Oriental mature fingered in ass and BJ in group fuck

Oriental mature fingered in ass and BJ in group fuck
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Hi I am Rathode my age is 20 and this is the story about me and my mom (the heroine of this story) My family is normal family as like every family in our country consisting of myself dad,mom and my sis. My dad Ramegowda is about 56 ,my mom Vijaya is 42 and my sis Pooja is18 and my age is 20 at that timelot of years as been over after the great ultimate thing is happened in my life, so here we head to start, I am going to narrate this as a novel.

Its a rainy day Rathode is still in is bed his father is going to dheradhun to see is daughter where she is studying ,ever month ramegowda visits pooja to know how she is studying and how well is she ,vijaya also visits with him but not every time ,ramegowda calls his son to drop him to the railway station his son drops him to station as vijaya says bye to ramegowda.

As a collage lecturer he as very good name in the society he is formers son he as native called kamana halli it is same native to vijaya also after they got married they leave there village and settled in city there marriage is arrange one.

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Usually when ramegowda visits its takes 4 days to him to come again as lot of travel as to be made ,after about 2 hours vijaya got a unbearable sensation and pain in her suddenly she calls her son rathode runs towards the room where she is lying Rathode- what happens mom Vijaya-rathu I don't know but I can't take this any please take me to doctor Suddenly rathode took the car and taken her to hospital Doctor-this is a complicated situation my boy by the by is she is your.

Rathode- mother sir Doctor-where is your father Rathode- he is out of station we will be back in few days Doc- ok look this one is serious she will gonna have ovary cancer this symptoms is look like that only But u need not to vary, due to this her egg in ovary is not generating so a severe pain of pleasure she is experiencing now Rat- what Doc- I know this is embarrassing .This pains remains permanently but if she mate it will lost in 3 days but it again starts next month in same time same date but the sex she had must be continuous for 3 days by do not wasting time Vijaya herd this all conversation and she said but my husband is not here and I have severe pain Doc-write if she did not do it now it also dangerous for her life Rathode- what to do Doc call him Vijay if we call him it take 2 days for him to reach Doc if u both agree i'll suggest one thing Vijaya- what's that doctor Doc-u both do it there is nothing harm in that think about it Vijaya and rathode get shocked and they leave the hospital Vijaya called her mom rangamma(68) and said every thing happened( rangama knew that his son in law is not good to her daughter she married her for a man who doesn't cares his wife but he cares society he help every one who need helps but neglects family rangama thinks this is the best way do through this her daughter can enjoy life because ranagama also an incestuous who fucks her son) Rangama says this is the greatest opportunity that god gave to someone who really works hard I know this disease its comes very rarely when it comes it gives immense pleasure when we mate its pleasure is 1000 times greater than simple mating but u have to mate with ur son only go on daughter do it Vijaya decided to get fuck from his son as she is not going to tolerate the pain she is experiencing and she asked rathode about it Rathode says yes So its all setup for mon son mating in the rainy day with no one in house Vijaya- son I don't think I can control it please come with me to my room Rathode is dumbstruck he always want to love is mom now he had a chance in front of him when he heard that moment he noticed his mom shape Ha what a shape he thought himself she is like angel vijaya got very good shaped boobs she is not too slim not too fat she is a perfect indian mother with proper flesh in proper parts she just resembles hema malini in her forties Few minutes back before he heard the most precious thing in the world for him he got a call, the doctor calls rathode and said to him that he is a incest lover he always want to do this with mother but he never got chance to do so he likes to help some one who needed that and he said he sawed a hidden lust of him to his mother that's why he suggested him And he also said this not a disease it's common for some of ladies but it rarly appears, when some one fucks when this type of heat generated they will get more pleasure from normal one finally he says use this moment and fuck her she will be yours He just remember the word what doctor said and again remembers the what his grand mother told him My child I know what happened there, your mom suffered a lot in her life your father never a good husband he is a great person but when it comes to his wife he always neglected her I don't know why but, now as your father away that makes u as a man of the house if u not give what your mom needs now then her life may go to end please give her what she wanted and feel her like woman not as son look at her once she is gorgeous ladyu know child making with mom is always a dream of son now that chance is in front of u make use of it incest is one great pleasure that everybody can't enjoy About this disease this gives u a chance its keep on appearing every month you need to satisfy your mom this 3 days with out wasting a time as this disease demands continuous fuck your mom will always hungry for sex ,only a son can cool down the heat of mom women completely satisfies when the son fucks no other person can give her that pleasure go on my child take her and make her happy Now rathode came back to present he remembers all this in a fraction of second He enters a room and looks towards his mom ,his mom is lying in bed she looked like she is suffering from heat inside her pussy ,he just sat in long king sized bed where is father and mother sleeps His mom feels bad about what she going to happen now she betraying her husbandshe never have any feelings to her husband but still she did not want to do this like every other lady in india but if she didn't do it now it is impossible for her to leave for next seconds also Vijaya-rathu its not like we are husband and wife u doing just to save my lifejust do it no more extra activities Rathu- extra activities what's that mom Vijaya- hmm means.Means u know kissing romancing r not allowed she said shyly Rathode dick rises suddenly by hearing her he notices his mom is in nighty and her long whitish legs and her 34 size of boobsvijaya also notices the bulge of her son in his boxers Rathode- sure mom I don't have any intention I just want u to safe Vijaya- come above me and switch off the light I don't want to u to see me like this Rathode switch offs the light and he climbs the king sized bed where is mom lying getting to fucked by him Rothode- what's next Vijaya- remove your boxers and come on me Vijaya rises her nighty she had no panties and she asked her son to put his thing inside her Rathode taking worlds most pleasure he is near the gate where he comes to this worldhe put his dick inside her he feels the warm inside her Vijaya- start it now Rathode- yes mom Rathode start to and fro motion they both start to feel enormous pleasure of the world that only comes from mother son sexaccidentally he hold her breast which he can't resist Vijaya- no rathu no u can't feel my body just do this thing that's all They did there first sex with out any romance but they really feel the joy of exoiticity ,sweats running down from their body they exhausted ,they lying side by side in king size bed ,after 10 min vijaya again starts sensation in her pussy she asked another round from rathode ,he remembers what is grand mothers said as she needed continuously he again shifted her top The glory of mom and son continuously all three days in there bed only the only came outside the room when they needed food ,toilet and for bath Vijaya came outside from room and again looks back and thinks that the the room where mom son sleeps will never looks like this but we had done she drinks water she again feels sensation with a naughty smile she returns to room where is naked son lying and she closes the door ,the sound of has has ufffff uff comes out of the room ,mom and son become so close that now they don't wear any dress they are fully naked ,a three days brings mother and son so close then what happens when it repeats every month ?


