Gagging amazing cutie with his one eyed monster

Gagging amazing cutie with his one eyed monster
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It was a normal day for the Richardson's. Eighteen-year-old Jason woke up and threw the covers off of his naked body. He was tall, fairly skinny, but his new interest in visiting the gym was starting to show results.

His skin was tanned and shaved smooth from being on the schools swim team. Still waking up, he rubbed his eyes. Slowly, he started rubbing his growing cock and sighed. It was Monday; he had to go to school. As slowly as he could, he got out of bed and strolled downstairs to the kitchen, not even thinking about putting on clothes.

His older sister, Janessa, was already sitting at the table, and his mother, Kim, was making breakfast.

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Like Jason, neither of them were wearing anything. The only one dressed was their father, but that was because he was going to leave for work pretty soon. "Mom, I think I'm gonna invite my friend over this afternoon," Janessa said.

"The new girl that I've been training at the restaurant. I've been talking to her lately and I think she would like to meet us." She looked at Jason. "I think you'll really like her, too, Jay." Jason smirked. His cock was starting to get hard and he wanted to hurry and eat his breakfast so he could go jack off. "I think that's a fine idea, Nessa," Kim said as she stacked pancakes on their plates. Jason dug into his pancakes, eating as fast as he could. His older sister looked over at him and giggled, staring right at his throbbing cock.

"Need a little help there, Jay?" she said as she started reaching for it. "Not at the table!" their mother scolded. "Finish your breakfast first. "Ok, mom," Janessa and Jason said together. She sat down and started eating her pancakes. While they ate, their golden collie, Laddie, came into the kitchen. He sat down next to the stove and looked up at Kim. She started petting him and gave him a piece of bacon.

He quickly ate it and started sniffing around the table. When he went under the table, he found what he was looking for, Janessa's freshly shaven pussy, and started licking it. She jumped in shock, but then started shivering in delight.

Too distracted to eat her pancakes, she petted his head and coaxed him to stay, trying not to moan. Jason looked over and grinned, trying not to laugh.

"What's going on," their mother asked. She turned around and saw Laddie under the table. "Come on Nessa!" she scolded.

"I told you not at the table." She grabbed Laddie's collar and pulled him out from under the table. "He will be waiting for you when you're done.

Just finish your breakfast; we're running late." "Sorry mom," Nessa said, rolling her eyes. She quickly ate her pancakes. When she was done, she got up and started walking upstairs. "Hurry up, Jay, you don't want me to finish without you," she looked back and said, grinning. Jason's cock twitched and he scarfed down his last pancake. "Well, time for me to head off," their father, Jack, said. "Bye, sweetie," he said to Kim and gave her a kiss.

"Bye Jay, have a good day at school." Then he walked out the door. Jason quickly put his plate away and headed to the stairs. His rock hard cock bobbed back and forth as he climbed.

He got to the top and walked by the bathroom. The door was wide open and his older sister was inside, sticking the handle of her hairbrush in her dripping-wet pussy. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. It was a beautiful sight, watching his gorgeous sister fuck herself right in front of him.

He watched for a minute, stroking himself, before he walked up and squeezed one of her perky breasts. She jumped in surprise, but continued to work herself with the brush handle. "Oooohhhhh Jay," she moaned. "I need it in the ass. Could you fuck me really quick?" "Sure thing, sis." he said with a grin.

He grabbed the bottle of lube that was on the counter and covered his cock with it. Stroking his cock with one hand, he used his other to put some lube on Janessa's tight pink butthole. When his cock was hard, Janessa stuck her butt out for him and he shoved his cock up her hole. It slid in easily and he started fucking her fast and hard. She shoved the brush handle farther in her pussy and moaned loudly. "Oh yeah fuck my ass, Jay! Harder babe!" He squeezed her asscheeks and pushed as far into his sister as he could.

He reached around and started fondling her perky tits as well. "Oh yeah that's it Jay!" she squealed. "I'm cumming!" Janessa screamed and her pussy juices started running down her legs and onto the floor. Jason came too and filled his older sister's ass with his warm sperm. He shot more and more of his load into her until his balls finally emptied. They both sank to the floor. "Thank you, Jay, I needed that," Janessa said.

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"No problem, anytime," he answered. Then they realized what time it was and started getting ready for school and work. They gave each other a quick kiss on the lips and went to their rooms to get dressed.

When Jason was ready, he went downstairs where his mother was walking out the door. "Have a good day, honey," she said and closed the door behind her. Jason walked down the hall, headed to the garage. As he passed the living room, he heard Laddie whining. "Ok, ok," he heard Janessa say. He looked over and saw her pulling down her panties as she looked for her keys, letting Laddie lick her still wet pussy. She moaned and noticed her brother was watching. "Ooooohhhhh, Jay," she uttered, trying to control her moaning.

"I'm gonna bring my friend from work, Lily, home with me today; she wants to meet the family. She's really nice and I'm sure you'll like her. So be ready when I get home; naked is fine." She gave him a wink. "Ok, I will. Bye Ness." "Bye Jaaaaaaaay," she moaned as her body rocked from the orgasm Laddie's licking had given her.

