Älteres Paar ficken hart auf Bett

Älteres Paar ficken hart auf Bett
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Ring- Ring, - Ring, - Ring. The insistent ringing of the door bell brought me out of a deep slumber. The room was in darkness apart from the red glow of my fire, cats stretched out in front it lapping up it's heat. Riiiiiiiiinnnnnggggggg.

Ring - Ring. Who the hell could it be at this time of night?! I then realised - it wasn't night, it was 4h30pm but already dark, - I must have lost track of time, away in a dream world. "OK, OK," I grumbled going to the intercom in the hall. "Yeah?" pressing the 'answer' button. "Hi Jay," said a young female voice, " It's Stella." ?Stella?

Ohhh, STELLA ! I pushed the door release button and unlocked the door, opening it to find Stella with a grin on her face, and another girl, standing looking rather apprehensively at me. "Come in, it's great to see you again." I hadn't really expected to see her, or Margaret, again. Two weeks had passed since that wet day and I had given up on them returning. I chuckled as I ushered them into the living room, "Clothes dry?" Stella laughed, "I can wet them again, if you like." she responded.

"So, how are you, and what have you been doing since I saw you last?" "Bloody busy with exams," she replied, removing her jacket. I became aware that neither of them were wearing school uniforms - perhaps another 'bunking off' day ?

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But no, it was too late in the day for that, they would have been on their way home by now. "By the way, this is Tanya." said Stella turning to her friend who was also removing her outer jacket. I said it was nice to meet her, noticing the soft bulges under a somewhat clinging sweater. "I told Tanya we could get a drink and a friendly face here.

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That's OK isn't it Jay?" "Of course, any time you're free and want to spend some time, you know you'll always be welcome." They smiled and visibly started to relax. "Usual to drink?" I asked, remembering the whisky and vodka cocktail from last time, and heading for the kitchen. They both nodded agreement then started chattering quietly to each other, Stella doing most of the talking. Returning with the double measured drinks, along with one for me, and handing them over, I retook my place in my own chair, leaving them on the settee.

We toasted 'bottoms up', and I sat back to hear what had been going on, and to find out more about Tanya. She'd had her 15th birthday the previous week, was an only child living with her father; her mother having run off with some guy, and was hoping to go on to university to study computer repair and communication. I filed that piece of info, it could be useful if my computer ever packed up.

She was small for her age, perhaps 5'2" and slim, with long jet black hair reaching to the middle of her back but tied in a ponytail. She had on a white sweater, possible one size too small, which accentuated the roundness of breasts, and a pair of tight black jeans - altogether a nice little package! Stella was wearing a white blouse with the top few buttons undone, revealing the beginning of her cleavage, and a mini skirt in blue. I gazed across at them, two gorgeous girls in their teens, not dressed provocatively, but packaged in such a way as to make one look twice.

Stella was saying something . "Jay - are you listening?" I dragged my attention back to her, "Sorry, I was thinking how gorgeous you both looked.

What were you saying?" Giggles and preening. "I said, did you think about us, me and Mags, since last time?" I had to admit that I had, quite a lot. How was Margaret anyway? "She had some chores to do but said she'd be along later, is that all right?" I nodded, a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be sampling their glorious bodies this time, but pleased that they hadn't been put off coming back. "We told Tanya about our last visit, but she didn't believe us." she continued.

My heart sank, that's all I needed, the whole neighbourhood knowing, then the parents and possibly police too. Almost reading my mind, she added, "Don't worry Jay, no-one else knows, or ever will, we want to keep you just to ourselves." I started to breath again, then smiled at being 'kept' just for 'them'.

Did that include Tanya then? "I'm happy you found me memorable enough to come back. Perhaps the next time you come, we can take up where we left off?" I said with a wink, more in hope than expectation. "Why do we have to wait till next time?" I looked at her face - no, she wasn't kidding, but meaning it. I looked at Tanya. She had her head down but was looking at me through lowered lashes. "We.ell," I stuttered, " I wouldn't want to frighten Tanya.

She looks kind of 'shy'." Stella burst out laughing, "You have no idea, Jay." "I don't mind watching you." said Tanya with a smile, lowering her eyes again. Without further ado, Stella stood up and came over to where I was seated, knelt down in front of me and unzipped my pants, pulling them and my shorts, to my ankles. She took hold of my flaccid dick and began to stroke it up and down. "Just as soft and smooth as I remembered him." she said, turning and talking to Tanya.

Tanya smiled but never took her eyes off Stella's hand movements. I lay back, prepared to let Stella have her way, remembering the expert manipulation she did on him the last time. Slowly, my prick began his inexorable rise to full manhood. A soft wet tongue flicked across his engorging 'German helmet'. The tongue slid it's wetness round and under to his soft spot, just under the glans.