Three days if full fucking between mother and son is coming to end as his father ramegowda called them that he arriving to station in 2 hours When they revived call rathode is one top of his mother humping and pumping is pulp mother They came to real world and see there house it's one hell every clothes is splited somewhere vijaya never become so careless in house works if ramegowda see this what will he think they got separated and stated to clean houseramegowda again call his son and call him to pick up him from railway station rathode wents to pick him up Vijaya get satisfied from her son and started think what they had done after cleaning house Ramegowda and his son enters house suddenly he smell something that creates only through sex jucies but he neglects that ,vijaya asks how is pooja how is she studying ,he tells about their daughter family get into little talk.

A month as passed again the date is coming nearer to vijaya ,they behaved like normal son and mother but they want each other so badly again at the same date ramegowda goes to see her daughter buy this time he ask her wife to come with him but she denied and tell him that she as lot of work to do in her office (i forgot to mention before she works in canara bank) As usual rathode drops his father when he comes home his mother is not in hall he enters master bedroom the same old bed which they fucked like wild animals one month back ,as he enters his mom is already in bed lying naked He suddenly got hard on and jumped to bed she grabbed her son and they quickly did there first time ,when they start again rathode asks mom can I press your boobs Vijaya- yes my son its all yours Rathode happy that is mon as agreed and he like the changes in her ,he grabs her melons and started fuck her like pro ,the sound of flesh touching each other plop plop……Is all over the house and again rathode asks that Rathode- mom can I kiss u Vijaya- stupid do whatever ,i decided to enjoy completely Rathode- mom r u shore Vijaya yes my son we are having sez then why can't we enjoy the sex thoroughly come son take to heaven Rathode started to fuck is mom holding her bobs and giving a french kiss that lasted for 10 min After there second session Vijaya- ur dick is twice then your father and thicker to First time his mom talking with him about his cock Rathode- thanks mom your boobs also so good they r so amazing Vijaya- you naughty you already get hard on again come fuck me again Rathode take her mom in missionary position and the sound of ha uff hmm comes from there room Now both the mom son taken off every barrier they had got now no one is there to stop them Again the three days of huge fucking starts this time they came outside the room only for food ,even they bath jointly Making adult jokes fucking eating,fucking eating,fucking eating is the only thing they did They both taken leave from collage and bank so that they can fuck when they were middle of the fuck ramegowda calls they took the phone and started to while they fucking Ramegowda how are you son Rathode fine dad Ramegowda- i'll come back soon take care of your mother Rathode- as dad I am taking good care of her Suddenly a loud moan as left from vijaya Ramegowda- what happened son Rathode- nothing dad mom felled down that's all Ramegoeda- give her a phone Vijaya- what honey Ramegowda- what happened Vijiya- nothing I felled down our son is outing ointment over there Rathode is licking vijayas pussy he us ointmenting her pussy Ramegowda- then he is taking care of u so much Vijaya- yes he takes care more than you Ramegowda- ok i'll call you later bye As they put phone aside they again started to fuck like wild animals in heat Again the three days of glory comes to an end but both mom son not ready to leave each other but they have to Same as like ramegowda calls rathode ,rathode picks him and normal life carries on Both mom and son are eagerly waiting for next month to come but the fate written is something different this time ramegowda refused to go as he tired of going every month Both mother son got tensed as their way to happiness is closed ,this is there third month but they don't know how to accomplish there goal ,a goal which mother and son had is to fuck like wild animals continuously 3 days They know that soon vijaya will got her sensation if she got she will never bear it all she needed is a wild fuck Suddenly vijayas mother calls to her daughter and asks her about the life she is experiencing Vijaya express her every feeling and she is so happy that she getting fully fulfilled by her son and she never had such a thrill and pleasure in her entire life Rangamma- then u already started your this month turn haaa ( smiling teasingly) Vijaya- no mother this time I don't know what happens but I needed badly Rangamma- what happened my girl Vijaya- mom my husband is no going to see my daughter this time ,u know when I get sensation I can't control so I am so worry about this Rangamma- hoo this is so bad Vijaya- so I thought of getting with my husband itself but he is not good as my son more importantly he can't satisfy me 3 days continuously ,and he will get suspicious that his wife never be this much horny in his life time Rangamma- don't even think about doing with your husband ,he is waste doing with the son gives immense pleasureonly a son can satisfies momthe perfect pair for a woman in all this world is her son Vijaya- if I can't do with my husband then the only option is getting kill my self Rangamma- no by girl I have a very good idea Vijaya- what's that mom please tell me Rangamma-so desperate to hear huh Vijaya- mom please Rangamma- ok I'll say your husband that we have festival in our village and so for the preparation I need vijaya ,you take rathode with u and come here I'll arrange every thing for you two here you can fuck whole day and night here Vijaya- (blushingly) mom is it going to happens Rangamma- yes my child give the receiver to rathode Vijaya- ok Rathode- yes grandmaa Rangamma- come with ur mom u will going to surely enjoy this Rathode- yes grandmaa sure I'll I too need it Rangamma- hoo then u like to be with your mother Rathode- yes grandmaa Rangamma- I always need my girl to happy ,take her good care Rathode- surly grandmaa Rangamma calls her son in law tells him to send vijayabut ramegowda also wants to come with them Both mother and son become so sad that her husband is also coming with her ,but suddenly phone start to gets ringing ramegowda attends the call It's the call form his collage that heas attend the board meeting so ramegowda chose to remain there only Now there is no limit for both mother and son happiness they bent there bedrooms and start jumps in there rooms Both vijaya and rathode are so happy to go their native village to achieve their ultimate satisfaction Vijaya starts to pack their laugage, as you all know that village name is kamanahalli it is a beautiful village with lots of greeneryits is typical south indian style of village ,rangamma had their own big house and big court yard ,and they also have very big amount of farm land and a cattle's hut behind their house.

