SheCock Rubbing her Long cock to Her Asshole

SheCock Rubbing her Long cock to Her Asshole
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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her.

Her smile widened as she came across an entry entitled 'Alison!' She glanced up and stared at the photo of a young woman whose smiling face, framed with short blonde bobbed hair. "I wonder where you are now and if you have found happiness yet?" she murmured softy to herself.

Her eyes took on a slightly unfocussed look as she recalled the night she met Alison for the first time .

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***** The club was dark and dingy; smoke curled and hung in the pools of light thrown up by the shaded bulbs. Julie walked slowly and confidently to the bar feeling the eyes of the men undressing her as she moved.

Julie knew that at 35 she still had a good body on her that would turn men's heads and get a look of jealous disapproval from a few women as well.

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Julie's body did not just come from luck, two hours of gruelling work in a gym three times a week plus more than the odd martial arts work out and given her, a well-developed firm figure without the over developed muscles she had seen on some women. "Beer," she growled at the barman, pulling out a crumpled packet of cigarettes from the pocket of the battered and worn man's leather jacket she loved so much.

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Fishing in the pocket of her tight jeans, she fished out an old Zippo lighter and lit the cigarette. "Don't get many ladies in here" leered the barman as her handed the bottle, "Looking for some action are we?" Picking up the bottle, Julie stared hard at the barman, her icy blue eyes glittering in her pretty face.

"One I am not looking for action, two let me know when a lady walks in will you, and three go and crawl back into the fucking hole you crawled out of." Julie surveyed the room slowly her eyes piercing the gloom to stare at each of the small groups huddled round the tables, looking for the particular face she was seeking.

Some men leered openly at her, winking at her, inviting her over with their eyes. A few of the wiser ones averted their gaze, maybe they just smelt the aura of trouble that surrounded her or maybe they had caught a glimpse of the outline of the butt of the Browning sticking from the back of her waistband. Turning back to the bar, Julie dismissed the room as the usual group of lowlifes that inhabited these places and took a draw straight from the bottle of beer.

Hearing a commotion in the corner Julie turned and watched as things developed. "You stupid slut" roared a well-built man whose shaved head glinted in the light as he jumped to his feet. Pulling a tiny cowering young girl, who could have been no older than 19, to her feet by her hair the biker started to slap her face hard. Julie's normal reaction was not to get involved but something about the girl reminded her so much of her own past she had to do something. As the man went to bring his arm down again he found it held in a steel grip.

A look of surprise crossed his face and as he turned and saw the cold smiling face of Julie staring intently at him. "Hey look guys" he roared "Another little slut wants some action," turning, laughing to his pals at the table, before he turned back to face Julie.

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The laugh died in his throat as Julie bought her head forward in a most unladylike fashion breaking his nose. Hearing the bone break and then the splash of warm blood, Julie wasted no time in kicking the man in the balls followed by a viscous karate kick to the head sending him crashing down, out cold. The men at the table growled and started to rise, but the scraping of chairs being pushed back, stopped in mid push as the click of a safety being flicked off caused them to freeze.

The Browning had leapt into Julie's hand and the men found them selves staring down an unwavering barrel. "Well guys want to help him or not?" said Julie pushing the inert figure with her toe distastefully. Not taking her eyes from the table Julie held her hand out to the cowering girl "Wanna stay with this scum or come with me?" Timidly the girl took Julie's hand and got unsteadily to her feet.

Putting a protective arm around her, she backed to the door covering the guys at the table on her way out. As she helped the girl into her car Julie asked her what her name was, "Alison" she whispered as she broke into heart-breaking sobs.

"Mine's Julie" she said "But some people call me Cookie, let's get you home, and warm." A few hours later Julie looked up from the report she was reading and saw Alison emerge from the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel whilst she rubbed her tousled short hair dry with another.

Julie patted the seat beside her and Alison slumped down smiling at Julie with adoration and awe in her eyes.

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"My god you showed them in that bar you were so." Alison's voice trailed off as Julie put her finger to her lips indicating her to hush. Julie couldn't help noticing that the towel had parted revealing a lot of bare flesh and she felt her tummy jump and the warming in her groin as her pussy became damp. "It was nothing," said Julie "And to be honest I shouldn't really have got involved." Looking at Alison's bottom lip quiver Julie quickly assured the girl that she was glad that she had.