A pair of tender lips encircled him, and slid down his shaft.


Instinct made me arch upwards towards her mouth, pushing my dick deeper and close to the back of her throat. I glanced over at Tanya and saw her hands pushed under the waist band of her jeans, her face slightly flushed.

Stella was now sucking with an intensity that made my balls tighten and contract, my shaft to twitch. "Easy girl," I muttered under my breath, "I'll cum in your mouth." The sucking increased, as did the up down movement of her hand.

I swore as I suddenly began to unload cum into her mouth, spurting load after load of thick man fluid. I could feel her throat constricting as she swallowed spurt after spurt of my juice, only small trickles escaping from the corners of her mouth.

With her flushed face, she glanced up at me, "Good?" I could only nod and smile, the feeling of release making me feel drained. This girl knew how to give head! Turning my head towards Tanya, I saw she'd slipped her jeans down to her knees and was rubbing between her legs with one hand and massaging her left breast with the other.


Stella turned to look too, then crawled across the room to squat at Tanya's feet. Pulling the jeans off altogether, she slowly began caressing Tanya's thighs, sliding her hands up the inner part from knees up to the junction of her panties, then down the outside of them, with long slow sensuous movements. As she moved with those long deliberate caresses, her lips were planting butterfly kisses all over Tanya's stomach and belly, her tongue flicking out like a snake's, leaving tiny wet patches which glistened in the dim light thrown by the fire.

(Good god, I'd been so engrossed with the girls, I hadn't even switched the lights on!) Actually, it was rather nice just having fire light on the scene, the dancing flames of gas throwing flickering shadows, one moment a certain point was visible, the next - gone.

So it was that, like an old flickery movie, I watched as Tanya's panties were slowly rolled down her thighs from her knees to her ankles, finally finishing on the floor. A dark shadow lay across the top of the join of her legs, to be fleetingly illuminated, revealing a trimmed triangle matt of hair leading down to her most private possession.

Stella's head leant forward obscuring my view, so I got up and knelt at Tanya's waist, looking back at Stella rubbing her nose between two soft labia lips. She pushed her tongue out, forcing the shaved lips apart, and sank it into the cavity. A soft sigh escaped from Tanya's mouth and she spread her legs apart, giving Stella free access to her pussy. I inhaled the faint scent of 'women aroma' and watched as Stella's tongue gently and lovingly slid in and out of Tanya's slit, wetting the outer and inner walls with saliva.

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Hands slid up her body and under her bra, to cup two rounded and perky tits, rolling the nipples between index finger and thumb. I wasn't going to be left out so, slipping her white top and bra up round her neck, two beautifully formed 36" tits with hard pink nipples just waiting to be played with, offered themselves to me.

I leant forward and ran my tongue round each areola, then took each of her nipples in turn into my mouth, gently munching and sucking on her delightful cones. She began to arch her back every time Stella's tongue slid over her clit, now standing enlarged like a little beacon at the mouth of a gorge. Love liquid oozed from that pink cavern as Stella's tongue worked the clit. Two fingers came down and slipped into the increasingly soaking cunt, rubbing in and out, up and down, round and round, massaging all sensitive areas of Tanya's slippery hole.

Faster and faster, little pistons hammering in and out -small squelching sounds - little grunts of pleasure - gasping breath - soft mewing - bucking butt - writhing hips. Tanya crashed into orgasm, quiet squealing was forced from her throat as she rode those fingers and poured cum juice all over them and Stella's mouth. It lasted well over two minutes before she started to descend from the plateau of ecstasy, slowly relaxing into the back of the settee. Stella wiped her mouth and licked off the creamy juice from her fingers, then looked up at me for the first time.

I smiled, "Beautiful." I said, and turned and gave Tanya a long French kiss, mixing our tongues and saliva. As Tanya came down from her high, she turned her head to me, "Can I feel your penis, Jay?" I took my soft member out and offered it to her mouth.

She reach forward and tentatively took hold of it, looking at it, head turning from side to side, studying, assessing, almost as though she were calculating if it would go in her mouth. Her hand gripped and relaxed the soft shaft with a hot palm. "Have you not done this before?" I asked, certain she was a novice at prick playing.

"I've never had one in my hand before, and never done what Stella did to you." she replied blushing, even above her red face. I took her firm but malleable tits in hand, massaging them and twirling her still stiff nipples between my fingers the leaning down to take one of them into my mouth. I slid my right hand down her flat belly to her pube, feeling the matt of black hair, and slid a couple of fingers between her labia lips and into her wet cunt.

She was extremely tight. She grunted and lifted her hips to meet me; I felt exhaled hot breath waft over my prick and balls, so close was my dick to her mouth. I explained what I wanted her to do, parting her lips with a finger and sliding it between them.

