Naughty brunette teen girl stroking dick

Naughty brunette teen girl stroking dick
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This story is a work of fiction even though my name suggests not.

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If any names are similar this is entirely coincidental and not deliberate. There is not a lot of erotic moments right at the beginning of the story but does build up to it.

The continuous parts will have more sex in them but this one is more of an intro to the whole story. The story is written in my perspective and the character is Noel but that isn't my real name but I use it for safety reasons.

================================================================ Ever since I was 16 I knew there was something 'different' about me. After sex ed classes in the first year of secondary school puberty hit me like a train. I may was a small boy just under 4ft 11 but after the summer break things changed. In the first couple of weeks my legs and arms started growing longer and more toned as I was constantly at the gym for Rugby training.

My hair bleached in the sun over time to a dirty blonde shade form dark brown. After the rest of the holiday sped past I realised that I had grown in height as I stood a proud 5ft 4. Whilst turning 17 during the break that was the same time I became interested in girls. My first crush, Natalie Smith an extraordinarily beautiful girl in most of my classes. She used to sit next to me in geography and I could feel both of us getting along very well.

I never did pick up the courage to ask her out on a date though. Unfortunately when I did I was too late and she went with some 'dude' two years older than her. So that caused my first heartbreak. Fortunately for me I had the rest of the year sitting next to her and slowly getting over it.

Eventually the year finished and I could relish the 6 weeks off school and concentrate on rugby for my team and hit the gym even more. By the time I had reached 18 I had discovered masturbation and had my spare time gone. Besides wanking all through the holidays I had managed to put on an impressive 20 pounds of muscle on and grown to 5ft 8 and looked like an average semi pro rugby teen. Along with my body growing and expanding I had found out that my dick was larger than average size at 5 inches flaccid and 8.5 inches erect, this brought a whole new level of confidence to me.

When I started the year it turned out that it wasn't just me crushing on people as I had received many secret admirers gifts and a lot of girls numbers.

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This is what led me to having my first 'official' girlfriend Molly Nichols. She was always the obvious choice for me. Standing at 5ft 5 and filling out nicely for a 18 year old ( she had one of those early birthdays so she was one of the oldest in the year.) We went on to have a successful relationship. When valentines day came around I had bought her a pandora bangle and she got me a new customised Leeds Rhinos training top.

She said that she has a special surprise for me after dinner so I wolfed down the chicken tetrazzini and waited patiently for her to finish her lobster. The taxi ride home was an eventful one where there was an awkward silence as all of the ideas of what sort of 'special surprise' she had lined up for me.

When we left the taxi I payed the driver and escorted Molly to the front door. "So is this where we say goodbye or is the special surprise arriving Mol" "You'll find out soon enough Noel, now get that door open so that we can get away from this terrible cold." Once I opened the door she pounced on me instantaneously and our lips interlocked as her body was slammed against mine as our tongues crept through each-others lips and we continued to make out for another 5 minutes.

"Woah, where did that come from. Now I'm guessing what my 'special surprise' may be." "Just sit down babe and enjoy the ride." With that she ripped down my jeans and underwear and gasped in shock and awe as she stared at my throbbing member in amazement as it stood profoundly from my stomach like a mast on a boat. "Fucking hell Noel where were you hiding that all this time. That thing could have my eye out." "I was going to tell you babe but I didn't know how to bring it up in conversation.

I do hope this doesn't ruin anything for my surprise." "No it doesn't babe but it just means that I may have to improvise a little bit though." And with that Molly started stroking her soft hands up and down my raging shaft making sure to squeeze the tip to get the precum out to help lubricate it and not rub it sore. I knew I wouldn't last long as her hands were so soft compared to mine but my vigorous wanking sessions could at least hold me on to 5 minutes until I started to feel that familiar feeling of the tingling sensation at the bottom of my balls.

"Babe I'm going to cum hurry unless you want a facial and a mess difficult to explain to your parents" "It's okay I planned for this, sort of, I just wasn't expecting something so big." With that she started stroking faster and when she started to feel me grow in hands she jumped up and placed her lips on my purple helmet and took my load down her throat but after 2 shots she started leaking out the sides but she seemed to have swallows the majority of it.

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"Holy shit Mols how did you swallow that much of it, even tissues can't hold it all." "I don't know, but you taste nice, not like what the other girls say how it just tastes like salt." "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen, now I'm going to have to repay the favour but we may have to take this to the bedroom as the couch has seen enough action and my parents could come back any minute from their dinner." As we both undressed and walked upstairs all I could do was just follow the sway of her arse as it was lovely and round and was swaying side to side with each step.

Not that I was complaining. Once we got to my bedroom Molly laid on the bed and it was the first time i had seen her completely naked as her skin had a faint layer of sweat covering it giving her a glow in the moonlight from my window.

Her two round perky tits proudly sitting on her chest which led down to her lovely flat toned stomach. Then her vagina, a neat sliver of trimmed hair like and arrow pointing down to her small lips which where evidently wet from our previous encounter downstairs. As I leant down to kiss her neck she shivered from the feeling of our naked bodies touching each-other. I went down from her lips to her tits, paying extra attention to both nipple which were as hard as diamond.

I kissed each breast softly to tease her. As I went down her body kissing her every time.

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I moved down until I reached her vagina. Her little nub clearly visible showing the state of arousal.


I slowly liked around her lips and clitorus. She shivered at every lick letting out moans of approval which have me a raging boner.

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As I started to eat her out she started to produce more juice from her pussy and I had started to jack myself off with my spare hand. When Molly did start to climax the sensations were too much for me as I spewed my seed across the floor and she started to buck under the pleasure she was receiving form my tongue and fingers.

"Oh shit Noel that was amazing I never knew it would be that good." "I know that was awesome for me as well making you cum like that even got myself off." We both heard the front door latch open and the sound of the squeaky hinges open and then we both froze in fear.

"We're home Noel are you upstairs?" "Yes, I'm up here with Molly I'll be down in a minute." In a flurry we both sprayed with deodorant on ourselves to hide the musky sex smell and then got dressed as quickly and as quietly as possible.

As we slowly trudged down the stairs my parents looked at us both with befuddled expressions and that's when me and Molly realised that both our faces were covered in a thin glaze of our juices and sweat.

This caused sudden blushes for us both which seemed to entertain my parents as they started to laugh quietly to themselves. "It's getting late Noel I think it may be time for Molly to go home." "Ok mum if you insist but can I at least thank her for the presents she gave me." "It looks like you've already thanked her enough son" "Funny, real funny old guy but I guess you're right.

It is getting late." When I checked my watch it was late almost midnight so me and Molly gave each-other a kiss then said our farewells and when she left I could see her natural glow she has when she smiles.

However I suddenly lost my smile when both my parents were smirking at me as I slowly crept up to bed and sleep thinking about what me and Molly have just done and how it brought our relationship to a whole new level. With that thought in my mind I drifted off into a blissful sleep.


Only to be awaken by my alarm clock at 6:00 o'clock. My daily routine started over again and I had another day of school to drag myself through.

======================================================================= All comments are welcome especially new ideas of how to continue. Since I am a new writer criticism will be acknowledged and will be taken on board. Thanks for reading and hope to see your comments.