Petite blonde teen first anal the olympic interchange

Petite blonde teen first anal the olympic interchange
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I'm wearing a black lace basque. One that shows a lot of cleavage and pushes my boobs up. My underwear are pure lace, allowing a view of my slit. It's a thong so 3/4 of my big bubble ass is showing.

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I have black thigh highs on, the type that have lace at the top. I have chunky heels on to finish the ensemble.

I step into the room and you're just sitting there in a wooden chair. You're naked. I walk over to you and straddle you, grinding my soft undies against your cock. I lean down and kiss you passionately, our tongues fighting with each other. My hands run down your arms and find your wrists. I grab them and tie them up behind you, not allowing any movement. I give you a kiss on your adam's apple and step back.

I kneel down and kiss your stomach, making sure I don't touch your beautiful cock. I lick around, flattening my tongue and using long soft licks.

I lean back and sit on my heels, looking up at you with a sexy grin. I run my fingers up your legs, lightly tickling. Reaching your balls I gently caress them and use my nails to scrape against them. I lean down and take the tip in my mouth, sucking hard and pulling softly.

My tongue swirls around in circles, flattening over the top every once in a while. One of my hands grab hold of the base and twist as I start to slowly jack you off. I take more of you in my mouth, sucking hard and using my tongue against the bottom.

I move my hand and quickly deep throat you, clenching for a second before releasing and pulling away from you completely.


I untie your hands and put one inside my undies, making you feel how wet I am. Then I make you get down on all fours on the bed.

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I bring your wrists together and tie them to the bed, making sure you can't move them anywhere. I kiss you deep and hard and then release you. Your ass is in the air and I crawl over to it, kneeling right behind you. My arms wrap around your legs and my hands find your nice hard cock.

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This position puts my face right at your ass and I start to place kisses on both sides of your crack. My tongue sweeps in and runs a long line from the top to the bottom. My hand is jacking you off, twisting as it goes up and down, my other hand playing with your balls. My tongue enters your ass in a deep thrust, filling up your hole, while at the same time my hand gives a sharp jerk. Slowly your asshole is filled with my tongue fucking it.going in and out, slowly, tortuously.

I remove my hands and tongue and switch places. I push one finger in and out while I deep throat your cock. The muscles in my throat constrict and release in a series of short bursts. I slowly add another finger, pushing in deep and slowly pulling out. Suddenly I stop everything. I untie you and flip you over. I tie each wrist to an opposite corner and prop you up slightly.

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I get off the bed and start to strip. First I undo the garters, then slowly lower the basque off of my body. As my boobs pop out I start to play with my nipples and moan. I do this until they become hard and then slowly I slip out of the basque. I'm now standing there in nothing but my thong, shoes, and thigh highs. I stick my hand inside my underwear and scoop out some of the juices, bringing them up to my mouth and sucking them off my fingers.

I moan in delight from the taste. My thumbs hook into my underwear and I turn around and bend over as I slowly pull them off my ass.

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I step out of them and wiggle my bubble butt at you. Then I slowly turn around.

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I get up on the bed and crawl towards you, straddling you once I reach that gorgeous cock. I grind my hot, wet, pussy against you as I lean down and kiss you.

My hard nipples rub against your chest and I moan in your mouth. I sit up and grab your cock, not being able to wait any longer.


With one deep hard thrust I take all of you inside of me. You fill me up and I scream as my pussy tightens around you. Slowly I go up and down and rock my hips in a circular motion. I lean back down and kiss your warm lips, your jaw, and down your neck.

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I place a long wet kiss right at the base of your neck as I continue to slowly fuck you. I kiss your chest and work my way back up to your lips, grabbing tight hold of your hair as I do.

I come to shuddering orgasm and all of my muscles tighten on you as I scream into your mouth. As I come down off of my high I slowly lift off of you.

I give you one final kiss as I turn around with my back towards you. I place your cock at the hole of my ass and you enter me in one stroke. My ass tightens because of the sudden intrusion and I moan in pleasure. I start to slide up and down and my pussy drips its juices between us. I take one hand and scoop some onto my fingers. One of my fingers enter your asshole and I start to push in slowly. My hips roll around as you enter me harder and faster. My finger starts to move in circles and I widen your hole while thrusting in and out.

My moans get louder and louder and I go faster and harder. A add a second finger, working them in a frenzy. My ass slaps against your hips as I tighten my muscles. "Cum with me baby!" I scream it out as I continue to slam my body into yours.

I pound away at your ass, twisting my fingers as I go. My other hand finds your balls and I massage them. I clench my ass as tight as I can, almost pushing you out of me from the pressure. I start to cum as I feel your hard, beautiful cock throb inside my tight ass. I let out a scream as I push a third finger into your ass all of a sudden and making you cum deep inside my ass.