Some hot G G action

Some hot G G action
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For those reading this story who have not read the first installment, I apologize for the lead in to this, part 2. It does drag a little to begin with, but if you read the first part and are starting on the second, think of it as the intermission between two feature films in a movie house.

:) Comments about the lead-in aren't needed because I think you will find the rest of this part of the story hot enough even for those who like it out there in Never, Never, Land. Any other comments are more than welcome especially any from the ladies out there. ENJOY. Vanion PS: If any reader exceedingly likes a particular part of the story, drop me a PM with any ideas you might like to see included in part 3. BY THE WAY: To the idiot who was so emphatic as to the spelling of one single word in this story, I changed it by 1I repeat "one" letter, just to please your caustic attitude to grammar and spelling.

Do all of us a favor in the future though, give a "name", not just "reader", so we might all be able to take a look at some of "YOUR WORK". The rest of us do try very hard to do our best and to give "constructive" comments and suggestions to other writers. Caustic comments such as yours, do no one any help.

And if you could be so caustic in your phrasing when sending me a PM as to the fact that I missed "One" letter in one word, I have this to say from "ALL OF US" who do try to do a good job with these stories, STICK IT IN YOUR EAR! {Of course, ear is not what I mean, but others will get the idea, while I still try to be polite.} So here is the corrected version, just to please one jerk.

Make it positive, constructive, and above all polite, people, even it it is a negative comment. We learn from those too.! It's not just about writing dirty stories and erotica, it's about trying to improve our writing skills as well. {Though I admit the dirty part is fun too. LOL) ENJOY! The Abduction and Training of Kitty Part 2 1.

Several hours later she roused to the smell of fresh coffee. Kitty stretched luxuriantly. She felt completely and totally relaxed and refreshed. She wondered how long she had slept? Suddenly she remembered her exams and sat up quickly. "What day is it?" she asked. Mr. P answered her from the edge of the bed. "It's Sunday, just after noon." "Shit," Kitty muttered, "I'm never going to pass biology now." Mr.

P chuckled, "Oh, I think you will get a passing grade. Especially after that performance last night." Kitty felt a little irritated at the glib comment.

"That's not the point. My final for this semester it tomorrow morning." "Look, Why don't you get up and I'll guide you to the bathroom. You can use the facilities and take a shower and I'll be waiting with your clothes. Then we can get you back home. You still have the rest of the afternoon if you're really worried about it. Just make sure you don't try cramming all night. There is no point trying to take a test if you wind up tired and half asleep tomorrow." "I guess you're right.

I'll just have to do the best I can. Now, which way is the bathroom?" she asked. After Kitty had showered and dressed, she sat at a table with Mr.


P and had coffee and a breakfast roll. "Where are the others?" she asked between bits. "They're gone. They took off early this morning. There are only you and I here now. I told them I would make sure you got home safe," he replied. Kitty thought about that for a moment. "In that case, I want to ask you something. What has this all been about? Not that I'm mad. Though, I should be mad as hell at you. And the others as well. I just want to know why." Mr.

P was silent for a long moment. "All right," he said at last, "I've noticed you around the campus several times, and I've heard some rather nasty comments about how you treated people. You were a taker, a user, and a God Damn Cock-teasing bitch, were some of the nicer ones," he told her bluntly.

Kitty was completely shocked and taken aback. She had never thought of herself like that, she just wanted to have some fun and do as she pleased. Before she could say anything, Mr. P continued, "I've never really seen you quite that way. Nor have Miss S or Miss M. When we compared notes, we decided you were a fairly good, but misguided girl, who needed an attitude adjustment before you got yourself violently raped or killed.

I'll admit we treated you harshly to begin with, and have indeed violated your body and mind. But, and I want you to really think about this, would you rather it was us who tuned you in?

Or some guy in a vacant lot somewhere who could have left you for dead? I think if you consider it carefully, our methods were better than what you would have received from some violent animal working you over.

We weren't really out to rape you in the normal sense of the word. We set out to show you what you were like and what you were missing out on. We tried to teach you some new things about getting satisfied by different types of sex. But the main thing we tried to do was alter your mind's perception of yourself and the way you were treating others. We truly believed you were on a long dark spiral that would come to no good end. That is if you didn't wind up dead first." He finished.

"It is as simple as that." "Wow," Kitty said after a moment. She though about what he had said a little more. "I certainly didn't like any of it to start with, but guess maybe you have a point. I have always taken and never given anything back.

I guess I never really thought about it before." "You do realized it now though, don't you?" Mr. P asked her. "Yes, I guess I do. I don't think I am the same person any more. I think that girl is truly dead and gone for good. Things seem different now. I don't know exactly how yet, but I think I like the idea of being a new person with a new way of looking at things.

Maybe of looking at the whole world too," she told him seriously. "Then we achieved what we set out to do. I'm thankful for that," Mr. P told her just as seriously. "The ladies and I tried to teach you something about sex. But I myself tried to show you something else last night as well." "What was that?" she asked after he didn't go on. "I tried to teach you something about truly making love. There was for a time last night when I was making love to you, that you were truly with me.

I could feel it. You became as involved in me as I was in you. We both wanted the same thing, to please each other. We wanted to be closer both physically, and mentally, to each other. You didn't hold back anything of your self. You gave yourself to me completely, as I did to you. You proved that by asking for what you wanted to do with me.

That was all you, giving something of yourself to another person, because I think you unconsciously realized was what you have always wanted to do, but were never able to." He paused for a moment. "That is all you need to know for now," Mr.

