Straight men with long hair fucking men gay Tony was very nervous

Straight men with long hair fucking men gay Tony was very nervous
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I went on a trip to Si Lanka recently with my husband. He is interested in fishing so I spend alot of time alone. I always used to sit around the hotel and pool,but I decided to start having walks on the beach and in the town.

I passed a hut with a corrugated tin roof and a small, thin,wiry man ran out he was older than me, its difficult to say but maybe late 50's or so.


He was wearing one of those skirt type things and a grubby vest. He called " Ah sister you are tense. You are letting me give nice massage" In the past I would have smiled and kept walking,but I walked back towards him.

He took me into the shack and it was very dark at first. He put a threadbare towel on a wooden shelf and went into patter about good price. I had my bikini under my dress and kept it on as I laid on my front side. The man got coconut oil and massaged my shoulders,back and legs. He was small and very thin ,but he had strong fingers and hands. He asked me to turn over and I saw that his vest and lunghi had gone and he was only wearing a loose,cotton,loincloth with string ties at the sides.

He massaged the front of my thighs and my stomach. He said "I get sister very relaxed and do full massage ok" I felt his hands slide behind me and he had unfastened my bikini top. His hands immediately moved to my breasts and he was squeezing them.

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He was breathing very loudly and kept saying almost to himself beautiful boobs,beautiful boobs sister" I looked and saw he was in a state of full sexual excitement, which aroused me tremendously. I knew what was next. He pulled my bikini bottoms down and his oily hands were sliding up my inner thighs then between them.

He was whispering " Sister oh yes sister. I moved my legs,parting them and he dropped the loin cloth. The next moment he was on top of me on the shelf and eagerly penetrated me. With all the oil he pushed in quickly and easily. He was quite big despite his small frame.

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I felt his tip sliding over my cervix and had an orgasm almost immediately. He was very excited, moaning and gasping. I t probably lasted less than a minute,then he pushed extra deeply and was jerking. I knew he was ejaculating and orgasmed again very intensely. Afterwards I was shocked at myself but did not feel any guilt which surprised me. The following day it rained and my husband spent the day reading and swimming whils I had a spa day at the hotel to pass the time.

The next day dawned sunny and lovely. My husband was booked on a boat tio go deep water fishing and set off early. I knew he would be back late and I had a strong urge to have sex.

I had butterflies fluttering in my tummy because the Tamil men were so forward in their approach. I dont thing they are more sexual its just their culture. The young men are rarely alone with girls without being chaperoned and the married women would never get in the situation of being alone with men for fear of the gossip and stigma.

The men have a pre conceived idea from tv, films and books that European women are sexually "easy" and of course like any man they enjoy something different. I set off walking a different road that day., It was fairly crowded and I was approached by very dark,smiling men trying to sell everything from coconut milk fresh from shell to trinkets,ornaments and bracelets.

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The road was paved but after a while I turned onto a track of hard packed, sand with shacks each side. After a while some men approached asking if I was lost. As is usual there was the barrage of questions about my name which they pronounced Alan instead of Elaine.

I instantly knew what was coming next by their body language and quieter tones. "Come with us pretty English lady.

We go quiet place.

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We make sexy with with you" I smiled and carried on walking for a while as their talk got more sexual. I allowed them to lead me off the side of the track and towards a stand of coconut palms. There were fishing nets hanging from the trees and a small wooden hut with a corrugated iron roof in the shade of the trees. The men brought a plastic jug of frothy liquid and one said " This is toddy my sexy.


We make from coconut. Very good,feel nice" I drank a few mouthfuls. It wasn't the most attractive taste but it was cool and after drinking more I felt relaxed and a feeling of tipsy well being took over. Three of the older men were sitting very close now and the younger men were watching from a few feet away. I felt a hand on my leg above the knee and when I didn't react or shout the men got bolder, touching and squeezing.

In the corner of my eye I saw a man carrying coconut fronds into the hut and knew it was for a covering on the floor. Two men stood up and holding one hand each, pulled me to my feet.

They pulled me firmly and insistently to towards the dark doorway of the tiny hut and one was saying "We make much sexy with you now pretty English Alan OK " ? One put his hand on top of my head so I would not bump it as I went through the entrance and then I was sitting on coconut palm leaves on the floor of the hut There was only room for two men as well as me and I suddenly could see other faces at the doorway, crowding to see in.

Then there were dark, strong,fingers touching unfastening,squeezing,stroking, as my sarong and underwear were swiftly removed. A man called Srihan was over me quickly,his loin cloth already discarded.

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I felt his erect swollen penis brush my thigh as he moved on top of me. There was no foreplay to speak of. I was lubricated already and it made it easy for Srihan to nudge the pulsing tip of his penis between my legs and he penetrated me, sliding deeply with a firm push. Then with the murmer of the other mens voices and quiet laughter, I was having unrestrained,wild sex with this dark,wiry man,allowing him to have sex without contraceptive protection.

It was obvious from the previous experience with the masseur,that these Sri Lankan men were eager and initially it was about making sure they had a female quickly and got the job done. It was fast but as The man thrust deep into my vagina,his pubic bone banged against my clitoris and I opened my legs wider.


I could feel him deep against my cervix and after a few minutes he made a grunting sound and I felt his warm seed squirting and jetting inside me. His pelvis was grinding against mine and his wiry, black.pubic hair was rasping against my clit.

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I came like warm,powerful,river immediately. Srihan moved off me and there was a brief episode of pushing and squabbling.

Then a mn with long hair and a grey,black beard was on top of me. His penis was jabbing till he found my opening,tghen he slid inside me,stretching my vagina. His mouth was against my ear.

" I have many children. I am making baby in you now English woman. You are wanting to make baby. Yes" ?

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I hesitated for a moment then gave the tiniest nod, but he felt it. He was panting and thrusting rapidly. "Here is good baby seed to you" and he thrust more deeply,then he was ejaculating into me. The next and the next took his place and I got int a crazy,lustful, rythmn. I left myself and felt myself floating,hearing myself urging the men sometimes sobbing or crying out as the took me over and over.

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