The mother son comes in front of the house in there car rangamma greets both of them and she show there room to get freshthe house is really big with 5 big roomsfor both mother and son same room was givened ,rathode blushes as he enters the room because its the same where is parents gonna take when they visit there native and I was not allowed here that time because grandmother always stops me to go there and use to sleep with my sis and grand mother in another room but, now this room is my room that to I am going to sleep with my mom This thought made him exited ,a chill of hot blood circulated all around is body During dinner Rangamma- so how is your dinner Rathode- fine grandmaa Rangamma- this food helps to remain strong for long time(teasingly) Vijaya- mom please&hellip.

Rangamma- sorry sorry my grandson doesn't needed any extra pill or catalyser you is really a good in bed as you said write Vijaya- mom you never gonna stop teasing us Rangamma- ok ok baba i'll not going to do All family finishes thier dinner vijaya already getting sensation so she is so disparate to get fuck from her son ,both mom son enters the room and rangamma made good arrangement in the room to make then horny and she left them both to enjoy three night and she went her room which is in ↓ stairs.

As vijaya enters the room rathode feels so exited Vijaya- sonny I need you very badly Rathode- me too mom Vijaya jumps to bed where her son lying rathode hugs her and kisses her very passionately heras they broke the kiss rathode looks her mother ,how beautiful she is her pulpy body make her even beautiful her enormous boobs made her look sexily as she breaths her bed breast goes up and downthe blouse can't hold her breast now her boobs becomes so firm and her nipples started to erect Rathode- mom you look very sexy I am luky that I got you as my mom cum lover ( first time he is addressing her as sexy ) Vijaya- I never heard this from anyone my son you really like my body Rathode- yes this body is my world Vijaya- hoo sonny love me love me till this worlds ends come on son let's forget that we are mother and son for a while and your dad is no more my man, you r the only man in my life now,i want you to make me forget your dad Rathode- I wish you could be my wife Vijaya- I to son Rathode removes the pallu she had wore and started unbuttoning her blouse while hugging her suddenly the both lovley mellons came outside started to bounce she did not wear any bra and panties insideby seeing the big tits hanging nakedly in front of him is mouth get waters suddenly he grabed and started squeeze both the pairs of breast Vijaya started to moune as her taking ,liking biting her nipples ,now vijaya removes her petticoat now she is totally naked in front of son ,he suddenly get rid of all clothes he weared and make her rest in her back Now rathode concentrate on her navel and starts licking around her belly now he went between her pussy the love hole which is he all dream about ,rathode stops near the gate of heaven which he enters to this world Rathode- mom can I lick your pussy Vijaya- son I am all yours now as my man you can take any of my part Rathode-thanku mom I always want to do this Rathode went near her pussy and smeels her aroma and slitly started to lick her,vijaya starts to moaun loudlyby hearing that voice rangamma gives a smile to herself and again start concentrate towards to try to sleep but she is exited because her daughter and grand son making love on upstairs Now rathode comes on top of her holding the dick with his hand Rathode- mom I now going to insert this little boy of mine to your loving sexy hole and I will dig out the pleasure and love from that hole r you ready now Vijaya- it got lot of gold inside go dig it Rathode slowly insert his love weapon to the love land of his mom and start fucking actionthe cot get jerking the sound of wet fleshes clashing each other fills all over the room its is also audible to rathodes grandma room Already 1 hour as over as they started to fucking but still they didn't become weak they both continue to fuck like rabbitsthey are in deep love of sex only one think is now in there mind that both if them her a man and woman which two force of nature that god as created to do this work ,mom son dad daughter all this are made from mankindif some one as to enjoy sex to his ultimate they need to inter course with his momand mom with his son only Sweats raining down from there body like flowing river the chilling whether of village make them lot more hornyits almost 2 hours both are in their end Its long session for both of them as he started to release his sperm in her hole both get satisfied and both of then lye each other in her their arm Vijaya that's amazing I never expected one day i'll experience this much of pleasure in sex thanks my son Rathode- no ,i need to thanks you mom your my queen Vijaya- am to old to become queen my king Rathode- queen will be always a queen if she becomes 100 years also, yong girls r nothing compared to u Vijaya- thanks sonny love u Rathode- me to mom Again rathode dick starts to get raised and vijaya smiles to her son they both closed the blanket above them now again the sounds of love starts come outside from their room When the woke up in the morning stains of love making is all over the bedsheet ,vijaya gives a kiss to rathode and his dick and went outside to fresh up ,rangamma again start to tease her daughter Rangamma- I couldn't sleep do you know y Vijaya- no I don't know Rangamma- it's because of your voices coming from your room, I just passed all night thinking about what you peoples doing in the room, enjoyed lot has Vijaya- mom embarrass me mon Rangamma- go take coffee to your son Vijaya- hmm ok give the cup Vijaya holds the coffee wearing a fresh sari and she just had a bath and her hairs are wet,she open the doors of room Vijaya- baby take the coffee Rathode- thanks mom, and you look sexy today Vijaya- who maid me sexy my little boy Rathode- I love you mom Rathode places his hand on her right breast and squeezed lightly and give her a mouth kiss holding coffee in his mouth and release in to her Rathode-hour was the coffee mom Vijaya- its taste really good Rathode removed her sarry pallu and start to kiss her all body ,in moment of fraction second both mom and son both naked in bed started to humping and pumping in bedthe senary is so exotic that for evey stroke vijaya starts moauning holding rathodes back and scratching his back, both her having sex like hungry tiger and tigress Its already noon now rangamma takes lunch with her in to the room, room is not bolted she heard the sounds of intense fucking and she just leans inside and saw that her daughter and her grandson enjoying the life so muchshe get inside and put lucnch and water without disturbing them and when she went out she knocked the door and said " lunch" Both mom son suddenly came into senses and get seoerated and when they saw there room rangamma is not there but fold is therethey both understand what happened just now and started to loaf looking to each other what position they r in her mom /grandmom enters the room It's now evining sun orange rays falling on windows of room where mother and son still having sex,rangamma calls them as she needs to talk with them, both mom and son adjust there dress and came out of the roomsudden exposer of rays of sun make them to close their eye and went down to talk with rangamma Rangamma- son can I ask you something Rathode- yes you can Rangamma- some thiefs are trying to still the mangoes in the farmif some one stays in night they do not dare to come over there so can you please stay this nightnext day we r seeling mangoes so we have to protect today can you do this for me Rathode- ( looking into his mims eyes) if mom says ok i'll grandmaa Vijaya- but mom you know my problem I can't spend night without rathode Rangamma- I know ,our form as got one big form sheed where cot, bed everything is there for spending night I just want you to go thereand enjoy the momentits also helps to protect mangoes , Rathode- than its ok grandmaa Rangamma- you know some thing that is where I regularly fucked my son when he is alive Vijaya- you haven't said that to me mom, is my elder brother and you really did that Rangamma- yes ,but now he is not here Vijay- you understand the pain mom when son/lover lost, but when you both started Rangamma- you know that your dad is had paralysis attack after your marriage your brother and me become so close, that one day in form hut he just approached me and that when we started our love Rathode- so that's why you wanted me and mom to uniteyou already know how much pleasure we can have if you make love with our mom or son Rangamma- yes my child Rathode- how was he dead Rangamma- your grandpaa and your uncle dead in accident Rathode- sorry grandmaa Rangamma- don't benow you both get ready to go to form field Both vijaya and rathode finishes the dinner and they head towards the field,the form hut is so beutifull as they entered the they feel sexy feeling thinking that this is the room where rangamma & her son enjoy the whole life Vijaya spread her sarri and biting her lower lips inviting her son towards her rathode went towards her and suddenly grabs her waist and pressing her buttocks while kissing her passionately ,both settled in cot and rathode pull the blouse of vijaya with his teeth's and make her naked on top and bit his nipple while fondling other breast from his hands vijaya gives a sudden sound of ouch as he pulls half of her breast to his mouth Rathode get seperated and he removes his dress and he about go towards the love hole a voice came from outside ,rathode went out check if some in s there r not ,he found no one and he again came inside the but vijaya is in her same where rathode left herhe jumps in to cot and removes her petticoat now she is fully nakedrathode went towards her lips giving a mouth watering kiss Rathode- mom its better have sex outside as some of thief's may come Vijaya- take me where ever but just satisfy me I can't able to hold now Rathode pick her up holding both her hands and legs in his arm and giving her kiss he taken her to middle of form and he bring some mattress and a latin to there, when he puts the light of latin her ravishing body looks very sexily she is showing her back to rathodehe went and grab her put her in mattress he starts to lick her pussyas he licking her pussy she starts moan loudlyshe got her freedom to moan loudly as they r in outside the village now rathode enters her pussy holding both her hands above the head closing her fingers to his and his to her,as he thrusting each stoke vijayas boobs bouncing seductively he first time notices that her mangalya thread also jumping in response of his stroke both mom and son lost in the world of heaven After about 1 and half hour he ejucates inside her kissing each other feeling the cold breeze of windfor both of them sex in outside is new ,vijaya experiences different varieties of sex that she could not imagined she never knew sex is so beautiful she kissed her son and held him in his hands after about half an hour they again started.