P told her. "Now lets see about getting you back." 2. Mr. P had driven her back to her dorm and parked in the lot at the back. He had kissed her tenderly in goodbye before letting her out. He had asked her not to remove the blindfold until he was gone and she had done as he asked even thought she certainly wanted to know who he was.

Kitty entered through the back door and was making her way to her room when a voice called out from ahead. "Hey Kitty, where have you been all weekend?" It was one of the other girls on her floor. Suddenly the question struck her as funny and she burst out laughing. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you Doris. You just plain wouldn't believe me," she told her when she got herself under control. "Try me," Doris said with a grin. "OK, if you really must know.

I was abducted Friday night in the back of a van. I was driven, I don't know where. I've had non-stop sex for the last two days, and the kidnappers just dropped me off a couple of minutes ago." Doris' smile slid off her face for a moment, but quickly back.

"Ask a stupid question and get a smart ass answer back," she said clearly not believing a word of it. "OK, none of my business anyway. But you do look good. You're almost glowing.

I'll bet you met a guy." This sent Kitty off in greater gales of laughter. After a minute when she was in control again she told her, "Right, on the first guess, and let's leave it at that. OK?" Doris gave her a doubtful look but nodded, "All right. Are you ready for the test tomorrow?" "Not as ready as I would like. I'm going to study right now," she said as she moved past Doris toward her room.

"Do me a favor. Don't let me oversleep in the morning. I might not pass the damn test, but I certainly won't have a chance if I don't get there." "No worries, I'll make sure your up," Kitty heard as she closed her door. Kitty did try to study for a while, but gave up unable to keep her mind on the work. She kept thinking back to the weekend and the bombshell Mr. P had dropped on her at the last. That he loved her.

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The more she thought about it, the warmer she felt inside. She thought about him for a long time and about the way he had made her feel. She especially remembered the sincerity in his voice when he told her of making love to her and her response to him. That thought alone gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.

Finally she realized it was getting late and went to bed thinking of him. He had been right about one thing; she certainly didn't want to be half asleep tomorrow. Kitty got up the next morning and went to take her exam. It took her about two hours and she thought that perhaps she had passed. Maybe not with the grade she had been hoping for, but she didn't think she had failed.

She was in the extremely crowded hall outside the test room, deciding what to do next and juggling her backpack trying to find her cell phone when someone brushed quickly behind her. "Don't worry, you'll pass with flying colors," a voice whispered and was gone.

She froze for a split second before turning quickly to find out who it had been. But in the press of the crowded corridor there was no way to tell. But even in a whisper she was positive it was a man's voice. Suddenly she knew who it had been. Mr. P. Damn it, he had been right there and she still didn't know who he was.

3. Later when she was sitting in the quad drinking a Pepsi while looking around she noticed a young man sitting under one of the trees, with a large stack of papers beside him. He seemed to be grading test sheets, referring to a clipboard from time to time and making notations on the tests.

She wondered if they were of the exam, she had just finished. She got up and wandered over beside him. "Hi," she said. The man looked up at her. "Hi yourself. Can I do something for you?" His voice sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn't place it. "Not really I guess. I just noticed you grading those," she said gesturing to the stack of papers.

"I just finished a midterm for Biology a few hours ago, and I was wondering if that is what those are?" He cocked one eyebrow at her. "Could be. You wouldn't be trying to find out your grade would you? Or maybe influencing it are you?" Kitty sputtered. "No, of course not.

I was just curious that's all." "That's all right then. We wouldn't want any improprieties would we?" he said with a grin. "No, I'm sorry to have bothered you," she said and began to turn away. "Hold on a second," he said causing her to turn back.

"You're right, they are the biology test. I just took over the class and wanted to get them graded quick. I wouldn't want the Dean breathing down my neck," he said grinning again.

"You're not my professor," she told him. "My professor is sixty if he's a day." "Your old professor was sixty, but now you've got me. Professor Milten had a minor heart attach this last weekend.

He'll be fine, but he's out of the picture for the rest of the year. I'm taking over for him as of today." "I'm sorry to hear that," Kitty said quickly. "Which, that he had an attack or that I'm taking over?" he asked her with an even bigger grin. "That he had a heart attack of course," she told him indignantly.

"I'm glad to hear that at least. I would really hate if it was me taking over his class," he chuckled. Kitty smiled in return and decided she liked her new professor. "What's your name?" he asked waving a hand toward the grass beside him inviting her to sit down. "Kitty," she said as she settled to the grass. "Well, actually it's Christine. Christine Miller. I prefer to be called Chris, but everybody on campus calls me Kitty.

It's just a stupid nickname I got tagged with." "Oh, why is that?" "I kicked up a bit of fuss, when I found out they wouldn't let me keep my cat in the dorm. Kitty just sort of stuck. You know, Kitty Cat." "I see. You're not fond of it though are you?" "No, not really. But what can you do?" she finished with a shrug. "Well, don't worry Chris. I won't call you by that.

With me, Chris you are, and Chris you will stay." "Thank you." "Now let me see. I'm not really suppose to do this," he told her as he dug through a stack of papers he had already graded. "Here it is. Christine Miller. Ah, I remember this one, it gave me quite a laugh when I was going over it." "Huh?" Chris said puzzled.

"Why?" "Well for one thing I don't remember the Pubic Mound being called the Pussy in the text books before," he said chuckling. Chris was mortified. She couldn't possibly have written anything like that. "I didn't!" she exclaimed in surprise. "I'm afraid so," he told her holding it out for her to see. "Don't worry I didn't mark you down too badly.