"Hey," said Julie, "You can crash the night if you want but it's either the couch or share a bed with me I'm afraid, the other bedroom is set up as my office." The two women talked for a few hours and Julie gained a lot of information about Alison's past whilst carefully avoiding any questions about the subject of her own occupation. During the evening, Julie found her eyes continually drawn to the young girl's body and she had to restrain herself when a one point Alison stood and opened the towel to rewrap revealing her naked body.

Julie had only just resisted the urge to comment on Alison's shaved pussy, but found her mind wondering what it would taste like.


Julie watched Alison's eyelids droop and when she yawned for the fourth time Julie pointed to the bedroom inviting her to get some sleep. "I will join you in a minute" said Julie, "But I have a few things to finish in the office." Resisting the urge to go and seduce the young innocent girl, Julie waited until she heard the bedroom door close before moving to her office and pushing the door closed as well.

Stripping down to just a t-shirt, Julie laid the towel across the chair and logged on to search for a suitable chat room. After a while, Julie found herself chatting to a young Texan girl, after sorting the real from the pretenders in a way only women can. 'Are you horny?' said the line across the screen from BiTex22. 'Yes,' replied Julie feeling her breathing quicken, and as the chat got more heated and graphic, Julie gave the screen her full concentration.

'I am stroking myself,' Julie typed with one hand as she gently rubbed her clit making it swell and harden as her excitement mounted. She continued to type as her partner dissolved into a line of 'yessssssss', and 'ahhhhhhhhh's' and finally a jumble of unintelligible letters as she obviously reached her climax at her end.

It was now Julie's turn and soon she reached the point where she just had to stop typing. Julie felt the orgasm building as she drove two fingers in and out of her soaking pussy whilst rubbing her clit with her thumb.


As she stifled a scream as the orgasm ripped through her and was about to type 'cummmmmmmmm' to tell her partner she had orgasmed Julie heard a little cough from the doorway. "I would have done that for you," she heard Alison murmur. Julie stared at the girl, torn between embarrassment at her guest catching her, and lust at the sight of Alison's naked body. Julie watched as Alison slid her hands up and down her own body tweaking her hardening nipples with what seemed like almost a viscous twist.

Alison continued standing in the doorway as she opened her legs and pushed a finger into her own pussy. "See I am so wet," Alison said in a soft voice as she started to plunge her finger in an out of herself. Julie sat and watched as Alison became more and more frantic with her masturbation and Julie could not help but start to rub her own clit as she watched the young girl bringing herself to the brink of a climax. Alison moaned loudly as she came and Julie could hear the juices squelching as Alison pushed three fingers deep into her pussy in the final moments.

After a few seconds to recover Alison span the chair around and knelt between Julie's legs. Julie's brain began to reel as Alison pulled the fingers away, replaced them with her own tongue, delving deep into Julie's already soaking pussy, and began to lap the juices from her.

Holding her head in her hands Julie lifted her legs over Alison's shoulders as her skilful tongue went to work.

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As her tongue probed deeper and deeper into her flesh Julie felt her body tense, and Alison sensing Julie was close, moved her tongue to her swollen clit and began to suck and flick as she pushed two fingers deep into Julie's body. A strangled cry erupted from Julie's throat as she felt the strongest orgasm she had felt in months burst within her. As Alison clamped her mouth over Julie's pussy to accept her juices, Julie found herself spasming time after time, as she continued to cum, each better then the last.

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Julie slumped back in the chair totally spent and gratefully accepted the lit cigarette that Alison handed her. Drawing deeply Julie looked down at the young girl still kneeling at her feet and stroked her hair with appreciation for the tremendous orgasm she had just experienced.

"Thank you little one" Julie said dreamily. "I only want to please you Ma'am," said Alison in response.


Julie laughed at the thought of herself called ma'am away from work, but was intrigued and asked Alison why she had called her that. Julie sat quietly as Alison explained that the man beating her in the bar was her Master but he had grown bored with her.

Interrupting her dialogue with a few questions Julie learned over the next hour how Alison was a sub and was heavily involved in the BDSM scène. Although Julie had been around a while and seen a few web sites and chat rooms, tonight, for the first time, Julie had actually talked to someone involved in the 'scene', as Alison called it.

Julie started a little when Alison finished her discussion with the comment that as far as she was concerned Julie was now her new Mistress and she was there to serve her. Julie tried to make a joke of it as she told Alison that she did not own a whip and whilst she accepted the fact that she was bisexual but did not really see where the excitement was with all that spanking.

Alison smiled as she asked Julie whether she had tried it and was it fair to judge if she had not. "What the heck," Julie laughed as she admitted that she had not tried it but was willing to give it a go.