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Huge boobs shemale Brenda Lohan gets her asshole fucked
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Chapter Two Capturing the knight As Doctor Carl Hague left his office that evening, it had already turned dark outside. He walked to his car parked halfway across the very large business park parking lot, he reflecting on the anger he had felt that morning upon discovering that someone had parked in his private spot.


It was difficult to imagine what kind of person would have the gall to park in a spot that was clearly marked as reserved for someone else. The doctor thought about how he spent nearly a thousand dollars a month to have that prestigious spot. "That's close to three dollars and hour," he muttered to himself. He could barely see his car as he walked toward it; the light standing only one spot over seemed to be out.

He decided that maybe three dollars and hour wasn't too much to pay for the parking spot after all. He did not like that his sixty thousand dollar car was sitting there in the dark, next to a densely wooded area, where anyone could get to it without being seen.

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That morning he had been too angry to notice where he parked. He had just picked the closes empty spot to the door of his part of the complex, not thinking about the safety of his car. Had he been, he would have parked further to the right of his entrance, where there are spaces close to the front of the lot. He would have had to walk farther, but his car would have been safer. "Oh well, it seems that it is OK this time," he thought to himself, as he reached into his pants pocket to get the car key with the automatic lock button.

He pointed the button at the car while he was still about thirty feet away, expecting to hear the familiar "click" of the door locks coming up. For a second, he thought that he had the wrong car, but then he saw a doll underneath the back windshield that he knew his daughter had left in there the night before. He tried the automatic lock again, still no sound.

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He walked up to the driver's side door, and fired the button at the car point blank. Still nothing. "Oh no," he thought, "I hope the battery is not dead." He used the key to gain entrance to his car, tried turning on the lights, nothing. "Yep, battery," he thought as he reached into his coat pocket for his cell phone.

He flipped it open expecting it to light up and make its musical sound, but he got the same response from the phone as he had from his door lock, nothing. "Great!" he thought, "now I have to walk all the way back to the building and try to find security to come and give me a jump. Just as he was getting out of the car, an old white step side pickup pulled up beside him.

The man driving had his window down with his elbow hanging out, "Car trouble? You need a jump or a lift?" "That would be very kind of you," replied the doctor, "I think I need to jump the battery." "Got any cables?" "I don't think so, I can look in the trunk." "Don't worry about it man, I got some behind the seat. What side is your battery on," the man asked as he put his truck back in gear. "I think it is on the right," said the doctor, pointing and backing away, as the truck began to move.

As the man pulled his truck up in front of the doctor's car, the doctor thanked him once again. "Don't worry about man, no problem. Why don't you raise the hood on your car while I attach this end to my battery," the man said as he pulled the battery cables from behind the seat. As the doctor turned towards his car he saw something flash past his eyes, and then a great pressure was at his neck, choking him. Take it easy doc, nothing bad is going to happen to you, at least it won't if you don't fight.

The doctor was thinking of doing just that when he heard another male voice say, "So, you hooked the little fishy. Don't worry doc," the new voice said, "We'll toss you back when we're done." A blindfold was put over the doctor's eyes, as his hands were pulled behind his back and tied. When this was done the pressure let up on his throat.

"You aren't going to do anything stupid like shout are you doc?" The doctor could barely rasp out the word "no." "Good, then we don't need to keep choking you." The doctor could feel the cables loosen and then slide over his head. "All you got to do is cooperate doc, and everything will be fine. We don't wan to hurt you, or rob you; we are taking you to a little interview, that's all. When the interview is over, you can go back to your car, which will run fine." The doctor just nodded as he stumbled along.

Each man had taken an arm and were guiding the doctor down a path in the nearly pitch black woods. After about twenty minutes of walking, the doctor heard the man from the truck asked the other man.

"This is the place, isn't?" "I believe it is." "You boys lay the doc down, and go on about your business." The doctor recognized the female voice, and managed to squeak out her name. "Ms. Millen?" "Yes doctor, its me. I'm sorry if the boys treated you rough, I told them not to hurt you." The doctor listened to the disembodied voice coming from somewhere to his right side.

It seemed to be very close, but he could see nothing even though she had removed his blindfold. He began to wonder if he had gone blind. "I can't see," he whispered to no one in particular. Regardless, Ms. Millen replied. "There's nothing wrong with your eyes doc.

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I can't see much of anything either. We are in the woods on a cloudy moonless night, just hold on for a sec." The doctor could hear her digging around in a bag. He heard a clicking sound as though a stick had been broken, then he could see Ms.