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She started sucking the finger at the same time gripping my cock and sliding the foreskin up and down - it wasn't too long before I felt the pressure of gathering cum in the twins. She must have felt me swell and engorge, her mouth slipped over the top of my glans and it vanished between her lips and into her mouth, tongue running round and over the head. Her hips began to rise and fall as my fingers shoved up and down that soaking cunt, my thumb rubbing her clit, still dribbling love juice between her butt crack.

My breath shortened as the first drops of cum leaked out of me. I started to fuck her mouth, driving in and out but not so deep as to frighten her or put her off doing this again. Her sucking and hand shafting doubled in speed as did her bucking hips, twisting her pelvis upwards and against my hand. Whoosh - my sperm shot out deep into that delightful mouth just as she snorted through her nose, breathing fast. Another blast of jizm shot out, hitting the back of her throat nearly causing her to choke.

Small squeals emanated through her nasal passages, vibrating in her mouth as she climaxed again, bucking hard against me, her vaginal muscles tensing and relaxing round my fingers. Another load of thick cum unloaded itself, running out of her mouth and down her chin.

Her sucking on me never declined - she was emptying me down to my balls. As the stream from my prick diminished and her orgasm calmed, her mouth opened to release my softening member, our breathing erratic and rasping. Small remnants of my fluid lay on her tongue and between her teeth and she swallowed hard; an expression of disbelief on her face. "Fuck me!" she exclaimed. I chuckled, "Not just yet, give me a few." I panted.

She laughed, "That was incredible. I've never had that done to me. Do boys always like shooting off in a girls mouth?" she continued, back to watching the deflating attacker of her virgin mouth. "I think most guys will want you to do it at some time. You can also swallow cum instead of letting it pour out of your mouth. I would like to 'shoot off' in your soft pussy, if you'd let me." I said, realising that little Tanya must be a penis sex virgin.


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"I'll get it," said Stella, "It's probably Mags." She rushed off, to return with Margaret looking hot and flushed. "Aw, you started without me." she said panting, sitting down on the settee and looking at my flaccid dick in Tanya's hand, "I got here as fast as I could." she continued, removing her jacket, then leant forward.

"Mmmm, he doesn't look very excited to see me," she muttered, looking at my soft appendage. I laughed, "I've been saving myself for you." I said, giving the other two a wink. "Tanya just sucked him off." Stella told her.

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"Lucky her," said Mags, removing her jacket, "Is it my turn then?" Not yet, I murmured, more to myself than to them; Superman I'm not and I needed a rest. "You can start by playing with each other, I need to recover from you little minxes." Mags slid her short skirt off followed by a thin sweater.

Compact and perky tits were exposed to me and my dick twitched as I remembered the last time I'd been here, feeling her nipples enlarge between my lips. Stella knelt in front of them, cupped them one in each hand, and began to massage the small pink mammaries. Mags stretched herself into a comfortable position and reached out to me. I wasn't yet ready to get involved so directed Tanya to hunch between Mag's legs which she did, spreading her legs apart.

Stella moved over to let Tanya in, but didn't relinquish her hold on those tits and now stiff little nipples. No, I didn't feel like a spare prick at a wedding, I was quite happy to sit back and enjoy the delicious sight of these three young nubiles service each other, knowing that my time would soon come, if the sight didn't make me cum first!

Tanya's tongue was running up and down Mag's outer labia and sliding across her clitoral hood, slowly easing it back to expose the soft but stiffening 'girl prick'. Stella continued to massage the tits, but now was tenderly 'chewing' on alternate nipples, scraping the edge of her teeth across their points, causing Mags to inhale sharply each time.

I could see perspiration forming on Mag's top lip and eyelids, closed to outside stimuli so as to concentrate of the pleasures being administered her. 'Dick' was beginning to wake up to what was happening in front of his eye, and I started feeling decidedly hot, a combination of the fire but mostly the tableau playing out before me. I lost sight of Mag's little patch of pubic hair as she wrapped her legs round Tanya's head and shoulders, pulling her face deep into her girlie opening.

Tanya, on her knees and with her bottom sticking up in the air, was just too inviting to resist, so I shuffled round behind her and ran a hand up her satin smooth thigh, to finish with my fingers gently rubbing her clitoris.

Her labia lips were swollen and open, her cunt opening wet and dribbling lubricant. I reached down with my left hand and began to caress her left breast (usually the more sensitive being nearest the heart), rolling the nipple between finger and thumb.

With Mags having her tits and nipples licked and sucked by Stella and her cunt being eaten by Tanya, it wasn't too long before she started the heavy breathing of passion build-up.