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Both mom and son enjoyed there visit to native now it's time for them to go there home where ramegowda waiting for is son and wife ,both greeted rangamma and they ready to start to go there home Rangamma- rathode keep my daughter happy in return she will keep you happy, firstly birth of you keep your self healthy don't stay too late in night(smiling ) Rathode ok grandmaa bye Vijaya- bye maa Both left there house and car starts to move towards the city Ramegowda waiting near the door because this is the day both mother and son need to comeramegowdas us not visible from outside as the tree comes in front of the house covers him but he can see outside from there As he his waiting for both mom and soncar came near the house and stops there slowly but no one comes out car suddenly start to shake ,a loud loafing sound came from the car suddenly vijaya came outside from car adjusting her saree and rubbing her lips from her hands( like some one kisses and they wipe that ) with a little naughty smile on face Ramegowda for a moment thought vijaya is doing something with some one, now rathode came outside combing his hairs, ramegowda get shocked but he refuse to belive that and he went near them to greet them 20 days got over ramegowda observes the change in behavior of his wife and his sonthey become more closer than ever they always stays jointly in house without leaving single momenthe also experience the some moments that when vijaya is in bathroom rathode is also not in home and some times when he woke up in middle night he doesn't found his wifeand one think it make him more suspect that his wife is not asking for sex now a days Finally again the date is nearer to vijaya again she already felt some sensationrathode asks his dad about visiting his sisbut ramegowda rejects to go there as pooja needs some space so I am not going this time I'll visit next time Both vijaya and rathode experiencing their life time pleasure while ramegowda's doubt gradually become strong day by day, ramegowda need to find what's going on inside the house.

Ramegowda never doubted about his son but he had strong feeling that his wife is cheating on him. In order to find answer to this he changed his mind and he said to vijaya that he is going to visit pooja hostel hostel.

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Suddenly, this matter spread to rathode, there is no limit for his joynessBoth mother and son exited and they know that for the next three days their home will be heaven for them. The day which mother and son anticipated is today, as usually Ramegowda asked rathode to drop him in railway station, vijaya says good bye to her husband ,rathode and his father went railway station and rathode sent him with a smile as train started to move rathode had a lusty and curious smile in his face and he took his bike went to home as fast as he can where his mother waiting for him in their bed.


Ramegowda who is on the train also had a smile in his face because he is going to find the answers which is running on his mind, ramegowda remembers the arrangement he had done to find out what his wife doing when he is not in home.

Ramegowda had a friend in private spy agency he requested him for the hidden high clarity camera ,His friend asked him why he need this ramegowda convinces him that his house regularly robbed by thief so he need this camera to find out who is that.

Ramegowda fixed cameras in every places of his home and he directly connected it with his laptop, now ramegowda has everything to find out what's going on in the house, if vijaya really cheating on me or this is just an imagination said by ramegowda.

He does not wish to open the laptop in train he waited till he reached next station and he booked a room over there. He reached to hotel and he fresh up himself and open the laptop he connected to the software which is required to start the cameras which were placed in safe area of his househe first switch on the outer house camera he didn't find anything unusualnext he put on the hall camera there is sawed the clothes split everywhere and heard the moaning sound from somewherenow switched on the bedroom house there he find vijaya lying on her back holding some other guy in her hands and wrapping him in her legsthe guy who is on top of her is lot more younger and he thrusting her very rapidly.

Ramegowda went to trance he never expected this he always wanted this doubt to be wrong but now it is in front of him and he now started observe the words they are saying.