Millen's face hovering over him. "Hey there doctor," she said as she grinned down at him. The doctor tried to move when he saw her. "Now doc just be calm, nobody is going to hurt you." "Then what am I doing here," he replied, sounding a bit more angry than he meant to sound. "Now doc, don't go blowing your cool.

If there's any blowing going to be done tonight, I'll be the one doing it," the woman snickered at her joke. "The problem is doc, you answered one of my question wrong today, so I need to take out a little insurance to protect my interest." "I don't understand," the doctor said. "I just need the security that whatever I say in our sessions will not go beyond you and me," she said, still squatting nest to him, her lithe body swaying in the green light.

At that moment the doctor felt a hand on his crotch, slowly moving up and down, tracing the length of his penis against the outside of his pants. "Wow doc, that's quite a cock you got there.

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Does your wife appreciate what a nice cock you have," she said as she lightly gripped his rapidly hardening shaft. "Ms. Millen, you don't need to do whatever it is you intend, I will agree to not report you regardless of what you say," the doctor said between clenched teeth. "Oh, but I do need to do it doc. Especially now that I have found out what you have down your pants," she said in a somewhat more husky voice. Quickly unbuckling and unzipping his pants, Ms. Millen plunged her hand below the doctor's underwear and wrapped her hand around his dick.

"Oh God, that's a big cock doctor, who would have thought that you would have such a huge fuck-pole." The doctor felt her pull his pants further down as she held his penis in her hand. When she had struggled his pants far enough off of him for her satisfaction she held the green light closer to his penis. Even with her hand on his dick, there was at least four inches more sticking out on each side.

"Christ doc, your wife can handle this monster, its not even completely hard and must be ten inches long already," she said as she stroked him up and down. The doctor didn't respond. He didn't want to give this insane woman any more information about himself.

But no, he answered silently to himself, his wife was afraid of his penis. The few times they had, had sex in their ten year marriage, it had taken thirty minutes of work to get her to relax enough, just to get the head of his penis inside of her. They had been fortunate that twice it had resulted in a pregnancy. No he thought. His wife couldn't even handle the idea of his large penis.

In her mind, it might as well have been the cock of Satan. He had thought after their first child was born, she might be able to handle it easier.

The problem, as he reflected on it now may have been as much in her mind as in her pussy; after all, the head of their first child was bigger than the head of his penis, and his wife had pushed that through. Of course she had needed to be given the maximum of amount of drugs, even with a spinal block; and then she cried and screamed as though she were being killed. The delivery room doctor had told him afterwards that the next time they needed to be better prepared.

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The delivery doctor said that Mrs. Hague either had a very low pain threshold, or had a very high tolerance for pain-killing drugs. "Ok doc," said the woman breaking into his thoughts, "I bet I know something that no one has every done to your cock before." He felt her long hair fall against his stomach, as her mouth descended onto the head of his penis. He could feel the warmth and the wetness of her mouth as it moved downward.

He couldn't believe that she could get her mouth open wide enough to get her lips down to where the head dropped down to the shaft. His wife could hardly get that much into her pussy. He could not stop a moan from escaping from his mouth; he had never felt anything so good.

Then he felt the head slip all the way into her mouth and her lips slip down on his shaft. He could feel her pushing his cock against the back of her throat as felt her begin to gag. He felt her rise up slightly, so that her lips were locked around the glands at the bottom of his cock-head.

Then to his surprise, she plunged her mouth down, ramming his cock into her throat, he felt his cock slip a little deeper into her throat, and heard her moan.

With his hands tied behind his back, it was hard to raise himself enough to see her, but as he looked across his chest he could see his cock rising up from his groin, straight up into her delicious mouth, which was now half way down his shaft. He heard her moan again and could she her arm moving between her legs. He could not see well enough to be sure, but it looked like she was ramming her hand into her pussy.

She raised her mouth up again slightly, but even then her lips were still well below the bottom of his cock-head. Again she plunged her mouth down onto his granite hard cock. He could feel the head of his cock slip deeper down her throat.

She began to gag again, but she did not rise up. He could feel the contraction of her throat as it squeezed his dick. He had never felt such a mixture of pleasure and pain before. It was exquisite, so intense he could not focus on anything but the feeling of her throat squeezing the fuck out of his dick. A groan escaped his mouth this time. One of those groans that come from the very bottom of your soul, gaining strength as it rises, making your ears ring with the overtones it creates as it shoots towards heaven.

Ms. Millen responded with a groan herself.


He could feel her wet pussy rubbing hard against his leg, banging down nearly at his ankle and sliding all the way up to his knee. He could help himself, he raised his knee when her pussy got there so she could push harder against him.

