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------ Note for the readers: being a non-english native speaker, I carefully proofread my stories. Anyway, if you happen to see a mistake, just pretend it's not there! :-) MANY THANKS to all the readers who showed appreciation for my stories! Have fun! ------ "Laura, is there something else to put in the car?" "I'm checking, John, but it seems we are ready now" "Finally!

It looks like we are going to stay away for a month!" "Come on, John, you know I need to be sure I have everything I need with me" "I know honey, I know." Every year the same scene: my dad gets annoyed while waiting for my mom to be ready, while she ticks every item from her checklist. She is very neat and precise, so when it's time to pack, she is in charge, but she always fear to forget something.

The moments before leaving for holidays are often hectic, but my father is able to keep my mother quiet enough. Me and brother were just enjoying the show. "Isabel, Alex, come here and say hallo to mom and dad!" For the first time after many years, our parents were about to go on holiday for one week, only the two of them.

I had to fight a bit, but in the end they realized that at the age of 17, I could survive without my parents for seven days. "Listen, you have food in the fridge, and you just need to warm it up in the microwave".

"Ok, mom, but you didn't need to cook all that stuff" I said. "I don't want you to eat junk food for a week, that's it" she replied. "And, Alex, please, take care of your sister!" "You can be damn sure about it!" I thought.

I couldn't wait for Alex to take special care of me. "Don't worry, mum, drive save and enjoy your holiday!" While Alex was closing the gate, I was feeling already aroused, thinking about the days to come.

Alex took me to the seaside for some days one week ago, and we barely touched the sand. I think I spent more time naked than with something on, my desire of cock was insatiable: I usually woke up Alex with a blowjob, and he just loved that. Sometimes we started our day with a 69, and I was glad my pussy was the first thing he saw in the morning. Inside that hotel room we had sex under the shower, in the bathtub, on the floor.

A couple of times I also jerked him off underwater after a long swim in the sea. I was always turned on, and so was he: one evening I was out on the balcony, wearing my bikini and enjoying the panorama: I heard he was jerking off on the bed, staring at my ass. Then he came outside, silently took my panties off, and slid his hard cock in my pussy, taking me from behind. All the people walking down on the street could have enjoyed a live sex show, if they only had looked up.

I came hard but quietly, not the get everyone's attention, and the feeling of his warm cum on my back while I was admiring the sunset is the best postcard I could ever collect.

Since we came home, tough, we just had a couple of quickies, so I was terribly horny. As soon as he closed the door, I literally jumped on him, and we started to make out. "Easy, sis! Let's wait a moment, if mom realizes she forgot something, they will be back." "Uhm you are right… How about you finger me, then?

I don't need to get undressed…" I smiled. "You nasty girl, come here!" He put his tongue down my throat and grabbed my ass, I could feel his cock on my stomach, and my pussy was already in need of his fingers. His hand then disappeared under my skirt and started rubbing on my panties, right over my clit.

"Oh finally Alex, yes! Get inside my panties and finger my little pussy!" Then his phone buzzed, someone texted him. He grabbed the phone and said "Damn, it's mom, let me read it". "Hi honey, we're already stuck in the traffic jam, but definitely on our way to the beach! :-) Love you." A big smile appeared on our faces. "They're not coming back" I said "They're not coming back, and we can go further" he added. "Then let's go have some fun!" I said. We ran upstairs, taking all our clothes off on the way to my bedroom.

As we touched my bed, we were already completely naked. Alex took one of my feet in his hands, and started sucking on my toe, he knew how much I loved that! Then he eagerly kissed me all the way up to my lips, down to my tits, and finally to my pussy.

He was literally eating me! "I love every inch of your body, Isabel". His eyes were full of desire, adding fuel to my fire. "And I love every inch of you cock, Alex". He sucked my clit, my lips, and licked my asshole, with growing passion.

As always, he managed to make me cum in a few minutes, but then I begged him to fuck me. I truly loved every inch of his cock, and with an empty house I was finally free to scream in pleasure. "Yes, Alex, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard! Make your little sister come, don't stop" "Oh yes, Isabel, I love fucking your sweet pussy, I'm coming!!!" "Yes, Alex, give me your huge load!" Seeing his powerful ejaculation covering my tummy with his sperm, made me cum as well.

