Novia mostrando su rico culote nalgona latina

Novia mostrando su rico culote nalgona latina
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I had always wondered about my sexuality. Whether it mattered how i felt towards other guys and girls. In recent years i had got these urges about other boys in my school.

Since i was about 14 all i could think about when wanking was young, fit, toned teen boys' bodies, and their cute, erect cocks up my arse. Im now 16, and these desires had become much stronger. Im a keen swimmer, not competitively, but just going for fun. Every Wednesday me and my best friend, Sam, would go to the pool, do a few lengths and generally have fun. We talked about everything, about previous girlfriends, about how fit and attractive girls were, everything.

Sam was a month older than me, but his body was muc hmore developed. Im pretty tall, but i have a bit of muscle on me, and my cock comes to about 6 1/2 inches when erect.

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But Sam was something else. HIs body was so toned. He was about the same height, but his biceps bulged a bit more than mine, and he has a considerably hairy snake trail leading down to his crotch.

I've always noticed a bit of a bulge, suggesting to me that he had a large package down there. I'd never seen a man naked before, well, only in pornos, and i went swimming in the hope that a really sexy lad would be there with me, in the showers. Me and Sam usually were respectful of each others privacy when getting changed, we knew our limits. Well, thats what i thought. One week, instead of turning his back, Sam just stripped totally naked in front of me. We continued our conversation, but i couldn't help myself staring.

His cock was reasonably larger, and the dark bushy hair covered his crotch. God, i loved that cock! I was getting hard myself, but luckily i was already in my trunks, so there would be no embarrassment for now. We went for our normal swim, just joking around as usual. I had forgotten about the incident, until we came out to get showered and changed.

I wrapped a towel around me to cover myself up, but once again Sam didnt bother, this time being more obvious about showing me his package. "Go on, lets see yours", Sam suggested.

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I was quite reluctant, but eventually, when there was no one else in the changing rooms, i dropped my towel. We compared sizes; Sam's was larger, as were his balls. I hurriedly put on my boxers before my hard on appeared again. It was a weird experience, but it was about to get weirder.

I dropped Sam off back at his place, and he offered me a drink inside.

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Little did i know Sam had spiked my drink, which knocked me out cold. I woke up about 20 minutes later. I gathered my bearings, realising i was in Sam's room, lying on his bed. Naked.


Stark naked. What was worse, was that i was attached to some kind of dog leash, which was tied tightly to his bed. My hands were cuffed behind my back. At that point, Sam entered the room.

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"What's going on?" i asked, pretty shaken up now. "Well, you were staring at me and my cock so much, i thought that you would want some of it. Now BEG for my cock! I'm not letting you go until youu beg!" I couldnt qutie believe it. There Sam was, cock bugling in his skin tight boxers, with me pleading to see it.

Not quite the way i had planned it! Half an hour went by, Sam tugging on my leash to exert his authority, making me beg like a dog, thrust vividly for his pleasure, and eventually Sam released his beast of a cock, bouncing it in front of me.

"Now SUCK it dry!" Sam pretty much fucked my face, making me gag almost every time. He withdrew before he came, this time throwing me onto his bed, spreading my legs wide, before thrusting his cock into my arse. "Take it like a fag, little boy!" Sam screamed in pleasure, while i screamed in pain. It was torture, then Sam exploded all over my face. I was shattered, mentally and physically. I thought it was over, but it wasnt. Sam had a cage ready for me.

My clothes were nowhere to be seen, and i was locked in a sex toy cage, ready for Sam's enjoyment at any time. The next morning, i awoke to see that we weren't in Sam;s room anymore.

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I was still stuck naked in a cage, but we were at school! I couldnt believe it! I couldnt hide my cock from public viewing because of the way i was cuffed up.

At that point, a group of girls from 9th grade, so about 14, came into the room. I was used as part of sex education, teaching them all about a boy's body and his cock, mine was sporting a bruising hard on at that time. The worst part was that the girls now stripped down naked, half of which attached a huge strap on dildo.

I coudl see what was coming, and i was powerless to prevent it. I was raped up the arse by 14 year old girls, while others jumped onto my cock, resulting in an orgy of multiple-orgasms. I was a prop in everyone's fun and games, as i was now moved to the boy's shower rooms. This was arguably the best part for me, as i got to see hundreds of horny young boys getting naked infront of me.

I was now bound to the cage wires, so that my cock was sticking out of the cage.


The boys, some as young as 12, each took their turn to fuck me or do as they wished. I ended up covered in horny boys cum, and became known as the fuck toy for the whold school.