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Vijaya- ohh my son fuck me Rathode- mom when dad said he will not go, I thought this time we are not gonna make it Vijaya- yes my son me too but god remained with our sidenow stop talking and start fucking Ramegowda is now fallen from the seat he had seatedhe never thought that the guy who had relationship with his wife is his own son, rathode now took her enormous breast in her mouth and sucking herthe whole bed shakinghe heard the sound of wet flesh pounding and creating " pock pock pock " soundthe entire room his filled with sound of this with moaning of vijaya and rathode.

Ramegowda feel very disappointed and now he is not going to take much more so he take off the signal and stopped the videoramegowda Started to think about the incidence that happened in househe realized that why rathode was invisible at the times vijaya took her bathwhy vijaya suddenly out of his sight during nightwhy vijaya not asking him sexall her wishes and needs are fulfilled by her son.


Ramegowda became sexually arouses by seeing themand he started think why vijaya made sex with our sonhow can a son fucks his motherwho made the first proposalhow did this happen between themlots of things going in the mind of ramegowda He now took his laptop and connected to software and played the videonow room is empty he switched on the hall camera to find where they areboth mom and son are in sofa rathode sitting in sofa and vijaya riding him like teenagerrathode is now held her breast and sucking her nipple and beating her slightly on her asswhenever rathode beats her she moaned largely asking him morenow he grabbed her ass and started to make up and downhe took her down gave a mouthwatering tongue to tongue kissing.

Ramegowda's prick started rise he never saw this type of hyper sex this is really amazing he thought by himselfsuddenly a room service boy enters to the roomramegowda cut the connection and went towards to that boy and requested him to do not disturb him and he made some order to eat. Ramegwda is eager to open the laptop and he again put on the connection and started watching videothis time hall is empty ,he again turned on the camera of roomthere both mom and son lying one above the other in 69 positionramegowda feels this as a awkward initially but when he start to see them he thought he missed his entire life without doing anything, he looks towards to her wife what an amazing figure she had the perfect 34DD boobs his son making her moan after moan while ramegowda achived is intense orgasm of his lifehe look towards to the clock its already noon he put laptop aside and he started eat the food he had orderednow the time is exactly 3 noonramegowda again took is laptop and what he sawed is nothing ever he imaginedrathode arranged all food items on above the vijaya and he took every piece of food with his mouth while taking banana from her face he kissed her juicy lips and when he went her navel side he took tasted honey I thatnow when he went to her pussy he took grapesramegowda went mad by seeing this, Now the time is already 10 o clock they still playing erotic sex games and fucking and foundling each other ramegowda eyes never went aside even for a single secondramegowda went to toilet and after that when he returned he didn't see themhe searched every camera and he never found them, he is so much disappointed finally he saw another camera which is placed in terrace of his housepraying to god he turn that camera on and he get relief that he found both his wife and sonboth were on terrace having mattress on floorboth are nude in terrace without thinking about the societythey are in their world ,vijaya started suck the sex tool of her sonrathode deploys huge amount of cum on her mouthnow rathode takes his mom in missionary position and started to and fro motionthe moon light which is falling on her body makes her so sexy, Rathode squeezed her enormous breast and giving her a lip kisseach and every thrust of rathode matches to every thrust of vijaya, ramegowda never sawed his wife so much aroused and giving perfect thrust to his son,he took his penny out and started hand job ,now the time his 12;00 midnight but there is no indication from both mother and son that they would stop, they keep on fucking like rabbits in terraceafter rathode deploys his sperm on his mature sexy mom he took her in his broad arms and started play with her breast they pulled bed sheet above the chest and started sleep like newly married couple.

Ramegowda already slept in his roomwhen he wake up the connection is still on, and he suddenly checks if they are in terracehe had fear that someone may caught them, but they are not in terracehe switched to room camera they are also not therehe checked whether they are in bathroomyes his calculations is wright they already having there bathwhile bathing rathode made his mom to lean against wall and hold her one legs in his hand while other and squeezing her breast and thrusting his little boy into love tunnel of her mom, and they kissed like there is no tomorrow as shower keep on falling on their body making their body wetramegowda never known that bath can be also taken like this.

Ramegowda decided ask them how this relationship starts between them ,whenever he opens the laptop he always saw their fucking sometime in kitchen in doggy stylein the gardenin the hall wrapping like snake to each other and in the bathroom.

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While time they are fucking each other extending their full power, still vijaya not satisfied rathode made every effort to make his mom to satisfies, three days got over ramegowda decided to go back home, this time he doesn't ask his son to pick him up.

As ramegowda enters near the door he heard the moaning of his wife and he became exited how much energy they both got, they still romancing and having sex like bitches in heat, O MY GOD what a pleasure they both experiencing Ramegowda pressed the calling button suddenly both vijaya and rathode get separated ,rathode came down saw in the window " it is dad" he said to is mom,both mom and son dressed and cleaned the mess created by them not completely but they did some of it Ramegowda knows that why both mom and son taking so much of time, vijaya came down and opened the door with a weird smile on her face ,as ramegowda enters the house smell of sex juice came into his noses ,it felt like drug to him and he saw the mess done by both mom and son Sudden entry of ramegowda put both mom and son in uncomfortable zone, ramegowda asked them how they are both said they are doing good, everyone went to their work ,house suddenly had pin drop silence Everything went normal ramegowda enjoys the mom son show, when vijaya in bathroom rathode goes there behind him ramegowda goes and peep insideby seeing them having sex ramegowda does his hand job, during midnights when vijaya is not there in room ramegowda goes near to his son room and peeps there also, ramegowda never misses chance seen them having sex with each other.

Again time for her sensation is nearerbut ramegowda gives them a shock by saying that he knows what they both did whenever he is not here.

It's a sunny Sundayramegowda is on front of the house rathode washing his car vijaya is in kitchen doing some workall of sudden the phone started to ringramegowda took the call on other side rangamma is there Ramegowda- how are you maa Rangamma- fine soncan u please hand over the phone to my daughter Ramegowda- sure maa Ramegowda calls vijaya and hand over the phone to her, vijaya is happy that she get a call from her mother Vijaya-what is it mom Rangamma-nothing vijaya I just called you to know how my grandson looking after you Vijaya- hoo mom it's this the question to ask, he is here only he can hear us Rangamma- he is not going to hear us how is life going Vijaya-fine mom and your grandson taking very good care of me Rangamma-in where ( giggling) Vijaya- mom you not gonna stop teasing usu wanna hear it write, ok he takes me very good care in my bed Rangamma-ok let's come to matter, your husband is not going to see your daughter on this month write Vijaya- yes mom he acting strangely since he came from pooja's hostel Rangamma- here I have a plan Vijaya- what's that mom?

