Hot young blonde teen pussy fingering

Hot young blonde teen pussy fingering
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Fbailey story number 524 Kitten In Tree I was jogging along minding my own business when a cute little teenage girl came running out from between two houses calling out, "Mister, hey mister, can you help me. My kitten is stuck up in a tree." I stopped and replied, "Isn't that usually a job for the fire department?" She said, "We have a ladder and I can get her down if you can help us get the ladder up.

Mom and I can't do it ourselves." I smiled at her as she explained her predicament. She was wearing a Catholic schoolgirl uniform. I always loved girls dressed like that.

Her white shirt with a tie allowed me to see her white bra, her plaid skirt was the pleated kind, and her black loafers finished off her outfit. I thought to myself, She wants me to hold a ladder while she climbs up. You bet! I followed her out behind her house. There was her mother standing near an old heavy wooden extension ladder from the fifties. Her mother was a work of art herself and dressed just like her daughter.

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I laughed and asked, "Are you still in school too?" She smiled and she blushed just enough to give herself a light pink glow. Then she replied, "Oh!


No! I was the teacher's helper today during recess." She showed me where the kitten was and explained the game plan to me.

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Together we carried the ladder over to the tree, I stood it up, and then I managed to extend it up to the branch where the kitten was sitting and meowing. I stepped back and let Jessica climb up a couple of steps when her mother said, "You better hold it for her. I wouldn't want her to get hurt." I held the ladder and started to watch her climb.

Soon her skirt line was just above my head and I had a clear and close look at her dingy white panties just inches from my face. Her mother Gabrielle said, "Jessica you could have worn clean panties. You never know who will be looking up your skirt." Jessica looked down and replied, "These are clean. Remember when you accidentally bleached my gray ones? Well these are it." She then smiled at me and asked, "You don't mind, do you?

I can change them for you if you like." It seemed as if she had expected me to look up her panties all along so I smiled up at her and said, "No, they are fine.

I like the view." She got to the top and cuddled the kitten in her arms, and then she looked around as though she didn't know how to get back down with her arms full.

Gabrielle said, "I'll come up and help you. That way he can look up my skirt too. He might even like the view better." Jessica called down, "Only because you won't let me wear thong panties and you have more pubic hair than I do." Gabrielle just smiled at me and climbed up high enough so that I could see up her skirt.

She used one hand to hold onto the ladder while she used the other hand to lift the back of her pleated skirt. She was indeed wearing thong panties only the G-string kind with a tiny thread running up the crack of her fine ass and barely any material covering her pussy from what I could see.

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Oh yes, I could see a very nice patch of pubic hair to match the reddish hair on her head. I keep watching her ass as she climbed up that ladder, retrieved the kitten from her daughter, and then came down the ladder.

When she got her skirt right in front of my face, she turned around, and then she lifted the front of her skirt up for me. I had seen postage stamps that were bigger than the tiny patch of material that was covering her clit.

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Jessica came down the ladder and did the same thing to me. Although her panties were larger and covered more I could clearly see that a wet spot had formed right at the lower part of her slit. She was excited and she wasn't the only one either. My jogging shorts had a very distinct tent pole sticking straight out. Gabrielle said, "After you put the ladder away, come in the house please." I knocked on the back door and Jessica was right there to let me in.

Gabrielle said, "For being so nice and helping out two damsels in distress we wish to reward you. You may have our panties if you take them off yourself." Jessica added, "Using only your lips and teeth." Then she giggled like the little schoolgirl that she was.

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It turned out that Jessica was just thirteen years old while her mother was thirty-five and divorced. What man in his right mind would leave Gabrielle?


Apparently he had a thing for older women, like his grandmother's age. Jerk! I was forty and found Gabrielle irresistible.

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For some unknown reason I decided to start with Jessica. I stood before her, then I knelt at her feet, and finally I sat back on my legs to lower my face to her crotch. I pulled her closer causing her to spread her feet out to the sides of my legs. I lifted her skirt and pushed my nose into her panty-covered pussy. She smelled like I would have expected any sexually excited woman to smell.

She had a full hearty musky aroma, which filled my nostrils and caused my brain to go into overload. I kissed her pussy mound before I moved my lips to the side to find a place to grab onto with my teeth.

I gave it a little tug but stopped. I was certainly in no hurry to let that teenager out of my hands. I went from side to side to side, I tugged here and I tugged there, and I kept kissing and smelling of her the whole time. When I finally exposed that peach fur covered pussy I pushed her onto the very edge of a chair and pulled those panties off with my hands, I spread her legs, and then I thrust my tongue into her.

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Jessica said, "He cheated Mommy, he used his hands." Gabrielle said, "Then you should punish him. Make him give you three orgasms with just his tongue and lips." Jessica asked, "But what if I want more than three?" Gabrielle said, "Then you'll just have to wait until he is done making love to me." Jessica asked, "Why do you get to make love to him first?" Gabrielle replied, "Because I'm your mother, because I'm older, and because I can't wait to get that wonderful cock of his inside me…that's why." Upon hearing all of that I stopped eating Jessica's pussy, I pulled Gabrielle's panties off, and then I positioned her under her daughter's chair.

I then shoved my cock into her hot box and went back to eating Jessica. It took place so quickly that no one complained and I had the best of both worlds. I had my hard throbbing cock in the sexiest woman that I had ever met and I was eating out the sexiest teenager that I had ever met.

I was in heaven. I lost track of who accomplished what but I do know that Jessica received her three orgasms, Gabrielle received at least two, and of course I climaxed at least once and it was a good one too. I had stayed rock hard the whole time, Gabrielle's pussy was sloppy wet so the feeling was slightly depreciated, and of course eating out Jessica's wonderful pussy kept me completely distracted.

When I did finally cum I felt like I had drained every drop of moisture from my body. I had seen horror movies where guys were drained of all their bodily fluids and looked like an empty leather skin held out by bones, I felt like that. The three of us could not function for a good fifteen minutes then I cuddled both girls to me and held on tight. I wasn't about to let either one of them get away. Gabrielle said, "He cheated Jessica, he used his hands." Jessica said, "Then you should punish him.


Make him do it again." Oh, I was going to do it again all right. I married Gabrielle, I adopted Jessica, and then I made love to both of my girls for years afterwards. I treated that kitten like a queen.

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She was well fed, she had regular visits to the vet, and she lived to a ripe old age. Jessica's daughters got to play with it too. Funny, but she never did climb up into that tree again. The End Kitten In Tree 524