He had never wanted anything more than he wanted to suck that woman's pussy. Ms. Millen must have read his mind, because without raising her mouth a hair off of his cock, she began to rotate her pussy towards his face.

It seemed as her throat spun around his cock, it slipped further down his shaft. He could feel the breath coming out of her nose in short strong pulses, tickling the hair on his balls. Then her pussy came crashing down on his face, wet and warm and hairless. That surprised him. Although his wife never allowed him to get close to her pussy with his mouth, he knew she was not hairless. Far from it, as hairless as Ms. Millen's pussy was, his wife's was that hairy.

A thought crossed his mind that made him uncomfortable and excited at the same time. This is what it would be like to eat the pussy of a pre-pubescent girl. Ms. Millen began to ride his face, slowly at first, then faster and harder. Grunting noises vibrated his cock as they made their way out of her throat. He had his tongue stretch out as far as he could to allow her to use it however she wanted. And what she wanted, he had never imagined doing, but now he did not even think about it.

He was responding to the passion of her sounds and smells with the primal lust of a crazed animal. As she plunged her head harder down his almost bursting shaft, she moved her body so that her asshole came right down on his mouth.

Without thinking, he was pushing his tongue with all the strength he had, trying to penetrate her asshole as far as he could. Just as he felt the muscles loosen up and his tongue slip into her tight little asshole, her lips banged down on his pubic bone.

She had impaled her throat completely on his cock. She began choking and gagging even worse than before. Her whole body seemed to be heaving with waves of contractions. He could feel wetness begin to coat his member, and allow her throat to move more easily up and down his painfully rigid shaft.

He did not know how, but it seemed that her throat had loosened enough to allow his cock to move almost fluidly in and out of her throat. All the times he had fucked his wife could be rolled into one, and would still not compare to the feeling of one stroke of his cock down Ms.

Millen's throat. She was still pushing and grinding her ass on his face, as he continued to try and push his tongue as far as he could into her asshole, he could feel her wet cunt rubbing hard against his chin. With the indescribable feeling of her pumping up and down his cock with her mouth and throat, he could not understand why he had not cum, he wanted too more than anything he had ever wanted, but for some reason he could not.

He noticed that the pulsing in her asshole was slowing down, and the pressure on his face and chin was easing. He could feel her slender torso trembling in between each ragged breath, as she began pulling her throat off of his cock.

He wanted to scream, "No, you whore, put my cock back where it belongs, deep inside of you." The doctor could not believe he was thinking such perverted things, but he wanted nothing more than to be cramming the full length of his phallus into his patient's body, her throat, her cunt, her ass.

He did not care; he wanted to spear the bitch. He wanted to see the pain and the pleasure on her face, her moans and pleas for him to stop, and beg for him to fuck her harder. As the doctor was physically recovering from had just taken place, he was fighting within his mind, the moral and psychic dilemma he could not dispel.

He had liked what happened. He wanted more. He wanted to hurt this woman, slap her, and rape her ass. He wanted to ride her like she had described to him in his office. She lay naked, draped across him.

His head was still between her legs, but her pussy and asshole were just out of reach. He could feel the breeze chilling the thin layer of fluid still on his cock. His cock, which still pulsed for release, but had been abandoned by this worthless slut. What was happening to him, he thought, he was losing control of his mind.

The pain from the tightness of his cock was immense. He sought escape in his mind, in his imagination. He thought of going home, of finding his lovely little frigid wife in bed. He could see how surprised she would be when he tied her spread-eagled on the bed: even after all these years her body still so firm and tight.

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He would lube up his shaft, stroking it as he watched the fear in her eyes turn to terror. Watching her not be able to take her eyes off of his cock as he stroked it up and down. Watching her eyes grow even wider as he tells her what he plans to do. "Your taking it up the ass tonight, you stuck-up cunt.

Watch her struggle against her bonds as he slowly lowers himself between her widely spread legs. Watching her head slam back and forth, muffled screams coming out of her gagged mouth. Watching her eyes as he grabs her by the throat and jaw, tightening his grip, forcing her to look at him, eyes wide with terror. Watching her as he lifts her and puts pillows under the small of her back, until her cunt and asshole are tilting up towards him.

Watching her eyes change to delicious revulsion and see the humiliation flow over her as he slowly slides his finger up her asshole. "Hey doc, you still with us?" shocked out of his imaginings, he opened his eyes to see the face of Ms. Millen grinning down at him.

"Don't go anywhere just yet doc, we ain't done. In fact I'm just getting started. End of Chapter Two