Rangamma-I'll tell your husband that I had booked some pilgrimage package but now I have health issues because of that I am not able go on that pilgrimage so I want you all to go there Vijaya- but what is the use my husband will also come with us Rangamma-I also have idea for that lets say him that I booked only two ticket for my neighbour and me since I am not going she is also refusing to go there Vijaya- what if my husband comes with me rather than rathode Rangamma-I'll give some tablet mixed them in water and gave to your husband it will make him ill for 4 or 5 days then he will surly let rathode to join on this holy mom son fucking pilgrimage Vijaya-mom (blushingly) Rangamma- ok give the phone to your husband I want talk with me Vijaya calls her husband that his mom needs to talk with me and gave the phone to him, as soon as she handover the phine to her husband she went to find the rathoderathode is on car shed washing the car vijaya hugs him from behind and bit his ear lobe a sudden sound of " uhh" went out from rathode mouth.

Rathode turns towards his mom and looks towards the house he didn't find his father ,he held her butts and put her on the car top and kissed her in full throttle and vijaya also response in same way Rathode- what happened mom you are so happy and exited Vijaya- you know that we are going to have a trip Rathode- what's there to be happy dad will be always their Vijaya- no you fool, this is all for us only and only for us Rathode- is it real mom Vijaya- yes my darling come kiss your mom He put her sown from car top and held her in his arms giving kisses to her neck and her lipsgrab her breast from above the sareeramegowda put back the phone and we walked towards the front yard of house but he saw both mom and son romancing in the car shed and he hide himself so that they can't find him Rathode- how this going to happen how come dad going to send us alone Vijaya- your grandma has idea and it is going to success for sure Rathode- what's the plan mom Vijaya- we gonna trick him Vijaya tells him the plan ramegowda also hears what they said and get shocked that his mother in-law also knows about affair of his wife and son, he is frozen in his steps only how can she accept ,she not only accepted even she encouraging them "holy shit" he uttered himself now ramegowda knows what the plan is so he is ready accept the situation.

In the night after dinner vijaya asked ramegowda about the pilgrimage Vijaya-so are you ready to go for what mom said Ramegowda-yes, but she said she got space for only 2 persons so u I decided to send you and rathode vijaya can't express her feelings now she is so happy Vijaya-why you not coming with me Ramegowda- because I have lot of work to do in my collage so you mom and son go for it Vijaya- ok honey I'll pack my things and I let rathode to know about this Ramegowda- ok don't awake for long time get some sleep because you may not going to sleep for next 10 days Vijaya got shocked and asked him " whatwhat u said " Ramegowda- I don't think you gonna get sleep very well for next 10 days due to traveling Vijaya- ohh you said like that ha Ramegowda- what else I could like to say Vijaya- nothing honey ok sleep I need to pack my things Vijaya came out from room and she informed about this to rangamma and rathodenow everyoneis happyIn early morning rathode and vijaya took their bags ramegowda drops them to bus standthey had booked sleeper couch bus ramegowda send them and bus starts to move Both mother and son on the bus looking at each other they like to smooch each other but they controlled themselves because many of the peoples were still awake, the bus contains a single large bed type seats on up and in down two separate single seats on both sides of walllike that 7 cabins were there rathode choose upper one because he didn't want somebody to see them, they are ahead to kashi a holy place for all hindus Now it's about 11'o' clock everybody in the bus are in sleep rathode slightly slide vijaya's saree pallu vijaya looks at rathode Vijaya- no rathode not here Rathode- mom please I need it Vijaya- everbody will know if we did here Rathode- I'll manage mom please Vijaya- no rathode please Rathode- I'll do not do anything I just play with your tits ok please Vijaya- ok don't go any further Rathode went near to here he looks other side and confirms that no one is seeing them and he put on the small LED light given to them(each cabin will got separate mild LED lights) to see the milk treasured pots of his momhe released vijaya's tits from her blouse he started to caressing and squeezing her breasts vijaya starts to moan slowly so that no one can hear them ,now rathode take out her bras and started to lick her nipple suddenly vijaya put her legs across rathode legrathode raises her saree upwards from her legs while sucking her tits Bus suddenly stops and all of sudden lights were started to on both mom and son got scaredrathode understood that bus had stopped for dinner and he looks towards his left there he saw a 11 or 12 year old boy looking them excitedly and he also observes his tool got erected ,viajaya and rathode went to hotel and have their dinner and come back to bus Again all lights were switched off rathode now again started to make move and this time he completely make vijaya naked and started fondling her bodymean while he looks for that guy whether he is still looking at us or not rathode sees that boys still looking at them by making some hole from his cabin but rathode doesn't care about that he started to fuck her lightly because he doesn't want nobody to know about this in that bus,vijaya and rathode came in same time and they slept holding each other First they reached tirupathi rathode and vijaya went to take dharahana to temple now vijaya getting started to feel her sensation they are in middle of queue Vijaya- son I need u now Rathode- what mom are you crazy Vijaya- I am not able to control it please son take me Rathode- mom I know your pain but this not a write place, lots of people were here Vijaya- son I don't care about them please Rathode- but in bus you1 said we should not dothen how can we do here Vijaya-ok I take back what I said u can have me any time Rathode said her to come to toiletafter rathode vijaya went to gents toiletrathode locks the door and took her towards sink and made her to sit over therewithin the fraction of seconds they became nude rathode took is tool and enters her by saying "I'll fuck u on all holy places of india my darling" vijaya started to moan she held his back and said him that" let god know how beautiful sex is when mother and son are couple" Suddenly someone knock the door but they didn't cared about that both came in same time and they get dressed, still someone is knocking the door Vijaya- what will we do now Rathode- just act like u have fracture on your leg Rathode opens the door there he saw 5 men waiting outsiderathode hold vijaya in her arms and act like he is trying to help her in walking ,all 5 men were fainted and ask them what were they doing here and why did they took so much time to open the door and why did u bring women here ?