I stroke his cock while rubbing my clit to add pleasure to pleasure. We were in desperate need of orgasms. "It's going to be a hell of a week, right, sis?" he smiled "Definitely!" I replied. "Are we having fun again this evening?" "No need to ask! Where are you going this afternoon?" "Our cousin Sandra invited me over" "Oh really?" He looked surprised.

"Why?" "I haven't seen her in a while. Just a coffee, and probably a bit of girl talk" I smiled. "Does girl talk include our… intimate moments?" "Don't be silly, Alex: what happens between us, stays between us." "Ok, Isabel" he smiled "I'll go meet Simon then. I love you". "I love you too".

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I took a shower, then got dressed and went to Sandra's house. Although we don't see each other very often, I feel very close to my cousin: she is 24, and I consider her as the older sister I don't have. Whenever I needed someone to talk to, she has always been there. You know, there are things you are not comfortable sharing with your mother.

My parents feel safe when I'm with her, so we go shopping, we've been on holidays together and sometimes I even go out with her. She practically knows all my secrets, but the one about me and my brother… no, she will never get to know that.

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Actually we are not blood related: she was born in the Dominican Republic, and she has been adopted at the age of two, because my uncle couldn't have children.

She is truly a gorgeous girl: her exotic beauty, together with her stunning body and her charming smile are irresistible, and of course she is very popular among men. She could literally choose anyone, if she wanted to. But sometimes things simply don't go the way you expect them to go: Sandra is a lesbian. I think nobody in our families knows it, except me. I was so shocked when she told me, a few months ago, I couldn't believe it: high heels, mini skirt, perfect make-up, she has never shown a sign of any masculine side.

She has been with a couple of boys, but that little voice never stopped - she told me - and when she had the opportunity to be with another girl, during a school camp, she realized she found her way. I am now used to hear her talking about her adventures, her favorite quote is "you can have fun with a big cock, but no man in the world can eat your pussy like a woman does".

She offered me an ice-cream, and then we started talking. I told her about the school, and my plans for the summer, she told me about her work and showed me some photos of her recent trip to Paris. Then inevitably, the conversation turned to love and sex. "I've been looking at you since you entered the door, and I'm pretty sure those boobs got bigger, right?" she asked. I blushed and replied "You think so? Maybe, I'm not sure".

"You know it!" she laughed "I'm sure boys love your breasts, don't they?". "Well, I guess so…" "What's with the shyness, today? Don't you dare hide me something, Isabel…" "Come on, Sandra, you know I'd tell you everything".

I managed to lie in a credible way. "Well, let's change subject then: listen, I have some dresses I don't use anymore, would you like to check them out? Maybe there is something you like." "Of course I'd like to check them out!" Me and Sandra wear approximately the same size, and we have identical taste when it comes to clothes.

Maybe our DNAs are not so different! Plus, I could never afford to spend what she spends for her shoes and dresses, so it's very kind of her to pass something nice on to me.

We went upstairs in her bedroom, and at first she showed me her latest purchases - fabulous, no need to say - then she handed me a couple of dresses to try on. I took off my clothes, but as soon as I got undressed, I saw Sandra staring at me, saying "Wow!" And I thought "SHIT!" "You better explain me something, honey, 'cause I've never seen you wearing black lace underwear to come meet me…" Of course I didn't want to impress Sandra.

It's just that I know how Alex loves black lingerie, and I wanted to surprise him once back home. Unfortunately I still don't own any sexy underwear, so I stole something nice from my mom's drawer, and put it on before going out. I didn't imagine that someone else could have seen me, and now I had to come up with a plausible excuse for Sandra.

I couldn't fool her. "I-I actually stole it from my mom's drawer" I said, embarrassed. "Well, it's no surprise that my spicy aunt owns spicy underwear, and I have to admit you look gorgeous in it.

But I still don't understand why you are wearing it." "I-I just wanted to try it!" "Isabel? No bullshit here, please". "Ok, ok. You taught me that a woman must be always good looking, right? Everything in order, because you never know what could happen to you, right? Well, this evening I'm having dinner with a guy I like, and I wanted to be pretty for him, that's it!" Sandra gave me one of her brightest smile: "Oh, Isabel, come here, my little girl!" and she hugged me.

"I couldn't be prouder of you! My lessons are starting to pay off! Good girl, I'm going to find the best dress for you!

Do I know this guy?" "N-No, actually, he lives quite far from here" "Then, he'd surely want to be rewarded!" she winked. "I want you to call me tomorrow for ALL the details!" she smiled.

"Promised!" She seemed very excited about it, and I was glad I came out of that difficult situation.