I gather you had something else on your mind at the time," he said with a crooked grin and a wink. Chris blushed furiously. "Well, sort of I guess." "Let me guess. Your boyfriend perhaps?" "No. Well sort of. Hell, I don't know," she said flustered. "Well it's got to be something. Are you in love with him?" he asked her. Chris let her shoulders slump.

"I don't know.

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I think I might be. It's complicated." "Well, un-complicate it. You either love him or you don't." Chris thought about her feelings for a long moment.

"All right, I think I might, but I don't even know who he is. I only met him three days ago." "A whirlwind romance I see. What's his name?" Chris blushed deeply, but for some reason she felt she could trust this man not to laugh at her. "I don't know his name," she confessed. He didn't laugh. "You met him for the first time three days ago. You're might be in love with him and you don't know his name? Did I get that right?" Chris nodded her head. She wasn't about to tell him of the abduction, but she did find herself telling him about the feelings she thought she might be having for the man.

She couldn't for the life of her think why she was telling a complete stranger her feelings, unless it was simply the need to talk about them and get them straight herself. She didn't even know her new professor's name. Maybe it was her new way of looking at the world. "Are you sure it is not just a infatuation?" he asked her.

She shook her head. "Look, since I'm spilling out my love life to you, do you think you could tell me your name?" "Oh, sorry. It's Scott. Scott Hunter," he said sticking out his hand, "Pleased to meet you Chris." Chris looked at him closely as they shook hands and decided she liked what she saw in his eyes. For a reason she didn't understand, she felt she could trust him. She had never felt this open before. "You still haven't answered my question?" Scott prompted her.

"No, I don't think it's an infatuation. I suppose it could be, but I don't think so. He touched me way, way deeper," Chris said thinking of how deep Mr. P had been inside her. "I know it sounds corny, but I think in a very odd manner he touched my soul." "You have a real problem don't you?" Chris sighed deeply. "That sums it up pretty well. I know his spirit and I think I know what he is like in his heart, just not who he is.

Even that sounds corny saying it." "I wouldn't say that. I am sure it will work out given enough time. But, now if you will excuse me," he said beginning to rise, "I must be going.

I have another class to teach in about fifteen minutes." Chris pushed herself to her feet as well. "Well, it was nice to meet my new professor. And thanks for letting me run on like I did," Chris told him. "My pleasure Chris," he said as he started away, and then hesitated looking back over his shoulder.

"By the way, you got an A on your exam. I might even toss in a plus sign just for that Pussy," he told her with a sly wink, as he turned away and kept walking. Chris felt her face heat as she watched him walk away. 4. For the next three days Chris attended her classes and in her spare time remembered her past weekend, as well as daydreaming about something like it happening again.

By the time Friday rolled around she was feeling frustrated. She had finished her last class for the day and was wondering what she could possibly do this coming weekend that could possibly top the last. She returned to her locker to dump her books off. When she opened the door, lying inside on top of everything was a sheet of hot pink paper folded in half. Someone had slipped it in through the crack at the top of the door. Pulling it out she unfolded it. Inside was written in black marker, YOUR CLASSES ARE "NOT" FINISHED FOR THE DAY.

GO HOME. SHOWER AND CHANGE, AT TEN MINUTES TO FOUR YOU WILL BE IN THE PARK ACROSS FROM YOUR DORM SEATED ON THE BENCH CLOSEST TO THE STREET. AT TWO MINUTES TO FOUR YOU WILL DONE WITH YOUR BLINDFOLD. YOU WILL WAIT THERE UNTIL YOU ARE PICKED UP. NONCOMPLIANCE WILL BE PUNISHED. It was signed with an M in very bright red. Following at the bottom was a quickly scratched note. Clothing Is Casual. You Won't Be Wearing Them Very Long, followed by a P. Chris' eyes had grown larger as she read the note.

'And I was wondering what to this weekend,' she thought to herself. 'But do I really want to try something like that again? Damn right I do,' she realized already turning from her locker and heading for the dorm. At quarter to four Chris was on her bench as she had been instructed.

She had taken some care with her clothing and makeup. A loose white blouse, not quite see-through and no bra made her feel deliciously wicked. Trim slacks, not jeans finished her outfit. And she had taken extra care with her makeup; understated with just enough to highlight her best features. Chris glanced at her watch every couple of minutes, while looking around to see if she could spot anyone she knew, or anything out of the ordinary. She certainly didn't want anyone she knew around when she put of the blindfold mask from the past weekend that was in her hand.

Glancing at her watch to confirm the time she took a last swift look around and pulled the mask on over the top of her head and down over her eyes. She did not bother with the chinstrap; she had no intention of taking it off.

It seemed like forever, but she knew that it was less than a minute before she heard a vehicle pull up and a door open. She could hear someone coming toward her. What if it wasn't whom she was expecting? What if it was a stranger? Her fears were put to rest, but she was disappointed as well when a voice spoke. "It's good to see you can follow instructions," Miss M told her. "Been waiting long? I thought I was going to be late." "Not long," Chris replied, while wondering what she would have done if no one had come for her.

"Come along," Miss M told her, taking her by the arm to guide her. Once they were in the car and on the road, Chris cleared her throat. "Where are we going?" she asked and then added, "If I may ask?" "Just another little gathering like we introduced you to last weekend." Chris smiled.

"Of course there will be a couple of different people this time," Miss M added. Chris felt her mouth fall open. She hadn't thought of that. New people doing to her things like the first time. She closed her mouth and swallowed hard. "I don't know if I am ready for anyone new," she stammered, "I had sort of just gotten use to you guys." Miss M gave a short laugh. "Not to worry.