Rathode answers them that she is his mother and she had fracture so I took her hereshe needed help But they asked him why did u locked the door and why she is screaming Rathode I don't want mom to get humiliated if some man comes here so I locked down the door and she had fracture on leg when she went to pee I need to stand outside all her body strength will be on her legs so it make her to scream with pain They said him that look after her and he praised him that how well he is taking care of his mom Both mother and son escaped from there and made dharshan and went outside, they started laugh on their situationboth mother son enjoying in every holy places which they visited they visited about 7 holy places ,making romance witnessing each and every godwhen they about to reach haridwar vijaya suddenly sensed the heat inside her Vijaya- baby I need it now Rathode- mom this 30th time I making with u in this trip u still needed Vijaya- I want it now baby please Rathode I love to fuck anywhere mom Rathode took her to nearby railway station and searched some place where no one comeshe found some train compartment which is separated from engine ( train compartments are separated foe washing and repairing purpose ) there were so many compartments and they were far away from platforms ,rain suddenly starts making huge sound of thunder and lightning strikes Rathode took vijaya to one compartment holding her hand in rain, she is in heat rathode once again make confirm that no one is nearbyboth went inside the compartment it's a general cough compartmentdue to rain both are wet vijaya's well shaped body completely visible to him Rathode-darling come here I'll satisfy your sex hungerI'll show what heaven is Vijaya- wow baby I need u to always with memore ever this fucking in this old train makes me getting more exited Rathode- me too mom Vijaya- don't waste time now come to momma Rathode removes her saree which is already wet and he started cup her breast from above the blouse with the wetness when he squeeze her tits water is coming to his handshe made her to turn and removed her petticoat and make her sleep in her back on train seat, he went near her pussy and starts lick thatwith witness of water and her love juices tasted him as liquor Rathode- mom you are salty Vijaya- ohh son you're the first one to do all this kind of things Rathode-mom I like your taste today this so tasty Vijaya-son make me your wife todayfuck like my husband Rathode- I'll mom Rathode removes her bra she took her erected nipple into his mouthoutside there is still rain is falling but inside mother and son are making something that no mother and son does, now rathode hugged her with his full arm and they both rolling and enjoying each other in lust coldness from outside making them crazy ,rathode stood up and he showed his prick to his mom Rathode- I want u to become my wife Vijaya- yes son now I am your wife Rathode- not like that momI want to marry for real Vijaya- that's not possible son Rathode- why can't mom, do u love me are not Viajaya-I love u very much son Rathode- then what is your problem to marry me Vijaya- our society and your father never accepts this Rathode- mom if u want this to inside now u have to accept me to marry u Rathode shows the size of his prick and he start teasing her by brushing against her womanhoodvijaya does not have any more patience so she accepted Vijaya- ok son I'll marry u and u will be my husbandwe can have our own family Rathode thanks mom I'll promise u I'll take care more than my dad, I make u to forget dad.

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By saying this rathode insert his pennies in to her pussyboth mother son sex organs making violent sound like " puch oph oph" mixing with rain sound, rathode hold her hands above her head by closing her fingers with hiskissing her like they doesn't belongs to this world, rathode giving her full energy thrustvijaya also matching every thrust of his son moaning loudlyboth mom and son become one body they are sweating fully like they just had bathas rathode keep on giving strokes to his mom compartment started to shake, some people had looked that compartment strangely Vijaya scream in pleasure and both of them came together ,in outside rain also slowly becomes less they just dressed and when they leaving both of them saw a person who doesn't got his legsthat man sawed everything and heard everythingrathode went near to him and places 1000 rupees in his shirt pocket and indicated him to not to tell anyonehe says them u both mother enjoying life very well every mother son should do this When rathode confirms that this man not a threat he took vijaya went towards his car leaving railway station During the pilgrimage both mother son enjoyed very much sometimes vijaya need rathode suddenly they had made sex everywhereonce vijaya needed badly both are in car rathode stops the car and he diverts driver mind punchered both the wheels and send him to get puncher the wheelwhen driver went away rathode fucks vijaya in back seat when driver came he smelled like some sex juice but he neglected like this many more incidents they both enjoyed their pilgrimage.

The mother and son reach their home after their holy fucking pilgrimage where as in home ramegowda waiting for both of them, in ramegowda's mind lot of things are going on whether he as to left them having this kind of affair or else stop them from having sex with each other, suddenly the doorbell rings ramegowda went to open the door. Ramegowda opens the door he saw both his wife and son looking so charmingly Vijaya-hi honey, please hold this luggage Ramegowda shore give here Rathode- hi dad ( holding some more luggage in his hands) Ramegowda- hi sonny, how was the journey?

Rathode- fine dad u should have come with us Ramegowda-for what son Rathode- what that means dad, for pilgrimage Ramegowda- if I came over there then u both not going to enjoy as this much wright Rathode- what dad I did not understand Ramegowda- I know everything about u and your mom Vijaya- what !

what u know about us?( shockingly) Ramegowda- I know that u two are having an affair( by giving mischievous smile) Vijaya- what are u saying we are mother and son Rathode- yes dad how can u say like this to us Ramegowda- don't act like innocents I got full video footage of your love makings Both mother and son went to shame and they don't know what to do and what to say, they just paused Ramegowda-how can a mother have sex with own sondon't u have a same and u what make u think your mother in that wayu both fucking like newlywed couples same on u Vijaya- that's not like thatmy problem made this to happen Ramegowda- what problem u have got ha which is that problem that encourage u to have sex with your own flesh and blood Vijaya and rathode told everything about what happened and how they ended up like a lovers, ramegowda on listening to this become silence for a minute, he began to imagine how the romance took place between them suddenly his tool become erect.

The house environment is fully silent each of them are in their own thoughts Ramegowda- whatever happened is done now decide what should we do next Rathode- next meansr u not angry about this dad Ramegowda- if we regrets the past only thing happens is waste of time, we should move on and we should learn to accept everything that comes Vijaya- glad u are taking in this way Ramegowda- ok, do u still love your son Vijaya- ha hmm ha ?

Ramegowda- rathode u say do u still want your mom Rathode-dad if u insist I'll take that as yes Ramegowda- how dare u to say that in front of me Rathode-sorry dad Ramegowda- don't be u can have your mom as long as u want Rathode- dad r u alright Vijaya- darling is it u Ramegowda- yes my dear u both can have affair but I have some conditions Vijaya- what are they Ramegowda- relationship u having with your son should not be disclosed Rathode- ok dad Ramegowda- rathode u have to marry a girl and u should left her to me to fuck Vijaya-what?