All in all, I didn't even had to lie that much! "Let me just say something here, Isabel. You really look great, but your panties are almost transparent…" "Do you think it's vulgar?" "On the contrary, I find it elegant… provided that no hair is shown." "What do you mean?" "I mean you have to be shaved…" She must have read the surprise on my face. "You don't have a second chance to make a good first impression, honey. Your man is more likely to prefer shaved pussies than hairy ones.

And anyway, he won't bother, believe me." "Do you really think it's a good idea?" "Trust me. If you get to the after-dinner fun, you'll be thankful". "But I've never shaved my pussy… I think I might hurt myself" "And what do you think older cousins are for?

I'll take care of that. When it comes to pussies, I'm the expert!" she giggled, proudly. "Well, if you think I have to…" "Let me show you the result, Isabel, so you can see for yourself.

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Take those panties off, I'll show you how they look on my shaved pussy". I had never exchanged underwear with any of my female friends, but with Sandra it felt completely natural. "See? It's way better!" On a gorgeous body like hers, any underwear would look great, but I have to admit that seeing no hair through the lace was quite appealing. Alex would have loved it, I'm sure.

"Ok, Sandra, let's shave this little pussy!" "Yeah, baby! You are going to love it!" We both laughed. "Should we move to the bathroom?" I asked.


"No, we'll stay here on my bed. It will be easier for me, and more comfortable for you, since it's your first time". Sandra went to the bathroom and came back with all the necessary tools: trimmer, razor, shaving cream, and a couple of towels. As she walked in, I noticed she had taken my panties off, and was just wearing her bra.

"Do you want to know a little secret? When I'm home alone I love walking with no panties on, it makes me feel so good" she smiled.

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"Hope you don't mind" "Your house, your rules" I said. "My friends would do anything to see what I'm seeing now." I smiled. I'm pretty sure Sandra lives in their hottest fantasies. "Now, relax: you can lay on my pillows, and have a look at what I'm doing." I was laying on my cousin's bed, both of us pretty much naked, and I had just spread my legs in order for her to shave my pussy: I wouldn't have bet a penny on that, one hour before.

Nonetheless, I was completely at my ease. "The first step is easy: we'll trim out most of your hair, and if you keep shaving, you won't need to do it again." In a matter of seconds my pubic hair was gone. "That's already a huge difference" I said. "Believe me, you'll love the softness of your skin at the end" she assured.

Then she took the shaving cream and started rubbing it on me. I thought she would have asked me if I was ok with that, but she took it for granted. "Be sure to put the cream everywhere, so the razor will be more effective".

Feeling a woman's touch around my pussy for the first time was kinda weird. There should have been no malice in her hands, but she happened to touch my clit twice, by accident - she said - and I little jumped on the bed both times.

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I couldn't deny I was feeling a sort of arousal, anyway. My mind began to picture some awkward scenarios, that I tried to fight back. But the arousal was still there. Sandra's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Ok, now we can go with the razor". As she put the cold blades on my skin, I let out a little moan. "Oh sorry, Isabel, is everything ok?" "Y-yes, I'm ok" "Any chance you might be enjoying it, baby?" she giggled. I was actually enjoying it quite a lot, her warm hands felt so good on me, and she was very delicate, a true expert.

I instinctively spread my legs a little more to let Sandra shave me carefully. I was feeling both relaxed and aroused at the same time, and once completed her job she said, to my regret, "We are done shaving, Isabel." and smiled at me. As she was talking, I felt her breath on my pussy, and a shiver went all the way up to my head. "Now let me clean you up". Sandra took a soft towel to remove the shaving cream I had here and there on my crotch.

I immediately found myself moving my hips to follow her hand, trying to press my pussy harder against it, and moaning in a low voice.

The more I pushed, the more she pushed me back. The towel brushing on my skin got me all wet, I just hoped it could dry away the evidence of my involvement.

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Because I was totally involved. "Here, admire your brand new pussy" said Sandra. Then she placed a small round mirror between my legs, to let me have a close look at the result: it felt weird at first, but I immediately liked it. I also noticed that despite the towel, I was still wet. But I liked it as well. "It's so nice" I said "It surely is" she replied.

In that moment I realized that Sandra was lying on her belly, with her head between my spread legs, and her face a few inches away from my newly shaved pussy. Her black skin was in contrast with my pale legs, and that picture was amazing to my eyes.

