Busty blonde teen u0026 big runde Arsch Teen unter einer Dusche

Busty blonde teen u0026 big runde Arsch Teen unter einer Dusche
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10 Billion Dollar Blowjob Ch 2 Original story by Frankel My cheerleaders turned up at 10 p.m right on time. They were the last of the girls I'd booked myself before the agency had taken over the bookings. They were blonde, with massive natural tits and lips that just made you ache to fuck them. I decided to waive my 1000 dollar fee and let these two babes suck me off for free but I had made some plans in the meantime to make things more interesting.

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Of course the agency had booked a girl for me as well and she turned up a few minutes later. She was a 22 year old nurse equally busty and beautiful, in a tight short nurse's uniform, and she was entirely pissed off when she found the cheerleaders were staying the night as well. "It cost me a thousand bucks to get my go," she said.

"It's my one chance to win the 10 billion dollars and I have to share it with these two!" "Take it or leave it, bitch," I said. A few days ago I would have given both legs just to touch her tits but now I had so many girls wanting to blow me I could afford to be picky. If you haven't read part 1 of my story you'll be wondering why - all I can say is you should go and read it because I've got better things to do than waste time explaining it all again. My young nurse decided to take it and I showed her and the cheerleaders into my bedroom, where I had spent a few hours preparing something special for my first overnight guests.

I'd hooked up a series of ropes and pullies to the ceiling which I intended to suspend my guests from. Without asking their opinion I quickly attached a rope around each girl's legs. "What are you doing?!" the nurse asked when I finished tying the cheerleaders' legs together and moved to her.

"This is supposed to be just a blowjob and it is meant to be just me." Without responding I wrapped the rope around her legs and pulled it tight so she couldn't move.

I then stood and pulled her arms behind her back and tied them together tightly before moving in front of her and ripping open her nurse's uniform to reveal her fantastic bouncy yet firm breasts. I slapped them twice and moved to tie up the more compliant cheerleaders' arms while the nurse bitched about this not being what she was told would happen. "Every time you bitch I deduct points," I told her.

"That ten billion is slipping away from you fast." She fell quiet and dropped her gaze, the reminder of what was at stake bringing out her submissive side. Then I revealed what was really at play for these bed time guests. Starting with the nurse I pulled down on the rope binding her legs which was connected to a pulley.

At once she fell to the floor, then as I pulled harder, she turned upside down and rose into the air until her feet were a foot from the ceiling and her upside down head level with my cock. "Oh fuck," she screamed. Even the cheerleaders were nervous now but not in a position to do much as I raised them up into a similar position, the three women now forming an upside down cocksuckers triangle.

The cheerleaders mini-skirts flipped over to reveal their bare pussies and arses and I tore off their tops allowing their big tits to bounce free towards their faces. I moved into the space between them and pushed on them in turn so that they swung back and forth in front of me.

I took out my cock and, grabbing the nurse's head, I stopped her swinging and forced my dick into her mouth as she opened it to complain some more. With one hand gripping her hair I started to fuck her poor mouth as she moaned in protest at my cock's invasion of her throat. With my other hand I pushed out at both cheerleaders causing them to swing back and forth, crashing into each other and their tits swinging as they collided.

I held my dick deep in the nurse's mouth as she tried to buck and squirm out of my grip, but was powerless to break free as my cock blocked her breathing and gagged her. The cheerleaders were getting scared now too as they saw the nurse gagging on my cock and knew that soon that would be them.

The younger one started to cry as she swung back and forth and I knew then it was her turn. I released the nurse and discarded her by pushing her as far back as she would go and then letting her swing into the cheerleaders, her body crashing into them and their prominent tits squashing together.

"I've changed my." was all the younger cheerleader had time to say before my cock filled her mouth. The nurse and the other cheerleader came to rest against either side of my arse. I started to swing my hips, thrusting my dick into the barely legal cheerleader's throat, gagging her with each thrust. "Kiss my arse, bitches," I said to the others, and reluctantly they began to kiss by buttocks as drool drained from the cheerleader's upside down head as I mercilessly fucked her mouth.

Her mouth and throat were so small and wet that it was constant and pure pleasure for me as I throat fucked her but undoubtedly an unending agony for her as she fought for half an hour to keep from throwing up. Finally I decided to unload in her mouth and pushed myself all the way into her throat and let the cum burst into her mouth as she squirmed and tried to get away while the nurse and older cheerleader licked their now dry and exhausted tongues over my arse cheeks.

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I stayed inside her throat until she had swallowed the entire load then pulled out and rubbed my softening cock over her spit and tear stained face.

"Can you let us down now?" said the nurse. I groped the nurse's amazing tits in my hand and let my cock dangle in front of her face until she got the hint and began to lick it, her dehydrated tongue moistening as it collected the slimy mixture left behind by the young cheerleader. "I'm going to sleep now," I said.

The nurse and cheerleaders looked up at me hopefully, thinking I would let them down but instead I pushed my bed underneath them. I then climbed onto the bed and took their long hair and tied them together so that their heads were linked in a tight triangle with only a small space between them.

