Zwei Frauen gebunden und in der häuslichen geknebelt

Zwei Frauen gebunden und in der häuslichen geknebelt
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"First dates are always an adventure", Terra muttered as she put the finishing touches on her outfit. At 5'6, she wasn't tall or short, and she sure wasn't a skinny girl either. She had packed her double D's into a lacy black bra, which happened to match her panties. A denim, knee length skirt and what she referred to as her black hooker boots, were topped off by a daringly low cut black and white striped blouse.

Definately a shirt made for the top heavy. "Well damn, whore!" Leah, her roomate, walked in, lighting up a well rolled joint. "Xavier know what he got himself into?" Terra eyed her roomate. "Listen bitch, if that is my weed you're smoking, you need to hand me that!" "Fuck you!

We both went in on it!" "Which means we both smoke it!" "I rolled it!" "I think those are my papers too!" And so on and so on the argument went, as they passed the joint back and forth. Looking at them, you wouldn't know them for friends. Terra was a bit more goth, with pale white skin, dark crimson hair with bright red streaks, and a little cupid's bow mouth. Leah was pretty much a cheerleader-type. In fact, she was one of the blonde cheerleaders in high school. Tan and athletic, but somehow, Terra and Leah complemented each other.

A knock at the door interupted their bickering. Terra answered it, opening the door to see Xavier. Her heart sped up a little. She always did have a thing for Mexicans.

Xavier was 6 foot even, and leanly muscled. His goatee was well trimmed, and it extended in thin lines along his jawline.

He gave a little grin when he saw Terra. He always did have a thing for creamy white girls. Terra and Xavier had known each other for a few weeks, as they had both been in the same Sociology class. As he walked her to his car, a slightly beat up Corvette, he once again admired the displayed cleavage. Those shirts were probably the reason he'd noticed her so quick.

"So where are we going? you wouldn't tell me over the phone!" Terra asked as soon as they were both in the car. "I won't tell you now yet, either," he replied. "Trust me, you'll like this place." As they drove along, Terra decided she was quite pleased.

Xavier was absolutely delicious. In between shifting gears, he kept his hand on her leg, every now and again stroking his fingers ever so slightly. By the time they actually got where they were going, Terra had forgotten everything they had talked about on the ride over. All she could think about was caramel skin and full lips. Once they parked, Xavier decided to quit fooling around.


Reaching across the car, he grabbed Terra from behind the head, and pulled her toward him. When she was mere inches from his face he whispered "I think it's time for our first kiss." Their lips met, and he began stroking his lips against hers, teasing her until her tongue darted out, tracing the line of his mouth. Xavier groaned, the feel of her soft tongue causing him to tense, and harden, making his pants feel a size smaller. Then her hands came up to his neck, trailing down his chest, then back, feeling the strength of his pecs, then arms, then back to his chest again.

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It seemed she liked his chest as much as he liked hers. Reminded, he moved his hands from behind her head, running them down her back, then along the side of her breasts.

Terra moaned as Xavier's hands continued further. Eventually his big hands were cupping her, squeezing gently as his thumb flicked out at her nipples, and he groaned to find them already hard.

Shivers went down her spine as his hand slid inside her shirt, the move made easier by the low cut neckline. The windows had begun to fog, but neither of them noticed. Neither did they notice the bar patrons who passed their car, though the patrons noticed them.

Near mindless with lust, Terra's hands trailed lower, skimming over the front of his pants. When she felt the length and girth of his cock, the shivers from earlier condensed, gathering in her pussy till it was wet and engorged. Then Xavier's hands slid lower as well, sliding down her leg till he found the edge of her skirt. Terra's breathing stopped as he dipped under the skirt, and slowly dragged his fingertips up the inside of her thighs.

He paused as he discovered the lacy boy shorts she wore. She felt him smile against her lips as he began to gently trace her pussy through the lace. Pulling the panties aside, those devious fingers started roaming again. Xavier paused again as he made another discovery. A small metal stud right above her little clit. This he had to see. Pulling back, he lifted the skirt to expose her boy shorts, neatly shaved landing strip, and at the base of the strip, a black and white barbell was pierced vertically through the hood over the clit, cunningly placed so that the ball rubbed directly over the clit.

He rotated the piercing, using it to tickle the clit. Terra began to tense up, muttering under her breath as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

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So she liked that a lot, didn't she? he thought to himself, as he bent closer. Extending his tongue, he traced the skin around the piercing.

Breath hissed out of her as he began stroking her slit from the piercing and clit to the bottom of her opening. Her entrance was already glistening, and he could taste her heady flavor.


He dipped further with her tongue, wanting to taste more. Once his tongue was in as far as he could get it, he curled it, stroking the top of her passage, making her begin to quiver. Terra nearly screamed in protest when he pulled away, but it became a strangled gasp as he moved back to her clit, which had become hard enough to protrude just slightly.

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He began tormenting her as he teased her clit with the tip of his tongue. She moved her hands from his shoulders to his hair, gripping it tight.


Just when she was about to scream again, he sucked her clit into his mouth and began using his lips, teeth, and tongue in ways she couldn't even keep track of. After that, she had no more breath. Her entire body became taut as a bow string, lifting her ass above the seat, which just gave him a handhold. His other hand slid between her legs and started teasing the entrance to her pussy. Just when she thought she couldn't she couldn't climb any higher, he slipped his finger inside, curling it to rub her g-spot, while he began sucking even harder on her clit.

That was when Terra lost complete control. Her entire body began to tremble and shake as her pussy contracted, pulling his finger in even farther.

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Her orgasm came hard, causing her arms to flail and her hips to undulate. But still, he wouldn't release her from his mouth, and her orgasm continued as her breath came out of her in loud, low hoarse moans. When her body finally stopped bucking, Xavier released her, put her panties and skirt back into some semblance of order.

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Xavier was feeling quite pleased with himself. Terra pulled him back to her, kissing him full on the mouth and licking the cream that covered his lower face until he was clean.

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Still, she nibbled on his lips and tongues, until he was again throbbing and aching. She smiled at him, murmuring, "Now that can't go without reward." He had no idea what he was in for.

Terra's hands returned to the front of his pants.

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Her long, clever fingers quickly had him free of his zipper, and she licked her lips when she saw how dark and thick he was. She used the tip of her fingers to tease the silky soft head.

Squeezing gently, she tested just how hard and hot he was.

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She bent over, extending her tongue in little circles around his slit. Sweat beaded on his face as she sucked just the head inside her lips. Slowly she worked her lips up in down in what she privately called, the Lollipop move: sucking and twisting the head in and out like a lollipop, occasionally adding in a tongue twirl.

Xavier practically bucked out of his seat as she popped the tip of his dick in and out of her tightly squeezed lips. "Goddamnit woman!" he growled as he tangled his fingers in her hair, and pulled her down hard, forcing himself deeper into her throat.

When Tara opened her throat and swallowed against his head, he lost it. Groaning again, he surged forward, shooting his cum deep into her throat as she swallowed every drop.

Then he looked up. Despite the steam on the windows, they had aquired an audience. He waved them away before Terra could see. She'd get pissed. "Well fuck babe, that's a hell of a way to start a date!" (More to come soon.)