You will have to keep your mask on if Miss S, Mr. P, or I are in the room with you, but this time we are going to give you a bit of instruction on giving what you received last week, not taking it. Not that you aren't going to have to take some new things as well." Chris felt a tingle begin in her stomach at the thought of being able to do some of the things to someone else that had been done to her.

The idea both excited her and gave her the chills. "Don't worry Kitty, we will take you through most of it step by step," Miss M told her. "My name is Chris, not Kitty," Chris spoke up quickly. Miss M reached over and grabbed her left nipple and pinched it hard through the light material causing Chris to cry out in shock and pain.

"In our group your name is Kitty, remember that. You will answer only to Kitty, and you will think of yourself only as Kitty. Is that clear?" Miss M asked squeezing her nipple even harder. Chris nodded her head frantically as she tried to draw away for the woman's hand.

"Yes, Miss M. I understand," Kitty said in a rush, already thinking of herself by that name. Miss M released her nipple and as the blood rushed back into it, she began reciting the name over and over in her mind. Kitty, Kitty, I'm Kitty. Her nipple really hurt at the moment. Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, she kept repeating to herself for the remainder of the trip.

By the time they got out of the car she had almost convinced herself it was the only name she had ever had. Miss M guided her in to the house. It didn't have the same sound or feel of the other place though she could tell simply from the air outside that it was in the country the same as the place last weekend.

Miss M quickly took her into one of the rooms. "All right Kitty. Strip. There is a bed in front of you and a dresser to the right. Put your clothes in the top drawer. You can take your mask off after I leave the room so you can see what you are doing, but you are to put it back on as soon as you are finished and sit on the bed." "Yes, Miss M," Kitty said nodding her head.

"Good. Someone will be back for you in about five minutes. Remember to do as you are told," Miss M told her as she closed the door. Kitty quickly stripped out of her clothes and placed them in the drawer as she had been told. As she did she looked around the room. It could have been any bedroom in any house. She could see a large pool through the window as the drapes were partly pulled back. The pool area had a tall solid fence enclosing it. Kitty quickly glanced at her watch before taking it off.

Her five minutes were nearly up. She quickly donned her blindfold again and sat on the edge of the bed waiting for whoever was coming for her.

5. The door opened and light footfalls entered. A small hand gripped her upper arm. "You are to come with me," a soft girl's voice told her. "My name is Thumper, Thump for short. My real name is Amber, but here I'm Thump." "Are you here for in the same way I am?" Kitty asked. "No, I am a little more advanced in my training than you are. I am suppose to keep you from making any mistakes so I don't get punished.

That's part of my training, so please don't do anything foolish tonight. If you do, I get the punishment for it, not you," Thumper told her.

Kitty swallowed. "I'll try not to foul up. Why do they call you Thumper?" The girl laughed. "Because I like to fuck like a rabbit, hard and fast. You know, rabbit, Thumper from the cartoons?" Kitty giggled in return. "OK, I get it." "Come on, we had better go. The others are waiting for you," Thumper told her. When they arrive at a different room and stepped inside, Kitty could tell that there were others there.

There were soft moans and small squeals of delight coming form all around. There sounded like there were several people there. Kitty felt someone come to stand in front of her. "It is nice to see you again Kitty," she heard Miss S say, and nearly shivered with relief. At least there were two people here that she knew. "This weekend we are going to teach you a few more things. More advanced things if you will," Miss S told her. "What sort of things?" Kitty asked.

Miss S chuckled. "All sorts of things. I want you to go with Thump here and do as she tells you. Thump I want you to prepare her well. You know what to do." "Yes, Miss S. I'll have her ready in no time," Thumper responded. "Good. I will see you later Kitty. We'll catch up then." 6. Thumper led Kitty into the center of the room and told her to kneel down, which she did. "Now lean forward and give me your hands. There is a padded neck brace in front of you.

Put your neck in it and relax," Thumper told her. Kitty did as she was told. Her neck fit into a cup like depression that was padded as Thumper positioned her wrists in two smaller padded depressions one each side of her head.

"What is this thing?" Kitty asked apprehensively. "It is sort of a stalk like they use to use in the real old days to punish criminals," Thumper replied as she lifted something to the side and swung it up and over bringing it down on Kitty's neck.

Kitty almost felt panic as the top half of the device came down on her neck and wrists trapping her. "Now just let me adjust the height and you'll be all set." Kitty felt her doing something under her chin and the whole thing slid down a couple of inches toward the floor forcing her ass into the air totally exposing her back side. It was a bit awkward, but not too bad.

She was wondering what was coming next. She was not long in finding out. Thumper moved around behind her. "Relax, I have to get you ready for what is coming. You'll like what I am going to do." With that she slid her hand between Kitty's legs to cup her pussy. Kitty felt the girls small soft hand slide between her legs cupping her mound. The hand felt so soft, it was like satin. Thumper began moving her hand back and forth across her pussy. It felt wonderful to her, very delicate and sensual.

The girls thumb slid up and began pressing on her hole. Not pushing inside, just pressing on it rhythmically. Kitty could feel herself becoming aroused and wet from the girl's very gentle touch. She felt the girl move behind her as the hand was withdrawn, to be replaced by the tip of her tongue.

Kitty gave a small squeak in her throat at the contact. Thumper ran the tip of her tongue up and down the crack of her pussy lips lightly several times before pushing the tip between them to hunt for Kitty's clitoris.

When she found it Kitty jerked violently, it felt so good. The girl simply held her tongue there for a long moment, not moving it at all, before starting to wiggle the tip ever so slightly.

