Hot ex wife knows how to tease

Hot ex wife knows how to tease
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I had long since graduated from high school, but my fantasy of one teacher lived on. My. Jared Little. He was one of those teachers who really cared about you. You know the type. We used to tease each other in the halls - I'd call him a nerd, he'd call me a slacker. We had inside jokes together. We were more than just teacher and student, we were friends. And friends we stayed after graduation. We went to the same gym and had mutual friends so we would hang out a lot.

I continued volunteering at my school after I had graduated which only brought us closer together. One afternoon we had scheduled a meeting to plan a talent show to raise money for the school's new football field.

He had a prep between first and lunch and I was to meet him in his classroom. As always, he was late. but I patiently waited, as this had been common in the past. Before leaving the house I was sure to wear my most revealing top and a skirt that left little to the imagination.

Finally he arrived, apologizing for his tardiness.

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I assured him it was no problem. Mr. Little had brought his guitar, of course - he was practised in the arts. Figures, the hottest teacher at school is also a musician.

He wanted to play a song he would be doing at the talent show. Always eager to listen to him sing, I obliged and sat on one of the desks in the room.

I hummed along with him as he played. He really was gorgeous. His piercing blue eyes and his seductive voice. At one point during the song we were interrupted by a student who had been looking for his backpack.

After the student left, Mr. Little locked the door.

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"No more interruptions," he said, as he closed the door behind him. "Do you have any other songs you'd like to sing to me, Jared?" I asked, leaning forward so that my cleavage was right in his sight-line. I saw him glance at my chest.

He blushed sweetly, and looked away. "It's hot in here," he claimed. "Don't you find it hot in here?" "Not yet," I replied, "but we might be able to solve that problem." Again, Mr.

Little blushed. "Can I tell you something, Jared?" I asked. "Anything, Rachel," he replied. "I always had a crush on you when I was a student here. I thought you were the sexiest teacher at this school." "Really?

You say that as if you don't think so anymore," he teased. "Are you positive that door is locked, Jared?" "Positive." I leaned forward again and grabbed his tie to pull him closer to me. "Would you like to know a little fantasy of mine, Mr. Little?" "I think I have an inkling of what it might be, if it's anything like the one I have." he grinned. I pulled him so close that he was practically on top of me. I was sitting on the desk; he was standing with his hands on either side of me.

Our lips finally met: It was bliss. He kissed me as I had always imagined he would. His lips were soft and his tongue was curious. He let out a small breath as we parted. His blue eyes looked deep into mine. "I always knew there was something between us, Rachel," he said. "Well let's try to remove as much of it as possible," I teased. He laughed. That gorgeous smile that had paralyzed me during every class he taught.

To make him laugh was my constant goal. I slowly unbuttoned the top of his pants as he quickly unbuttoned by blouse, revealing my bare chest. His erection was released into my grip. I began running my fingers up and down his penis.

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He was bigger than I had imagined and I could not wait to feel him inside me. I could see him grin at the hungry look that fell over my face as I realized his grandeur. "Jared, I don't think I'll be able to wait very long before I go crazy without you in me," I gasped.

"You are huge." Again, I saw him blush at my compliment, but he ignored my request as he kissed my neck gently. He left a trail of kisses as he moved from my neck, to my collar, to my breast and finally to my nipple which he teased delightfully.

"I'm serious," I groaned. "Please, Jared. Take me now." "On one condition, Rachel." "Anything." "Call me Mr. Little. as if you're still a student here." It's as if the man could read my mind. All those years we spent together here we had been thinking the same thing. I thought of every meeting we had where we were alone and I cringed at the fact that I could have had this joy sooner.

Jared slid his hands under me and lifted me slightly as he re-positioned me so that I was standing. He cupped my breasts warmly and closed his eyes. I knew he couldn't wait much longer either, but he resisted - determined to enjoy every passing second of our encounter.

He slid my skirt off, followed by my underwear. I saw him smile at the fact that I was groomed-to-perfection. He ran his hand down my stomach and slid two fingers into me. "You're so wet," he exclaimed, "you're going to feel so good." "Then stop making me wait!


Please, Mr. Little. I need you now," I begged. He pulled his shirt over his head revealing his gorgeous body. He was tanned and glistening with sweat. I knew he wanted me badly. I couldn't help but touch his abs.

Every dream I had ever had about Jared couldn't compare to this moment. It was better than anything I could ever have imagined. Jared lifted me up and slid me on to his cock. As wet as I was, my cunt still had a tough time fitting him inside, but eventually he had filled me in the most wonderful way. I gasped as he entered me completely. "Are you okay?" he asked.

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"I'm not hurting you, am I?" "Only in the best way possible," I replied. "I don't mind a bit of pain for pleasure." He lifted me up and down his shaft a couple times before carrying me to the nearest wall.

Using his strong abdomen, he pushed me up against it, holding me up with nothing but his dick. He took my arms, pinned them above me and kissed me greedily. I was under his complete control. Even if I had wanted to get away, he had me trapped. "How's that?" He asked. "Harder," I replied.

He penetrated me again and again, going deeper and deeper with every thrust. I felt an orgasm coming - I knew it would be one of many. "Mr. Little! Oh God, Jared! Fuck me!" I cried. My body convulsed as I came for the first time.

He let my arms fall around his neck as I collapsed into his embrace. I could barely move but I was not nearly ready to be finished and I could tell he was not finished with me. He carried me over to his desk and lied me down. He climbed on top of me. "Are you ready for more, Rachel?" "Yes, please." He entered me again, easier this time. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before.

Tiny beads of sweat were dripping down his perfect body. I could feel every pulsating inch of his penis inside me. His shaft continuously gliding perfectly on my clit. I knew I was going to come again but I wanted to wait for him. I ran my hands over his body and grabbed his ass to push him further into me, even when I was sure it wasn't possible. I could tell he liked my touch because he moaned with ecstasy at my grip. "You are so good, baby," he said.

"I hope this isn't a one-time thing." "It better not be!" I cried, "sex will never be the same after this. Everything will seem so below-average," I laughed.

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Jared laughed too. "You're even funny when I'm fucking your brains out. How are you this perfect?" "Don't stop, Mr. Little. Please don't stop," I moaned. I was on the brink of orgasm again and Jared could tell. He began thrusting faster and faster. I could feel him more now than ever - pulsating inside me. I knew I couldn't hold on any longer and I cried out with relief as I came again. A few thrusts later and Jared had cum inside me. It felt so warm and so good - I never wanted him to stop.

He stayed in me for as long as he could. His body twitched as he pulled out.


His semen dripped out of me. I was completely relaxed in every way. I sat upright on the table and stared at him as he put his clothes back on. "You are amazing, Jared," I told him. He blushed as only Jared could. He waled over to me and placed his hand on my face. He brushed my hair behind my ear and kissed me passionately. "This isn't over, Rachel.

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This will happen again, I promise." "Nothing could make me happier, Mr. Little." As I was putting my clothes back on and ready to leave - I purposely forgot to put my underwear back on. I slipped them into the drawer of his desk. I smiled at him as I turned toward the door, bending over to pick up my bag before leaving. "You dirty little girl!" he teased, "Where did you put those?" "Guess you'll just have to find them," I laughed.

"Next time it's detention, young lady," he said, sternly. "I look forward to it, Mr. Little." I walked out of the room, being sure to sway my hips as much as I could. I could feel his horny gaze follow me out the door, down the hallway, and into the street.