I then raised them up with the ropes and slid my waist down underneath their heads before lowering them back down, my cock now filling the space between their three upside down mouths.

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"While I sleep you girls suck," I said. "I expect to have a few wet dreams tonight." "No," said the nurse. "Let us down. We'll die if we are upside down all night. How can you even judge our blowjobs if you're asleep?" "I can let you down right now," I said.

"But I can also promise you get jack shit if I do. I like a woman with spirit so I was going to rate you pretty well, maybe even winning, but if you fight too much, well I can't make you the winner if you never really blow me can I?" To tell the truth I hate a woman with spirit but I knew I was in danger of having her back out and I really wanted her to taste my cum.

Until you get the power of money that I had you will always underestimate how much power it gives you. Even I was surprised when all three girls, bound and hanging upside down, began to lick my dick together.

Because you are not me you will never know just how good it feels to have three young women licking your cock together while hanging upside down over your bed. I got hard again immediately as my cock was quickly covered with their saliva.

The girls seemed to be almost fighting with each other as they fought to be the girl who had the head of my cock in their mouth. I realised they must have thought this would get them rated higher if they were the one sucking the head of my cock.

"Christ they are stupid," I thought.

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"As if I'll even remember them a year from now." All three of them started to moan as if sucking and licking my cock was some kind of a turn on for them. "Straight out of pornstar 101," I thought.


"But I'm not complaining." The nurse had moved from biggest whinger to most desperate cocksucker, bobbing her head up and down over the head of my cock while the two cheerleaders licked either side of my ballsack.

I couldn't hold out against the incredible tension of the nurse's lips around my cock and started to thrust in time with her head as my explosion built.

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"Swallow it, you dirty whore," I said and my cum burst out of my cock, a small load after so many others that day but still enough to make the poor girl wince as she swallowed. I closed my eyes and felt the three tongues continue to lick over my softening shaft and balls as I drifted off to sleep.

Truth be known I actually didn't have any wet dreams that night. I think my balls were so drained by this stage they just wanted some time off as well.

The poor girls did as they were told though. I woke up a few times in the night to find their tongues still licking in a desperately tired kind of way around my disinterested cock. But I would then drift back off to sleep for a while and finally woke in the morning to the sound of my doorbell ringing and the driest tongues I had ever felt still lapping at my now hardening cock. I realised the person at the door was my morning blowjob and decided I felt like some fresh meat so I raised up the deathly tired trio and slipped out of the room, leaving them swaying upside down.

When I opened the door my heart very nearly stopped and strangely my cock softened. There was the most beautiful girl I would ever see.


She had the deepest brown eyes and straight black hair with a smile that went straight to your heart. There was no way I could facefuck this girl. She was someone you either loved or worshipped and most likely both. Don't get me wrong, I would love to get a blowjob from her but nothing brutal. What I had done with these other girls was almost like a game to me because I didn't care about them. But within a second of seeing this girl I knew I would never be able to do anything to hurt her or make her upset.

"Are you my morning girl?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "But I need to talk with you first. I don't want to do anything until I've discussed something with you first." "OK," I said. "Sure." I suddenly realised I was naked. It had already become so normal to have my cock out in front of a girl's face that I was forgetting it wasn't normal. But now in front of this angel I rediscovered my modesty and, letting her in, quickly raced to my bedroom and threw on some clothes.

"Can you let us down now?" asked the nurse groggily. I was about to relent when my morning date opened the door. To my amazement she smiled when she saw the upside down women, tied together by their hair and bound arms and legs. "Perfect," she said. "Just perfect." She looked back to me and said, "I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lisa. I think you are going to like what I have to say. Leave these girls up there for a while. Looks to me they don't deserve to come back down yet." She turned and walked away and I could only follow, my heart already turning into a slave to this beautiful creature.

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When I got into the lounge room she got straight down on her knees and pulled down my tracksuit pants. My cock quickly stiffened as she licked it and then teasingly left it by her mouth as she spoke. "First thing I have to say is that I am not after the money. Well not all of the money. I did some calculations and worked out I only need five million dollars to live happily for the rest of my life.

If you vote for me I will write up an agreement where I give you back the other 9,995,000,000." And I didn't even have to ask if she was serious. This girl was no liar and I knew it. "I'll still suck your cock, because I want to, and I won't tell a soul about our agreement so you'll still get a year of paid blowjobs." "You'll make girls blow me even though they can't possibly win?" I asked. "Why?" "Because I hate women," she said. "All my life I have suffered at the hands of other women.

Bitchy women who are jealous of me. I have an effect on men, I know that, but I can't help it. Women have always hated me though I've never done anything wrong.

I've always been bullied, socially isolated, sneered at and called names. I've never had a female friend." She sucked my cock down to the back of her throat, and at once I saw she was perfect in every way.