Kitty felt like she was in heaven, it felt so good as it began moving. The tongue began to flick faster and faster over her clitoris. Kitty tried to squirm, her ass backward farther, to get more pressure on her sensitive spot, but it was not to be.

The stock held her firmly in place. She could mover her rear from side to side but not back. She felt herself getting really hot and could feel her orgasm begin to build. It was at that moment that Thumper left her clitoris and slid into Kitty's love hole as deep as she could push her tongue. Kitty groaned in absolute pleasure and wiggled her ass. The girls tongue started darting in an out of her hole with the tip flicking around inside her when it was pushed in making Kitty go wild with shuddering.

'God, this girl is good,' Kitty thought to herself as she surrendered to what she was feeling totally. Suddenly the girls tongue and face pulled back, leaving Kitty to slump in disappointment. Kitty heard a slurping sound behind her, quickly followed by the tip of a finger pressing into her. As it slid in Kitty groaned deep in her throat with satisfaction. Thumper did not begin pushing in and out of her.

Instead she began twisting her wrist turning her finger in Kitty's cunt causing her to moan softly. The moans grew deeper when the finger began moving in and out while continuing to twist. She didn't move, concentrating on the feeling she was having. Wiggling her rear would have detracted from it. Before she knew it though Thumper had pulled her finger out and gone back to her tongue.

But not on her pussy this time, the girl pushed her tongue flat against Kitty's anal hole, gave it a big lick and then stuck the tip directly into her brown hole. Kitty jerked at the unexpected intrusion. Of course the tongue did not get very far into her. Kitty's sphincter muscle was to tight for that yet, but Thumper was determined to get it into her. Kitty wiggled her ass a little and tried to get her sphincter to relax. It wasn't easy, but slowly the girl began to work her tongue inside.

The feeling was indescribably wicked and she loved it. Thumper couldn't get her tongue all the way in, only the very tip. "Boy, are you ever tight," she said pulling back.

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"He's going to like that, but I got to get you loosened up a bit for him." Kitty felt apprehensive at that statement. "Hang on now, I am going to have to use other means to loosen you up." Kitty felt the tip of Thumper's finger begin pushing into her ass.

It was a small finger so it didn't take all that much pressure to begin sliding into her, not with all the girl's saliva on her ass and already in her rectum. Kitty could feel it moving in, twisting as it went. First the tip up to the first joint, then to the second. Finally it was passed her sphincter and deep in her to the knuckles.

Kitty bit her lip at the feeling and tried to stifle a groan of pleasure, but it was no use. The girl really knew her business.

When she had it firmly in as far as she could push she began flexing her finger using the first and second joints. Kitty could feel the tip of the finger touching the wall inside her ass and she began to whimper. But when Thumper began rotating her finger as well, it was almost too much for her to bear.

The girl began slowly withdrawing her finger slightly before pushing it back in, a little more each time. At each thrust in Thumper would hook her finger pressing on the wall inside. And as she pulled out she would leave the finger slightly hooked dragging it against Kitty's sphincter muscle forcing it to open a little wider each time to allow the finger out. Kitty began panting, it felt so good, but Thumper had more in store for her. She brought her other hand up to her ass and Kitty felt something cold and hard begin to worm it's way into her along side the girl's finger.

"A small vibrator," she thought to herself, but she was wrong. When Thumper had it inserted along side her finger Kitty could feel that it was much smaller than even the smallest vibrator she had ever seen. It was long, slim and seemed to have a bend in it at the end. "Now just relax.

You are going to enjoy this," Thumper told her as she proceeded to push it deeper into her ass, turning it slowly as she did. Kitty could feel the bent end rubbing along inside her walls in slow circles as it went deeper and deeper into her.

She thought there must have been at least four inches pushed into her when the part still at her ass hole began to thicken. It was slowly pushing her sphincter farther apart as it entered her.

Suddenly it became much wider causing her to suck in her breath quickly as it stretched her open. The feeling of sudden violation was awesome and she wiggled her ass for more. When it was past her sphincter and firmly planted Thumper flipped the switch to turn it on. Kitty went wild. The vibrations sent a shock wave throughout her ass and into her pussy area. Even more surprising to her was that she could also feel the tip that was bent against the walls in her ass vibrating as well.

Thumper was slowly rotating it in her ass.


Kitty could feel the vibrations coursing through her and the curved tip was bumping and rubbing deep inside her. More importantly to her was that the tool was really vibrating stimulating her pussy as well.

Kitty could feel an orgasm begin to build up. Just when she thought she would explode from the sensations it was switched off and quickly removed from her ass.

Kitty wilted forward into the stock with a groan of frustration. "I told you would like it, didn't I?" Thumper commented from behind her with a giggle. She reached under Kitty cupping her pussy.

"Oh my, I think you're ready for what comes next." "And what would that be?" Kitty asked her still trying to regain her composure while trying to ease her neck in the snug neck stock. "Now that would ruin the surprise wouldn't it. Don't worry I am going to take real good care of you," Thumper told her. "And here comes my helper right now." "Who is it?" Kitty asked apprehensively.

"I am not going to tell you," Thumper replied, "There are a few rules for this evenings activities. The first is that you are in my charge for the evening.

You will do as I say or be punished." With that she slapped Kitty's right buttock quite hard with a loud crack. Kitty jerked violently and screamed from the sting and the slap being so expected. "Oh hush, that was just to show you I meant what I said," Thumper told her. "There are a few other rules as well for this evening.

You may not know who is doing, well, whatever they are doing to you. You may speak, but you will not argue with any command you are given. In most cases those orders will be from me, but not always.