I think she saw the admiration I had in my eyes. "Give me your hand" she said. Then she took my index finger, and began caressing my skin, starting from my knee, then to my inner tights, and finally to my pussy.

I was touching myself, with Sandra guiding my hand. "I want you to feel how soft you are now" She moved my finger around my lips, up and down, very slowly, to let me feel every single millimeter of my skin.

She carefully avoided my clit, which instead was begging for attention. Then she moved my hand up, to reach my belly button, and from there, all the way down to reach my pussy again.

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This time she let the tip of my finger get wet with my pussy juice, then started rubbing my clit. My cousin was masturbating me with my own hand, and the feeling was overwhelming, I was about to climax.

My finger penetrated me a little more, but then Sandra took the lead: she pulled away my hand, then softly slid two fingers in my pussy while her lips started to suck on my clit.

I wanted to say "What are you doing?" but I couldn't spell a single word. A very small part of me felt I was doing something wrong, but I honestly didn't care, I was loving every single second of her tongue on my pussy.

I groaned in pleasure, and closing my eyes, I pushed her head deep down on my crotch. After a few minutes of pure heaven I reached the most powerful orgasm of my life. I just let out a long, loud scream, still unable to speak. The waves of pleasure were still beating every corner of my body, but Sandra decided I should get no rest: her fingers never stopped banging me, and her tongue was glued to my clit. I honestly didn't want her to stop either, and I quickly took the short road to yet another long, strong orgasm.

After I came for the second time in my cousin's mouth, she climbed up to me and kissed me passionately. The taste of my own pussy is always a turn-on, and I kissed her back while my hand reached down to grab her firm ass.

Then I unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. Mine was already gone, I don't know exactly when. I never ever had lesbian thoughts before, but the only thing I wanted to do in that precise moment was eating Sandra's pussy.

And I wanted it badly. Did I become a slut all of a sudden? Maybe, but I was having such a good time, there was no room for regret. We rolled over, so I was now on top of her.

I licked her ear, went down on her neck, then I squeezed her big ebony boobs with my tiny white hands and sucked her hard nipples. Women shouldn't be surprised that men love tits so much, especially if you are lucky enough to come across a spectacular rack like the one of my cousin. By her moans I knew she was very sensitive there, and I was loving to give her pleasure.

But the best had yet to come. I couldn't have enough of the softness of her skin, I kissed her stomach, licked her belly button - another highly sensitive spot of hers - then finally I got there: I almost couldn't believe I was about to eat my first pussy, but I couldn't wait for it.

I didn't exactly know what to do, but then I recalled what Sandra use to say: "no man in the world can lick a pussy like a woman does", and I just let my instinct lead me. I started with some innocent kisses on her lips, then I added a bit of tongue with every kiss, and got closer to her clit.

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Again, I started sucking it gently, then harder and harder. The taste of her pussy juice was lovely, and as my tongue was furiously licking her, I put two fingers in her soaking wet vagina and started banging her.

In a panting voice Sandra managed to say "O-one more finger, Isabel", and I surely didn't want to let her down. With three fingers screwing her vagina, her moans became louder, and I was diving in her pussy under the pressure of her hands.

I sensed she was about to come, and so was I. "Oh Isabel, don't stop, don't stop, I'm cumming!" "Yes, Sandra, cum, cum in my mouth!" "Oh yessss, yesss, YESSSS!" As she reached her orgasm, I came too, but my lips didn't move from her clit until she stopped spasming.

Then I laid down next to her, I fingered myself with the hand I had just used to bang her, and finally licked every single drop of our mixed juices from my fingers. "Welcome to the club, Isabel", she smiled. "Thank you! Does this qualify me as a lesbian?" I asked "Well, maybe you are not a true lesbian, but you do like pussies for sure!" she laughed. "I know I like your pussy, and that's enough for me". We kissed and hugged, then stayed silent for a while, caressing our skin.

"We got a bit carried away, but now we should choose your dress for tonight, baby" "Yes you are right, but I don't really feel any urge to get dressed, right now" I smiled. "Well, that wouldn't be polite, but if you want to cancel your date, I think we wouldn't get bored at all!". We both laughed.

"I'm kidding" she continued "you should really go meet your 'friend' now. But instead of calling me, why don't you come here tomorrow to tell me how it went?" "I'll be here tomorrow, you have my word!" "And may I have something else, beyond your word?" she said smiling, with false innocence. We both laughed, and I nodded, kissing her. She will definitely have much more than my word.