No wonder women hated her. I would have left any girl just to get near her. "With 5 million I never have to worry about anything and I get to know that all those little bitches who made my life hell are suffering for no reason at all.

Myself, I love giving head. Men have always loved me too and I do it because I want to love them back. Nothing could be funnier to me than seeing girls tied up like they were in your bedroom thinking they can get their hands on the money when in fact it will be almost all yours with a little bit left for me to live a comfortable life." "I thought Mr Potter was clever," I said.

"But you are a true genius." "Have we a deal?" she asked licking my balls softly. "Damn right we do," I said. "Good," she said, and stood up and took me by the hand. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Come on," she said smiling. "I want to blow you in front of those tied up chicks. When I suck you tell me I'm better at it than them. I want them to know they've been tied up and facefucked for nothing. How long did you have them like that for anyway?" "All night," I said.

She burst out laughing. "You are the genius," she said. "I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship." She led me down the hallway into my bedroom where the three women were hung.

"For fuck's sake let us go," said the nurse. "Oh relax," said Lisa. "He can't help it if you overstayed your booking. Once I've sucked his cock he'll let you go." And with that she dropped to her knees in front of me, quickly removing her grey jumper to reveal the most magnificent breasts I would ever see. This time she wasted no time in putting my cock straight into her mouth and sucking, her deep brown eyes staring up at me as her lips wrapped tightly around my cock.

For ten billion dollars no other woman so far had got close to giving me the kind of pleasure that this woman gave me for the promise of 5 million. Her mouth was warm and wet and her tongue flicked over the head so fast I couldn't help but cry out. She quickly developed a rhythm to her sucking, her head shooting back and forth rapidly yet her eyes never left mine and the smile never left her face.

"Oh Christ," I said. "We have a winner already." "What the fuck!" screamed the nurse. "We sucked your limp dick all fucking night and this bitch sucks it for a second and she is your favourite. You fucking son of a bitch!" "If you spent a little less time complaining you might have learnt how to suck cock properly," I said. The three girls hanging from my ceiling were seething with anger but I couldn't care less.

The most beautiful woman I had ever seen was on her knees before me and my cock felt like it had arrived in heaven. I took her head in my hands but this time not to force her.

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This time I stroked her hair as her head bobbed up and down, letting her set her own pace as she seemed to have an instinct about how to make it as good as possible. "Oh God, you are the best," I said. "No one ever sucked cock like you before!" And it was true. I knew why she had trouble with women. Women could be very jealous and she was perfect in every way.

To men she was perfection but to women she was competition and competition they could not hope to beat. Instead they would try and destroy her, to bully and isolate her until she broke.

She had clearly had this from them all her life and I was her ultimate payback. Every gold digger was after me but she got there first with a better plan, better body, better blowjob. And deep down she was a better person.

She took my cock out of her mouth just long enough to say, "Oh please give me your cum, show these girls how much I turn you on. Show them how a girl is supposed to take it." Then she put me back in her mouth and as if they had heard her words my balls grew tight and my orgasm built so fast and hard that I had to grip her hair to keep from falling over.

"I'm cumming," I said and she looked up at me and smiled through her eyes as my cum shot into her mouth. She moaned in genuine delight as her mouth was flooded, opening her mouth as I withdrew and showing me the cum on her tongue.

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Lisa crawled on to the bed and untied the suspended girls' hair and forced her way in between them. The nurse tried to turn her head away but Lisa forced her cum covered tongue into the nurse's mouth and let the cum drip into the nurse's reluctant mouth. Typically the nurse winced at the taste.

"Go on bitch," said Lisa. "Share it." Lisa forced the nurses face into the cheerleaders' faces and the nurse was forced to either swallow or spit the cum into the other girls' faces. She chose to spit and my cum was soon dripping from the cheerleaders' faces. Lisa then licked it off their faces and swallowed it herself as if reluctant to waste it on them.

"The girl who swallows gets the points," Lisa said. "Too bad for you." At last Lisa and I decided to untie the girls and we let them fall roughly onto the bed and untied their hands.

"How about we go out for breakfast," said Lisa. "My treat." "I think I'll love you until I die," I blurted out.

"Of course you will," she said. She led me down the hall as the other girls scrambled back into their uniforms, struggling to find their feet after so many hours suspended from the ceiling. "What are you doing for the rest of the day?" I asked as we reached the lounge. "Having breakfast with you. After that who knows." "I've got new girls every four hours," I said. "Want to give me a hand with them?

I thought you might enjoy tormenting them." "I thought you would never ask," she said smiling. "You and I will make one hell of a team!" And just for fun she knelt down and kissed my cock through my pants. "But I'm your girl now," she said. "So I don't pay for this now, do I?" "Only 9,995,000,000 dollars," I said.

She continued smiling. "Cheap at the price," she said. She took out my cock and began sucking as the nurse and cheerleaders staggered out the door. "I'll let you know how you went later," I called out to them as my cock couldn't help but grow hard in Lisa's mouth again. "Feel free to make another booking." Strangely I never heard from them again.