Do you understand?" "Yes, I understand, but could I get out to this thing for a few minutes to straighten my back?" Kitty asked. A resounding slap on the left cheek of her ass was her answer. This one stung even worse that the first. "No. You will do as you are told. This exercise is to teach you perseverance and the stock is part of that," Thumper told her, "Besides, you're going to be too busy to worry about it." 7.

"Now, before we begin let's see what we can do to ease that sting for you." Kitty felt some sort of lotion being dribbled on her rear and a pair of hands to massage it in. She sucked in her breath quickly; they were not Thumper's hands. They were much larger, definitely a man's hands.

She shivered with delight at the feel, but her stomach tightened wondering whose hands they were. It gave her an apprehensive, but naughty feeling, not knowing who's hands they were or what they were going to do to her. The hands slowly began smoothing the lotion over each of her cheeks.

The lotion cooled her burning ass wonderfully as the man's fingers began massaging it in. A slightly spearmint odor wafted to her nose. One hand continued rubbing lightly over each cheek of the rear while the other slid down and under cupping her pussy. "Spread your legs a little," came an order in a deep gravely voice from behind her.

Kitty complied by pushing her knees apart providing more room for his hand. The man shifted around slightly and began to massage her pussy as well as continuing to stroke her cheeks. It felt lovely. One finger suddenly slipped between the lips of her pussy and came to rest directly on her clitoris, causing Kitty to suck her breath in. He didn't rub; he simply began applying rhythmic pressure over and over. Kitty began to feel a tingle begin to grow in her pussy.

'I could get off on this alone right now,' she thought to herself. She wiggled her ass in encouragement. After a couple of minutes Kitty was ready to cum. The man sensed this and removed both hands, giving her a light slap on her rump. He waited for a moment and then blew his breath lightly down the crack of her ass to her pussy making her shiver and squeak in delight. "You're going to have to cool down for a few minutes," the gravely voice told her, "but we won't let you waste time while you do." Kitty heard him stand up and move around in front of her and kneel down.

She could feel the heat of his body close to her face. The tip of his cock bumped her lips and she instinctively darted her tongue out at it. She could taste pre-cum on the tip and began diligently licking it off. It tasted sort of sweet and reminded her of something that escaped her at the moment. When the tip was clean the man pressed his member forward and Kitty eagerly took the head between her lips and began to suck on it.

The man gave a low groan and pushed a little father into her mouth as Kitty ran her tongue along the underside of it. The man slowly began moving his dick in and out, a little deeper each time. Kitty kept her tongue glued to the underside with her lips firmly pressed around his shaft and sucking each time he withdrew. His strokes became quicker and she could feel his shaft swelling larger in her mouth. Suddenly it was withdrawn and rubbed against her lips and cheeks.

Kitty darted her tongue out trying to recapture it. She wanted to taste his cum in the worst way; she wanted him to fill her mouth with his hot fluid. But it was not to be. Kitty felt another head pressing in next to hers. "No you don't," Thumper whispered to her, "that's mine for this time. Wait your turn." Kitty could hear a slurping sound and feel Thumper's hair brushing up and down her face quickly. "God damn it, that was mine," Kitty exclaimed in frustration.

"That's it. All the way down and hold it," Kitty heard the man command. The hair brushing her face went down and stopped. Suddenly she heard the man groan loudly. "Here it comes Thumper, you hold it all." Kitty could hear the girl gag slightly and begin to swallow. She kept swallowing for what seemed a long time and then began sucking again to get any that was left. "That wasn't fair," Kitty complained, "I did all the work and you got the reward." A big hand landed solidly on her rear.

"No back talk. But if it's cum you want it is cum you shall have. Thumper, oblige her." Kitty felt Thumper's lips press firmly against hers and the girls tongue press against her lips.

Opening hers to let the tongue in, she was shocked to have a large gob of semen forced into her mouth along with some of the girl's saliva. Thumper withdrew and clamped a hand over her mouth. "Now swallow," the girl told her. Kitty was shocked to say the least. She had wanted to taste the guy's cum, but not in this manner.

She felt a certain amount of aversion to swallowing it this way, but she found herself extremely turned sharing it with Thumper. Nothing like this feeling had ever happened to her before. She felt depraved and loved it. With two large gulps she swallowed the hot spunk down. "That's a good girl. You liked that didn't you?" Thumper asked her. Kitty tried to nod her head, she didn't trust her voice not to betray how much she had liked the girl forcing the cum into her mouth, and more importantly how much her mind had been twisted in being ordered to swallow.

Being forced had thrilled her. She felt totally depraved and didn't care a bit that she did. "I didn't hear you," Thumper said in a stern voice. "Yes," Kitty swallowed hard, "It was disgusting, but yes, I liked it. You sharing it with me was," she paused, "different," she finished lamely. "Good, now we will get back to you," Thumper said as she moved behind Kitty and knelt behind her.

She leaned forward and pressed her face into Kitty's rear and pushed her tongue between her pussy lips and into her love hole wiggling her tongue frantically. Kitty's breath whistled in with surprise, tensing her butt cheeks together before relaxing into the girl's ministrations. It felt wonderful, especially when Thumper would pull her tongue out to lick up and tickle her anus with the tip. This went on for only a couple of minutes until Kitty could feel her juices really begin to flow, leaking down each of her inner thighs.

8. Thumper pulled her face away. "I think she is ready for you now sir. She is really good and wet," she told the man who Kitty could feel positioning himself behind her. The tip of his cock slapped into her sensitive lips and slid between them. Moving it forward and back he let his shaft slide up the width of her slit, over her thoroughly extended clitoris and back.