Her back began to arch upwards against Stella's mouth and shoving her butt down against Tanya's mouth and tongue. Small grunts of pleasure followed by gasps and quick panting showed us all that she was coming to climax. She gripped Stella's head and pulled it down hard against her tits at the same time pulling her knees up, forcing Tanya's head deep between her thighs.

The girls seemed to intensify their manipulations of Mag's helpless body until, with high pitched squeals and bucking and writhing and heavy panting, she crashed into orgasm. The more she bucked her ass up and down and twisted her head from side to side in blind physical passionthe harder my prick got, seeing a young girl in the full throes of irresistible agony/pleasure. I had never been with three young females before and it is a sight that will stay with me forever, such was it's erotic and sexual beauty.

Tanya's bum, naked, neat and compact, stuck up in the air the way it was, was more than I could resist so I dropped down behind her and ran my fingers up and down her crack.

She was so wet; little drips of love juice were trickling down her inner thighs and glistening in the flickering light. Inserting my middle finger between her puffed up labia lips, I was surprised to feel that her inner lips were also open - that would make my entry that much easier.

She wiggled her butt as I gently ran my prick up and around her her opening and stiff clit. Slowly, I pushed the head of my shaft into her hole, gawd was she tight, 'A virgin' I thought as slowly I pushed against the resistance. "Mmm, uh" she gasped as my glans fully entered her cunny.

The tightness was incredible and began to have doubts if I would be able to fully enter, or even if she would let me. Knowing that the immediate entrance of her vagina was one of the most sensitive parts, I held my prick in my hand and rolled and rotated it in her passage.

She murmured and began to push back against me. I continued my slow inward progress to her personal space, feeling the pressure increase around the shaft.

"Are you OK, Tanya?" I asked, easing myself further into her then feeling her hymen on my tip. "OK," she hissed between gritted teeth, "Be gentle, it's awfully big." "You're beautiful, and a perfect fit." I replied, giving a short quick thrust and breaking her hymen. "Oh, fuck! Whooo!" Her back arched up as she tried to move forward away from me, but I followed and kept the pressure against her.

"The worst is over now love, you're doing well. It's all pleasure from now on". Slowly I continued to push into her cunt; only her wetness of lubricant allowed me to proceed into that delicious passage of ecstasy. Small inward movements followed by a slight withdrawal then easing further in each time, soon had me fully entered up to my pubis hairs, her cunt gripping me like a vice. I could feel the difference of temperature and wetness as small quantities of blood seeped down my shaft and round my balls.

"Oh I feel full," she panted, "But it's nice." Her head dropped back down and continue kissing and licking Mag's cunt as I slowly started shafting in and out of Tanya's passage. Her grip round me was so tight, I knew I couldn't hold on much longer, particularly as she began to push hard against me every time I sank into her depth.

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Small burbling noises were coming from her mouth as she licked and sucked Mags while trying to breath. Mags suddenly let out high pitched squeals as she had another climax. This seemed to trigger Tanya's orgasm as she began to grunt and buck her butt up and down, driving my shaft deeper into her till I felt her cervix against my glans head. "Shit - fuck - christ," she gasped as the emotion took hold of her, " Fuck it, Jay - more - Oh yes - fuck." Her movements became frantic and I lost my self control and began spewing cum deep into her cunt.

Sploosh, splosh, splash - the thick creamy liquid shot from me and coated her honey walls, rippling round my prick and sucking it all deeper into her. My shirt was wet from sweat, my balls were soaked from a mixture of sweat, love juice and blood. The intensity of Tanya's orgasm was such that I seemed to cum for ages, and from deeper in my testes than ever before, more goo kept pumping out, my knees were starting to tremble, my head spinning.

Gradually though, Tanya descended fro her high plateau of delirium, and I ran out of jizm. 'Dick' slowly relaxed and began his withdrawal from her dark tunnel, to flop exhausted against my upper thigh.

Tanya slumped forward onto Mag's stomach, her breath rasping and fragmented. Mags held her and Stella wrapped her arms round her too, whispering and cooing to her. I eased myself away from them, prick covered in a red stain of blood, and watched as cum oozed out of Tanya's cunt and dripped onto the carpet. I was drained, Tanya was out of it, Mags had a silly self-satisfied grin on her face, Stella just smiled at me, "Thanks, Jay," she whispered and blew me a kiss.

I grinned in recognition of their pleasures. Four very happy and completely satisfied individuals lay in a heap, shadows played across our sweaty bodies and the scent of sex permeated the room. We lay like that for ages, each coming down from our individual peaks and breathing returning to some semblance of normal, each of us in our own little world of satiation - me looking forward to another session with these amazing females.


Perhaps they too, were looking forward; sex can be a strong bond in any friendship, and friends we were becoming.