Ramegowda- yes I want to fuck my daughter in law Rathode- ok dad Vijaya- what type of man u are Ramegowda- if a mother can fuck her own son then why can't a father in law fuck her his daughter in law Vijaya- ok we agreed Ramegowda- u must agree u haven't have any options Rathode- dad I too have one condition Ramegowda- what is that Rathode- I want marry my momI like to have baby with her and u never ever have to touch her Ramegowda- what a pervert do u also agree for this viji Vijaya- yea I want be mother of my son childrens, I want to become my own daughter in law and I really want make rathode brother which is also his son Ramegowda- u two are really pervertsbut if u marry then it will knows to everybody Rathode- no dad we will marry secretly no will ever come to know Ramegowda- then ok Marriage celebrations begins in familythey said everything to rangamma, whole family went to temple which is famous for incestuous marriagesboth mother and son get married now they are legally husband and wife.

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What a peculiar relations we humans gotthere is no mother son father daughter everyone is just a beings if a mother likes her son they have to become lovers if father wants daughter they also should bewhat is more in this world that is equal to mothers body for her son, every son as right to have his mother as his wife even gods leaves a trail of mother son incestrathi and kama ,cuppid and aparthide there is lots of incest happened in our history also in roman empire brother marry his sisterfather his daughter and son his mother in order to protect their dynasty by avoiding scattering of wealth, our precious holy books also contain incest relations like Jocasta and odiopusso what I say is sex is god gifted we should not avoid that by making barriers just fuck if u had crush on your mom she is also a women she needs too.

Rangamma took both the mother and son to her village and she arranged a first night in her homerathode wears a traditional white shirt and white lungi(dhothi)he is waiting for his mom to enter the room, room is fully decorated with all type of flowers and all type of sweets the fragrance is only giving him a kickhe looks towards the bed in which they will going to have their first night he suddenly herds the sound of his moms payal ( ornament which is used to wear in legs)on by just hearing that sound his dick get raised Rangamma sends her daughter to her grandson room as vijaya enters the room she suddenly closed the doors of room, vijaya holding glass of milk slowly move towards rathode and bent to take blessings from his son ( now he is her husband) rathode grabs her waist and make her to raise he suddenly drink the half glass of milk and give other half to his mother, vijaya drink the milk and she becomes so shy as newly wedded bride Rathode- mom sorry viji your so beautiful Vijaya- is it Rathode- today your my wifemy life ambition is fulfilled Rathode hold her in her arms and gave her a smoochhe took her in bed he slowly removed her sarry and blouse and started lick her nipples by squeezing her breasts ,vijaya undress her son/husband rathode hold his penny in his hand Rathode- this thing is gift for u for our marriagefrom today this is yours viji Vijaya-thank u sonfrom today onwards my body is all yours take me to heaven sunny sorry my dear husband Rathode remove her patticot and panties and make her lye on her backhe came above her and start to play with her breasts navel as this is owned by him, he took some grapes and put that in her vagina and eat that through his mouthhe start to lick her pussy as a expert, vijaya experiencing all the pleasures in the world to control the pleasure she held the bedsheet in her hands and squeezing it and making moansrathode took the honey and pour that in to her body he massaged honey to her every partswhile he is massaging the honey vijaya bits her lower lip and inviting himthen he spread fruit salad to all over her body and starts to lick honey mixed with fruits and sex juicesvijaya now stands up and apply the honey to rathode both mother and son licking each others as they are both edible to each other.

Now rathode held her waists and make her to sit in his laps in standing position slowly he penetrates his dick into her love cavehis dick went to her pussy as smooth as butter, the honey already maded both their body lubricated ,vijaya starts to jump up and down rathode held her waist and giving support to her after about 10 min he put her in bed, rathode now enters her in missionary position vijaya wrapped her legs around him as they start fucking whole bed is making loud noisescreaking sound of bed her bangles sound and the moaning sounds of both mother and son is in its peak.

If anybody passes through in front of their house they will clearly get know that someone is enjoying in their max, after about one hour rathode left getsup from his bother and sleeps beside her vijaya is looking like a slut women who is been enjoyed her sexher bangles were broken her hairs were meshed up her sindor is vanished by half which resembles women who had sex with her husband in her first night.

No one can say that this two persons in the room are mother and son ,they even says that this just not husband and wife they are god of sex because their sex making is in that way. After the marriage both rathode and vijaya continued their life as husband and wife in their home slightly vijaya's problem is cured because of constant sex, ramegowda never disturbs them even they are in same home after about 2 years rathode married a beautiful girlhe married that girl because she is an orphan and he knows that he can easily convince her to have sex with his father, rathode told every thing about their relation to her after their marriage and she finally agreed to do this now in the house we always hears the moaning sounds from both room.

Vijaya and rathode fucking one room where as ramegowda and his daughter in law un other room like this this is continued for an about three yearsafter recovering from problem vijaya first time misses her period they all know that she is conceived so rathode took her to Delhi so that no relations of his would know about them, as the baby delivered ramgammaramegowda and his DIL every one visits her and complimented about the baby girl, rathode and vijaya shifted to Singapore as rathode get job over there ramegowda stays in banglore with his DIL.

After about 5 years rangamma died both couples visits their village ramegowda fathered one baby through his daughter in law where as vijaya is mothered for four babiesthey completed their rituals and buried rangamma and left to banglore.

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Ramegowda- how was your life my son Rathode fine dadviji taking care of me well Ramegowda- good hear thatnow u are a father of 4 healthy babies Rathode- yes dadwe still trying for other one Ramegowda- lucky fellow Rathode- dad Ramegowda- I wish I could also do with my mother but now its not possible Rathode- don't be sad u have your daughter in law right Both started to laugh loudly Vijaya and rathode went to Singapore as ramegowda farewells them, after 10 years rathode's first son become topper in the class of matriculation both vijaya and rathode were so happy they found happiness in their life Vijaya- I loved to be your wife Rathode- thanks darling, who knows when I born inside u that I will become husband to u and make 7 children with you Vijaya- I knows because I already sensed something for u when u born but I never expected this will end like this Rathode- ohh mom u are my queen The sons and daughters of vijaya and rathode had always a doubt that why father is younger than their mother but they never asked them.