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Kitty shuddered, biting her lip at the exquisite sensation it was giving her. After stroking her several times he pulled back and positioned the tip at the entrance to her love hole. With one long and very, very, slow thrust he pushed the length of his shaft into her.

Kitty was almost beside herself at how slowly he was forcing his way into her. It was not fast, but continuous slowly opening her up until he had his entire cock buried in her to the base.

She could feel the tip pushing into her cervix making her groan in pleasure at feeling so full. Finally he pulled nearly all the way back out, only to pump in again more forcefully. Then he began taking short quick strokes that nearly drove Kitty wild with please.

With every stroke in his balls slapped up against her pussy sending little jolt of electricity through her clitoris.

Kitty bit the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming with pleasure. Kitty was on the brink of cumming when he thrust in and stopped, holding her hips firmly in place. She only needed one more slap of those beautiful balls to put her over the edge, but he was denying her that release.

She hung on the edge of her orgasm for what seemed like an eternity. "Please, oh please let me cum, make me cum," Kitty begged her tormentor. It was not to be.

The man held her hips motionless and finally the feeling began to subside. "You son of a bitch," she swore at him, "I was so close." "I know. That's why I stopped," the gravely voice said.

"We have a long way to go yet." Kitty felt a tear of frustration run down her cheek. What more could they do to her that what he had just done. It was absolute torture to be that close and be denied. She felt the man shift a little as he pulled his shaft out of her. He ran the head and shaft between her pussy lips once, causing her to jerk violently, before sliding it up the crack of her ass to her anus, which he tapped with the head.

Kitty felt lubricant dribbling on her rectum and then a finger that began massaging and forcing it into her ass hole. Because Thumper had loosened up her sphincter earlier she thought he would simply start putting his meat into her. She was wrong. The finger pressing the oil into her slowly slipped inside moving to the first joint and the second, twisting all the time to ease the penetration. The man was being very gentle about it.

Soon he began sliding his finger in and out of her, slowly fucking her ass with his finger. Kitty moaned in pleasure it felt so good. After a minute or so he added more oil and speeded up the thrusting of his finger slightly.

This went on for another minute, Kitty reveling in the sensation. When the hand slowed he brought up a second finger and began to insert this as well.

Kitty gave a little cry as it slipped in along side the first, then bit her lip trying to become accustomed to the strange sensation of two fingers. But when he brought up the third really stretching her ass open, she whimpered desperately clenching her fists. These were three hard fingers, note a vibrator or a man's more pliable cock.

It hurt a little bit, but she could bare it. The man began turning his wrist moving his fingers in a circular motion. Finally her sphincter relented and accepted the larger size it had been forced to and Kitty sighed with relief. It really wasn't so difficult now and she was actually starting to enjoy having her hole spread so wide. The fingers were being flexed inside her, which felt funny but good. When they began pumping in and out of her it felt even better and she began to moan with pleasure.

After a few moments of this the fingers withdrew and were replaced by the tip of the man's cock. She was very well lubricated now and with her hole stretched as it was she felt the head stretch her easily and pop inside followed by an inch or two of the shaft.

Kitty licked her lips. It felt deliciously wicked to have a mysterious man's shaft in her ass and she began moving her rear encouraging more. Slowly the cock began sliding in and out, going a little deeper with each thrust. Kitty was moaning deeply in her throat, and louder with each thrust.

She tried shoving her hips back at him trying to help, but he kept up the same slow steady pace going only a little deeper into her ass each time. But finally his meat was buried balls' deep to the base in her ass.

She felt enormously happy that she was able to take him all the way in. The man held himself buried there and Kitty could feel him tensing his groin making his member swell and pulse slightly against the walls of her rectum. "Oh," she groaned, "that feels fantastic." At these words he bumped hard into her ass getting another half inch of penetration, causing her to gasp in delight before beginning to pump in and out of her ass in slow even strokes.

"How does that feel?" he asked her. "It's great. I don't think I have ever felt so full." She paused. "Except of once," she added thinking of Mr.P's cock the other weekend. She received a light swat on her ass for the remark. "You shouldn't compare out loud. Just go with the moment," he ordered, but for some reason his voice did not seem to have as much gravely sound in it this time.

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Kitty found that odd. Kitty could feel the man's shaft sliding in and out smoothly, there seemed to be all most not resistance.

She could feel the ridge around the head rubbing against her walls stimulating her more and more, but it went so easily, she was amazed. Picking up the rhythm Kitty tried shoving her hips and wiggling her ass to take him as deep as she could.

It wasn't much movement, but the man picked up on it quickly and began thrusting much harder and faster. Finally he was pounding in and out of her rectum with the force of an express train giving the ass fucking of her young life. Kitty was panting hard from such a vigorous hammering. If she had had extra breath she would have screamed her pleasure at such a brutal ass pounding.

It was causing all sorts of sensations to run through her from her ass, through her pussy and deep into her belly. Just when she thought she could take no more, he stopped and she heard him whispering to Thumper. What he was saying was so low that she could not make out the words. He quickly pulled out of her ass and immediately pushed all the way into her fuck hole. "Oh my God," Kitty repeated over and over as little black spots and flares of light danced in her vision.

The sudden intrusion into her cunt was over in only a few seconds when he pulled out and shoved his shaft back into her ass. For the next minute or so he alternated between Kitty's dark hole and her love canal.


