Cheeky car sales man sucks gays cock

Cheeky car sales man sucks gays cock
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After the wild night closing the theatre, I was floating on cloud nine on the two days off I had after that night. I couldn't believe my luck that I got the hottest girl at the theatre after only a few days.

When I returned to work, I was grinning from ear to ear hoping the word had been spread about me and hoping to see Rochelle again. Keith walked up to me as I was clocking in. He noticed the big grin on my face and smiled himself as he walks up and gives me a high five, "there you go big dog, I told you about this place.

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All these girls are horny, little devils and ready for some meat." I laugh at his comment as we leave the break room and head out into the lobby. "Alright who was the lucky girl," he asked as we pick up our equipment, "you know what don't say a word, let me guess." He looked around the room and watched the girl's faces as we moved around the lobby picking up some loose popcorn. His eyes moves over to Rochelle talking with another girl, she glances and smiles at me as I smile back at her.

His jaw hits the floor as we walk around the corner towards the theatre. "No way," he says bewildered by my luck, "you got Rochelle!" I nod slightly trying to be a gentleman but wanting to scream hell yeah at the same time. "Damn man, she is picky about her men so you got the fucking luck of the draw." I smiled "really, I was afraid she be the theatre slut," I said thankful I didn't get the easiest girl in the place.

"Nope, that honor belongs to her friend," we moved back around the corner and looked over at Rochelle and the girl with her. "That is Jill, she is the easiest girl here," he said smiling, "almost every guy has gotten her to show some love and trust me it is worth it." He pulls me close as we walk back towards the theatre, "she can do some wild stuff and she may have been with a lot of guys but she is a hard girl to keep up with." I looked at him, "What do you mean…keep up?

Is it hard for her to cum?" I asked. "That's not the problem," he said shaking his head, "she can is damn good at fucking she can make a guy cum in like 10 seconds." My jaw hit the floor, totally amazed as I walked back and took another look at Jill. She only stood about 5'3, maybe 5'2 and had short blond hair and very tight body. Her breasts were perky but not big, and she had an incredibly tight ass. My mind visualized a very tight pussy that squeezes a man dick dry in a matter of moments.

My cock started to get hard from the mere thought of her sweet, dripping pussy. I was shaken out of my fantasy by one of the managers. "J," she said, "I need to ask you something." Keith excused himself as I turned around to face Ms.

Victoria. She was a tall, red head, soft pale skin woman in her early thirties. Her body had soft curves, beautiful round breasts, and amazing round ass, making her the envy off all the guys. Unfortunatly she had a boyfriend, and hated when the staff looked her over so I came up with a quick glance routine every time she is not looking.

"J, I need a favor," she says, "I'm moving into my boyfriends place next week and he is out of town on business so I need some help with the heavy stuff. Any chance I can get you to help?" "Yeah no problem, do you need me to bring anyone a long or bring anything?" I asked. "No, just need one other body. Not a lot stuff just some heavy things," she said. "Alright just let me know the details and I'm there." "Good," she said, "I'll give you the address later." As she walked away I admired her sexy round ass for a few seconds before Rochelle walked up to me.

"Hey big boy, need a favor," she said giving me that sly grin of hers. "Anything," I said. "Jill and I need a ride.

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Mine is in the shop and her brother dropped her off and has bailed on her so can you help us." "Well I don't get off till 9 tonight is that going to be ok?" I asked.

"Sure, we will just grab a movie while we wait then catch up later." She squeezes my hand as she leaves. My mind racing with thoughts of her breasts and sweet ass fills my head leaving me with a semi-erect cock. When my shift ended I met up with both Rochelle and Jill. "Hi, nice to finally meet you," Jill said as I walked up to her and shook her hand.

"Very nice to meet you, you ladies ready," I said as my eyes wondered with excitement over both their bodies. We get in my car, Rochelle in the front seat and Jill in the back. "So how long have you been working at the theatre, Jill?" I asked.