Jason walked over, gave her a quick kiss, squeezing her breast, and then headed to his truck. He got in and started the engine. "Fuck!" he yelled. Late again. *** "Laddie, I'm home!" Jason yelled. The collie came running at the sound of his voice.

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He licked Jason enthusiastically and then started sniffing him. Jason laugh. "Just hold on a minute, boy." He threw his school stuff down on the couch. Jason was the first one home. He walked home from school and arrived at two thirty every day.


Janessa got home just a little bit later from her waitress job. Both of their parents would be home in about an hour. Since Janessa would be home any minute, Jason ran straight up to his room. He threw off his clothes and put them on his bed. He was anxious to meet Janessa's friend. It was seldom that they actually had company, and when they did, they always got dressed and acted normal around them.

This was going to be a change for them. He wondered how Janessa even convinced Lily to come over in the first place. Did Lily even know what she was getting into? Well, regardless, Jason was going to fuck a complete stranger, and he was both excited and nervous. He needed something to pass the time, so he laid his belly on the bed with his knees still on the ground and stuck his tight out.

"Laddie!" he yelled. Within a few moments, the collie came running. When he saw Jason's bare ass sticking out, he knew what to do. He walked over and started licking Jason's balls and ass.


He instantly let out a huge moan of pleasure. Jason loved to have his ass and balls licked. Laddie's rough, warm tongue and hot, sticky saliva felt amazing.

He closed his eyes and started to moan, imagining his mom and sister taking turns rimming his tight ass. Jason was well into his fantasy when he heard the door open.

Laddie stopped licking and looked at him. He stood up and said, "Go, boy," and Laddie ran downstairs to greet Janessa. He figured Janessa would call him when she was ready, so he sat on his bed and started rubbing his cock. He started to imagine what Lily would look like. He had a pretty good image going in his head when he heard his older sister yell, "Jay, come here." He quickly got up and walked down the hall.

He wasn't ready to waltz right in and show off his cock to a stranger, so when he got to Janessa's room, he only stuck his head in. Janessa and Lily were both standing next to the bed, dressed only in their panties.

Lily was gorgeous. She was tall and had long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes.

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Her skin was tan, and she had no tan lines, even around her tits. Her tits were great; they were about a C cup with big, pink nipples. She had long legs and her ass was perfect. "Hey, Jay. This is Lily. Lily, this is my little brother, Jason." Jason smiled awkwardly.

"Come on in Jason. We showed you our tits, now show us what you've got." "Ok," Jason said. He nervously walked into the room, his rock hard cock standing proudly at eight inches. He walked between them and sat down on the bed. "Wow, Jay. That's a nice cock you've got there," Lily said. "Better than my ex" she said with a laugh Jason turned bright red. "Thanks," he said.

Lily and Janessa both giggled. Janessa leaned over and whispered something in Lily's ear. She smiled and then they both grabbed Jason's hands and pulled him off the bed.


Lily wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the lips. They explored each others' mouths with their tongues while Janessa kneeled down and explored her brother's ass hole with her tongue.

After a few minutes of kissing. Lily knelt down and took Jason's cock in her beautiful mouth. He let out a loud moan. He was getting one of the best blow jobs he ever had, and his sister was eating his ass for him. Jason was in heaven. Pretty soon he felt that he was going to cum.

"I'm cumming!" Jason said, and Lily kept sucking him. He squirted all of his juice in her mouth and she swallowed it all. Then she stood up. Janessa stopped licking his ass and they both pushed him on top of the bed. Lily climbed on top of him and put her pussy right in his face. "My turn!" she said and Jason started licking her wet pussy. While Jason was eating away, the two girls started making out.

They explored each other's mouths with their tongues, and Jason probed deeper into Lily's pussy with his. Then he pushed a finger in and Lily moaned. He kept adding fingers until she had three inside her. Pretty soon her whole body tensed and she let out a moan.

Jason put his mouth right up to her pussy and drank her juices as she came. It tasted very sweet and Jason lapped up as much as he could. They took a second to relax, and then the girls made their next move.

Janessa took Lily's spot and gave her brother a faceful of pussy.

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While Jason licked her, Lily squatted over his cock. "Are you ready to fuck me, Jay?" she asked. "Yeah," Jason said, and she slowly pushed down. Jason's hard cock pushed straight into her tight, but very wet pussy. She moaned and then started bouncing up and down, riding his cock. Jason continued to eat his sister's pussy and then he push a finger in. She came almost instantly all over his face. With his sister cumming on his face, and Lily's tight pussy, Jason knew he would cum pretty soon.

He started to feel it in his balls and yelled, "I'm cumming!" Lily pulled herself off of his cock but then pushed it deep inside of her ass hole. Her ass was even tighter and Jason came instantly.

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While he filled her bowels with his cum, Lily rammed her fingers in her pussy and came-squirting girl cum all over Jason's body. At the sight of this and with her brother's licking, Janessa came, too, and Jason swallowed all of her juices. When they were all done cumming, they laid next to each other on Janessa's bed.

Lily and Jason made out while Janessa licked all of Lily's juices of her brother's body. They kept this up for an hour, until the front door opened. They heard the rustling of keys and their mother's familiar voice. "I'm home!" Janessa smiled at Jason. "Now it's moms turn."