No more than a stroke or two in either, before switching again. Kitty jerked violently each time he switched holes moving her ass wildly each time he pushed into a hole. It was driving her crazy with wicked feelings of wanton desire. Thumper knelt beside her and placed an arm and hand on the small of her back and rear to hold her steady. The next time he pulled out of her ass, Thumper was ready. Kitty was expecting his cock in her cunt again, but the girl pushed in a medium sized dildo instead.

It was soft, but it was cold, as if it had just come from the freezer. Kitty screamed at the shock. It felt so cold that chills ran from her pussy to her head causing her mind to explode in a shower of brilliant sparks before her eyes.

Almost immediately the cold object was pulled out and the man's hot cock was back in the pussy. It felt extremely hot after the cold, but Kitty reveled at the feeling of both heat and cold inside her at the same time. She had never imagined such a feeling could exist, groaning with pleasure as her hands clamped into fists in the stock.

Her fuck hole was becoming warm again as the cold feeling was dissipated by the heat of the shaft inside her when she felt the cold protuberance forcing it's way into her ass hole.

Kitty gave out a long drawn out scream, as the head of his cock was forced in, her knees and legs' nearly collapsing from the shock. If it hadn't been for the man's cock in her holding her up, they would have as she felt the cold radiating up into her ass. Again, it was held in her for only a short period, but it was enough for her rectum and sphincter to almost start to sting from the cold.

The man had pulled out of her cunt and as soon as the icy rod was removed he plunged his member back in to her gaping ass to the hilt in one swift sure thrust. This time the cock felt like a red not poker burning her insides with warmth that seemed to explode deep in her ass and into her belly. She had no words to describe the feeling. Kitty felt completely weak from the things they had been doing to her, but they weren't finished yet. As the cock began stroking in and out of her again she felt something being pressed up to her pussy lips to rub between them.

It was a soft rubber dildo, but much, much, warmer than the last one. 9. She felt the man stand up into a bent over position while keeping his rock hard shaft in her ass. "OK Thumper, now for the rest. I'll hold still until you're ready," the man said. "Just give me a minute, then we'll really get her howling and you can give her the works." Kitty felt apprehension when she heard this.

"You bastards," she swore, "what else can you do to me. If you don't make me cum soon, I am going to die. I swear to God I will." Thumper began laughing.

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"Oh, but we have orders to take it easy on you for now. This is just the warm up for what comes later. Now hold still. I absolutely guarantee your going to love this and we are really going to get you off." Thumper proceeded to push the dildo into her love shoot. It wasn't really large, but Kitty could feel herself straining because of the man's cock in her ass as well.

Finally it was deep inside her and Kitty found it didn't feel bad at ass and gave a little groan of pleasure at being so full. The man held still in her ass, and suddenly Thumper turned on the machine in her pussy. It didn't vibrate as Kitty had expected. Instead, the shaft and head began to gyrate in a circular motion sending her into shudders of desire.

'Oh God, I really am going to die if they don't get me off pretty soon. I don't know how much more of this I can stand,' she thought to herself. After a moment to let her get use to the motion of it, the man began stroking in and out of her ass again. Slowly at first, all the way out and back in again. It was a mind-blowing feeling with the thing squirming in her cunt.

Just when she thought it couldn't get any better, Thumper pushed a solid round object on the area of her clitoris and held it there.

With all of the movement and stimulation Kitty could feel her orgasm building quickly. 'If they would only let her have her release this time, I would die this time just to show these two how good it was,' she thought to herself as she concentrated on everything she was feeling.

The prick in her ass picked up the pace and was really stroking into her now. Finally what she was waiting for was almost there. "I'm going to cum," she screamed. "Oh, Oh, yes. I'm going to cum." "Now Thumper," she heard the man order. Suddenly the round ball Thumper was holding directly on her clitoris began a high pitch vibration. This was more than Kitty could stand.

Her orgasm hit hard, racing through her entire body making her convulse with wave after wave of pleasure. Her clit felt like it was being given continuous electrical shocks. Suddenly she felt the man give a deep thrust and felt his boiling hot semen eject, pumping deep into her bowls. This sent her to a plain of rapture that she had not known could possibly exist.

Each spasm of her orgasm seemed to get stronger and did not seem like it was ever going to end. Finally her orgasm did begin to decline, though she could still feel her body jerking and twitching for several more moments as her mind floated away from her. Kitty didn't pass out, but was in that state of bliss she had only ever heard about. One where she was totally relaxed, unable to move, and totally sated. The afterglow of a perfect orgasm she had heard it called. She felt she was in heaven.

"Maybe I did die," she whispered aloud. "What was that Kitty? I didn't quite catch it?" Thumper asked from in front of her as she slowly began wiping Kitty's face with a warm moist hand towel. "I said, I think I have died and gone to heaven," she said a little louder. Thumper giggled. "Heaven…Maybe. Died…definitely not." Kitty felt the man chuckle.

He was still buried deep in her ass though she could feel his member beginning to soften and shrink. She suddenly realized he had left it in her so as not to disturb the sexual reverie she was still feeling.

As Thumper released her from the stock the man placed his arm around her waist drawing her back to him and gently rolling both of them onto their sides on the floor, where he held her spooned against him with his member still in her. Slowly, she could feel it softening further as she snuggled back against him with her head cradled on his right arm and the other around her tummy.

It was a deliciously wicked feeling when after a couple of minutes she squeezed her rectum and felt him pop out of her rear. The man kissed her neck and got up. "I'll see you later Kitty. I am going to get cleaned up. Thumper will take care of you and take you to clean up and rest a bit," the man told her. The deep gravely sound was back in his voice. There was something odd about it, but she didn't know what it was.

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 3 [ Don't worry. It will be along sooner or later. :-) ]