"Well about a year now, its good money while I finish up high school," she said.

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"What grade you in?" I asked. "Senior this year coming up," she replied, "and can not wait to get it started." Rochelle giggled a little, "I'm sure the school is not ready for you this year Jill." "Oh hell no, they will not know what hit him," Jill said. "Really," I replied, "so what you have in mind this year." "Well," Rochelle interrupted before Jill could answer, "how about we show you." I looked over at Rochelle as the expression on her face turned into a more seductive tone.

Showing me her evil grin, her hand slide over and begin to massage my cock. I feel another hand run up and down my chest from behind, then a voice whispers in my ear.

"Rochelle here told me all about your fuck in the theatre," Jill whispered as her hand caressed my chest. Her lips kissing my neck and biting my ear lobe, "and it got me all wet." I smiled as Rochelle leaned over and slowly undid my pants. Her hand gliding up and down over my hard cock and Jill's hands over my chest was making things very difficult for me. The road was becoming less and less important, especially when Rochelle slowly pulled my cock out and began stroking it.

"Oh my god," Jill yelled as Rochelle displayed my long shaft for the world to see. "I told you, he will blow your mind away with this," Rochelle said as she was stroking it very slowly. She began to lower her head down when suddenly I jolted the car left then back right. "What was that?" Rochelle screamed. "That was me drifting into oncoming traffic," I said feeling my face become red. "How about we save this till we get to Jill's house," I suggested. "Sounds good to me, my parents are out of town for awhile so plenty of time to enjoy that big piece of meat," Jill said.

As soon as we pulled up into her drive, the girls were out of my car and dragging me inside. We made it to her couch before I was shoved down and my pants being undone again. "Now, where were we," Jill said as she sat down beside. "Right here," Rochelle responded by slowly pulling out my cock and slowly stroking it again, spitting on it to lubricate it. "Very nice," Jill said as she cuddled up next to me, her fingers moving up and down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt as we both watched Rochelle.

Rochelle slowly moved her hand up and down my cock, spitting on it to keep it slick as she slowly unbuttoned her top. Her cleavage in full sight as she took her other hand and pulled off my pants after I had slid off my shoes, her eyes watching Jill and I as she slowly ran her tongue over my engorged balls. "That's right baby, get that cock nice and hard for us," Jill hissed as her hand moved over her body and then to mine. My eyes looked over as Jill as she began to unbutton her top, her black bra cupping her breast as she threw her top off and then with a single motion her bra fell to the floor exposing her beautiful bounties.

Her breasts were about a B cup but were to a point, even her nipples pointed straight out, and her breasts had no sag to them. Her body was tight and muscular as her abdomen sported a six pack and her flexibility showed as she let her hair down, which came about halfway down her back but as she bent her hair graced her sexy ass.

As she bent I leaned in and kiss her stomach, my soft lips pressed hard against her hard body, as my hand began to massage her breast. She looked down and smiled as I kissed her body, moaning from my touch. Rochelle looked up and watched as she slowly rolled her tongue up and long shaft, covering it with her saliva.

Rochelle teased my cock head a little by flicking her tongue up and down against it. The sensation caused my body to jump a little from the sensation. Both girls giggled as the saw me flinch. Rochelle then moves her mouth over the head and slowly pushes my cock deep down her mouth and throat, making her gag a little before sliding it out.

I moan as one hand massages Jill's breasts and the other rests on Rochelle's head. "That's it, cover the cock girl.

We need it ready to fit in our tight pussies," Jill said. Rochelle moved her mouth up and down over my cock, her saliva dripping from her mouth and covering my cock and balls.

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As Rochelle continued to suck on my cock slowly, Jill stood up and slid her pants and thong off. Her legs and thighs incredibly well toned, leading up to her shaven, pierced clit.

