanked my jeans down to my ankles, then pulled my boxers down as well.

She stared at my 6 1/5 inch cock ( yup I'm a realist, no fake 10's here ) before taking into he mouth. She was an amateur but improving quickly.

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Soon her tongue was all over my cock and the teeth began to lighten up to just the right pressure. After few more moments she was perfect, so perfect that I lost control my self and grabbed her head and began fucking her face fast and hard hitting the back of her throat over and over again. It took a moment to realize that she was gagging and that tears were flowing so I stopped and instantly felt like a piece of shit.

She gasped a bit, caught her breath then told me to do it again. I happily obliged but was a bit more hesitant until she grabbed my ass and pulled me throbbing meat into her mouth making herself gag.

I knew then that she liked it so I grabbed her head, held my cock to the back of her throat and this time forced her to the couch. She was sitting on the couch as I stood on the cushions and held her head as I began to pound her mouth like I was hammering a nail.

I look down and see her fingering her clit with one hand and jacking me off with the other. This only intensifies everything and soon I feel that sensation creeping up my loins.


I pull out of her mouth a few seconds later and she takes continues to jack me off as she fingered her pussy some more.

Finally I couldn't hold back anymore and let out the typical grunt and groan as I shot squirt after squirt of cum on her face and tits before finally collapsing next to her.

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She smiled, told me merry Christmas then dipped her fingers in my cum on her tits and after staring at for a second, she winked at me then stuck her fingers in her mouth. I was hard in a instant.


I agreed with her, her gift was way better.