"Oh damn, you're pierced?" I asked amazed. "Yeah," she said as she slid down next to me, "makes it very sensitive," she said as she grabbed my hand and slid it down over her pussy. My fingers began to rub over her moist lips, pushing against them as I slid them up and down. Rochelle eyes watching us as she stroked and sucked my cock slowly, covering it with her spit. "That's it, suck the meat. Get my pussy wet and ready baby," Jill said to both of us.

I slid down flat on the couch, lifting Jill up onto my face and burying it deep into her pussy. "Oh damn," Jill shouted as I lifted her on top of me, "finally an aggressive guy." I smiled as I pushed my tongue deep and hard into her pussy as I felt Rochelle begin to move faster on my cock. My tongue working slowly at first, sliding in and out against the lips, till I found the clit. I began to flick my tongue against it, then grinding hard up and down as I felt Jill push down against it.

Jill leaned forward and moved her body against my tongue. Rochelle watched as she stroked my cock, keeping it wet and hard. My hands grabbing Jill's ass as I licked her pussy up and down, sucking hard on her clit.

"That's it, FUCK!" moaned Jill as she arched her back. My hand smacked her ass hard, grabbing it as I continued on assault on her dripping cunt. Her body, grinding harder and harder against my tongue as it pushed against her clit. "God damn, is that cock ready yet!" yelled Jill.

Rochelle giggled and said, "It's ready and waiting on your pussy to ride it." Jill pushed off of me and positioned her body over my cock.

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Rochelle reached into her bag and grabbed a condom, unwrapping it and sliding it over my hard cock. Jill licked her fingers, then rubbed her fingers over her pussy as she descent upon my dick. "Oh, Oh Damn," she moaned as my cock slowly entered her wet pussy. "Oh god, fuck you're so big," Jill said as she slowly lowered herself further on my cock. "I told you slut, this is the one that will break you," Rochelle said as she moved beside me and watched.

Jill stall for a moment as her walls relaxed enough then she down slid further, making it about halfway down before sliding back up. "Oh damn, I might cum now," Jill said as she began to lower and lift her self off my cock. Her body shaking as she lowered and lifted off my cock, feeling her walls press hard against my cock.

Rochelle slowly pushed her hand down her pants as she watched Jill take my cock on. Jill's pussy began to stretch more and Jill began to move faster, up and down on my cock. My hand's squeezing her tits as she rode me faster and faster, spreading her legs wide to take more of my cock inside her. "That's it, right there baby," Jill moaned as I pushed up into her tight pussy, pumping deeper and deeper with my cock.

"FUCK ME.FUCK ME HARD J," Jill screamed as I pounded her pussy faster and faster.


Feeling my own cock begin to twitch when suddenly, "FUCK," Jill screamed as her pussy came all over my cock and balls. Dripping with her juices, Jill slid off and fell down onto the floor, breathing hard and shocked. "God damn, I have never cum that hard," she giggled as she laid there. Rochelle, the whole time playing with her pussy, got up and pulled off my condom. She began stroking it faster and faster, "cum for me J, cum all over my face baby," she said as her eyes looked deep into mine.

She stroked it faster, squeezing my balls so hard. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum," I moaned as Rochelle opened her mouth wide and had her tongue covered with load after load of thick cum. She then moved over to Jill, positioned herself over her mouth and dripped my cum from her mouth to Jill's. "Mmm…now that is some tasty cum," Jill moaned as they began to kiss each other. Their tongues covered in my thick juices, and then they both leaned back and swallowed it all.

I leaned back on the couch, smiling at both ladies as I watched them.


Jill looked over at the clock, "I wondered why you got him off so early, you two need to go," Jill said. "Why," I asked, "thought your folks were gone?" "Yeah, but my boyfriend will be here soon and he is expecting me alone," Jill said with a grin on her face. She leaned over and kissed me then we all got dressed. Rochelle and me got into my car and headed for her place.

"So what about you, want to find a quiet spot and take care of you," I asked. "Sorry babe, but it's my time of the month," she said with a little sad look on her face. "But next week that cock is mine so you better be ready for a long day."